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Appendix 130. The Diabolical Spirit Behind Organized Stalking AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER’S COMMUNIST “GREAT RESET;” Excerpts From “The Controversy of Zion” (Douglas Reed, 1978)

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Excerpts from Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” (1978) Pertaining to the Demonic Spirit Behind Organized Stalking/Targeting/

Summary Quotes:

1) “Judaism IS “the worship of Moloch. The whole dispute between ancient Israel and Judah of the Levites raged round this false deity and his demands, and Israel turned its back on Judah on this very account; this is the root of the controversy of Zion, three thousand years ago and now.”

Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion (1978)

2) “Some call it communism, I call it Judaism”

Rabbi Stephen Wise

3) “With so many jews involved with methods of deep psychological torment directed at me for so many years, it is impossible that these methods are not culturally jewish, known by all jews above a certain age….

This culturally jewish method of profiling and stalking someone to ruin would have existed before technology made it easy, perhaps explaining why jews have been exiled from so many lands.

… Jewish stalkers were so intent on always appearing to be a victim in anything I recorded, they gave themselves away as my core predators despite so many government agencies serving as their camouflage.”

From: “Deceive and Hide-Jewish Mob Stalking Culture,” by Canadian Targeted Citizen, Stephen O’Keefe

4) “(Jews) may represent a complex and highly advanced form of the biological phenomenon of which a simple manifestation is seen in mammals that hunt in packs or bands…. We may identify our race as having a peculiar capacity for objective thought, many of our actions are determined by instinctual and subconscious reactions…. It is entirely possible, therefore, that a species could have been formed by biological selection that automatically preys on our species as instinctively as wolves prey on caribou, although, of course, with much greater cunning and versatility.”

Revelo P. Oliver, “The Jewish Strategy” (2002)

5) Excommunication of Spinoza by Amsterdam Synagogue, Jan. 27, 1656:

“cursed be he by day and cursed by night; cursed when he goeth out, and cursed when he cometh in; the Lord pardon him never; the wrath and fury of the Lord burn upon this man; and bring upon him all the curses which are written in the Torah. The Lord blot out his name under the heaven. The Lord set him apart for destruction from all the tribes of Israel; with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Torah. There shall be no man to speak to him, no man write him, no man show him any kindness, no man stay under the same roof with him, no man come nigh unto him.”

6) The (Jewish) Talmudists denounced Maimonides to the Inquisition, saying: “Behold, there are among you heretics and infidels, for they were seduced by Moses Ben Maimonides… You who clear your community of heretics, clear ours too.”

From Douglas Reed (1978), The Controversy of Zion

Excerpts From Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” (1978):

p. 105: To the literal Jew, the world is still flat and Judah (world Jewry), its inheritant, is the center of the universe.

p. 2: The creed (Judaism) which was given force of daily law in Judah in 458 BC was then and still is unique in the world. It rested on the assertion, attribute to the tribal deity (Jehovah), that “the Israelites” (in fact, the Judahites) were his “chosen people” who, if they did all his “statutes and judgments”, would be set over all other peoples and be established in a “promised land.”

.. the itinerant (Levite) priests segregated the Judahites and established the worship of Jehovah as the god of racialism, hatred and revenge.

p. 3. The masters of (the tribe of) Judah, the Levites, as they drew up their Law also took what they could use from the inheritance of other peoples and worked it into the stuff they were folding. They began with the one just God of all men, whose voice had been briefly heard from the burning bush (in the oral tradition) and in the course of five books of their written Law (the Torah) turned him into the racial, bargaining Jehovah who promised territory, treasure, blood, and power over others in return for a ritual of sacrifice, to be performed at a precise place in specified land.

Thus they founded the permanent counter-movement to all universal religions and identified the name Judah with the doctrine of self-segregation from mankind, racial hatred, murder in the name of religion, and revenge.

p. 4: The creed, or revelation of God as thus presented, was based on a version of history, every event of which had to conform with, and to confirm the teaching. This version of history went back to the Creation, the exact moment of which was known, as the priests also claimed to posses the future, this was a complete story and theory of the universe from start to finish. The end was to be the triumphant consummation in Jerusalem, when world dominion was to be established on the ruins of the heathen and their kingdoms.

p. 5. Among these “statutes and judgments” (of Jehovah) as the Levites finally edited them appeared, repeatedly, the commands, “utterly destroy,” “pull down”, root out”. Judah was destined to produce a nation dedicated to destruction.

Reed p. 6: The Encyclopedia Britannica says that Judaism developed long after the Israelites had merged themselves with mankind, and that: “The Israelites were not Jews.”

P. 10. In Micah’s time, the Levites apparently still demanded the sacrifice of all the firstborn to Jehovah.

Pp. 33. It seems possible that even in Jeremiah’s time the Levites still exacted the sacrifice of firstborn children.

Psalm 137: “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dashes thy little ones against the stones.”

Jeremiah, who was apparently put to death, would today be attacked as a “crackpot”, “paranoid” “antisemite” and the like; the phrase then used was “prophet and dreamer of dreams”. He describes the methods of defamation used against such men, in words exactly applicable to our time and to many men whose public lives and reputations have been destroyed by them. (“For I heard the defaming of many, fear on every side. Report, they say, and we will report it. All my familiars watched for my halting, saying, Peradventure he will be enticed, and we shall prevail against him, and we shall take our revenge on him.”)

Ezekiel of the High Priest’s family as its (“The Law”) chief architect and probably all five books of the Law, as they have come down, bear his mark. He was the founding father of intolerance, of racialism and vengeance as a religion, and of murder in the name of God… Ezekiel puts into the very mouth of God the statement that he had made evil laws in order to inspire misery and fear! This appears in chapter 20 and gives the key to the whole master of “the Mosaic Law.”

.. come gather yourselves on every side of my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh and drink blood. Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty and drink the blood of the princes of the earth… And you shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken….

On the day when King Artaxerxes’s soldiers fired the Jerusalemites to sign Ezekiel’s New Covenant, the perversion of the earlier, Israelite tradition was made complete and the affirmation of God was supplanted by the denial of God.

No resemblance remained between the God of the moral commandments and Ezekiel’s malevolent deity who boasted that he commanded men to kill their firstborn in order to keep them in awe of himself! This was not revealed God but a man-made deity, the incarnation of primitive tribalism.

(“It was not God who willed these people and their meaning. It was this people who willed this God and his meaning:” Dr. Kastein.)

p. 13. During the hundred years that followed the Assyrian conquest of Israel, the Levites in Judah began to compile the written Law. In 621 BC they produced Deuteronomy and read it to the people in the temple of Jerusalem.

Deuteronomy is to formal Judaism and Zionism what the Communist manifesto was to the destructive revolution of our century. It is the basis of the Torah (The Law) contained in the Pentateuch, which itself forms the raw material of the Talmud, which again gave birth to those “commentaries” and commentaries-on-commentaries which together form the Judaic “Law.” Therefore, Deuteronomy is also the basis of the political program of world dominion over nations despoiled and enslaved, which has been largely realized in the West during this Twentieth Century.

Deuteronomy is above all a complete political programme: the story of the planet, created by Jehovah for his “special people” is to be completed by their triumph and the ruination of all others. The rewards offered to the faithful are exclusively material: slaughter, slaves, women, booty, territory, empire. The only condition laid down for the rewards is observance of the “statutes and judgments”, which primarily command the destruction of others. The only guilt lies in non-observance of these laws.

(Deuteronomy Chapter 7) uses the word destroy 7 times.

“Utterly destroy them, nor shew mercy unto them, destroy their alters, consume all the people, have no pity on them, the Lord will send the hornet among them, until they be destroyed, the Lord shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they are destroyed, thou shalt destroy their kings, thou will destroy them.

… If there arise among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams…. He shall be put to death. (Crucifixion of Jesus, apostles, and prophets,)

Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein.”

P. 18. Deuteronomy: Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth, But thou shalt utterly destroy them….

Reed, p. 19: Literal Judaism is ultimately based on terror and fear and the list of curses set out in Chapter 28 (of Ezekiel) of the Second Law shows the importance which the priesthood attached to this practice of cursing.

P. 33. “The Kings and Queens” of the Gentiles “shall bow down to see with their face towards the earth and lick up the dust of thy feet… I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh and they shall bedrunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord thy Saviour and thy Redeemer.”

Leon Pinkser (in Auto-Emancipation): “There is an inexorable and inescapable conflict between humans known as Jews and other humans.”

P. 21. The most tempting conclusion is to see the whole story of the West, and particularly this decisive Twentieth Century, as a struggle between the Mosaic Law and the New Testament and between two bodies of mankind which rank themselves behind one or other of those two messages of hatred and love, respectively.

p. 22, Thus Mr. Maurice Samuel wrote (in You Gentiles): “we jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever… nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands.”

From the Protocols: “It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restarting monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task: each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established form of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness.”

p. 56: The Pharisees occupy the second place in the pedigree of the set which has brought about such large events in our time. The line of descent is from the Levites in Babylon, through the Pharisees in Jerusalem, through the Talmudists of Spain and the rabbis of Russia, to the Zionists of today.

..The Pharisees originally devised the basic method, resting on mutual fear and suspicion, by which in our day conspirators are held together and conspiratorial bodies made stronger. This is the system of spies-on-spies and informers-among-informers on which the Communist Party is built.

57: The Pharisees, like the Levites whose message they carried on, claimed to know all things, from the date of the world’s creation, and its purpose, to the manner of the special people’s triumph.

68: Dr. Kastein, in his survey of Judaism from its start, devotes a chapter to the life of Jesus. After explain that Jesus was a failure, he dismissed the episode with the characteristic words: “His life and death are our affair”.

p. 85: The autonomous Talmudic government was called the Kahal. Professor Salo Baron: “In Poland, where the Jewish court had no right to inflict capital punishment, lynching, as an extra-legal preventative, was encouraged by rabbinical authorities such as Solomon Luria”.

p. 88: The Talmud expressly forbids one to save a non-Jew from death… to restore lost goods, etc. to him, to have pity on him.”

p. 167: Judaism IS “the worship of Moloch.” The whole dispute between ancient Israel and Judah of the Levites raged round this false deity and his demands, and Israel turned its back on Judah on this very account; this is the root of the controversy of Zion, three thousand years ago and now.

p. 105: To the literal Jew, the world is still flat and Judah (world Jewry), its inheritant, is the center of the universe.

p. 92. The Torah was a penal code.

P. 97: The Zionists have gained political control over Gentile governments and the Jewish masses alike, so that what the individual remonstrant says is of little weight. The Zionists have restored the Levitical Law, in its Pharisaic and Talmudic interpretations, in full force.

Applicable To Targeted Individuals:

p. 99: The practice of cursing, the evil eye, therefore, is still part of “The Law.”….. Thus, excommunication was a deadly thing. Mr. M.L. Rodkin makes this remarkable reference to it: “We can conceive their (the Talmudic rabbinate’s) terrible vengeance against an ordinary man or scholar who ventured to express opinions in any degree at variance with their own, or to transgress the Sabbath by carrying a handkerchief or drinking of Gentile wine, which in their opinion, is against the law. Who then, could resist their terrible weapon of excommunication, which they used for the purpose of making a man a ravening wolf whom every human being fled from and shunned as the plague-smitten? Many who drank of this bitter cup were driven to the grave and many others went mad.”

The Talmudists denounced Maimonides to the Inquisition, saying: “Behold, there are among you heretic and infidels, for they were seduced by Moses Ben Maimonides… You who clear your community of heretics, clear ours too.” At this behest, his books were burned in Paris and Montpellier, the book-burning edict of the Talmudic law has being fulfilled. On his grave the words were incised. “Here lies an excommunicated Jew.”

As Joshua anathematized Jericho; with the cursing wherewith Elisha cursed the children; and with all the cursing which are written in the Torah;

Especially Applicable To TIs:

“cursed be he by day and cursed by night; cursed when he goeth out, and cursed when he cometh in; the Lord pardon him never; the wrath and fury of the Lord burn upon this man; and bring upon him all the curses which are written in the Torah. The Lord blot out his name under the heaven. The Lord set him apart for destruction from all the tribes of Israel; with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Torah. There shall be no man to speak to him, no man write him, no man show him any kindness, no man stay under the same roof with him, no man come nigh unto him.

Excommunication of Spinoza by Amsterdam Synagogue, Jay 27, 1656

p. 101: Moses Mendolsohn proclaimed the heresy that Jews ought to become integrated with their fellow men. His guiding thought was: “Oh, my brethren, follow the example of love, as you have till now filled that of hatred.” … (But) the ruling sect always prevailed.

p. 108. The most joyful festivals of the Jewish year commemorate the ancient legends of destruction and vengeance on which The Law is based: the slaying of “all the firstborn of Egypt” and Modecai’s massacre (in the Book of Esther).

p. 111: As in Babylon of yore; concludes Dr. Kastein, the Jews in Egypt extended “open arms” to the Persian conqueror. Yet Egypt had shown the Jews only hospitality. Babylon, Persia, Egypt, then came Greece. (Dr. Kastein: The Alexandrian Jews brought about the disintegration of the Hellenic civilization.” ).

History back to the Creation was presented to the Jews, by their scriptures and their scholars, as an exclusively Jewish affair, which took note of “he heathen” only insofar as they impinged on Jewish life, and as a record destruction achieved against these heathen, in peace and war… so that the destruction which accompanied them became an act of fulfillment under The Judaic Law, like the slaying of the Egyptian firstborn, the destruction of Babylon, and Mordecai’s pogrom.

Rome followed Greece. To the Zionist scholar, Greece and Rome were just transient heathen manifestations, equally repellent.

In Spain…. The Jews (in Babylon and Egypt) turned against the people with whom they lived and once more “flung open the gates” to the foreign invader. The foreign invader, in his turn, “delivered” the cities taken by him to the Jews.

.. p. 119: About 1500, the Talmudic government moved from Spain to Poland, establishing itself among a body of “jews” hitherto unknown to the West (the Khazars, or Ashkenazi) and relaxing its hold on the Sephardic Jews (of Spain).

These 450 years (1500 to 1950 AD) saw the visible Talmudic “center” cease to exist (in Dr. Kastein’s words) and the destructive idea simultaneously enter Europe in a new form, which bore the name “revolution”.

P. 120: The 450 years have seen three of these “revolutions” (counting only the chief ones). Each was more destructive than the last. Each was recognizable as the heir of the former one by its chief characteristics, and these, again, were the chief characteristics of the Judaic Law as laid down in the Torah-Talmud. The main assault in each case was on legitimate government, nationhood, and Christianity. Under Judaic Law the only legitimate government is that of Jehovah and the only legitimate nation is that of Jehovah’s chosen people; under the Talmudic supplement of that Law Christianity is specifically the chief of those “other gods,” after whom the chosen are forbidden to “go awhoring” and “destruction,” as has been shown is a supreme tent of that Law.

… The Russian Revolution culminated in the greatest Judaic triumph and Judaic vengeance on record, either in Old Testamentary history or in later history, and was organized, directed, and controlled by Jews who had grown up in the aloud-controlled areas. This is a fact of our present day, demonstrable and undeniable, and it is the most significant fact in the whole story of Zion, illuminating all the past and giving the key to the future.

The Russian revolution revealed that the revolution had been organized as a permanent thing, a permanently destructive force, permanently organized with a permanent headquarters and staff, and worldwide aims…. What was aimed at was plainly the final consummation of The Law, in its literal form: “Thou shalt reign over every nation but they shall not reign over thee…. The Lord thy God shall set thee on high love all nations of the earth.

P. 123: From the downfall of Babylon to the revolution in France the ruling Talmudic Jews always acted as a destructive force among the people “wither I have driven thee.” This was inevitable, given the creed to which they adhered and the fact that this religion was also The Law governing every act of their daily lives. Under the Judaic Law they could not act differently, and were indeed condemned to remain “the destroyers forever.” “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdom, to root out, and to pull down and to destroy.”

The story of the Jews, under his control, was the same in Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Spain, and could not be anything else, given the unique Judaic Law.

Nevertheless, not all “the Jews” wrote this story, nor is the story that of all “the jews.”

p. 195. The simultaneous triumph of Bolshevism in Moscow and Zionism in London in the same week of 1917 were only in appearance distinct events. The two forces fulfilled correlative tenets of the ancient Law: “Pull down and destroy… rule over all nations”; the one destroyed in the East and the other secretly ruled in the West.” The controlling groups was so preponderantly Jewish that it may be called Jewish. The nature of the instigating force… was further identified by its deeds: the character of its earliest enactments, a symbolic mockery of Christianity, and a special mark of authorship deliberately given to the murder of the monarch. All these bore the traits of a Talmudic vengeance.

p. 127: The French Revolution of 1789…. Forms the link between the English one of 1640 and the Russian one of 1917 and reveals the whole process as a planned and continuing one which, having passed through these three stages, will reach its final orgasm at som moment not far distant, probably during this century. P. 135, Reed.

According to the Judaic law, the world had been crated at a date precisely determine, solely for the Jews and everything that happened in it (was calculated simply to bring about the Jewish triumph.

p. 349. The bid to capture the civil service in America was made in 1943, the fourth year of he Second World War, and was partially exposed (by chance) in 1947, when the fog was clearing. The aim was to interpose between the American people and their public services a secret, deflationist black-list which would prevent men of patriotic duty from entering them, and open them wide to approved agents of the conspiracy. The lists then compiled were at one period being so rapidly extended that they would soon have included every person in the United States whose employment in public office was not desired by the secret arbiters. The defamatory dossiers of the A.D.. were being incorporated in the official files of the American Civil Service. This could have provided the basis for secret police action at a later stage (“political opponents” were round up on the strength of such lists by Georing’s new secret police on the night of the Reichstag fire.). All unknown to the American people, then and now, a coup of the first order was far advanced in preparation.

Rabbi Stephen Wise: Some call it communism, I call it Judaism.”

Ben Hecht (jew): “One of he finest things ever done by the mob was the crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle. If I’d had charge of executing Christ I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done is have him shipped to Rome and fed to the lions. They never could have made a savior out of mincemeat.”

To the terrorists of Palestine:” The Jews of America are for you. You are their champions… Every time you blow up a British arsenal, or wreck a British railroad train sky high, or rob a British bank, or let go with your guns an bombs at the British betrayers and invaders of your homeland, the Jews of America may a little holiday in their hearts.”

P. 152: Abbe Barruel, Jesuit and Eyewitness of the revolution:

“(The Bavarian Illuminati compresses) An anti-Christian conspiracy… not only against kings, but against every government, against all civil cosset, even against all property whatever.”

(Between 1797-98) Abbe Barruel (Jesuit), Professor John Robison, and Rev. Jedediah Morse agreed that the French Revolution was “the work of an organization with a continuing plan in all countries; a universal plan. They agreed that his organization was the secret society of the Illuminati, that it had inspired and controlled the terrorist phase of the (French) revolution, that it had survived, and that it was established and strong in England and the United States.

p. 160: If there were manifold currents of discontent before, (Adam) Weishaupt fused them into one (in 1776). With him and Illuminism, “vague and subversive theory became active revolution”; the general staff was formed, the battle operation laid down, the objective clarified. Today, nearly two hundred years later, the consequence of that is also clear: the all-destructive world-revolution must with either prevail over Christendom and the West, reducing them both to ruins, or itself be crushed and broken up. There is now no third solution or middle course or different end to the conflict which was revealed in 1786. Leading public men and the sect’s devotees both saw that from the start. By 1875, Mrg. Dillion tersely stated the unalterable fact:

“Had (Adam) Weishaupt not lived, Masonry might have ceased to be a power after the reaction consequent on the French Revolution. He gave it a form and character which caused it to outlive that reaction, to energize it to the present day, and which will cause it to advance until its final conflict with Christianity must determine whether Christ or Satan shall reign on this earth in the end.”

P. 286: “We hate equally anti-semites and hilo-semites.”

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, letter to Lady Crewe

P. 417: “We hate Christianity and Christians; even the best of them must be looked upon as our worst neighbor. They preach the love of our neighbors and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Down with the love of our neighbor; what we want is hatred. We must learn how to hate and it is only then that we shall conquer the world.”

Lunatcharsky, Commissar for Public Instruction

p. 570: The teaching of hatred, as part of a religion, still comes only from the literal Torah-Talmudists in the revolutionary area, in Palestine, and where they have nested in Western capitals. Hatred is their monopoly, and creed and they cannot make Christians hat, or Gentiles, hate jews. The hateful things done by the West in this century were done under Talmudic prompting, hatred and vengeance are not innate in Westerners, and their faith forbids it. No Westerner would speak as a Zionist leader spoke to a Jewish meeting at Johannesburg in May, 1953: “The beast that is called Germany must not be trusted. The Germans must never be forgiven and the Jews must never have any contact or dealings with the Germans.”

The world cannot live like that, and for this reason the insensate plan must fail. This is the heresy which the teaching of Christ love all else repudiated. It is the one tow which the political leaders of the West have lent themselves since Mr. Balfour, just fifty years ago, began to subordinate national policy to it. When the approaching climax has been overcome this heretic teaching, injected into the West from the Talmudic center in Russia, will pass.

“For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; Neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8:17

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