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Appendix 38: “Judaism Discovered:” Interview of Michael Hoffman by Texe Marrs (2009)

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Judaism Discovered Parts 1 and 2: Interview with Michael Hoffman


Part 1:

Part 2: Judaism Discovered (Part 2): The Deceitful, Anti-Biblical, Talmudic Religion of the Rabbis

Transcribed/summarized by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, January, 2016

Abstract (Interview Excerpt)

“Hoffman: I see Judaism as basically a recrudescence of the Pharoahic magic of ancient Egypt… That magic has spread through a number of geographical areas and a number of religions. Certainly, Hinduism is a survival of it. Judaism is a survival of it. What interests me in Judaism is that Judaism has had, up until very recently, the singular impact upon the western secret societies and the Western Occult. The Western Occult really did not have an opportunity to meet and encounter Hinduism in a significant way until Clive of the British Empire conquered parts of India in the 18th century. So for many, many centuries, western intellectuals and those who wanted to engage in forbidden intellectual and spiritual pursuits, would go to the rabbis and rabbinic gnosis to discover that because in some sub-level of their consciousnesses they must have known that that’s what Judaism is. It’s a survival of Egyptian paganism and black magic, as filtered through ancient Babylon, which as you pointed out, from the Book of Revelation onward, is more or less a synonym for corruption and for sorcery.

…. I wanted this book to be irrefutable. So I had to go into the Judaic texts themselves. This book represents years of scholarship, working with the Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud, the Soncino Talmud, and other Aramaic translations that were furnished to me. As a result of that, I can testify that (Judaism) is a religion of self-worship, of racism, of deceit, and a palimpsest of fraud. Fraud because it continues to be presented to the world as a religion of peace and a religion of the Bible. I think we have seen in Gaza recently that Judaism is certainly not a religion of peace. And it is my contention that Judaism is the overthrow of the Old Testament in the world today.

… When you plum to the very occult depths of Judaism, you find that it consists of the worship of the Judaic male as personified by the rabbi.…. there is only one religion that I know of that has made a cult out of racial pride, out of megalomania, and that’s Judaism. It’s very, very destructive. And it has actually been institutionalized in the form of the authoritative Talmudic texts, literally teaching that the Judaic male is God. When you combine that with the deceit, the institutionalized lying (and they don’t only lie to us)… (for) of course those who are going to deceive God and cheat the gentiles are also going to end up cheating each other!

…. Unfortunately, to the great scandal of the Gospel, we have so-called Christianity, (which is not Christianity, but rather I call it “Churchianity”) which is allied with war Zionism….. Neo-con Catholics in the United States have been big supporters of the war Zionism of the George W. Bush regime.

Marrs: The Ashkenazi chief rabbi, Metzger, recently said that he wants to sponsor a “United Nations of religions,” to bring all the religions together. Do you think that Metzger is going to give up this Talmudic hatred of Christianity and blaspheming toward Jesus so that he can have a “United Nations of religions?”

Hoffman: It’s just a public relations lie. There isn’t any religion on earth that is less ecumenical, less tolerant, less interested in unity with anyone else than Orthodox Judaism or the Talmud. It is a ferociously, savagely, racist, anti-Christian religion. And what he’s saying is based on this widespread illiteracy that is in the Christian and gentile world concerning the actual contents of the Talmud. Judaism’s greatest rabbi… Moses Mamonidies… has made some of the most ferocious injunctions and admonitions against Christ and Christians. In the very shrewd and sly way for which Talmudic rabbis are infamous, he says that when circumstances allow… for example, when there is Judaic supremacy in the world… it would be OK to kill Christians openly.

…. A whole milieu of illicit, illegal, and degenerate sex (runs) through the sacred religious texts of Judaism. This involves approval for sexual molestation of boys under 9 years of age, including via oral sex by adult women, and the “marrying” of little girls under the age of 3 by adult men, etc. … Meanwhile, the Orthodox Judaics put on a big show of being moral, pious and conservative!”


When I began the research for this website in 2002, I had no inkling that it would eventually lead into the messy, “subjective” topic of religion, let alone, to the far spookier subject of occult religion. I knew little to nothing about the occult at that time. And yet, information presented on this website overwhelmingly places the responsibility for the planning, execution, and cover-up of 9/11 on individuals and groups associated with the criminal “Judeo/Masonic/Satanic/military/intelligence conspiracy.” It now seems clear that 9/11 itself, in addition to being a “false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terror event,” must also be understood as a Kabbalistic/Masonic/Satanic MegaRitual; a blood sacrifice, believe it or not, designed to: 1) usher in the New (Satanic) World Order (aka “Jewish utopia”/”universal Jewish empire”), 2) provide pretext for wars of aggression in the Middle East that benefit Israel and the predominantly Jewish global financial elite, 3) usher in a fascist-type police state in America and the world, 4) destroy financial records and other evidence of crimes of the global elite, and 5) actually summon Satan and the anti-Christ to lead the world into the “New Age!” A MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THESE ASSERTIONS. Additionally, I have come to realize that the minions, agents, and dupes (or to use Lenin’s term, “useful idiots”) of these groups also control the United Nations and the “United Nations of Religions”/interfaith project that is the de facto ‘raison d’etre” of my hometown of Crestone/Baca, Colorado. (See my extended series: “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order: An Expose of the New World Religion” on this website.)

Alas, it appears that all hierarchical structures can be and are infiltrated, corrupted, co-opted, and commandeered by the agents and minions of those who control the money system. This probably explains why our political and religious leaders remain ignorant and/or complicit regarding these and other crimes. Even while the U.S. Constitution is still in effect! And while our constitution guarantees that government derives its right to govern from its citizens and exists to serve the people. Since our government itself seems to have been turned into a criminal enterprise, American citizens now have the responsibility to step forward and attempt to identify these criminals and find ways to administer appropriate justice to them. While this may now seem a hopeless challenge, we should never underestimate the power of the truth (or indeed, the Way, the Truth, and the Life!).

Meanwhile, until this crime is solved and its perpetrators identified and punished, we find ourselves in a netherworld wherein criminal elements within our own government wage covert war against its own law-abiding citizens. (But documents such as “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” reveal that a covert “psychological” war of deception has been conducted against the American citizenry for over a half century!) The first two instructions of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” are pertinent here: 1. Know yourself, and 2. Know your enemy. Certainly, # 2 entails understanding our enemies’ ideologies and historical methodologies. In this regard, the internet is a tremendous boon for citizens because it allows discerning citizens to share information and learn from each other. Unfortunately however, the internet also allows military/intelligence to monitor and subvert all patriotic efforts of the American citizenry!

Also unfortunately, according to de Ruiter’s “The 13 Illuminati Families: Paving the Road to Hell” (2015), the computer and internet are meant to play an important, projected role in the planned New World Order as per item #8 below:

(“The founding of the planned New World Order will be performed in steps:

1) The establishment of one international World Parliament.
2) The creation of a One World Financial system.
3) Restriction of all national influence in favor of a dictatorial World Government.
4) The complete control over all food supplies by the one “World Food Authority.”
5) The complete control over all raw material, oil, and gas resources.
6) Creation of a World Army through combining the American army, NATO and all other western armies.
7) The merger and equality of all religions into one Humanistic World Religion.
8) Creation of a social demographic network that connects all aspects of daily life through use of computers.
9) The establishment of a one world “Capital City.”
10) Installation of a World Leader.”)

It has also been amply demonstrated on this website that this plan for world conquest has evolved over thousands of years and even seems to extend beyond the merely human realm. In addition to the legions of human agents, minions, and dupes behind 9/11 and related crimes of terrorism, it would seem that the “enemy” is apparently aided by “powers and principalities,” and ultimately led by Satan himself. This would certainly help explain the multi-millennial nature of this historic plan! Thus, we apparently need to extend Sun Tzu’s axioms to the spiritual realm. Now the imperatives become: 1) Know yourself spiritually, and 2) Know the spiritual nature of your enemy. To help us gain these kinds of insights, knowledgeable and experienced Christians, such as former Air Force officer and author, Texe Marrs (, and Michael Hoffman, II, author of “Judaism Discovered” ( are especially poised to provide spiritual leadership. Their combination of expertise in current geo-political events and knowledge of Biblical prophecy can help us to understand the otherwise bewildering events that are unfolding today.

Jesus Christ himself identified our main in the last days when he identified the Pharisaic “Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). He bluntly told the Pharisees that “ye are of your father, the devil, and his lusts ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.” Hendrie (2012) elaborates as follows: “In Matthew 23 Jesus has even stronger language to describe the scribes and Pharisees. Jesus calls them serpents, vipers, blind guides, whited sepulchers, and hypocrites who will be damned to hell.”

In the following interview, Michael Hoffman II (author of “Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit)” and Texe Marrs prove that Orthodox Judaism is the modern continuation of the Pharisaic religion. And they demonstrate that this religion is not based on the Old Testament, but rather, on occult, Babylonian sorcery and black magic! This may be the most “politically incorrect” conclusion of all! And yet, from a historical and scholarly standpoint, it is not at all controversial. Thus, Americans must wake up and understand that our true enemies, as Jesus proclaimed in Revelation (2:9 and 3:9) are “those who say they are Jews and are not Jews but are the Synagogue of Satan.” We need to take Jesus’ words at face value and comprehend that this “tribe” (of so-called “Jews’), which is only about 18 million strong globally, serves Satan and is committed to ushering in his kingdom on earth. (In a 1976 interview, Jew Harold Rosenthal admitted this, stating: “Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but the God we worship is Lucifer.”)

As also reported on this website, British journalist/author, Douglas Reed pointed out in his book, “Controversy of Zion” that “Judaism is a political program disguised as religion.” In this interview between Hoffman and Marrs, we learn that this deception extends further yet. In fact, Judaism is the Satanic Egyptian/Babylonian religion masquerading as the Old Testament religion of Moses and the prophets! And together with their innumerable spin-off secret societies, false religions, and cults that include Freemasonry, the Jesuit Order, the New Age Movement, and myriad intelligence agencies, among others, the toxic religion of Judaism comprises the very core of the 9/11/New World Order conspiracy.

Does all this sound preposterous? Actually, the Book of Revelation describes this very ‘world system’ as “Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” These terms may be largely meaningless to most in our secular society today. This is why Hoffman, Marrs, Hendrie, and other Christians are especially invaluable leaders. With their deep understanding of Scripture, they are in a position to clarify the dimensions of the spiritual battle in which we are engaged as well as help to explain the spiritual significance of unfolding events that, to the ignorant, must seem inexplicable.

Why does this matter? In the interview, Marrs states (prophetically, I believe): “unless something is done, we could wind up as a Satanic-Judaic society.” In my opinion, America has already traveled far down this degenerate path. This single insight perhaps best explains my motivation for continuing to do this kind of work. I will never accept the prospect that even one child is forced to grow up in such a Satanic-Judaic society. The world has witnessed the horrors of hellish, totalitarian “utopias” spawned by these very psychopaths in the genocidal societies of the former Soviet Union, communist China, Nazi Germany, and Cambodia under Pol Pot. Imposition of these “dystopian” conditions in America would entail not only the end of our freedoms, I believe, it would also mean the end of free will, reason, beauty, truth, goodness, and all that makes life precious. The job for informed citizens, Christians and children of God, today then, is to “stand in the gap” and expose and oppose these works of evil until such time as Our Lord returns. Since “no one knows the time and hour of His return,” my sense is that it would foolish and disastrous to throw in the towel now.

The following interview with Michael Hoffman, II, author of “Judaism Discovered,” is all the more important because this extremely informative book is now out of print. I intersperse topic headings throughout the interview to make help the reader follow the thread of the conversation.

Part 1 of 2-Hour Interview:

Texe Marrs: I delight in exposing the concentrated forces that oppose truth, justice and goodness. I love to expose evil and evildoers. As Christians and patriotic Americans, we have to expose these things. When the darkness gathers, that’s when the candlelight is brightest. So we have to have that light of truth. It really can dispel the darkness.

Today and next week, we have with us Michael Hoffman, II, the author of an outstanding new book, “Judaism Discovered.” The complete title of the book is “Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit.” Hoffman also wrote “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” and “Judaism’s Strange Gods.” We have these books available at Power of Prophecy ( The new book, “Judaism Discovered,” is over 1100 pages long, is very scholarly, and supersedes Hoffman’s book, “Judaism’s Strange Gods.” It will tell you everything you need to know about the totally Satanic religion called Judaism. (ETK note: Unfortunately, this book is already out of print. Hence, the importance of this transcribed interview.)

When I enlisted in the Air Force, I worked for nine years as an assistant Chaplain. Remember, I’m a hard-core, King James Bible-believing Protestant. In that job, I worked with a number of Jewish rabbis and I got to know some of them quite well. I discovered a lot of things about Judaism from these rabbis. And I very much doubt if these Orthodox Jewish rabbis knew as much about the Satanic religion of Judaism as Michael Hoffman does.

One reason this is important is that Abner Micvah, the Head Council at the White House under President Bill Clinton, was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune. Micvah is a Jewish lawyer from Chicago and one of the Jewish elite in America. He stated that he has been watching over and guiding the career of Barack Obama since Obama got out of college. He also stated that Obama will go down in history as “America’s first Jewish president.”

What does this mean for America? We need to find out about Judaism and what it really stands for. Because unless something is done, we could wind up as a Satanic-Judaic society. So we must understand what the Talmud is. We need to ask: What is Judaism? How will it affect our lives in the coming years? Has Judaism actually already taken over America? Has there been a coup d’etat? Jews comprise only about 2% of our population. But anyone in the know can tell you that Jews control our entertainment, our educational system, and are the rulers in Washington, D.C. today. (ETK note: They also clearly control the military/intelligence apparat as well as most religious organizations.) You’ll discover in this book that Judaism is a religion of sinister sorcery. You’ll discover that Jews believe they are racially superior to you and me and all gentiles and that their Talmud refers to gentiles as “beasts,” or “goyim.” The Talmud teaches that all life that is not Jewish is of no value. You’ll learn that there is a strong sexual depravity expressed in their most holy book, the Talmud. You’ll learn that the Talmud is obsessed with bodily functions like going to the bathroom. And that they foster war, racism, and bigotry in their Talmud. Hoffman’s book addresses these and many other subjects. And he does so by using the rabbis’ own words! Certainly, they don’t want you to know the awful truth about their holiest book, the Talmud. They want to keep this from you. But now Hoffman has exposed it to the whole world.

Jesus Christ himself exposed the Talmud. If Jesus did that, isn’t it important that we do the same? This monumental book is over 1100 pages. Michael Hoffman’s website is

A. Judaism nullifies the Old Testament. It is the Pharisaic religion of the Talmud, Kabbalah, i.e., Babylonian black magic.

First question: How did you get interested in this topic… of ‘Judaism Discovered?’

Hoffman: I feel it is the most pressing controversy we have in American society and the world today. We need to understand this mostly hidden subject. Prior to researching for this book, I had a passionate interest in suppressed information. And there certainly is a dearth of reliable information in this subject. In this subject, as in all others, we need to bring a skeptical mind. I found that most writers and researchers, the intellectuals and professors, etc., were failing in that. In addition, I was born and raised in New York City and so I grew up in mostly Jewish neighborhoods. I was always fascinated by the energy of Jews and the degree to which they defend their culture and religion against everyone and everything else.

Marrs: I recently went to one of the largest Christian bookstores in America. They had about a dozen books on Islam, all of which branded Islam as evil. None of these books were favorable to Islam. But I didn’t see one negative book about Judaism. So it seems that Judaism is highly praised in the Christian community. And every time I talk to a Christian about this subject, they maintain that Judaism is the religion of the Old Testament. These Christians are very reluctant to hear any other viewpoints.

Hoffman: First, I would agree that Islam is a false religion. But we need to understand that early Orthodox Christians in the Middle East regarded Islam as the worst of all Christian heresies. Thus, there is a Christian element to it. Moslems uphold Jesus as a great prophet and they uphold his mother, Mary, but their view of the gospel is very fractured. And they completely reject the Apostle Paul. In contrast, these early Christians saw Judaism as a completely alien and hostile entity. All this is extremely pertinent to our lives today because the (Jewish) ‘neocons’ (that have controlled Bush II and now control Obama) are promoting a clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam. But, historically, the early Christians always thought Judaism was at least as bad as or much worse than Islam. This fact is overlooked by both Protestants and Catholics today.

As far as the old claim that Judaism is the Old Testament religion, I think that has lost a lot of ground. As the secret societies have progressed with their long-term human alchemy/mind control project, we, the public, have gotten so dumbed-down and processed, that they believe they can now reveal to us what they are doing to us. A principle of the old Rosicrucian and Isis/Gnosis doctrine is that if you can reveal to people what you’ve done to them, how you’ve harmed them, and they sit still for it, this is a much more onerous form of mind control. We are starting to see some of this in our society today. And, perhaps for this reason, we are now seeing more and more commentary on the Talmud.

My argument in “Judaism Discovered” is that the Talmud is the supreme book of Judaism and that through it, they nullify the Old Testament. In fact, the Mishnah, the founding document of Rabbinic Judaism, states that the Mishnah is the “burying grounds for Moses.” So it’s not the Mosaic religion at all. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Marrs: Jesus would go along with you because he said that the Jews nullify the law of God with their “man-made traditions” (of their oral teachings, which later were written down in the Talmud). Is that what the Talmud is… the man-made traditions?

Hoffman: I’m glad you brought up the New Testament because so much of this could be cleared up if we just studied and believed the words of Jesus, without adding our own interpretations and embellishments. Because in Matthew 15 and Mark 7, Jesus actually confronted the oral law of the Pharisees which later became the Talmud. It was not yet written down because the Jews of his days had not yet become so corrupt. Once they committed the cosmic crime of crucifying their Messiah then their corruption was exponentially increased and this Satanic oral tradition that had haunted Israel, sometimes out on the fringes, and sometimes much closer to their hearts as we saw during the lifetime of our Savior, Jesus Christ, then became institutionalized when it was committed to writing. The first portion of that transmission was the Mishnah, and then with the addition of the authoritative Halachic laws and commentary upon the Mishnah called the Gemara, it became the Talmud.

Jesus was actually confronting the Mishnaic statements before they were written down. So we can say that the Gospel is a direct repudiation of the gnosis of the rabbis, as expounded in the Talmud. The proof texts are in Matthew 15 and Mark 7 and also in the Apostle Paul’s writings.

Marrs: Just for the sake of argument, if I, as a Christian, were to tell you that the Old Testament is the religion of Judaism and that Christianity is just a completion of the Old Testament… what would you say?

Hoffman: I would tell you to look at 1 Kings, 18:17, where Ahab confronts and accuses Elijah (basically of “anti-Semitism”). Elijah is fighting the prophets of Baal. And Ahab says to Elijah… “Are you the troubler of Israel?” This idea that the Old Testament supports the racial egotism of the Jews is completely wrong. This is where I disagree with the author, Douglas Reed (“The Controversy of Zion”) who repeats the Marcion heresy that the Old Testament is the Jews’ book and the New Testament is the Christians’ book. In fact, we Christians are the heirs, and the only heirs, of the Old Testament. Christianity is the completion of the religion of the Old Testament. How on earth could the Old Testament be the religion of Judaism when it is constantly criticizing racial Israel, pointing out to them their errors, fallacies, and pretensions and warning them. Any religion that is really an Old Testament religion would have to be very humble about itself and would not proclaim that their race is their means of salvation.

We can also go to the Book of Isaiah. When Isaiah said that Israel had “unclean lips” the Jews also basically accused him of being “anti-Semitic” (using different terms). The Talmud tells us that for having committed the ‘sin’ of accusing Israel of having “unclean lips,” Isaiah was punished by the rabbis who had his mouth sawed in half! I guess it really makes the juices flow for the rabbis when they can get this kind of vengeance going.

And Jesus was aware of this because he told them; “You Pharisees testify against yourselves.” And indeed they do. They admit in their own Talmud that they killed the prophet Isaiah. So how on earth can that Pharisaism be an Old Testament religion? Any claim of Old Testament religiosity on the part of rabbinic Judaism is sheer ignorance foisted on the ignorant goyim.

Marrs: Regarding the Pharisees, a letter writer recently told me that I shouldn’t be criticizing the Pharisees because this has nothing to do with today’s Jews and Judaism. What about that?

Hoffman: The Orthodox Judaic rabbis admit that they are the continuation of Pharisaic Judaism. That’s a boast, a common brag, which is documented in my book, “Judaism Discovered.” Rabbi Jacob Nuesner, considered one of the top Orthodox rabbinic scholars in the world, and a close friend of the Vatican and the modernist Popes, has stated clearly that Orthodox Judaism is the continuation of rabbinic Judaism. Because it is the Pharisaic sect that was the articulaters and transmitters of the Torah Shivel Pat.

This point confuses nearly all gentiles. Quite often, we’ll see Orthodox Judaics say “we’re loyal to the Torah.” And gentiles think that that means that they are loyal to the Bible. They don’t know that there is a dual Torah system operating in Judaism. There’s the ‘Torah’ that we Christians know as the Torah, or the ‘Pentateuch,’ which refers to the first five books of the Old Testament. But when the rabbis are talking about the ‘Torah,’ they are referring to the Torah Shivel Pat. Incidentally, Orthodox Judaism is the subject and target of my book, because Reform and Conservative Judaism are just watered-down liberal variants of Orthodox Judaism. And I haven’t seen any reputable academic deny that Orthodox Judaism is the direct continuation of the Pharisaic sect of the 1st Century AD.

Actually, the bad name that the Pharisees have today is a good thing in that it shows that Jesus’ teachings are surviving into our time. Jesus talked about a Pharisaic mentality of people who will swallow a camel and strain at a gnat. And the way the rabbis counter that perception today is that they claim there were both good and bad rabbinic Pharisees, and they raise Hillel as being someone who spoke as Jesus spoke about kindness and love. But it’s all a charade, because, for example, Hillel allowed the molestation of little boys. So they posit a good Pharisee, like Hillel, against stricter, more exclusivist and narrow-minded ones, like Shimmai. And they play this game between the House of Hillel and the House of Shimmai.

Marrs: These are important insights. So your book is about a religion, called Orthodox Judaism, that is really the religion of the Pharisees, or “Pharisaism.”

When I was in the Air Force Chaplaincy for nine years, I worked with Jewish rabbis as well as Protestant and Catholic Chaplains. One day a Baptist pastor mentioned in passing; “Don’t be a Pharisee.” Later that day, the Rabbi who overheard the comment asked me to join him for coffee, where he unburdened himself of his anger at that Baptist minister, saying; “What he doesn’t understand is that I’m a Pharisee.” The rabbi was very angry at that Baptist minister. By the way, this rabbi had a chip on his shoulder that must have weighed a ton. He had an unbridled hatred of Christianity that he tried to disguise even from me, but he didn’t do a very good job of it.

B. “Anti-Semitism” is an “intimidation device” used to stifle scientific investigation and criticism.

In your book, you mentioned the word “anti-Semitism.” It appears that they use this as weapon and a tool to beat people down.

Hoffman: Yes. That’s the intimidation device that is used to stifle scientific and empirical investigation of Judaism and allied fields like Israeli Zionism. And people are very afraid of it in the university world. When I was at the university, I saw the level of intimidation that was operant there. Actually, the term “anti-Semitism” was created in the 19th century by a Jew-hater named Wilhelm Marr. In applying the term, Marr expressed what was already an historical, underground current, a racial animus, toward people identified as Jews. But at that time, he saw Judaism as being a biological entity. This was part of the 19th century mania after Darwin’s theory of evolution and Marx’s “scientific socialism” gained traction.

On this subject of race, I’d like to quote my friend, the late Charles D. Probin:

“For the Christian, one’s so-called race has no bearing on his standing with God. So our attack on the Talmud is not based on race. We Christians are followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was a Jew according to the flesh, and we reject the claim of so-called racial Jews to be the ‘chosen people,’ but this by no means makes us view their race as evil. It is not evil. It is irrelevant.”

So it is an act of extraordinarily brazen intellectual dishonesty for Jews to term Christians who expose the Talmud as “anti-Semitic.” Our Lord Jesus Christ’s issue was not with a particular race of people. His issue was with a spiritual plague, a mental ideology that travels from person to person. It also travels from so-called Aryan, blue-eyed, blond-haired people in the Order of Freemasonry who are spiritually Judaized and follow the (Jewish) Kabbalah in their Freemasonic headquarters. Whereas we could have a person of Judaic descent who is sincerely following Jesus Christ. So who is more valued in God’s eyes… the Caucasian who is following the Satanic Freemasons or the person of Judaic descent who is sincerely following Jesus Christ? So I think it is fairly easy to disarm this “anti-Semitic” accusation because we as Christians, if we are true Christians, are not going after rabbis because they are of a particular race.

And as you probably know, I myself do not even believe they are necessarily Jews because all the genealogical records were destroyed when the Romans raised Jerusalem in 70 AD. And since I don’t believe what they tell us, I do not take for face value their claim. Therefore, some of them are going to feel very sorry on judgment day, when they have believed the Pat Robertsons of the world, and believed that they are saved by their race… and come to find out they are not even of that race. But the race issue plays no part in my research and it plays no part in the research of true Christians.

We are concerned with people who uphold the Talmud and nullify the New Testament. So we cannot be called “anti-Semitic.” We are “anti-rabbinic, anti-Talmud, and pro-truth.”

C. Jews’ “race” is irrelevant.

Marrs: Let’s take the examples of Sammy Davis, Jr., a black man, and Marilyn Monroe; two great entertainers who converted Judaism. So you are not opposed to their races, you are saying the religion they unfortunately bought into, Judaism, is a Satanic sect or cult, and you would have wanted to talk to each of them to help them to escape its clutches.

Hoffman: Yes, I would have pitied them for having given up (Christianity)…. I assume both of them were brought up with some form of Christianity, however nominal. And then, in order to achieve success, in Sammy Davis, Jr.’s case – and you are right, he is one of the few people in Hollywood that we can absolutely document to have been a member of Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan.” And Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism when she married the Jewish playwrite, Arthur Miller. Absolutely, the bone of contention I would have with them is their religion and not their race.

Because, for me, when Scripture says “Salvation is of the Jews,” meaning that Jesus was the belt of transmission for that salvation… For me, the word ‘Jew’ is a holy word. I’m not out to disparage individual Jews, or Judaics as I call them, not being absolutely certain of their racial provenance, because I want to convert them. One of the points of my book is that the biggest victims of Judaism are Judaics themselves. Imagine being a little Judaic child in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. You don’t know any better. It’s not your fault. You’ve been raised on this racial conceit and this Israeli violence which regards the Palestinians as subhuman. So you can bomb and destroy their cities. And also, your life is minutely regulated from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep with thousands and thousands of Pharisaic rules that oversee every aspect of your life. I have pity on those people. And some of them are very anxious to get out of that movement, very angry at it. And some of them have provided key research to me for my book. So the enemy is not the Jews. The enemy is, be they Freemasons or be they rabbis, the people who continue the spiritual contagion and ideology that confronted our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified him, and continues to subvert our nation and our world today.

D. Judaism is sorcery; the Pharoahic magic of Ancient Egypt.

Marrs: All right. We got that nailed down pretty good. So let’s go to the Talmud. You say in your book, and you are quoting the New York Times, that the cradle, i.e., the origins, of the Talmud, the Jews’ most holy book, is ancient Babylon. This is amazing because the Bible has some terrible things to say about Babylon and ‘Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots.” And yet you document this fact. Tell us a little about the Babylonian connection.

Hoffman: Well, I see Judaism as basically a recrudescence of the Pharoahic magic of ancient Egypt. And that magic has spread through a number of geographical areas and a number of religions. Certainly, Hinduism is a survival of it. Judaism is a survival of it. But what interests me in Judaism is that Judaism has had, up until very recently, the singular impact upon the western secret societies and the western Occult. The Western Occult really did not have an opportunity to meet and encounter Hinduism in a significant way until Clive of the British Empire conquered parts of India in the 18th century. So for many, many centuries, western intellectuals and those who wanted to engage in forbidden intellectual and spiritual pursuits, would go to the rabbis and rabbinic Gnosis to discover that because in some sub-level of their consciousnesses they must have known that that’s what Judaism is. It’s a survival of Egyptian paganism and black magic, as filtered through ancient Babylon, which as you pointed out, from the Book of Revelation onward, is more or less a synonym for corruption and for sorcery. And out of this, the influence on the Judaic rabbis in the cradle of Babylon was instrumental because so much of Judaism is anti-Old Testament.

As an example, I reproduce a photograph of a magical amulet in my book, which the Kabbalistic and Talmudic rabbis in Israel are now engaged in manufacturing. This has recently come up in Israeli elections, where Sephardic rabbi, Olvadia Yosef, head of the Shas Party, one of the most violent and racist political parties in Israel, actually hands out these amulets, or good luck charms, to people who will vote for Shas Party candidates. Now would we call that Old Testament Judaism or would we call that Babylonian paganism?

Marrs: I would call that Simon the Magician-type of nonsense (laughs). So really, Babylon, a synonym for evil throughout the centuries, and something which God says in the Book of Revelation is going to be very font of evil… is the font of Judaism!

Hoffman: Absolutely. And we have two Talmuds. We have the Jerusalem Talmud, which was the first, and we have the Babylonian Talmud, which arose during the Aramaic Era, ca. 300 to 600 AD. And the authoritative of the two is the Babylonian version. That’s the central, “divine” text of Orthodox Judaism. And they actually give it the name, “Babylonian Talmud.” That ought to tell us something. That out to set off alarms in our minds about what’s going on with this counterfeit Israel and its phony claim to be an Old Testament, Israelite religion.

Marrs: The complete title and subtitle of your book is “Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit.” Is it your contention, Brother Michael, that Judaism itself is an anti-Biblical religion of racism, self-worship, superstition, and deceit?

E. Jews worship themselves as God and Judaism is a religion of deceit, superstition, and “prophet murder.”

Hoffman: Absolutely. The Talmud itself and the Halakhah, that is to say, the Law that evolves out of those rabbinic traditions, clearly says that the Talmud is the holiest book, that you are to study the Talmud in preference to the Old Testament, and that they carry on the “traditions” (i.e, “oral traditions,” “traditions of men,” “traditions of the elders” – ETK). When Jesus said you are the killer of all the righteous from Abel onward, he was referring, I believe, to the murder of the prophet Isaiah. This is a religion which has continued this heritage of prophet murder, and it has continued the nullification of the Old Testament. The self-worship aspect that I point to in the book is that when you plum to the very occult depths of Judaism you find that it consists of the worship of the Judaic male as personified by the rabbi. And there are key portions of the rabbinic Halakhah, the authoritative rabbinic texts, that have God being defeated by the rabbis. God will have a conversation with the rabbis. The rabbis will propose one thesis. God will suggest an antithesis to that. And the denouement is that God admits that he is wrong and the rabbis are right. This is outrageous blasphemy against our God. But it shows how far racial pride can go.

So today, you have these Evangelical Protestants and Neocon Catholics encouraging the Judaics in their racial pride, instead of warning them about it as the Church always did and warning all of us against pride…. We are all sinners. None of us should be proud. But there is only one religion that I know of that has made a cult out of racial pride, out of megalomania, and that’s Judaism. It’s very, very destructive. And it has actually been institutionalized in the form of the authoritative Talmudic texts, literally teaching that the Judaic male is God. And so when you combine that with the deceit, the institutionalized lying (and they don’t only lie to us, as the Talmud states that it’s permissible to lie to gentiles and they give a number alibis and pretexts for it), but of course those who are going to deceive God and cheat the gentiles are also going to end up cheating each other!

So it’s a horrible situation that has evolved here. And unquestionably, the features that I’ve identified, I’ve tried to create as a stream in the book, where we can pinpoint these preposterous ideas in these texts. Because there is no use talking about personal opinion here. Or what some Christian statesman has to say about this. I wanted this book to be irrefutable. And so I had to go into the Judaic texts themselves. And this book represents years of scholarship, working with the Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud, the Soncino Talmud, and other Aramaic translations that were furnished to me. And as a result of that, yes, I can testify that this is a religion of self-worship, of racism, of deceit, and a palimpsest of fraud. It’s a fraud because it continues to be presented to the world as a religion of peace and a religion of the Bible. And I think we have seen in Gaza recently that Judaism is certainly not a religion of peace. And it is my contention in my book that Judaism is the overthrow of the Old Testament in the world today.

Marrs: The overthrow of the Old Testament. Wow. Let’s talk about this racism and self-worship just a little bit more. I was reading a Jewish publication some years ago where the (Jewish) author stated something that caught my eye. He was talking about a Messiah and he was rejecting Jesus and putting down Christianity. He said the Jewish people don’t need a Messiah because they are collectively their own Messiah. Have you come across this idea? Do you address this in your book?

F. Zionism is a direct offshoot of Orthodox Judaism. Because the “chosen people” regard themselves as Gods, they believe they can be their own Messiah (if they want).

Hoffman: Yes, because the bridge between Orthodox Judaism and Zionism is a man named Moses Hess, a very important and little known figure. I wanted to concentrate on him in the book because Zionism is a direct offshoot of Orthodox Judaism. What you are talking about, Texe, is a more politicized version of the religion, Judaism. It’s a secularization of the main impetus. The impetus of the religion is self-worship. This can manifest in Zionism as saying that we ourselves are the collective Messiah. Orthodox Judaism would continue to insist that there will be a Moshiach (or Messiah), as they would say in Hebrew. And that person will be an individual. But we know that they rejected Jesus because he was not the type of Messiah that they expected. They expect a worldly king who will conquer their enemies by military force. So that’s still in play. But many Zionists who have spun off from the religion of Judaism, and continue to hold it in great esteem, see the Israeli project itself and the Zionist people as being their own Messiah. And certainly, with the United Nation’s recognition of the Israeli state in 1948, we see that secularization in place here. And at the same time, the rabbis are not willing to let go of this counterfeit Israel, and that’s why, as I said earlier, Rabbi Olvadia Yosef and many other Orthodox rabbis continue to meddle in Israeli politics and even use their so-called magical powers to influence the vote by passing out amulets, as ridiculous as that may sound to rational people. But there is nothing too ridiculous for a rabbi.

Marrs: But on the other hand, if Orthodox Judaism professes a belief in a God outside of themselves, or outside the Jewish race, the so-called “chosen people,” if they express a belief in that external God by claiming that the ancient rabbi sages were more wise than God and defeated God in debates, they really are asserting that they are Gods; that they are God-men.

Hoffman: Which is, as Jesus said, a testimony against themselves. Because once Christians are actually aware of this, any Christian of good will can no longer support the rabbinate or Orthodox Judaism. For example, the Babylonian Talmud in the tractate Yebamoth, 36:B states: “the sages safeguarded their own enactments more than those of the Torah.” So we see that what they are actually admitting is that the ‘traditions of men,’ that is to say ‘their own enactments;’ (and this is what Jesus condemned when he said, “You are nullifying the Word of God through the traditions of men)….” Here is the Talmud itself admitting that this is exactly what they are doing. In fact, they are bragging about it. And that’s why for a long time before we reached this “Revelation of the Method” era, it was a death-penalty offense for a gentile to read the Talmud. But now they are so certain in this era of rabbinic supremacy that they have the gentile world nailed down, that they’ve nullified the Christian religion. There are very few authentic Christian leaders today who have the courage to confront this. So they (the rabbis) feel that they can allow us to study the Talmud because most people won’t care even when they find out how evil, in fact, it is.

Marrs: Thank you, brother Michael. We will continue this conversation next week.

Part 2 of “Judaism Discovered” Interview of Michael Hoffman by Texe Marrs

Marrs: Although a lot of people bash Islam these days, I find that Judaism is a despicable religion that is 50 times worse than Islam! In Part 2 of our interview with Michael Hoffman, II we will look at the issues of magic/voodoo/sex/lust for money and blasphemy in the Talmud. Jesus told the Jews they would have to choose between God and mammon. Today, I will ask Hoffman which one they chose.

Michael, President Jimmy Carter has been bitterly criticized for his new book, “How We Can Obtain Peace in the Holy Land.” What about that? Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

G. ‘Neo-con Catholics’ and Evangelical and Baptist Protestants support war Zionism.

Hoffman: Unfortunately, to the great scandal of the Gospel, we have so-called Christianity, (which is not Christianity, but rather I call it “Churchianity”) which is allied with war Zionism. Some people say it’s just an overemphasis on the Old Testament. The Old Testament punished the people that Israel came in contact with because of a combination of a practice of sorcery and sex that was combined in those people. Never does the God of Israel tell the Hebrews that they are a superior people, go ahead and take these innocent people and crush them. So this alibi that the Old Testament is the basis of either Christian support for the Israeli state or for the actions of the Israelis is bogus. I thought Jimmy Carter made plenty of mistakes as President. But I believe Carter is now trying to make amends and he is fearlessly speaking out about what he calls “Apartheid Israel.” And we, as Christians, should forgive him his past mistakes and embrace his efforts in this.

As Carter points out, the Israeli state is certainly practicing Apartheid and enforcing it by military force. It’s a scandal that Christianity is involved in supporting Israeli policies that target the Palestinians.

Marrs: A lot of people tell me I need to distinguish between the Zionists and other Jews. The problem is that the Talmud is so ingrained in the Jewish culture, that even those who claim to be secular Jews seem to be affected by the Talmud, especially its Jewish supremacism, anti-Christian bigotry, etc. Have you found that to be true?

H. Orthodox Judaism supports abortion, homosexuality and pedophilia.

Hoffman: That’s a good question. What you are hitting on is this schizophrenia, especially in the conservative movement, that claims that the atheist Zionists, or the secularists, are really the problem, and boy, if we could just make an alliance with the wonderful, conservative religious Orthodox Judaics, wouldn’t that be just fine. Supposedly, the storyline (or “Hasbara,” the Israeli word for propaganda) is that these Orthodox rabbinic Judaics are against abortion and homosexuality and they are basically just an Old Testament religion without Jesus Christ . Every one of these assertions is a bold-faced lie. None of them are true. Orthodox Judaism believes in abortion and has actually furnished, in a sub rosa manner, the alibi that liberals use for abortion today. It certainly permits homosexuality, and it is in no way, as we’ve already discussed, an Old Testament religion. So wrong on all three counts. Any alliance with Christ-haters and people whose so-called “sages,” as they refer to the fathers and founders of the Talmud, who advocate the murder of Christians, is just mass insanity based on ignorance.

Marrs: One thing the Bible says, in Revelations 13, is that because they oppose the beast and his system in the last days, Christians will actually have their heads cut off. In the Talmud (or is it in the Noachide laws?) specifically, it also talks about cutting off the heads of “idolators,” which is their word for Christians.

I. Judaic law sanctions execution of Christians.

Hoffman: Yes. The Talmudic definition of an “idolator” is someone who worships Jesus Christ. And these Noahide laws, have been passed into American law under Ronald Reagan and each successive President under the public law related to the birth-date of the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the grand rabbi of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect, which is the most politically connected of all Orthodox Judaism. And this is hailed by people like Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court Justice of the U.S., who is another traitor who these conservatives believe to be a wonderful Christian gentleman. He just lectured at the Institute of American and Talmudic Law (and there is no such thing as American and Talmudic law, the very phrase is an oxymoron). He went to New York and spoke to some 300 lawyers there. He does this every year because one of his buddies is Nathan Lewin, an Orthodox Jew. And they advance this idea that, isn’t it wonderful that the rabbis want to honor Noah and they want to put through these generic laws about ethics.

First of all, we need to understand that the Talmud disparages Noah. So these Noahide laws are part of a doubling game, a shadowing game. In the Talmud, when they are referring to Biblical characters, quite often they are not actual Biblical characters, rather, they are Talmudic distorted versions of them, because it’s all filtered through their “traditions of men.” It’s not really Noah they are referring to here. And these laws could result in true Christians being executed as you say.

Marrs: Justice Anton Scalia is a Catholic. Last week, you used the term “neo-con Catholics.” “Neo-con” is a term meaning those who are Judaizers or those who sponsor radical, ungodly Zionism. We also know that Pope John Paul II and the new pope, Benedict seem to be Judaizers as well. Are they “neo-con Catholics?”

Hoffman: I would reserve the term “neo-con” for those who more or less advocate an infernal marriage between the Talmudic or Zionist Gnosis and this war Zionism, and it’s not entirely clear that the current occupant of the throne in Rome has bought into that, but he certainly has bought into John Paul II’s modernist theology regarding these Khazars, as I call them. (I don’t want to honor them with the name Jew. They can’t trace their lineage back, how do we know they are Jews? We can’t believe anything else they say, why should we believe that?) This whole concept that they are our “elder brothers in the faith” was pioneered by John Paul II. But if we look at the Gospel of John, Chapter 8, we see that Jesus was confronted with this same idea when the Pharisees said that they were the children of Abraham and they had the covenant. And Jesus said, well, physically you are of Abraham, but spiritually and ideologically you of the devil. So how can there possibly be an “elder brother” covenant that is still alive today? It’s a hoax. We Christians are the ones who have that. And the neo-con Catholic phenomenon in the United States has really emerged with the Postconciliar movement, that is to say, after the Second Vatican council in the U.S., where there was this tremendous pressure to cozy up to Judaism which we are seeing at this very time with the whole concept that the Holocaust is an exclusive event in world history and anyone who questions any aspect of it is some kind of heretic or idolator. But neo-con Catholics in the United States have been big supporters of the war Zionism of the George W. Bush regime. And they should not be confused with the Medieval Catholics who of course had a very clear philosophy and theology of Judaism (as evil) which has been completely overthrown by these recent modern Popes.

J. Post-Vatican II Catholicism views Jews as “our elder brothers” and “neocon-Catholics” and other “Zionist Christians” enforce the religion of “Holocaustianity.”

Marrs: Yes, the new Catechism of Pope John Paul II basically calls the Jews our “elder brothers.” And even Pope Benedict. I believe he is carrying on the same doctrine that the Jews do not need Jesus because they have their own ancient sages and they can follow the Old Covenant and receive heaven. I believe this is apostasy. By the way, just six weeks ago, Benedict had the Bishops come to Rome (or Assisis) and there they were all instructed by a Jewish rabbi who instructed them on the Holy Bible. Now what a Jewish rabbi has to teach so-called Christians is very interesting… It tells me the Catholic Bishops must know very little about the Bible or they wouldn’t need an unsaved, Christ-hating rabbi to teach them his interpretation of the Bible! Also, this priest Williamson of the Old Latin rite, whose excommunication has recently been taken away from him… Benedict has told him that he will not be able to say mass unless he accepts the Jewish version of the Holocaust.

Hoffman: Yes, Williamson will be forbidden to be admitted to Episcopal functions within the Church unless he says that the gasings of Judaic peoples took place in Auschwitz and unless he bows down to the idol of this 6 million figure, which has cropped up Kabbalistically throughout the history of the Judaics. And this is a complete departure from the historic Catholic faith. To establish belief in a rabbinic dogma as a criterion for qualifying as a shepherd (priest) (they call it their mystical theology the “Shoah,” which means Holocaust)… you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Marrs: Of course we oppose that. But we should very quickly say, I believe there are very few Southern Baptists today who could keep their pulpit if they came out and said that they didn’t believe a lot of the propaganda, for example, the gassing or the 6 million number, of the Holocaust. And this is true also of the Assembly of God.

Hoffman: Well, I think it is very objective of you to notice this problem within Protestantism as well as Catholicism. They are both afflicted by this. But I also see a larger dilemma. And that’s the overthrow of the Jeffersonian principles of our founding fathers. They came here to get away from a state religion, the establishment of one particular denomination as the religion of the United States. And now, in the otherwise agnostic West, we have this de facto state religion of the gas chambers. The proof of that is that in Europe nobody goes to jail for denying that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. (Which, the Apostle Paul said “if Christ didn’t resurrect from the dead we’ve got nothing. We’re finished. Our religion is hoax.”). So this is a direct attack on the very core of our religion. No one is jailed for that, nor am I advocating that they should be. However, we can tell what is truly sacred in the West when we find out that those who “deny” the gas chambers in Auschwitz… for example, the very erudite and skilled former Max Planck Institute chemist, Werner Rudolf, who is in jail now in Germany for asking scientific questions about the gas chambers. So the question is: What is really sacred in what is supposed to be Christian America or the Christian West? And I find it is this religion that I call “Holocaustianity,” which is really the religion of Judaism for gentiles. It is a way to get gentiles to reverence the Judaic and to look fondly on the rabbis in their entire palimpsest of fraud and “traditions of men.” And this is the entry for that. And anybody in Europe who doubts it can go to jail and anybody who doubts it here in the United States can have his reputation ruined…. as you say, be you a Baptist preacher or be you a Catholic priest, you can lose your office.

K. The Jewish-led idea of a “United Nations of religions” is a “public relations lie.” The Jews’ strategy is to execute Christians when conditions allow.

Marrs: I agree with you completely on that. Let’s go to another area: Vile hatred of Christians and utter blasphemy toward Jesus. In your book you cover these topics. The Ashkenazi chief rabbi, Yonah Metzger, recently said that he wants to sponsor a “United Nations of religions,” to bring all the religions together. Do you think that Metzger is going to give up this Talmudic hatred of Christianity and blaspheming toward Jesus so that he can have a “United Nations of religions?”

Hoffman: It’s just a public relations lie. There isn’t any religion on earth that is less ecumenical, less tolerant, less interested in unity with anyone else than Orthodox Judaism or the Talmud. It is a ferociously, savagely, racist, anti-Christian religion. And what he’s saying is based on this widespread illiteracy that is in the Christian and gentile world concerning the actual contents of the Talmud. Because Judaism’s greatest rabbi… If you asked me to pick one Orthodox rabbi that is most revered both in the gentile world and the world of Judaism, I would say it’s Moses Maimonedies. It’s his legend that has deceived the Muslims, the Christians, and even the atheistic, left-wing, so-called enlightened intellectuals. They all believe that he is this paradigm of tolerance and suggest that he’s benevolent along the lines of this Rabbi Metzger. Metzger, by the way, means “butcher.” Actually Maimonedies is the one who has made some of the most ferocious injunctions and admonitions against Christ and Christians. He openly says that “heretics,” not only Christians, but also, for example, the Kairaites, that tiny, tiny sect of Judaics who reject the Talmud and cling to the Old Testament, should be savagely persecuted by the rabbis.

And Maimonedies reserves his special, particular vitriol for Christians. And he says in the very clever and shrewd and sly way for which the Talmudic rabbis are infamous, that when circumstances allow… (and he establishes a context wherein these circumstances can be deduced, for example, when there is Judaic supremacy in the world, when Judaics are on the ascendant, when they have an inordinate influence over the gentiles’ courts, over the gentile’s judiciary, etc.) … so we may be moving to this time when Maimomedies said it was OK to go ahead and kill Christians openly. And then also he said at other times when Christians are dominant, such as in the Middle Ages, in the period that he lived in, that such killing and destruction of Christians and gentiles had to be done by surreptitious means. For example, he noted in his Mishnah Torah that if you see a gentile fallen down in a hole, don’t give him a ladder. If you see him drowning, let him drown. In other words, by omission you would destroy them. But he said that when Judaism in the ascendant, you can destroy them by commission (openly).

And he also has a similar set of situation ethics for how Judaic doctors are to medically treat gentiles. Where there is an anti-Talmudic government in power, these doctors have to treat the gentiles and do a good job of it. But where Judaism is on the ascendant, it is actually against the Judaic law to give proper medical care to gentiles. Now can you imagine the havoc that that may have already played out in our hospitals in America today when some loyal Christian comes in and some Judaic doctor who is following Maimonedies, the greatest sage of all the sages in Judaism, is thinking of these texts that recommend he doesn’t treat this lady, that he either lets her die by benign neglect or he actively participates in her death.

So all talk of a one-world, happy-face, benevolence on the part of Rabbi Metzger or Maimonedies or anyone else tainted by Orthodox Judaism is a complete and total impostor.

(These comments have direct bearing on the “United Nations of religions”/interfaith project in Crestone/Baca, Colorado, a small town that is apparently controlled by these same Judaic forces- ETK note).

Marrs: Talking about that, how Jewish doctors, in a society where the Jews have the upper hand, ought to surreptitiously (covertly) engineer the deaths of gentile patients, that’s a scary thing. And it brings to mind Stalin’s fear of the Jewish doctors in the Soviet Union. He said the Jewish doctors that he had had a plot to kill him. It appears that Stalin, in his later years, attempted to have a coup d’etat against the Jews. We know that the Jews were the communists, the commissars; and the commandants of the Soviet gulags. Evidently, Stalin, belatedly declared war against some of these Jews, although he kept Kaganovich and some of the others in power. And of course he died under what some people say were mysterious circumstances.

Hoffman: It could be. You are certainly right that Bolshevism from the beginning (was controlled by Jews), and under Joseph Stalin, the Israeli state was actually founded. It was founded by the godless United Nations, with key support from Stalin and 33rd degree Freemason, Harry S. Truman, the American President in 1948.

But back to Maimonides for a moment. Maimonedies, in Abodat Kokabeen, chapter 10, in his Mishnah Torah, says: “Show no mercy to a non-Jew.” Again, we have to understand that this dictum is applied under the situation ethics that I mentioned. And how that is applied depends on whether a Christian government is fully aware of the dangers of rabbis and Talmudism and is vigilant or, as in the government that we have today, that allows them (Jews) to more or less rule through their puppets.

L. Israeli murder of gentiles in the Middle East is justified by the Talmud.

Marrs: Let’s take a look at the Middle East today. We have Israel in 2006 carrying on a 33-day massacre against the Lebanese; a war mostly by air, but also on the ground by tanks and other vehicles. This year, 2008 and 2009, we have the genocidal massacre by the Israeli defense forces perpetrated against the Palestinians. And victims are both Moslems, but also Christians in Gaza and Palestine, and there is an especially strong Christian element in Lebanon. So really, the Israelis were carrying out these atrocities against Moslems and Christians in these two wars over the last two years. Do you believe that these Talmudic principles are being carried out against the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

Hoffman: Well, we know that for a fact because these rabbinic councilors that are the spiritual directors of the so-called settlers, in other words, the people who are most zealous about stealing the Palestinian’s land and have created these illegal settlements… Their ideology is right in the open for anybody to read in these various Hebrew language newspapers which are being translated and are on the internet, such as Haaretz. You can google that. Every morning they give you the news there. It’s filtered and it isn’t 100% objective or correct. But you can get an idea of what is going on. And these rabbinic councilors, both the settler’s rabbinic councilors and even the chief rabbis of the two ethnic groups in the Israeli state…. (There are several ethnic groups of course. But the two leading ones are Sephardic and Ashkenazi, or Khazarian, as I would call it). All of these have openly said that the Israeli soldiers should show no mercy to the Palestinians, including civilians. They have to be punished.

Marrs: Judaism…. It’s just Old Testament religion, isn’t it? Well, Michael Hoffman proves exactly the opposite. He proves that Judaism has nothing to do with the Old or New Testament. It has to do with Satanic doctrines. Doctrines of devils have inspired rabbis over the centuries to create A man-made religion totally opposite to what the truth is. Somebody out there is telling you how God says we are to “bless Israel.” Well, the way to “bless Israel” is to bring Jesus Christ to them. But wait. The rabbis hate Jesus Christ, they hate the Bible, and they hate the New Testament. And they have their own religion. A most unholy religion. A religion that holds that the Jews are the most precious race on earth. And thus, theirs is a very bigoted religion.

One of the things I love about Hoffman’s book, “Judaism Discovered,” is that he documents what he says by using the words of the rabbis themselves. You must have this giant, hard-cover book. If you have a pastor who really believes that there’s a place called “the holy land,” get this book for him. It deserves to be in every pastor’s library. So he can see the incredible horror of this religion, of the sorcery. It would take us days and days and days to tell you all that’s in this book.

Now earlier, you were saying that Israeli rabbis go with the troops to the front lines in Palestine, is that right?

Hoffman: Yes, they handed out booklets during the massacre in Gaza. They distributed them to the army. In the booklet they say we must not cede a single inch of Israel. They went on to say that we need to dehumanize the Palestinians and use whatever means are necessary to overcome them. So we find these open admonitions to dehumanize the Palestinians first and attack civilians. And all of this is derived from the Talmud’s deprecation of the gentile in general.

Marrs: It is alleged that the Talmud uses words like goyim or cattle to describe gentiles. Is that correct?

Hoffman: Yes, in the Talmud we find this dehumanization of the gentile with terms like goyim and other deprecatory terms such as “shagetz,” “covian,” and “akkam” that are references to gentiles. Palestinians are referred to as “Amalek” today. But this is an inaccurate application of that term. In the Old Testament, “amalek” refers to people who committed sins offensive to Yahweh. How can these innocent people in Palestine be considered “amalek?”

M. Jewish (Israeli and American) military campaigns are often initiated on the Jewish holiday of Purim, in which they annually celebrate the shedding of the blood of their enemies.

Marrs: Does Judaism discuss what happens during the Purim celebrations in their synagogues?

Hoffman: Yes, Purim, allegedly based on the Book of Esther, is Orthodox Judaism’s Halloween celebration. If you go into the Hasidic enclaves during Purim, I would imagine a true Christian would be appalled by the Halloween cavorting; men dressed as women, Israelis dressed as Palestinian terrorists, every kind occult, bacchanalian dimensions…. Which is also a celebration of vengeance. It is a very distasteful and vulgar celebration of vengeance which is completely inimical to the spirit of New Testament Christianity. It does give people insight into the fundamentally pagan and Babylonian nature of the supposedly Old Testament religion of Judaism.

Marrs: I had read about these children eating cookies that are shaped like Haman’s ears during Purim. And I did an online study and looked at the websites of synagogues, and saw that some that specifically mentioned they actually mentioned how much fun the children would have eating “the flesh of Haman” cookies.

This war against the Palestinians in Gaza was kicked off during the week of Hanukkah.
Have you found that some of the wars of Israelis occur during some of their high holy days?

Hoffman: Good question. As it so happens America invaded Iraq during the week of Purim in 2003. Bush made sure it coincided with the week of Purim. I do find that sometimes you see this synchronicity between these Talmudic holidays and some sort of the shedding of the blood of non-Judaics.

N. Connections between Judaism and Freemasonry: Both are dedicated to rebuilding Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and ushering in the Satanic kingdom.

Marrs: Have talked about the connection between Masonic lodges and Judaism in this book?

Hoffman: I go into some of that in “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.” One of the attractions of the Masonic occult for Kabbalistic Judaism was the power of God’s name and the suppression of the name, Yahweh. That name was suppressed for hundreds of years. They often used the word in occult rituals and it got this superstitious aura of power around it and that was transmitted to the western secret societies. During the Elizabethan Era, the Renaissace, you’ll see that centerpiece of the so-called “Christian Kabbalah” was the blasphemous use of the name, Yahweh, to invoke powers spirits. So they made it into a forbidden thing and this became the ground for great attraction among gentile occultists. A large part of America’s addiction to the Zionist project, prior to the rise of these TV fundamentalist dispensationalist preachers, was through the Masons and the Shriners who basically told their followers that if you want to get ahead in the world materialistically you need to be good to the Judaics. And one of the founders of the Freemasonic Lodge in Britain, Sir Charles Warren, who would later play a role in covering up the identity of Jack the Ripper in the Jack the Ripper murders. In the 1860’s, the Masons dispatched Warren to do key archaeological work under the ruins of the Temple. And to this day one of the tunnels there is named after Sir Charles Warren, “Warren’s Tunnel.” And this was all to help the rabbis in the grand project of rebuilding the third temple, and this remains, in my opinion, the supreme goal of Freemasonry today.

Marrs: Yes. John Jay Robinson, in his book, “The History of Freemasonry,” expresses that same goal.

O. Jews are the principle purveyors of pornography, homosexuality. and pedophilia.

But let’s go to sex. I guess it all ends up in sex when you go to these Satanic cults like Judaism. It seems like there is an infatuation, almost as much as in Hollywood, with sex and lust. And you see so many rabbis being arrested for molesting little children and for sexually harassing and raping women. Even the President of Israel was justly accused of forcing sex on women. It seems like the whole society…. Sexual trafficking is an epidemic in Israel. And in places like Northridge, near LA, the smut and x-rated pornography is almost exclusively a Jewish occupation.

What does the Talmud have to do with this perverted attitude and conduct toward sexual behavior?

Hoffman: Well, it’s actually worse than what you’ve laid out, because we also have to add the element of hypocrisy. The root of this plague of sexual degeneracy comes out of the rabbinic tradition. And you see the lawyer’s mentality of loopholes that operates here. The rabbis are above all lawyers and the Talmud is above all a lawyer’s book. So, for example, in the Babylonian tractate Sanhedrin 54B: They’ll state a law. Like the Old Testament says that “a man is not to treat another man to lie with him as he would lie with a woman.” That seems pretty straightforward to most of us. So here they create a loophole. “If someone unwittingly perpetrated sodomy upon a man and also allowed himself to be sodomized by a man, he is liable for two sin offerings. One sin offering for violating the prohibition of ‘you shall not lie with a man in the manner of a woman,’ and a second sin offering for violating the prohibition of ‘nor shall be there a male prostitute of the son’s of Israel.” A sin offering? What they are talking about is that you would bring to the rabbinate a bag of money, or if you didn’t have the money, some food, when you were either sodomizing somebody or allowing yourself to be sodomized. And notice there is no suggestion here of coercion. It says that it’s “unwittingly.” On the basis of 100 excuses. For example, unwitting would be, “I was drunk,” “I was out of my mind,” “I didn’t intend it,” etc.

Therefore, as a result of this loophole, Judaic men can engage in homosexual sex with each other according to the Talmud. If people don’t believe this, or want to accuse me of being “anti-Semitic,” all they have to do is turn to page 676 in my book and there is the page from the Talmud, and the commentary from Rabbi Adin Steinsalts, who is today the head of the reconstituted Sanhedrin. This is the same Sanhedrin that crucified our Lord, Jesus Christ. The head of the Sanhedrin known as the Nasi, or Prince, is Adin Steinsalz. So it is undeniable that this exists within Judaism. And also, on the heterosexual side, we have the occult worship of the goddess in Judaism, both as the benevolent white witch, the Shekinah, and this black witch filth goddess, Lilith. Because according to the Kabbalah, it says that Lilith preceded Eve and engaged in sex magic with Adam by use of the sacred name of YHVH, and one of the books of the Kabbalah is the Zohar that says that Lilith reincarnated as King’s Solomon Queen of Sheba. It’s very neurotic and psychotic to be a Judaic believer. This is why Freud invented psychiatry, in order to treat all the screwed up people who were dealing with Judaism in Vienna, Austria. It wasn’t to treat us gentiles.

And they even have a story about a young man who has a nocturnal emission. They say that this means they’ve had sex with the demon goddess, Lilith. They produce amulets and everything as way to ward her off. But this is actually a sub rosa way to keep her image in front of their eyes. There’s also a great deal of sex magic associated with the Shekinah, the white witch who is supposed to be associated with God. So there is a whole milieu of illicit, degenerate sex that filters its way through the sacred religious texts of Judaism. This involves sexual molestation of boys under 9 years of age, including by their mothers via oral sex, and little girls under the age of 3, etc. I cite cases in my book that prove all this. The Talmud approves all this. But meanwhile, the Orthodox Judaics put on a big show of being moral, pious and conservative!

Marrs: So we are talking about the molestation of kids being approved. I remember when a Jewish rabbi advised President Bill Clinton that oral sex with Monica Lewinsky was not against the Talmud. Maybe he was listening to the rabbi when he claimed: “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Michael, thank you so much for being on the program (

Hoffman: Thank you, Texe. And again my website is

Discussion (ETK)

I would like to conclude this article with some personal reflections on some of the issues raised in this interview. As noted, the fact that Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered” is out of print renders the transcription of this interview all the more important, I believe.

Hoffman is apparently a great Catholic Christian scholar. In contrast, my personal and professional background is more secular and scientific. My impression is that, like many Christians, Hoffman seems very sympathetic to the Jews. One reason, he explains in the interview, is that he grew up amongst Jews in New York City. Another reason may have something to do with the fact that the name Hoffman is of German and Jewish origin. I can’t help but wonder whether he might be a “crypto-Jew” (“secret Jew”)? I posit this question not because of any animus toward Hoffman personally, but rather because in some of his lectures on DVD (which I purchased from his website), his look and demeanor are, well, quite Jewish.

Regardless of whether Hoffman is Catholic or Jewish or “crypto-Jewish,” we can ask the larger question of why any Jew or crypto-Jew would “blow the whistle” on other Jews or on Judaism in general. Certainly, this is phenomenon is fairly common. Arthur Koestler’s book, “The Thirteenth Tribe,” for example, presented historical evidence proving that most modern Jews are not the descendants of the ancient Hebrews of the Bible, but rather are “Ashkenazis” descend from the (Turko-Mongol) peoples that populated the kingdom of Khazaria. Jesus Christ himself said some very interesting things in this regard…. He identified “those who say they are Jews and are not Jews and are the Synagogue of Satan,” on the one hand, and he also told the Pharisees that they “testify against themselves.” Hoffman’s book, “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare,” is pertinent to these points because it outlines three stages in the alchemical process by which the mass mind is being “processed” by the ritual magic of our unseen occult leaders. These phases are: 1) “the creation and destruction of primordial matter,” which supposedly occurred when the first atomic bomb test was conducted at White Sands, New Mexico in 1947, 2) “the killing of the king,” which was accomplished with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, and 3) the “revelation of the method,” which is supposedly occurring now. In this final alchemical phase, according to Hoffman, the mind control of the masses by Gnostic Rosicrucian Jews is exponentially reinforced when they inform us of what they have done to us and we fail to respond. Might Hoffman himself be participating in this scripted “revelation of the method” phase?

Regardless of the answer to that question, the above interview presents much useful, important, and disturbing information. Here, we begin to get a glimpse of the religious ideology/philosophy of “a people,” “a nation,” “a tribe,” “a religion” (but not, apparently a “race” in the conventional sense) that crucified and continues to reject their own predicted Messiah, Jesus Christ. They chose the worship of mammon (money, power, property) over that of God. And they continue to choose to worship themselves as God and thus, are perpetually at war with God and all others, whom they regard as inferior (aka “goyim,” “beasts,” “gentiles,” “Amalek,” etc.). This explains why, for centuries, their leadership has plotted revolutions (such as the French and Russian Revolutions and the wars of the 20th century) in order foment chaos, topple governments, and institute brutal, genocidal regimes. The goal of these megalomaniacal “chosen people” is nothing less than to “re-invent the world” (“Tikun Olam”) and establish a “Jewish utopia”/one world government/one world economy/one world religion system in which they take possession of all the wealth and property of the earth.

And yet, conveniently for them, the very Messiah that they crucified has “given them a way out,” as Hoffman puts it. Despite their innumerable crimes against God and humanity, Scripture tells us that if they but repent and believe in Him, they are “saved” nonetheless. Sweet deal, no? I admit that this is perplexing to me. How can these monsters continue, century after century, to get away with their murderous scams, frauds, and campaigns of extermination? Why don’t the goyim banish them to Antarctica? Or to Mars? Or to hell? Apparently, we are to believe that in advancing Satan’s plan they are also helping to advance God’s plan as well.

Furthermore, if Jews really hate Christ and Christians so much, why do Christian leaders continue to view Jews as God’s “chosen people?” Well, Satan, we are told is author of confusion, among other things. In “Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great: Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican” (2012) Christian lawyer Edward Hendrie makes a convincing case that Roman Catholicism is and always has been a “crypto-Jewish” religion. He states:

“Crypto-Jews have over the years gained such control over the Roman Catholic church that several have risen to the high office of the papacy. Yaakov Wise, a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy, concluded that Pope John Paul II was Jewish…. Once one accepts that Pope John Paul II was Jewish, it becomes easy to understand how he could have had a Jew, Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, as his chief confident. Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, is atypical of the Jewish element in the Catholic church, because rather than hide his Jewish ancestry, he openly admitted that he remained a Jew, even as a high official in the Catholic church. On becoming Archbishop of Paris, Lustiger said: “I was born Jewish and so I remain, even if that is unacceptable for many. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That is my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it.” What is significant is that his admission to remaining a Jew did not seem to hinder his advancement in the Catholic hierarchy. He later was promoted to the office of Cardinal. Once one understands the Jewish nature of the Roman Catholic church, it is understandable that it would have a Jewish pope with a Jew as his chief confidant.

It is notable that for the most part the major news outlets have not reported on the significant discovery that Pope John Paul II was Jewish. That is explained by the fact that Jews control the major media outlets and do not want to expose the fact that the ostensibly gentile Roman church is in reality a Jewish religious front that is staffed from top to bottom by crypto-Jews.”

Elsewhere on this site, it is amply demonstrated that Freemasonry, the New Age Movement, the Mormon Church, Nazism, and a host of other false religions are also gentile fronts for Judaism! It is also amply demonstrated that this relatively small (in numbers) syndicate controls the world financial system, as well as most governments and educational/propaganda/military/intelligence systems! So here lies another real mystery. How can this relatively small “tribe” (of humans? Or are they “human?”) create and commandeer so many, many toxic and destructive hierarchical systems, some of which seem to genuinely to be Christian? Texe Marrs may have provided a partial answer to these questions in his power of prophecy programs entitled “The Way of the Serpent” (Parts I and II). In Part II, Marrs states that the distinguishing characteristic of those who subscribe to the “Serpent religion” is their double-mindedness that is related to their “ability” to combine the light and the dark. It seems that in this manner, Jewish rabbis and Catholic priests and politicians, etc., are able to project an image of piety even while some of them actively engage in pedophile-type sexual rituals with minors, and/or in engage Satanic ritual/black masses involving ritual murder.

Meanwhile, most Catholic priests and Protestant ministers today are much too “politically correct” to point out to their flocks that Jesus Christ himself told the Jews that they are of their father, the devil! (And yet Jews themselves admit to this…. For as noted, Jewish political aid, Harold Rosenthal’s, “confessed” in a 1976 interview that: “Most Jews don’t like to admit it but the God we worship is Lucifer.”) Nonetheless, despite the obviously criminal behavior of Jews towards Christians, Christians are programmed to regard Jews as God’s “chosen people.” How do “Satan’s kids” manage to get away with this enormous hoax? Of course, Satan is “the father of lies” and an expert at deceit and fraud. Does this entire “tribe” of people belongs to Satan as Jesus’ statements suggest? If so, what sort of activities would we expect such a people to perform in order to help Satan achieve his goal of world conquest?

In his program entitled: “Devils and Their Powers: Part II (2000), TMarrs states the Christian viewpoint that Satan is the possessor of souls and that only those who possess the greater power of Jesus Christ have the power to resist the devil. If this is true, what must be the fate of the “tribe” that crucified Jesus Christ and whose holiest book, the Talmud, claims that Jesus was a bastard and is now boiling in hell! Such a people would be totally vulnerable to Satanic possession. Marrs lists the following ten ways that the devil can be “invited” into (i.e., “possess”) people:

1) Inter-generationally, whereby an otherwise innocent child is possessed based on the lives and/or lifestyles of their parents or grandparents. One way that this could occur, obviously, is through Satanic Ritual Abuse of children less than 6 years old, as is apparently universally practiced amongst the Jewish Illuminati. The fact that the Talmud sanctions pedophilia gives a ready mechanism (sodomy), by which small children can be “Satanized” and their personalities fragmented.
2) Sexual perversion, including homosexuality, pedophilia, and constantly entertaining thoughts of deviant sexual behavior. Or, when a man sleeps with prostitutes, for example, if the woman has a demon spirit in her, that demon can be transferred to him during the sex act.
3) Inordinate attractions to money.
4) Excessive use of drugs and alcohol.
5) Belief in false religions, such Judaism, false Christianity, Freemasonry, New Age religions, Satanism, witchcraft, cults, secret societies, etc.
6) Involvement with the paranormal, supernatural, and the occult.
7) Attraction and exposure to fiendish entertainment, such as excessive violence, bondage, Satanism, witchcraft, possession, etc.
8) Attraction to death.
9) Attraction to the false religion of “environmentalism,” which involves worship of the creation rather than the Creator.
10) Attraction to “hellish” music. (Music is very much a double-edged sword and has potential to be both heavenly and hellish. “Heavenly” music can actually drive out devils, as in the Biblical story of King Saul requesting that David play his harp to drive out devils. “Hellish music” has power to conjure devils.)

If we examine this list, we can see that whereas the average non-Christian may be involved in some of these activities, Jews, as a people, are probably engaged in all or nearly all of these activities! To recap the above ten methods of possession above, it appears that the “possession” of the Jews is inter-generational (1), their holiest books sanction pedophilia, homosexuality, and other sexual perversions (2), they worship money (3), they are amongst the world’s chief profiteers from sales of drugs and alcohol (4), they are inventors of false religion par excellent (5), they are the creators and managers of secret societies and cults and use occult means to obtain power and wealth for themselves (6), they control our pornography, sex trade, and the sick entertainment industries (Hollywood and music) (7, 8, and 10), they are principle proponents of environmentalism and the global warming scam, etc. (9). No wonder that they as a people are particularly possessed! And not only have they invited Lucifer into their own lives via the above methods, they also systematically utilize these methods to ensnare gentiles into Satan’s kingdom as well! The ugly truth here evidently is that they are proselytes for Satan and consciously or not, they are using the above techniques to Satanize America and the entire world!

Upon further reflection, it appears to me very possible that this tenfold “possession” list provides an important clue that could explain much about the Illuminati/Nazi/CIA mind control programs discussed on this website (See Chapter 6: Mind Control: History and Applications). It seems quite likely that these modern mind control programs (Monarch, MKULTRA, Bluebird, Artichoke, etc.) may have their origins in Jewish (Illuminati) occult practices. And since the Talmud sanctions pedophilia, i.e., sodomy of children, this could provide a mechanism to “Satanize” and create multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder) within child victims. Indeed, what more effective way to create “possessed,” “double-minded” people than by applying the principles and techniques of “Satanic ritual abuse” along with pedophilia to children who are six years of age and younger?! Psychologists know that torture and trauma cause young children’s personalities to fragment into numerous identities and that animal and demon spirits can be installed in the resulting sub-alter personalities. The internal mental systems can be structured in such a way that the core personality remains unaware of all the sub-alter identities. This creates, in the words of one psychologist, “the perfect system of bondage.” According to author, Fritz Springmeier, all Illuminati families program their children in this manner and have done so for millennia.

Beginning in the middle 20th century, Nazi, British, and American (CIA) spychiatrists began the scientific and covert application of these kinds of programs to millions of others in order to create a race of “supermen and superwomen” (the German word is “ubermensch”). Hitler himself stated that the real purpose of the Third Reich was to create this race of supermen. Clearly, “supermen” here refers to these programmed and demon-possessed victims of these mind control technologies.

This begs the larger question then: Is the distinguishing feature of the so-called “chosen people” the fact that they are themselves are the victims of these kinds of Satanic mind control programming? Is their “double-mindedness” imposed upon them inter-generationally when they are tortured and programmed as children? Are “demons” installed in their personality structures during these Satanic rituals? If so, might there be a one-to-one correspondence between the so-called “chosen people” and those whom we now refer to as “chosen ones” (mind-control slaves)?
In fact, I recently made this speculation during a taped interview with Henrik Palmer of “Red Ice Creations.” In that interview, I also speculated that in order to save America, it might be necessary to forcibly export all Jews. Of course, these suggestions are politically incorrect in the extreme. So I am not surprised that although I had previously done several interviews on Palmer’s radio show, this particular program was never aired. Hmmm. Are these radio programs also controlled?

But even that drastic action, impossible as it seems, might not solve the problems we face. If Christian author, Russ Disdair’s book, “The Black Awakening” is correct, the governments of Great Britain, Germany, and America have dramatically extended this kind of mind-control programming to innocent civilians and have already created millions of “Satanic super-soldiers” who can be triggered on demand to perform acts of violence needed to help usher in the New (Jew) World Order. If so, perhaps this “world takeover” plan has progressed to such a point that any resistance on the part of citizens is futile. According to Hoffman, this the confident belief of the rabbis themselves. And I imagine that they would like us to believe that the most we can do now is to “save” ourselves and a few others during the coming (contrived) chaos.


Thus, it appears that industrialist Henry Ford was correct, in 1920, when he identified “the international Jew as the world’s foremost problem.” And the state of affairs has certainly deteriorated in the past century. However, ever the optimist, I would like to offer some “solutions” that just might possibly save America and the world from the destiny that these megalomaniacs have in store for us. These are as follows:

1) Bring the perpetrators of 9/11 and other recent crimes of false-flag terrorism to justice. The Zionist perpetrators of these crimes will most likely be concentrated in the United States and Israel.

2) Withdraw the United States from participation in global government agencies such as the United Nations, NATO, etc.

3) Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This unconstitutional law created the Federal Reserve private banking system that gave control of the American economy to the Rothschild/Jewish international bankers/crime syndicate. Clearly, the Jews’ enormous global power resides largely from their coordinated control of world finance. Restore to Congress the right to coin and control the American currency.

4) Repeal the National Security Act of 1947. This law furnished these same international bankers with a private army that could carry out illegal covert operations throughout the world and America. Break the CIA, NSA, DIA, ONI, and other alphabet-soup intelligence agencies into “a thousand pieces,” as John F. Kennedy threatened to do before they (and their Mossad, mafia, and Nazi accomplices) killed him.

5) Abolish all secret societies such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, etc. that act as gentile fronts for the Judaic project of ushering in Satan’s kingdom on earth.

6) Abolish all Jewish lobby groups such as AIPAC, JINSA, etc. and identify and punish all “sayanim” (secret Jewish spies).

7) Restrict Jews from participating in any way in banking, commerce, government, military, intelligence, education, and entertainment. These kinds of professional restrictions were enforced in certain countries during medieval times. If Jews are to be allowed to remain in America, such restrictions must be placed on their activities again.

In fact, the program that they have tried to impose on the gentile world, as outlined by Weishaupt, Marx, and others, should be imposed on them. That is, their families, their religion, their nation, their monarchy (the Rothschild dynasty) should be abolished and they will not be allowed to own private property. My own relatively charitable recommendation is that initially, Jews should be allowed to remain in America with the proviso that they work only at minimum wage jobs, such as at WalMart, etc. If this last provision does not effectively resolve the problems outlined above, then, clearly, “the Jews” must be deported from American soil. Again, I have a relatively charitable suggestion: Deport all Jews to Antarctica. Provide each one a down jacket, a down sleeping bag, a week’s supply of food, and a cigarette lighter. Perhaps their god, Lucifer, will help them to somehow survive there.

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