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Appendix 105: Frankenscience, Transhumanism, Gangstalking, & “TechnoCalypse” (2013 video): Mark of the Beast: The Ultimate Agenda

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. (Genesis 3:4-5)

“TechnoCalypse,” a film by Frank Theys (uploaded by Nicholas1968):

Epigraph Quotes from Film, “TechnoCalypse:”

Theordore W. Berger, Professor Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California, Director for the Center for Neural Engineering: “Part of our problem is in getting enough sensors into the brain without destroying it. Getting enough sensors in there so that we can extract enough information to infer what the total pattern of activity is. And if we can do that, then we have to develop a mathematical model of how information along all those pathways is developed and is processed. So for the next few years, that’s going to be the task. If we can do that… then we’ll get to the finish line. (Laughs) We will get to the finish line.”

Ray Kurzweil, CEO, Kurzweil Technologies Inc., author of “The Age of Spiritual Machines,” and “The Singularity is Near”: “It’s a conservative statement to say that by 2025, we’ll be able to look inside your brain, see everything that’s going on, all the intra-neural connections, all the synaptic collapse, all the neurotransmitter strengths, and create a huge data base and copy down every salient detail and then re-instantiate that information in a neural computer of sufficient capacity and create basically a copy of the thinking process that takes place in your brain.

Now that’s one scenario. But it’s really an existence proof to show that we can tap the secrets of intelligence that exists let’s say in the human brain. Once we’ve scanned that information, we can also understand it, see how it’s organized, improve on it, we can extend it, we can make the memory 1000 times bigger, we can make it faster, we can expand the perceptual capabilities.”

Narrator: “To transfer your mind to a computer, this seems to be the ultimate dream of many scientists. To liberate us from our old body that is becoming obsolete in this technological world. We would then go on living as free spirits in cyber space.”

Joseph M. Rosen, Associate Professor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center: “Five hundred years ago when humans entered the New World, it was not a good outcome for the natives. And I don’t expect that as we enter this newer world, this Brave New World, that it will be pleasant for the losers. And the winners may be some transhuman thing. And the losers, or the typical inhabitants of the last 500 years, won’t be treated well…”

Bruce Sterling, science fiction writer, futurist thinker,: “It’s important to recognize that the posthuman epoch is coming. It really is. It’s what we want and you can see it written in the pages of magazines. We really, really do want to violate human limits now and we are getting closer to the ability to do it.

Webmaster Introduction: Transhumanism: The Ultimate Crime Against God and Man

The transhuman – posthuman transformation of humanity is a Satanic project carried out by his innumerable minions and dupes across the planet. It is justified by the innumerable military, medical, and commercial uses for the brain-invasive and brain-altering technologies discussed in this film. Military, intelligence, medical, academic, and corporate scientists and institutions have tested and deployed these technologies on nonconsenting human test subjects over the past century through the notorious Tavistock Institute-Nazi-Macy’s and Ratio Club Cybernetics Conferences cum CIA MKULTRA programs. (See Cybernetics, Totalitarian Brain Science, & “The Psycho-Civilized Society:” “The Minds of Men” documentary (2018) & Partial Transcription). As pioneering neurosurgeon, Robert J. White, points out in the “TechnoCalypse” film, Dr. Frankenstein himself expressed the ultimate vision: to transplant human consciousness, personality, and the spirit or soul to machines in order to live forever.

As I watch the 2013 video, “TechnoCalypse,” (aka Transhumanism: Mark of the Beast: The Ultimate Agenda Part 1) for the second time while transcribing the dialogue, I get a sinking, sickening inkling that the scientists, institutions, and projects shown here (and many thousands of others scattered across the globe) may be the recipients and beneficiaries of real-time brain and nervous system data from non-consensual human experimentees, aka “targeted individuals.” This metadata is being covertly “harvested” in real time via remote neural monitoring/manipulation, bio-telemetry, and surveillance technologies. The modern extension of the top-secret MKULTRA mind control projects of the 1950’s-70s, these “terminal experiments” would be overseen by military-corporate-intelligence-medical and academic contractors. Think Special Operations Forces of US SOCOM partnering with top neuroscientists such as Drs. James Giordano, Charles Morgan, and James Canton and using neuroscience and technology as a weapon against designated political enemies of the state, aka whistleblowers, “dissidents,” “potential terrorist threats,” etc. On the basis of so-called “national security,” then, “targets'” civil liberties are rescinded and their lives are destroyed.

(See the following and other relevant posts on this website.)

1) Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano – Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf),
2) Neuroweapons, “Dark Network Supply Chains,” “Man-Hunting Business” (aka GANGSTALKING) & “Hybrid Warfare;” Presentation By Dr. James Canton (Video, Transcription, and My Commentary) Posted onMay 16, 2020AuthorEric Karlstrom1 CommentEdit
3) Neuro-Cyber Hackers, Traffickers, & Torturers Documented on Computer Networks of Canadian TI & Webmaster Include UN, Governments, CIA-NSA-FBI, Universities, Military-Space-Cybernetics-Medical-Neuroscience-A.I. Contractors, Foundations, Banks, & Human Genome Project (3 Explanatory Videos & Data; July-August, 2020)

This video is of particular interest to me because it was made in 2013, the year my malevolent targeting began in Crestone, Colorado. I believe I may have been placed on the DHS “Terrorism Watch List” by someone there in retaliation against me for my activism in defending my small community from the New Age “love and light” Trojan Horse invaders, including the United Nations, various spy agencies, and “spiritual centers” and others. I conclude in my extended series of articles entitled: Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado, The “Vatican City of the New World Order?” An Expose of the New World Religion that these 5th columnists have (nonconsensually) utilzed our small population of 1500 for various mind control and other social engineering experiments. This series now includes 12 chapters and 104 Appendices, and, if printed, would be well over 2000 pages! Bottom line: I believe the exceptionally cruel and horrific nature of “the program” (aka “gangstalking-electronic torture”) is known to the foreign and domestic intelligence operatives who control Crestone/Baca and who are therefore complicit in the discreditation, destruction, torture, and “suiciding” of law-abiding American citizens along with other participating sectors of society. A colossal crime against humanity has been and is being perpetrated by these human devils.

Please see: 8 Layers of the Deep State Gang Stalking (Targeted Individual University Video) for more details.

As we watch “TechnoCalypse,” it is important to realize that, from behind the scenes, an unspecified power elite is paying these scientists and institutions to help usher in a transhuman and posthuman world… for THEM. As Joseph M. Rosen, Associate Professor of Plastic and:Reconstructive Surgery at Dartmough-Hitchcock Medical Center fairly gloats in the film: “I don’t expect that as we enter this newer world, this Brave New World, that it will be pleasant for the losers. And the winners may be some transhuman thing.”

Our nations and our minds have been incrementally invaded, propagandized, and degraded by these “black science” practitioners without our knowledge or permission. While we paid their salaries, they have been covertly destroying our civilization, our lives, our future, our species, and God’s creation. This is the ultimate crime and blasphemy against the Creator.

Reality-Based Epigraph Quotes:

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

What! Knew ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

I. Corinthians 3:16-17; 6:19-20

Luciferian tech being developed by unknowing fools who think they’re geniuses.

jodo1971 (Comment to Part 3)

I. Transhumanism (Part 1): Mark of the Beast: The Ultimate Agenda (2013)

TecnoCalypse a film by Frank Theys (uploaded by Nicholas1968):

Show notes: This video will show the agenda of the Elite and Satan and his fallen ones. Sounds great! But Yahweh has already promised New Bodies and eternal life.

Partial Transcription of Video Dialogue By Webmaster:

An army of scientists working in their laboratories have brought us to the point where genetics, robotics, and AI are converging toward one goal…. to “the transhuman age”… in which more evolved species will leave mankind behind.

1) Robert J. White, neurosurgeon, Cleveland Medical Hospital, Ohio. In 1963, White performed the first experiment to keep the brain alive outside the human body. “It can live forever if you keep it alive,” he says. “Dr. Steven Hawking is someone who could potentially survive a total body implant. So consciousness can be transplanted… obviously, personality can be transferred, so what about the human spirit or soul… and I guess you could argue, it can be transplanted.”

2) Gregory Stock, Biophysicist and science writer, Director of the Program on Medicine, Technology, and Society,UCLA. “We are now becoming the objects of conscious design. Until know we’ve redesigned the landscape around us, now we are going to remake ourselves. It will rip free all of the anchors that have up until now told us who we are as human beings.”

“Every living thing is defined by its DNA code. It is a long string consisting of four different molecules, called A, T, C, G found in all living cells. So it is, in essence, a digital bar code that defines us as humans just as it defines every other life form on this planet. Only the variety of combinations of these four elements makes us differ from one another.

The Human Genome Project was started in 1990 as the largest technological enterprise ever with a budget far outstripping that of the race to the moon and involving hundreds of laboratories around the world, all with one main goal.

3) Eric D. Green, Director of NHGRI (National Human Genome Research Institute): “Fundamentally, it was about determining the complete sequence of the human genome, the three billion letters that make up our genetic blueprint. And we know we have the code before us. And it’s truly remarkable. It is a digital code. And buried within that code is information about what are all the genes necessary for making a human brain, or the heart, or any part of the human body. And now the fun stuff begins because we get to start to crack that code, having the order of the letters in front of us. But fundamentally, it is very much a digital code.”

The secret of life itself, the DNA molecule, the genetic discovery that gave us the ability to create life to specifications. With it comes the power to change evolution itself. Never have we had such opportunity and such awesome responsibility.

4) Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Professor Human Genetics and Developmental Biology, Center For Human Genetics, University of Leuven: “To change DNA structure in the lab is fairly straightforward and it’s fairly simple. You can study a piece of DNA to unravel its function, you modify the composition, and you see what the effect is on function. That’s daily routine in the lab with this technology. Going to the lab, to the person in therapy, is in practice much more difficult. The reason is (that) we do not succeed sufficiently in getting these pieces of DNA in the right cells. But we have learned how to do it from nature.

What is a viral infection? It’s a virus that sticks to the cells, that enters the cells, and then uses the machinery of the cells to multiply itself. Now you take this virus, you cut out the pieces that are dangerous, so that it will still stick and be engulfed but not develop in the cells. Then you add to this some other tools that the virus can then use to cut out the bad DNA, sticking and splicing the good DNA. This is a mechanism that is used now to do gene therapy using viruses.”

The ability to tamper with our genes has obvious applications. We can change DNA to prevent or cure hereditary diseases, we can alter the DNA of donor organs that are to be used for transplants so that the body of the recipient won’t reject them. The organ doesn’t even need to come from a human being. It could perfectly well be that of an animal.

Cassiman: “Pigs would be a good supply of kidneys or other organs to transplant in humans. But because of the difference between the two species, the pig kidney or the pig liver will be rejected by the human. So if we can humanize the pig kidney by putting in some human DNA which will make the cells look a little bit more human, so that they are not immediately rejected by the person immediately, then there’s a better chance you’ll have a take. And this humanizing of animal tissue is becoming a big industry because we need more organs.

(Expressing the philosophy of atheistic-scientific materialism):

5) Max More, philosopher, co-founder of the Extropian Institute: “I think increasingly we are going to start realizing that this body is not sacred. The way we are is not some kind of God-given plan. It’s really a pure random accident. We take two sets of genes and we shuffle them and something comes out. Sometimes a wonderful thing comes out. Sometimes it has a hole in the heart. Sometimes it has psychosis or tendencies toward extreme anger, or has some addictive problems, or can’t concentrate. To say that’s normal, that’s sacred, that’s good, to me, is rather absurd. It’s random. It’s not a plan there that we’re thwarting. So genetic engineering seems to me to be one of the most moral things we can do.”

Gregory Stock: “A single species is defined by the reproductive isolation of our genetics. But when you begin to take genes from different species, to mix together all of the genetics that is available among all animals, and also to design new alterations to the genetics, well, reproductive isolation doesn’t really have much meaning anymore. You can imagine all sorts of forms that will evolve in the future.

6) Natasha Vita More, transhumanist artist: “In the future, we’ll be able to sculpt our bodies like living sculpture. Our bodies could be beautiful electronic designs that shimmer prismatically in the morning light. It could change forms, it could become a piece of marble and then totally mutate into some kind of fluid luminescent, snake-like quality. After all the body is an extension of fashion.”

Male voice: “We can rearrange the human body and try to make humans fly even though humans are very heavier than birds. Some mammals fly, like bats fly, but they’re much lighter. This brings up the question of taking a human and making them superhuman.”

Gregory Stock: “Our future is not to try to hold back genetic engineering but to try to use it in a way that best serves us. If our children can be more intelligent, and healthy, and live longer lives through genetics, why would we not want to do it? Imagine if other children could live for two centuries and you could only live for 80 years because your parents believed it was improper to tamper with human genetics. And if your IQ was a normal IQ and all your classmates were much, much brighter because there had been some biological or genetic manipulation that was possible, you’d feel very angry about this.”

“Once we know exactly how our DNA code functions, we’ll be able to enhance our bodies. Human life will improve from one genetic to the next. But a rival to mankind is appearing on the horizon that is evolving much faster.”

7) Hans Moravec; Professor and Principle Research Scientist, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (author of Mind Children Robot)
” So imagine human abilities as kind a landscape with some peaks which are the things we do well and some valleys which are the things which we do really badly. There are things we do extremely well which are things that were important for our survival for most of our evolutionary history. Things like moving around and socially interacting and perceiving the world. And there are things that we’ve only recently learned to do, things like general reasoning, an extreme example is arithmetic, where we are very, very, very inefficient. Computers are different. They are universal machines. With an efficient program they can do any one of these tasks equally well in some abstract informational sense. The skill of computers can be likened to a water level that is uniform. The water level is rising. And it’s raising at a rate that is about 10 million times faster than the rate at which we evolved those abilities. This leads me to believe that the highest peaks will be covered by this rising flood in less than 50 years.

But once the level of computer competence rises above the level of the best human engineers, then there won’t be any human engineers. There will be robotic or computer engineers.”

8) Ray Kurzweil; CEO, Kurzweil Technologies Inc., inventor and technologist, author of “The Age of Spiritual Machines,” and “The Singularity is Near”: “Non-biological intelligence is growing exponentially. Biological intelligence isn’t really growing at all. Which is why non-biological intelligence ultimately will become dominant.”

Will computers ever become conscious beings?

Dr. White: The great scientist, professor Frankenstein, when his monster moved for the first time, without knowing it, he spoke of the absolute distinction between the artificial brain and the human brain, when he said, “It’s alive.”

So the difference between biological and artificial intelligence can be summed up in one word, “life.”

It is hard to imagine that one day digital machines created by us will have consciousness. But why do we think of ourselves as such unique and sacred mechanisms? After all, we are also defined by a digital code- our DNA code. The approach used today in AI is to let those robots learn by themselves. To acquire knowledge step by step just as we do.

9) Mark W. Tilden, Robotic Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Developer at WowWee Toys: “There is no actual programming done in these things (mechanical toys). What we do is we create a neural topology like the way that our nervous is designed, with brain on top and all the tendrils that go to our muscles. You can actually watch it. When it comes up it goes completely crazy, and then it starts to figure it out. Look, it just learned to walk. So it programs itself in a very short time. So we have tried to evolve things from the bottom up. And so we haven’t yet evolved brains but we’ve evolved very effective nervous systems.”

10) Joseph M. Rosen, Associate Professor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH: “At first we say that if a computer could play chess, then it would think like us. Then we get a computer to play chess and we say, “that’s really not thinking.” And the answer is that we don’t really know what thinking is. Then I would argue that machines do a pretty good job right now at thinking. They don’t do as good a job at creating, but we really don’t know what creating is. And they don’t do a very good at having a soul, but we don’t really know what a soul is. But when we can define it, they do a pretty good job of doing it.”

11) Anne Foerst, Professor, Theology and Computer Science, St. Bonaventure University, Dlane, NY (theology advisor at MIT):
“If we give machines a body. If we build embodied entities. If we let them, right from the start, being part of a community. If we make them learn interacting with us, learning to distinguish between themselves and the environment. Then automatically things like love will emerge. A new-born baby doesn’t have those values at all. It learns it by interacting with its parents, its family, and its community.”

Narrator: Is it love that these robots will learn once they become intelligent or will they turn against their creators?

Rosen: “Historically, humans don’t do well living side by side with other things that are human-like. One or the other survives and the other goes away. We don’t do well in cooperation. Five hundred years ago when humans entered the New World, it was not a good outcome for the natives. And I don’t expect that as we enter this newer world, this Brave New World, that it will be pleasant for the losers. And the winners may be some transhuman thing. And the losers, or the typical inhabitants of the last 500 years, won’t be treated well, because that’s not been the history of man going back to the Neanderthals, when the Homo Sapiens arrived, they didn’t live in cooperation, even though they are very similar.”

Video shows scenes of burning man event with drumming, yelling, screaming by large crowds with large flames in background….

On the screen: “We will arrive at such a moment of sufficient self-alienation where we can contemplate our own destruction as in a static spectacle.”

Walter Benjamin

Max More: “My worry is that if artificial intelligence is allowed to develop entirely separately from us and if it develops a lot more quickly than we can alter our biological bodies, then it may become vastly more intelligent, more wise than us, and we’ll get left behind. And personally I don’t want to be left behind, I’d rather be up there with the most advanced creatures.”

Voice: “If we don’t want to end up obsolete at birth, if we want to stay the most advanced beings, there seems to be only one solution, to become robots ourselves.”

Natasha Vita More: “Whether we like it or not, we’re becoming cyborgs, we’re becoming transhumans. Transhuman is an evolution from human to post-human where we are no longer exclusively biological. So the cyborg has all kinds of add-ons. Are we walking around naked? No, we have clothes, we have eyeglasses, ear-plugs. Now these are very, very basic early add-ons to our biology. We’re also having much more numerable add-ons. Prosthetic parts, inorganic hearts. We will see much more advanced prosthetics in the years to come. Eventually we will have entirely prosthetic bodies.”

Rosen: “The human as a design is a wonderful design. But humans as a design have some faults. One fault is we were not designed for the modern age. The industrial age has equipment moving faster than we are. And equipment that is very large that crushes us. So we were designed with an endo-skeleton, meaning our bones are on the inside with our soft tissue on the outside. The world would be better for us now if we had our bones on the outside like an exo-skeleton. As it were, like a beetle.”

Max More: “Posthuman, I think, will be post-biological. By that, I mean that it will be a gradual process. There won’t be any sudden transition to a different form. I think we’ll gradually integrate more and more technology into our bodies. We’ll be replacing our organs with more efficient organs. We’ll gradually replace this neural tissue because it dies off after a while. It’s easily subjected to chemical damage. So eventually, I think we’ll be replacing our brain cells with essentially computerized parts. It will be much more efficient, much more powerful.”

Narrator: To become cyborgs able to compete with the rapid evolution of computers, we first have to understand how our own brains function. The research in this area has boomed in recent years.

(Webmaster comment: Including the gangstalking-targeting individual-nonconsensual human experimentation program, I believe.)

Narrator: “One of the factors behind this is development in scanning techniques. They are now at the level that enables us to observe individual nerve cells at work in living animals.

The technique is based on florescent jelly fish. Dr. Lichtman isolated the gene responsible for the florescence. He implanted it in mice and continued his experiments until he had a mouse of which only the brain cells were florescent.”

12) Jeff L. Lichtman, Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA “They are genetically engineered so these are now heritable strains of mice. We have a yellow mouse strain. We have a blue mouse strain. We have a mouse strain where only a few cells are labelled. And we’re now generating mice that have multiple colors in them. We call them “brainbow mice.”

Narrator: “With this technique, we can see individual nerve cells make connections with each other and even signals.”

Lichtman: It’s really quite jaw dropping. It’s beautiful when you look inside and see these nerve cells that have always been there but never easy to see before in living animals.

Narrator: “This technique is used now by many laboratories helping in their efforts to understand how the brain functions.

Other scientists use a completely different approach. They take the brain cells apart and let them grow in a small dish on top of a computer chip. The problem with this technique is that it is extremely difficult to place each cell exactly on the right connection point.

A team of researchers at IMAC has recently found the trick. They printed a pattern on the chip with a product that the brain cells love to eat. While consuming the product the cells get stuck to the right spot and their tentacles are guided by the pattern. This way the whole network of brain cells can be entirely controlled.

Some scientists have already been experimenting with such brain dishes. Their chips were less precise but their results were sometimes remarkable. Dr. De Marse, for instance tries to try to communicate with his brain dishes and teach them several tasks.”

13) Thomas De Marse, Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida: “So each of these dishes contains about 20,000 or so neurons which are firing away as we speak. So each one is an individual network and they’ll fire spontaneously. We take living rat neurons and they will rapidly form a neural network. And we have this grid of electrodes underneath the surface of these living neurons. We can listen to the conversation among the neurons. And we can also stimulate activity within that network. We can send in different patterns of stimulation and look at how the network changes as a result of those stimulations. And that’s how we do what we do.”

Narrator: “What he does is to teach his brain dishes how to control an airplane.”

De Marse: “The network can essentially fly the aircraft in a pretty optimal way. So it won’t over-correct too much and it will be able to stabilize it in a wide variety of conditions. I think I’ve programmed a 50 knot cross-wind into this one. You can see when the air craft hits the cross-wind, how it begins to oscillate.

The oldest dish that I’ve had is 2 years. And the only reason why that dish died was because we were moving a lab from Cal Tech to Georgia Tech. Otherwise, that dish would probably still be alive today. Each dish has a characteristic. So you can learn to recognize one dish from another dish. They’re demanding though. You have to feed them once a week.”

Narrator: More and more, we will be able to measure and understand how our brain cells function. Deciphering our consciousness is another question. But the experiments of Dr. Yang Dan have proved that in principle it is possible to read and to understand the brain.

14) Yang Dan, Associate Professor Neurobiology, University of California at Berkeley:
“So this is a digitized movie. We present this to the animal and we record the activity of their visual neurons. These electrical signals that we recorded from will tell us through these cables..”

Narrator: She managed to tap the vision from the brain of a cat and to reconstruct what the cat sees onto a computer screen. She received the two images next to each other. On the left, the image that was shown to the cat (input), on the right is the image that is tapped out of the cat’s brain (output).

Dan: The picture has a lot of random flickering. That’s probably the noise of the actual neurons. Because they sometimes fire spontaneous spikes. We consider those noise, but maybe they reflect something else, maybe the thoughts or something. But we can distinguish that, so when we use all of those, thinking that they represent visual information, this is the reconstruction that we come up with.”

Narrator: “It is the first time that an image was tapped from a brain. It proves that we can read and understand the grammar of it. The face is recognizable, but I still can’t avoid the impression that the face has something cat-like.

(Webmaster comment: The film may be misleading and/or simply wrong here. It is my understanding that the military, Pentagon, etc. has long had the capability of seeing through eyes and hearing through the years of their “targets.”)

Narrator: Dr. Theodore Berger is head of the Center for Neuroengineering at the University of Southern California. With a team of top scientists from different disciplines such as neurology and computer programming, they have collaborated to develop a chip that can replace parts of the brain or on a longer time frame, add more brain power.

15) Theodore W. Berger, Professor Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California, Director for the Center for Neural Engineering
“One of the first things we do in this process is to actually study this part of the brain experimentally. We need to know very precisely how it behaves if we’re going to reproduce that function in a computer and then put it back into the brain. So what we do is to take the brains out of the animals that we use for these experiments and then slice up this brain tissue and keep the slices alive in a dish and we study the electrical properties of these neurons. Neurons happen to use electrical impulses to communicate with each other the same way that transistors do in a circuit and so essentially what we do is to test the cells to find out when we give them computer-generated signals of all possible signals. We give them random signals and we ask, how do they behave? And by looking at the translation we figure out what the function is. And we can describe that function with a set of mathematical equations.

My colleagues have taken that mathematical model and built a microchip circuit, very small, millimeter by millimeter. So we can take a part of the hippocanthus, which is a circuit, and we can cut out parts of it, throw it away, and we replace it with a microchip. And so now the whole circuit works just like the biological circuit, so that incoming information looks like and incoming temporal patterns look like outgoing temporal patterns just like it does with a piece of biological tissue. But now there’s a microchip in there instead of having biology in there.”

Narrator: “The chip is presently being tested on animals. One problem that remains is how to connect the chip to the brain. Today’s technology uses electrodes, but in the future, another option might be to put some brain cells directly onto the connection points of the chip. They would then be guided to form connections at exact points inside the brain in order to establish the perfect interface.”

16) Michael Baudry, Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Neurology, UCLA; Speaks in French (not translated).

Narrator: “One such concrete application has already been realized. The chip is used to recognize sounds since it can literally do that with the same accuracy that we do.”

Berger: “So we’ve used these brain-based models, as to develop acoustic recognizers. So we train them in the same way that your brain learns, to recognize a particular sound. And one of the first sounds that we’ve developed is one for gunshot recognition. It’s a model of how hippocampal neurons communicate with one another. That’s all it is, biology.”

(Webmaster comment: As noted previously, the military has long since been able to use these technologies to “see through the eyes” and “hear through the ears” of their human test subjects/soldiers, etc. I’m guess that this technology has been applied to humans for over 25-30 years at least.)

Black man pointing to cameras mounted on telephone poles in a city at night: “There’s one over there across the park. They just put up another one a few days ago. These high tech cameras, they are called Crime Stoppers, if a gun goes off to my left or my right, the camera automatically traces down the sound of the gunfire and it takes pictures. And the thing is there are no cameras installed in the white neighborhood, but we have 5-6 cameras in the black neighborhood. So the black neighborhood is being watched.”

Narrator: You cannot buy a system that can recognize speech signal or any other sound in a noisy environment. But your brain works that way and because our model is based on the brain, our models are based in noisy environments.

Berger: If an airline pilot is about to press the wrong button it may be important enough to think about trying to identify what the patterns of thought are, what the memory patterns are, and if the person is recalling pressing the button so that we eject when they’re not supposed to, or pressing the button so the bomb goes off and you’re not supposed. Then you might want to intervene and prevent that.

I’m part of the other project that is funded by DARPA that’s trying to understand exactly that. How is information represented in the brain?

Old B&W film of scientist in white lab coat talking to a general as the scientist conducts open brain surgery:

General: And science is supposed to have all the answers. But this has got to work.

Scientist: It’s not going to fail. Not after we’ve come this far. We have here for all practical purposes a normal human being, except for his electronic control system of course.

Michael Baudry: speaks in French again (not translated).

Berger: “Part of our problem is in getting enough sensors into the brain without destroying it. Getting enough sensors in there so that we can extract enough information to infer what the total pattern of activity is. And if we can do that, then we have to develop a mathematical model of how information along all those pathways is developed and is processed. So for the next few years, that’s going to be the task. If we can do that… then we’ll get to the finish line. (Laughs) We will get to the finish line.”

Ray Kurzweil: “It’s a conservative statement to say that by 2025, we’ll be able to look inside your brain, see everything that’s going on, all the intra-neural connections, all the synaptic collapse, all the neurotransmitter strengths, and create a huge data base and copy down every salient detail and then re-instantiate that information in a neural computer of sufficient capacity and create basically a copy of the thinking process that takes place in your brain.

Now that’s one scenario. But it’s really an existence proof to show that we can tap the secrets of intelligence that exists let’s say in the human brain. Once we’ve scanned that information, we can also understand it, see how it’s organized, improve on it, we can extend it, we can make the memory 1000 times bigger, we can make it faster, we can expand the perceptual capabilities.”

Narrator: “To transfer your mind to a computer, this seems to be the ultimate dream of many scientists. To liberate us from our old body that is becoming obsolete in this technological world. We would then go on living as free spirits in cyber space.”

Max More: “I’m not interested in a future where there are post-human beings if I’m not one of them. I want to be there. It’s very important for me that I live and thrive in the future and not just to think about some robots taking off into space. I want to be there.”

Narrator: So in a way, is a short cut around artificial intelligence that will allow us to have machines with human minds.

Male Voice: I’m hoping that we could fit on a CD Rom. That’s 600 megabytes. I’m betting that’s all you need to copy a person.

“So it’s a difficult time to predict what these new humans will be like. I think it’s important to include the third component which is the virtual, along with the artificial, and along with the flesh. But how that mixture goes together in a cooperative versus a competitive way. It’s hard to predict. It’s very interesting. It’s a great time to live in. But I’m anxious to wait 50 years to see what the answer is.”

Other male voice: “Reality and virtual reality are beginning to merge. To understand how this will occur we have to look at one more technology slated to overshadow all other branches of technology. It’s nanotechnology, the means of getting control over matter, atom by atom.

17) Don Eigler, IBM Fellow, IBM Almaden Research Center: “So what we are going to do is move this atom from this location here to this location here. We’ll move it just along this path here. Now you got to get excited about that.”

Narrator: “Scientists are now able to grab one single atom and move it to another place. It’s a small step for an atom but a giant step for mankind. If we start making things by building them atom by atom, we can make almost anything we want.”

18) Ralph C. Merkle, Professor, Georgia Tech, College of Computing, Engineer of Nanotechnology:
“Manufactured products are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how the atoms are arranged. Now today’s manufacturing technologies arrange atoms very crudely and statistically. But in the future with nanotechnology, we will be able to arrange the fundamental building blocks of matter in precisely the patterns we want very flexibly and very inexpensively.”

(Webmaster comment: Does this individual look and sound human? Or is it actually something else? Just a question. Doesn’t seem human to me.)

Narrator: “Nanotechnology will open vast opportunities for all other technologies, in particular in computing. When computer connections can be made by single atoms, computing power will increase enormously.”

Merkle: “Computers incredibly powerful that just would let us put into a single sugar cube a computer that was more power than all the computers in the world combined today.”

Narrator: “But there are many other fields in which nanotechnology will be applied. While at the end of the last millennium, most scientists believed that nanotechnology would remain science fiction, we now see its first applications already appearing on the market.

19) Carlo D. Montemagno, Chairman, Department of Bioengineering, Professor, Biomedical Engineering Mechanical and Earospace Engineering, University of California, LA: “So we now make materials with purified water which generate electricity, which generate chemical energy. And our long term research project is to build a system that processes information kind of like an artificial neuron. You’re going to start seeing systems and processes like that proliferate within the next 45 years. And you’re going to be amazed constantly.”

Narrator: “This rotating dot here is the first real nano-engine ever made, only a few atoms in size.”

Montemango: “I took the FI-ATPA’s and I stuck a little propeller on top of it and I made it spin around one molecule. Now I can take many thousands of these and complex systems like we have in our bodies and they can do more sophisticated things.”

Narrator: The ultimate goal is to create robots as small as viruses called nanobots. These nanobots will be more intelligent than today’s computers. One possible set of applications is medical. Nanobots could be injected into the blood stream as a kind of cleansing team to kill cancer cells, for example, or to carry out other kinds of maintenance work in the body or even to modify the DNA code. It might seem like this is a very expensive technology, but in fact the opposite is true. We will be able to program nanobots to reproduce themselves just as all natural creatures do. They will then be able to grab material from their environment and use it for making copies of themselves.”

Merkle: “The basic goal of nanotechnology is build what’s called an assembly. And this is simply a very small device that can make copies of itself. And it’s a programmable device so it can be programmed to build a wide range of useful things.”

Narrator: “Auto-assemblers can be seen as a new form of life comparable to viruses or yeast cells. They can reproduce themselves and at the same time transform matter just as yeast cells change sugar into alcohol. The only difference is that these new creatures can be programmed to carry out whatever task we want them to, change carbon into diamonds, perhaps, or create food.”

Max More: “Molecular nanotechnology is to physical reality what computer programming is to virtual reality. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it gives the idea. Whereas computer programmers can program software to do what they want, molecular nanotechnology will allow us to change matter at the most fundamental level. It will allow us to build just about any kind of structure to our exact specifications by moving individual atoms.”

Narrator: “This sounds like a world of magic where all that we imagine becomes reality. Where the role of the good fairy is taken over by robots so miniscule that we can not see them. And instead of saying the magic word, we program them to grant all our wishes. The other side of this fairy tale, however, is what is called the “gray goo syndrome.” Imagine that some nanobots are programmed for a terrorist action or would simply tilt and start reproducing themselves endlessly. In a rapid chain reaction, the earth would be reduced within 72 hours into a grey goo of swarming nanobots.

Most scientists, however, stress that such a scenario is very unlikely. We will have nanotechnology to control nanotechnology. And it will also provide the ultimate escape route. We will be able to inject a certain number of nanobots into our bodies where they will locate our brain cells and copy their functioning. With no effort, we will get a hardware copy of our consciousness that will then send a software copy to computer where more copies can be made. Or where our consciousness will be allowed to merge with other souls in software programs. Then we will be ready to leave this planet and start the exploration of the universe.”

What is our place in the magical world where everything can be transformed? How will people deal with such a future? Or is it something that, by definition, goes beyond our human capacities to understand, something that only transhumans will be able to grasp. Will we stay as we are and watch with wonder from the sidelines? Or will we upload ourselves and participate in the world as superbeings? Let yourself upload to a network of nanocomputers and let the wind carry you.”

Video shows burning man orgy.

20) Bruce Sterling, science fiction writer, futurist thinker, editor of Mirrorshades, The Cyberpunk Anthology, author of Schismatrix, The Hacker Crackdown: “It’s important to recognize that the posthuman epoch is coming. It really is. It’s what we want and you can see it written in the pages of magazines. The word of the prophet is on the subway walls here. We really, really do want to violate human limits now and we are getting closer to the ability to do it.

But it’s also important to realize that this is not the end of history. It doesn’t solve any of our other problems. It just creates new problems which are going to intensify. There’s going to be more than one kind of posthumanity. And the mere fact that you are no longer human doesn’t mean you don’t have the same personality problems that you did before. It doesn’t liberate you from yourself. It probably makes you more than you were before, not less.

You’re not going to clank and beat like Robocop. You’re just going to have new abilities and new powers. And dealing with power is troublesome. If you have more power you have more responsibility, not less.”

Webmaster’s Conclusion: The relatively minor issue of torturing and murdering millions of goy “lab rats” en route to fulfilling the grand utopian visions expressed in this video must be seen in the context of the great and noble aspirations of the super rich and their occult secret societies to attain digital immortality and omniscience for themselves and to re-engineer lesser humans into transhuman cyborg slaves that gladly serve them.

As Shakespeare said: “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for sport.”

Jews and closely allied Masons and other satanic secret societies have an historic and cosmic plan to take over the earth, extinguish all competitors, and achieve digital immortality and omniscience for themselves and cyborg enslavement of the few goyim they wish to remain to serve them. The phenomenally vigorous racial superiority attitude of the “chosen people” toward goyim “lab rats” is expressed in the Jews’ most holy book, The Talmud:

“Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” (Midrash Talpioth 225)

“The ‘goyim’ םיוג (cattles/gentile) are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

“Jews are behind the whole (gangstalking) thing.”

Alan Landis, 40+ year TI, of Jewish parentage, to webmaster in 2015.

Comments to Part 1:

7 years ago
It never ceases to amaze me that those who are not perfect are trying to create something that is. Don’t believe what they tell you. What they do will backfire. In trying to better life for humanity, they are carrying this too far. It’s also interesting that some of the most primitive cultures were some of the most advanced. It’s also interesting that the average IQ of mankind is progressively getting lower.

Richard Thomas Huddleston
7 years ago
Soon enough we’ll see if all their technology can save them from hellfire.

Ima Wake
3 years ago
I feel the whole point is to be imperfect, the differences create balance, it is opportunity to grow. This is so material it makes my soul ache. Even the fact that we don’t agree is necessary, it’s so many ppl coming from fear instead of love that creates imbalance. (?) vibrate from love.

5 years ago
So this is the “abomination of desolation” spoken of by the prophet Daniel mentioned in the book of Matthew Chapter 24. We are the temple and the false god is transhumanist technology they wish to erect within the human temple. Interesting answer to the mystery question.

Je’di Koji
7 years ago
This is demonic, my heart is screaming, I heard G-d weeping, sadly saying, this is why.

7 years ago

we worship the creation thats where the disconnect comes from.self worship leads to beast worship. our separation from truth comes from our need to exist.
the reason for the hopelessness of mankind. PRIDE !

Jeremiah 9
23 Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:
24 But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

7 years ago
so glad I found your channel when I did 🙂 I still remember 2 yrs ago sitting in a bank hearing a woman tell me when she first started working an elderly man said to her the computer is the enemy… I knew that statement was deep… now it makes sense. God bless you brother

Lindy Ellinger
3 years ago
All I can say is COME LORD JESUS!!!

3 years ago
God will not be mocked ,watch for the signs ever closer to the end …

Ben Stephen
3 years ago
They’re all enamored with a cheap and nasty version of what God has already promised to all who believe on Jesus Christ.

Jeff Maddock
5 years ago
Breaks my heart to see animals being used for these experiments.

midnight star
6 months ago
Found you in 2021 but I knew it with all my soul that we are in the end of days since 2019. Spreading it out to everyone i know

Minnie Cooper
8 years ago
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! This video is excellent!!! Just what I was looking for! Great witness! THANK YOU for posting this!!!

Donna Taliercio
4 years ago
This is the good newz cause THIS IS WHEN GOD COMES BACK! Satan has a short time. This is messing with Gods precious bloodline!

WABN Broadcasting
6 years ago
In the spectrum of time, I find it very interesting that theses great minds operate under the assumption that this universe is going to always exist. They see the “Big bang” as a beginning never contemplating a end.

6 years ago
Good album by Believer.

jason frisken
8 months ago
pretty obvious what conjob 19 is about

7 years ago
Seems like a horrific future for humanity and a future I hope to never live to see…. God save our children…

8 years ago
Great video, thank you. This manipulation of DNA is borne of the mindset that professes man as his own god. It attempts to create life itself in the role of human creator…the age old desire initially manifested by lucifer himself. It will end in the same way, infinite misery for all those who embrace it. Our Divine Creator will terminate not only those seducers who have led and nurtured this perversion, but also any and all ideological remnants of this false mimicry itself…

Jarrod Bouchard
4 years ago
all I can say is
:::::: speechless::::::

8 years ago
All the money they have spent on this stuff and a lot of the world is still starving and dying…we are doomed,they don’t fix world issues,they only create more

Jake Hunter
4 years ago
@24:00 homeboy said it best.

8 years ago
“It’s what we want…”
Ummmm, speak for yourself.

Pamela Bumgarner
4 years ago
It’s the same as Satan said. He said, I will ascend and overthrow God. He wants to be God. And he’s telling these men they can become gods. He copies things over and over throughout history. He’s not original. And it’s so sad that these men believe a lie the same that Eve believed. Satan told her she would not surely die if she ate of the fruit, but that she would be like God if she ate.

7 years ago
Wow did you guys catch that at 38:20ish that professor who’s working on a project funded by darpa is pretty much saying mind control is just fine

Keyanna White
7 years ago
these people really hate God smh it’s the tower of babel all over again

AnswersFromGod dot Com
3 years ago
What has been is what will be, what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9, CJB)

The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; because God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it had a pleasing appearance and that the tree was desirable for making one wise, she took some of its fruit and ate. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her; and he ate. (Genesis 3:4-6, CJB)

Dave Davidson
7 years ago
Thanks for uploading, quite good.

too much sauce
8 years ago
Nicholeson you do a great job .shake dem haterz off.keep up the great helps to understand What and why Christ did what he did and the truth about God

Misty Shoffner
3 years ago
Nicholson1968, might you consider revising or placing visual disclaimer (i.e. this may/ may not be the view of …) at approximately 23:20. Native Americans were and are humans, and the speaker- although great point, greatly misspoke. I love all of your videos, and appreciate all of your diligence and hard work! You are a great inspiration to so many of us.

Kyng Fitness
3 years ago
Stephen King knows the truth now.

Samuel Adams
7 years ago
the real mark of the beast is a “dna upgrade” and its mandatory on march 18, 2018
do not be deceived and take this upgarde. it will technically work as an upgrade but you get these upgrades from beast technology. as in transferring dna from different animals for their characteristics aka upgrade.

4 years ago
I’m getting from this a whole lot of unanswered questions concerning tranhumanism yet I’m sure it won’t stop the powers that be from taking us there. Third and final temple is under attack at its foundation.

John Chege
1 year ago (edited)
Now I understand the Ubermensch by Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Feuerbach Idea of stand up and be that god. “Kill God” then be that god. Watch (Bishop robert Barron- the Mystery of God ) I have learnt a lot in your channel.

Carol Dickinson
7 years ago
It is immoral to tamper with human genetics… period!

7 years ago
Some Biblical teachings on the Mark of The Beast The Mark of Cain – Storacles Lesson# 14 of 24

1 year ago
Amazing this was made 7 years ago!

7 years ago
Exciting future, can’t wait!

M. Herbert
7 years ago
” We need to realize the ‘post human epic’ is coming…We really do want to violate the human limits now”.–Bruce Sterling

Disturbing on so many levels.

Juanita LillianAva Reid Reid
3 years ago (edited)
TO PART 2 —– >

Bible Bus
2 years ago
“Genetic engineering is the most moral thing to do”? I’m sorry….WHAT?

Angelica Maria
1 year ago
Lol one of the persons talking in the video said that it scares him that AI will be more advanced than humans and he will be left behind?‍♀️ dude….if you don’t repent and give your life to Jesus Christ, you will be left behind for sure?

5 years ago
21:10-21:25 Evil finds a primitive form of intelligence with which to manifest itself.

3 years ago
This is the only truth. Genesis 1: 26 God said, “Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the livestock, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

27 God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.

7 years ago
(How miserable does that cat look? You know it prefers to be free, eating some delicious tuna, sitting on a lap, looking out a window or chasing birds outside. Poor cat. I think we would all hate to be a lab-cat, lab-rat, lab-monkey, lab-neuron, et cetera)

6 years ago

That’s fucking cruel.

1 year ago
This was announced the other day: Monkey embryo with human cells was created.

Larry Kelly
3 years ago
Some of this sounds like the mind of Enki all over again?

Ian wright
6 years ago
Isaiah 13:12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold

Vaughn Nebeker
5 years ago
It a matter of finding the (on & off )of the gean. is removing a fat from the gean 22, turn parkinsen on and or off. the Hella facts exsparment worked. the cacao genreal exsparment (worked to well).

Dong Destroyer
7 years ago
All this end time stuff is the manefestation of two things together:

1. the y chromosome deteriorating into nothing
2. men refusing to see point 1 and therefore refusing to switch on their free will, switch to “thinking on the x”, so to speak.

6 years ago
Bob Marley said:Try to change yourself into a good human being,that does not hurt nature,animals or other human beings.Then you have changed the world.

Spartaculus Jones
7 years ago
Remeber Uhura in the Star Trek episode “I Mudd?” The android women offered her “eternal beauty, eterna beauty, and millions of years of life,” by offering to place her brain in an android body.

Terri Kisamore
7 years ago
When you don’t believe in God, its easy to think you can be a god. Every DNA code was designed by a perfect creator God. Man could never do better, no matter what he imagines or attempts.

7 years ago
A perfect example for this video is Ghost in the Shell: SAC (Stand Alone Complex) and anima series that revolves around Cyber Connection through the human brain .. one can “plug in” using input ports in the back of the head or neck allowing one to “tap in” to another person or into the Cyber Community at various cyber cafes, household units and/or access the www. through the brain alone … this serious also depicts mech-like androids/cyborgs in which humans are mechanically equipped with a variety of arsenals, such as hi-tech weaponry in which say a humans arm is a shot gun or a semi to fully auto machine gun ( this is just one example)… how odd is it.. that our media foreign and domestic depicts such things. In away it foreshadows our soon to be literal present and future, and not just on this topic … but even to the extent of a global union of governments and even now we draw closer and closer to the prophesied events of the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible. For so long we have been told of the events to come and even now the signs of the times are here and yet no one is seeing them save the few that know the truth as it is and not as it is thought to be…… think about it, think long and intently focus on what has taken place and what has been said to take place … and see and know what will take place in our present and future.

The Mighty Miss M
6 years ago
Gray Matters: A Novel by William Hjortsberg ; interesting novel in relation to the first part of the documentary. (Keeping the brain alive) Seriously ought to give it a look. Short read, and quite a bit disturbing in some parts..but was written in 1971.

Susan Littleton
8 years ago
The most simple detox is to take Wormwood Combination and Bentonite Clay. Wormwood Combination kills the parasites the nanotech attach themselves to therefore disabling their ability to collect together to form larger chips in your body. The Bentonite Clay acts as a magnetic and will absorb nanotech and heavy metals as well as other impurities and expel it.

7 years ago
It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Buddhist, Creationist, Humanist, Spiritualist, Agnostic, Atheist etc…anyone with common sense can recognize warning signs to something beyond our reach taking fold this instant….and its becoming increasingly negative.

Amanda Herring
6 years ago
The brain slicing between the scenes was a bit much for the mildly squeamish such as myself, and I really would have appreciated it if the Frenchman had been translated. But otherwise, very good film.

Anthony Divon
3 years ago
I just have one question. If human beings each and every human from the beginning up to a newborn being birthed at this minute are a product of random coincidence let alone some being born with all their limbs, organs in tact no birth defects etc. But would it would actually be a great possibility that the overwhelming majority of human beings that ever lived would have been born with numerous defects weather physically or mentally. That is of course if we are all here strictly by random chance and I absolutely do NOT subscribe to that idiotic and destructive way of thinking

Kerri Butler
10 months ago
How on earth can those neurologists and other brain‐pokers spend all that time learning how fearfully and wonderfully we’re made and still defiantly insist that life is just a random pointless accident!
Of course, they also somehow miss the obvious point that the only way one can insist that something doesn’t exist is if it actually does exist in some form or type.

But this is some seriously chilling ?.
I’ve been connecting dots so rapidly these past 8 months or so, my brain feels like a Rave. For squirrels.
I’ve been seeing the awesome way YHWH has absolute control over absolutely every detail while still allowing us absolute free will. When I watch your videos looking at the devil’s cunning plan and then seeing how my dots connect with your dots? ??
Thank you for all your hard work. These are great!

Jarrod Bouchard
4 years ago
watching a video 4 yrs old and we now have quantum computing. my God is this coming. in 2017…

7 years ago
Might want to check “Your Transhumanist Future! Interview: Zoltan Istvan” and see just how close we are to gaining these transhumanist goals.

Jarrod Bouchard
4 years ago
sounds like the Vail is being ripped open

Shamus Jackson
7 years ago
Wow, these scientist are certifiable, get me outta here!!!!

JustAnuvaBrickInTheWall 0
7 years ago
We will see who the winners are lol, “Do as thou wilt” it’s your future.

Galactic Public Archives
7 years ago
Are you a futurist? Transhuman? You’ll love these videos FM-2030: Are You Transhuman?

Spartaculus Jones
7 years ago
Remember the Twilight Zone “The Trade-Ins?” The old man and his elderly wife didn’t have enough money ($10,000) for TWO “body-swaps.” That’s what’s going to happen – a few million people will have the money to “body-swap.” The remaining 7 billion will grow old, get sick, and die – just like always.

Susan U.
4 years ago
That’s very noble but in the hands of humans count on it going wrong. You are eating the forbidden apple. We aren’t God.

3 years ago
Who in their right mind would want to live in this fallen world forever ?

Themged K
6 years ago
They know that the god of this world
is Saturn.

Marci Lynn
7 years ago
recalling a article years ago which brags about how you can pick your childs eye color and I think sex but not sure, anyhow seeing this I have no doubt they most likely have cloned a human and maybe even alter a pregnancy. You have got my mind racing! Now I might understand why it is written in the Bible it will be bad in the end times for people with children. I cant imagine the fear I would have for my kids growing up these days.
Thank you for your videos

Maria Gallegos
7 years ago
Right now I have an answer for this. Have to look for the right words for you upsetting our system.

6 years ago
13:40~”Natasha” here, needs some acupuncture between the eyebrow ……

Steven Chavez
8 years ago
Max More said this Genetic engineering is moral ??? Lord God please forgive them..

The Remnant
4 years ago
This is coming , and will the peer pressure EVER be on ! As they pointed out no person ( unlearned person that is) is going to want to see his peers advancing and he or she be left behind looking like a weak , slow, or sickly human ! They are painting it so great !

Lucien Harbuck
6 years ago
Time for another flood and this time, “No More Noahs”! TNX!

7 years ago
Being a strong belielver in the creation, I found it very difficult to agree with some of the content of this documentary. I do agree that we have matured over the course of time, only due to our ability to addapt to our envirenment. The reason why we can never dupicate the the human DNA, is because don’t know how our DNA was truly created. The creation will never be greater than it’s creator, We were made to assist the creation of God, not to become God.

6 years ago
Transhumanism Part 1
Mark of the Beast
the Ultimate Agenda
Link to Part 2:
Link to Part 3:

Nicolas Owusu Bedu
6 years ago
I have no problem with wanting to help people, with getting beta in the case of sickness but in this world everything is pre-designed with perfect harmony. The problems we facing as human beings is the fact that, we have over indulge our desire to be gods. Fact is we have just gotten weaker not genetically but mentally, this is the result of our declining use of knowledge we all are to have but our refusal to use our in-built potential to the fullest capacity. We rely too much on machines and this will be our down fall. This transhumanism foolishness will only be the beginning of new kinds of terror and i am shocked that intelligent people like this will apply themselves to very stupid ventures as these, when they can apply themselves productively in producing:

Free clean energy
Technology to purify the atmosphere
Technology to enhance organic agriculture without splicing animal and plant dna or the use of fertilizers.
How we can reach other planets easily.

We havent even understood half of what is on land or the sea, they cant understand what magic and occult
is all about and how something intangible can physically effect people. But you feel you need to change your
bodies, what is the mindset for this mentality when you dont even understand your body???

Make more research on how to unlock what is already withing without changing it (Our dna carry
many traits that are hidden or not yet understood, try figuring that out and these stupid people will
know we do not need to through away our bodies, because these bodies are full of magnificent capabilities.
All i see are lazy dullards, who can not understand something, because they will not or can not understand, they attempt to change it.

You want tough skin? come to Africa, i have seen people who have been shot at with AK47 at close range and not
even a bump on their skin. they didnt change their bodies for that.

You want underwater breathers, i have seen people walk under the sea for miles with no oxygen tanks.

You want shape-shifters, that is on display in the public view, Benin Port Novo.

These pieces of trash thinkers called transhumans are just sick men, trying to use noble intentions to
hide their sick twisted macabre desires to be GOD.

You can transfer your braincells into tin-cans i dont give a fuck, just stop trying to sell it like its a good think. FUCKTERDS!!!

Anthony Divon
3 years ago
None of these so called geniuses want to build a artificial intelligence that would eventually became a super intelligence which could spell doom for the human race but if you were to ask them if they could at least give me an estimated within 15 minutes when will be the next you will defecate. I just keep it simple.

7 years ago
Humans are insane. You can’t transfer a soul. Crazy crazy, crazy.

3 years ago
when my body plays out I’m done with this world!I’m going home to be forever with my Lord Jesus .only an idiot would want to stay here.JESUS IS LORD!!and he came to save all.Only accept him today for this is the day of salvation!!

7 years ago
If this wasn’t ok during the days of Noah, Why would thy think it’s ok to do this now?

Gris Bosque
6 years ago
I notice theres no talk of Fixing greed, vanity etc.
no talk of increasing wisdom or compassion etc.
and nothing about this tech will only be sold to those who can afford it etc.

meanwhile high tech militaries are used like corporate sports teams… all developing weaponry for certain use… where is it all going?

no place for decency….

best get out while you still can….
David Pavely
David Pavely
3 years ago (edited)
It’s a shame most have drawn so far from God, that they accept such a delusion.
2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 King James Version (KJV)

9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

LAna St.ColumB
6 years ago
His name is Jesus, that’s what we are to call him!

Shooky Shooky
3 years ago
If others could live for 2 centuries and you could only live for 80 years you wouldn’t be happy?!! Huh?!! Speak for yourself buddy i’d rather live 1 year and go to be with the Lord than live forever without him…moreover wether you live 1000 years it will all come to an end just like the 80 years he was so quick to displace.

Matt Park
6 years ago
They will use your organs if you donate it for these crazy purposes.

2 years ago
Who the hell is the old man who speaks of the great scientist, Professor Frankenstein?

too much sauce
8 years ago
Moise wow you are lost and way behind in your little perfect dream world.I wish what you think was true

Samuel Adams
7 years ago
same ol ye shall be as gods lie

Peace Omotayo
7 years ago
If they can make humans perfect why is it that they are struggling to find a cure for cancer.

4 years ago
you call my work a demoralized tool of the devil

7 years ago
cant you see they want to destroy us the prophecy is real trust in Jesus and in the archangels only its not a game this is satans playground your soul cannot be transplanted once its lost it is gone!

7 years ago
Deformity comes from the Fallen Angles. Its too bad that Max More discredits the human body from being sacred. The body is not random, but
Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

Biliana BiBiShi
3 years ago
Interesting!! But Humanz use only 20% of the brain . So all these for our senses. A bigger memory for what ?! Well lets see the future ! We are now in Nano 🙂

Dominic Johnson
8 years ago
Thnx for this new video

Paul Cary
7 years ago
13:20 She said it in a nutshell ;Transgenic’s or Shape Shifting beings of which we already have .

Shane Bergmann
7 months ago
These people are going to hell for their heartless experiments on animals! Not to lessen the human subjects. No doubt the Chinese government is using their prisoners for horiffic experiments. Dolores

6 years ago
The old neurosurgeon talking about experiments to keep the brain alive outside the body gave me the creeps. I imagined this scenario : You are his victim kidnapped for experimentation. Slowly he walks over to the gurney that your strapped on.. His demeanor is calm, slightly upbeat. Nonchalantly he tells you ” I’m going to detach your head from your body Don’t worry it won’t hurt!”.

6 years ago
Made in the image of God, changed into the image of Satan.

Daniel Gontar
7 years ago
All of these enhanced physical and mental characteristics will exist in our resurrected bodies in the next life. These people are thinking about doing things which are in the hands of God. They in fact only believe such a thing is possible because this is all about to happen, as we are living in the last days.

Genetics I think in any situation will always and should always be in the hands of God. If it wasn’t then humans would disrupt the plan for living God in his wisdom has established.

7 years ago
Humans are the way they are because, God created it that way.

Doc Matheny
3 years ago
Carnegie Melon and thinks we evolved?! I’ve been in robotics for 30 years we are in a very dangerous time! I agree with love and be wise!

Gary Murphy
3 years ago
All of the spokespeople for this movement are twisted psycopaths devoid of any natural affection. The eyes dont lie

Complexed Mind
5 days ago
History doesn’t repeat, but sure does rhyme.

Lu Jr
7 years ago
Man trying to become God… yeah, good luck with that!

Tobias Ben Minder Gattiker
5 years ago
may these evil people, these scientists, these eugenics people, catch a fire !!!!!!!!!

William Stelmack
8 months ago
These people are sick AF.

Spartaculus Jones
7 years ago
This medical technology may already exist but it is owned and jealously guarded by the upper class. Why should they give it to the middle and lower classes when they plan to hoard it for themselves?

6 years ago
I have enough issues with compatibility in my electronic hardware. I don’t wanna have to worry about if my Nvidia hippo-campus is compatible with my AMD Ocular Nerve.

1 year ago
Straight out of a horror movie, forgive me LORD for saying this but ,what are you waiting for?, we are living in the days of Noah now. Please end this madness.

Moses Mirville
8 years ago
Our next and most likely phase of evolution is combining the humans astounding abstract thought process with computings linear but unimaginably fast information processing to create a being that has the best of both COMPUTING capabilities. I mean since humans are BIOLOGICAL COMPUTERS!

Michael Moore
7 years ago
man has only managed to evolve around nature…not to overcome nature… these silly bastards forgot how unpredictable and powerful nature is….

Ridge Adkins
1 year ago
10:45 is wierd watching with everything going on . Hmmm

7 years ago
these elite people will not put so much energy into their beliefs UNLESS they know things are real

Nerv Net
6 years ago
there is a huge difference between consciousness and soul… creatures (humans) with soul WOULDNT never be cruel against to other creatures , in this particular case ANIMALS… POOR CAT, POOR APES !!!! SOOOO CRUEL… FUCK THE SCIENCE !!!
I would rather live in the forrest and eat gras, as I would do such cruelties !!!

diane michelle
2 years ago (edited)
Let me tell u something my son has ADHD and he’s so smart their trying to slow him down … What u think about that by taking shitty meds by the doctor to slow his mind down . 2.0 shit u got it now children with ADHD

4 years ago
Sick the way that scientist even admits to violating human capabilities like he knows it is wrong…. He’ll be a transhuman in a lake of fire guanteed.

D. Bat
6 years ago
Please Lord flood this planet again before allowing these maniacs to continue with their sick plans.

Yarply Twelve
7 years ago
According to mythology there were human animal species and super humans in the past. In the bible, in the days of noah, mixing of species and genetic manipulation occurred, and the whole world became “corrupt”, except a remnant which God gathered and saved.
So now, as in the days of noah, moral and genetic corruption abound, and violence fills the world.

7 years ago

A. Meisingset
7 years ago
It’s time we all think about ourselves as part of a bigger, living organism, which is the Earth. Biology might seem cruel and random, but in the bigger picture it allows for living things to adjust, evolve and survive. Keep it simple and get back to nature where you belong people.

7 years ago
I think shes refering to the New Age system she believes in. I could be wrong.

Jarrod Bouchard
4 years ago

6 years ago
Mark Of The Beast Revelation Dream

Kirilloi Ivashkivw
2 years ago
is there an oportunity to get subtitles

Fedz 1111
7 years ago
In my opinion this is completely asinine for humanity believing that this is the right path for our evolution. this absolutely demoralizes everything that we stand for spiritually. We have a soul and can fully advance to a higher vibration of consciousness and unto higher dimensions through the natural ways of our spirit infinitely, but instead it seems man is losing its way for the lust of technological advancement for an artificial high, which will limit our growth harmoniously with the UNIVERSAL DEVINE. This is truly disgusting to me…

paul meier
6 years ago
can anyone say batteries this is where your all headed: The wages of sin is death you fool yourself if you think you can live forever without god? We will never push the life of a man beyond the age of 120

Vickie Courter
3 weeks ago
i imagine you leave my body to God // He dont make mistakes like men on earth // quit trying to play god // Its appointed to man once to die then the judgement // im good with that // pray always

6 years ago
The overbearing arrogance of these people. Just the effrontery! To tell you and me, that you better ‘do or die out’. If that ain’t the Devil I can discern in these folks’ spirits, then Lord, I shall pluck out my eyes, for they are not worthy of your righteousness.

Eliza Raffles
4 years ago (edited)
creepy. the thing with humankind is if you get a Versace body, then that won’t be good enough. That lady is insane. God help her.

7 years ago
Qur’an talk about that…. 1500 years ago { man will be iron } : قُل كُونُواْ حِجَارَةً أَوْ حَدِيداً

أوۡ خَلۡقً۬ا مِّمَّا يَڪۡبُرُ فِى صُدُورِكُم‌ۚ

17.50. Say: (Yes, you will be resurrected even if) you are stones or iron.

17.51. Or a created matter, which is greater (or stronger than iron) in your minds.

God has said, “Yes.” You will be resurrected even if you become stone, iron (Verse 17.50),

Jeremy Cox
1 year ago
These people are deluded. They upload their self into a machine and they will detect a virus and hit delete. Silly humans playing god more like being a dog. Your just going to end up being stung by the locusts.

Teresa Fannon
7 years ago
Check out chuck missler ufos and the return of nephilim 1-12. Very interesting bible study on this subject.

7 years ago
i wish we were already there

7 years ago
This is f*cked up!

cee phas
7 years ago
Oh yeah!! Cyborg terrorist , flying crazy super soldiers and on top of that.. dictators will be able to live 3 maybe 4 centuries …….Good job brainiacs!!

7 years ago
Isaiah 46:10 KJV
DECLARING THE END FROM THE BEGINNING, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
What do we find at the beginning.
Genesis 1:1 KJV
In the BEGINNING God created the heaven and the earth.
((In the beginning (Genesis) we find the creation days. So how do the creation days declare the end (Revelation)))
RFID chip and the image of the beast.
It is man creating a robot in his image. Like God creating us in his. Be it woman or man
Genesis 1:26 KJV
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:
(And man said let us make robot in are image, after are likeness:)
Revelation 13:15 KJV
And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
(This image that man has created could not be with out the computer. For it is the computer that made it all possible)
Revelation 13:16 KJV
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
(Anyone that takes the RFID chip will worship the image of the beast. And the RFID chip could not be without the computer. All part of the image of the beast!)

Jarrod Bouchard
4 years ago
we were made in the image of God.
man’s heart is evil. what will we be making in our image…
God help us

Central Intelligence Agency
6 years ago
Watch video “The Pharaoh Show” on youtube channel chatzefratz and “Octogon The Empire of Darkness” on channel giureh.

Dispel Illusions
7 years ago
This parallels the days preceding the great flood.
Pervert God’s creations again and he’ll wipe it all out, again!

Big Scottie
4 months ago
And now is underway in 2021.

7 years ago
Although I found this entertaining, there were a lot things thrown out with authority that are unprovable, or at best, unproven.

2 years ago (edited)
My intelligence says that technology is something you buy, wsidom is not bought.

5 years ago
Man corrupts everything so how much will YOU pay for your kid to be what?

7 years ago
#BEASTSHIT lol..cant be like us baby we got soul #superspirits LOL but these people are sick

Melo Melo
3 years ago
It was written!

1 wordhere 1wordthere
2 months ago (edited)
Definition of human is ?
Picture of the pope didn’t make it better or RIGHT !

Doctortwo YourDoor
7 years ago
What does that have to do with this video. Please preach on your own channel.

6 years ago
…as in the days of Noah.

Richard Blithe Jamieson-Whitehead
6 years ago

Utter rubbish..the true secret of making “Super Soldiers” was well known to the Classic Romans and Greeks.. “Roman Candles, Greek Fire”..It involves “Heavy Duty Discipline and Correction” techniques..

7 years ago
Whoever walks this path will become a slave

7 years ago

Steve Regan
4 years ago
You are nuts, listen to yourselves…

Taiziz Kay
7 years ago
Tampering with DNA again. In the Bible Genesis chapter 6 verse 1-8 warns of the outcome.

7 years ago
these ppl are sick anybody who thinks like them is not human

7 years ago
Ironic how such godless men can have a god complex. Tampering with nature is why our Earth is messed up. If they can’t control nature, what makes them think they can control the genes of mankind? Just look at Monsanto.

7 years ago
Real troubled people….it sickens to the pit…who do they think they are!!!

Marah Rose-Rawe
6 years ago
we are de-evolving

7 years ago
Why? What purpose could any of this have? cure cancer or aids instead…

7 years ago
The bible is not the mark of the beast! That’s blasphemy the bible was paid for with the blood of prophets and saints. How can you receive the Holy Spirit and not know how to receive it? But the bible is Gods message of salvation

7 years ago
The question that you should be asking is who will be selected to live and you should die? because i’m sure that this kind of things won’t be given to the average joe or the poor.

sa gui
7 years ago
one of the “scientist” there say “we are noa sacred, this body”…”to say that psychosis or any deficiency is good is absurd” (and he goes on saying this body is”not God’s plan”…what a moron. First, for saying that those who reconized God’s plan and Creation would say that disease etc “is good”. Ignorance 2.0 of Scriptures and God’s character. these guys are so stupid, is not even funny..

Living Stone
5 years ago
Are these people that miserable with their lives that they’ve got to mess with stuff like this? Don’t they have a family? This stuff is ludicrous!

DoomedMandy77: StormFront High Priestess
6 years ago
Holy shit!The things from 12:15 – 12:35 (especially the bdsm strapped one @ 12:33 ….. WTF?!?!?!) REAL? Who knows. -_- It has been going on much longer than anyone realises.
But this proves one truth…. THESE THINGS HAD A CREATOR!!!!!!!!!! But everything prior to humans creating happened by “accident”, right? WRONG!

Peace Omotayo
7 years ago
If they can make humans perfect why is it that they are struggling to find a cure for cancer.

shila karia
6 years ago
if all want eternal life, the earth will be filled with people, until there is no place for humans to live, the life cycle of the Allah’ve made so many ecosystems secure and safe, this is the world we call the end of time, many people seem clever but stupid from the surface

Mis Queen
5 years ago
So we bycome more beutiful, helfy and smart, live long, there will by no family no kids, and no true love

7 years ago
who gets rich from all this ? wow big surprise its Obamacare

Jobella Ever
5 years ago
I’ve got “Morgellons”.
Is this a step toward this?
Arm yourselves with a microscope. Look at the skin of your sick loved ones.
God bless us all…

Colin Hammill
7 years ago
Why does nobody realise just how selfish all this is? What about all the children dying these days under Agenda 21 who won`t even get the 70 years (or anywhere near it) that they should have? The idea of people living until they are 200 is a mix of fear of death and selfish intent.

Anthony Brown
1 year ago
they should be their own guinea pigs then not public

7 years ago

G Powers
6 years ago
And God willed this into existence.

Wilsons Bones
7 years ago
The arrogance and total lack of empathy is startling.

7 years ago
So science and using technology for making society a better place is evil , but a religion that’s over 2000 years old , and that survives by spreading lies is good?

Where do you guys live , seriously … it’s 2013!!!

CT Warino
7 years ago
I just want to find a nice long, informing doc on transhumanism, that reflect reality, instead on “god”. A creator exists of this digital matrix, but if we can almost create the same, how do we know our creator isn’t just a scientist from another dimension with flaws like our own? The philosophy of the matter is fun to play with, but you can’t change or predict the future. Just like the first monkeys to use tools and keep us evolving and improving, I’m sure there were monkeys freaking out about it.

Maggie ???
7 years ago
I’ve been watching this for a long time… 43 minutes in and I’ve yet to get to the part where it gives any reason any of this is a bad thing.

Melody Layman
6 years ago
That means by 2025 they will do all this in public, but that ALSO means in private THEY have ALL this already, had it for a long time. They have No idea what they are doing, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” is what comes to mind.

Roxanne AskMeWillYOU
6 years ago
dam evil

8 years ago
If you don’t like the video then GTFO….. it is that simple! Y’all act as if someone forced y’all to watch the video. smfh.. Anyways, thanks for the informative video uploader

Jamir Mason
5 years ago
This documentary is over 10 years old in science this is prehistoricly old and dated

Mike Kane
5 years ago

JustAnuvaBrickInTheWall 0
7 years ago
Animal torturing filth.

Morpheus x
7 years ago
crazy whiteman talking about making new humans …. dejavu..

Aaron Brennan
7 years ago
Scientists in the future will tell God that they don’t need Him. God will say why? Scientists will tell God we don’t need you because we can make anything from dirt now. God will say “get your own dirt”! Lol!

7 years ago
Horrendous Apocalyptic Scenario: a pack of utterly amoral scientists with their heads up their asses and fingers in petri dishes, all giddy with ‘discovery’ … with their hands on the wheel, pedal to the medal. The Devil is a mad scientist.

Eric Hathaway
7 years ago
You need to stop

akoben adinkrahene
7 years ago
STUPID! they don’t even know what all the geans are for, so they call it junk DNA.
Why do they call it junk? Because they dont know what it’s for. lol But they are ready to make alterations…

Two Cents *
6 years ago
you wont live for ever even if you could change bodies. a plane crash is a plane crash. all of this is demonic anyways. if you are having inferiority complexes and need to change then you will always seek change because you are not happy within.

Mathew Hammond
5 years ago
wow.. that guy talking about all the defects that humans have today.. it’s pretty rediculous seeing how all those defects have developed because of tampering with genetics and living through all the junk we’ve lived through in the last 2000 years.. it’s really hard to listen to those trans humanists talk.. especially that one lady..

6 years ago

7 years ago
Three things…..

1. This is as boring as watching paint dry.
2. No one is touching the Temple.
3. This is a fairy tale for scientists.

Wow, I am sleepy now.

Mr. Mind Meditations
7 years ago
sick and disturbing.. time to stop the clock.

6 years ago
I’m shocked that so many people are afraid of the coming age. I thought people would be excited to choose immortality or not.

Jesus Christ
3 years ago

Dark Knight
7 years ago
I m not a very fan of that type of experiments, but i m not going to put things from Bible because i think your faith is something personal not public,but is one part what really i like to put her,from the old Testament (one of the old law say u not going to mix the blood of animals whit humans) and i think is correct,we are playing to be GODS,but the only think what is going to happen is MAKE something they can damage badly HUMAN RACE for IDIOTS.

Brody Basinger
7 years ago
Wow keep your bible beating to yourself and watch from the sidelines as I become more than anything you will ever be through technology and greater knowledge

Matthew Mondon
7 years ago
all this is is a documentary about transhumanism, it doesnt bring any biblical claims into account or how its related to the mark of the beast and end times etc. I already know how it is related, but for those who dont, the title is misleading as it doesnt clarify anything regarding transhumanism in relationship to the bible or what God says about man trying to become god (which is a sin and a falsehood.)

7 years ago
Escuse me, but, what is that word yahweh, must be, I guess, some bad spirit?

daniel tester
7 years ago
I personally can’t wait for this all to come to fruition, humanity will not simply prosper from all the advancements but it will become better in every way, those who want to stop this are truely the enemies of mankind, there antiqued religious, moral and ethical beliefs will be our downfall if we let them prevail. Your invisible sky daddy has no place any longer in our society, if you truely love humanity you should embrace all that we as a species can be.

John Jubal MurphyJohn Jubal Murphy
7 years ago
What is the mark that everyone thinks is a physical mark of some kind? God placed a mark on Cain (Gen 4:15), and Paul the apostle warns us to make them that cause division, and the church is certainly divided (e.g. the false teachers and prophets Rom 16:17; and in Phippians 3:17 those who are examples to follow after!). In Rev 14:11 it speaks of whoever receiveth the mark of his name, and In Rev: 16:2 & 19:20 it points out the consequences to those who have received this mark of the beast and worshipped his image. In Rev 20:4 it further speaks of God’s people who hasn’t received his (Satan’s) mark upon their foreheads or in their hands. Keep in mind these wicked people or Saints gone before in the passed could not receive a physical mark, because the technology didn’t exist! The mark in not a physical mark, but one whose has sworn an allegiance too! Also keep in mind that when Jesus does return He will judge them living and the dead.

By blessed!

Jeff Swartout
4 years ago
Listening to the monkey doctor…..where is his soul? This is NOT about helping cure or fixing humans, helping mankind…..this is freakish, diabolical, sadistic evil….period…..just look and listen to him…..sad.

Hyperspace Equine
7 years ago
Just BECAUSE you can…..doesn’t MEAN its BETTER STUPID’s…..these are like BAD RACE OWNERS on steroids

7 years ago
The mark is not physical – its a spiritual mark that allows the servants of God to differentiate between believers and non-believers or the righteous and the wicked.

Matthew 13 clearly teaches that there are only 2 groups of humans on earth, and that God will return to save the righteous and destroy the wicked, at THE LAST DAY. The wicked include all people from all nations who refuse to humble themselves and obey the Creators Law, more commonly known as the 10 commandments.

The beast system described in biblical prophecy is ANY & ALL political systems whereby the inhabitants of the earth are deceived to believe anything other than Gods Word as truth. All deception is simply a variation of the original deception which led to sin in eden when eve was deceived by satan whilst adam believed eve.

The last greatest deception perpetrated upon humanity is to have a world political system which purposely ignores the Creators instructions regarding His Holy Days. Instead we have a worldwide politcal system which has embraced the reincarnated julian calendar which is more commonly known as the gregorian calendar. This image of the beast speaks to all followers worldwide telling them when to work, rest, and worship, thus defying the Law of God. Its order and names of months, order of weeks and names of days defies all of Gods clear instructions for time keeping. Even the jews allowed their calendar system to be changed back inthe 4th century under leadership of hillel II, so that the only evidence of the creators calendar remains in His Word as revealed through the Holy Scriptures.

The current gregorian calendar is filled with tributes to pagan gods as months and days bear their names. Remember what Joshua said in 23:7 Do not associate with these nations that remain among you; DO NOT INVOKE THE NAMES OF THEIR gods or swear by them. You must not serve them or bow down to them. Exodus 23:13 “Be careful to do everything I have said to you.DO NOT INVOKE THE NAMES OF OTHER gods; do not let them be HEARD FROM YOUR LIPS.

So the deception already exists in the very names, but not only have the names been changed, but the days have also been manipulated so that its impossible to say that saturday is the sabbath or friday or sunday – its both all of these days and yet none! Look closely at the warnign given in Revelation 13:16 It also CAUSES all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they SHOULD NOT BE ABLE to BUY or SELL unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

When shouldn’t believers be able to BUY or SELL?

Neh 10:31 “When the neighboring peoples bring merchandise or grain to SELL on the Sabbath, we will not BUY from them on the Sabbath or on ANY HOLY DAY. Every seventh year we will forgo working the land and will cancel all debts.

Nehemiah 13:15 In those days I saw people in Judah treading winepresses on the Sabbath and bringing in grain and loading it on donkeys, together with wine, grapes, figs and all other kinds of loads. And they were bringing all this into Jerusalem on the Sabbath. Therefore I warned them against SELLING food on that day. 16 Also men of Tyre were living there who imported fish and all kinds of merchandise, and SOLD them to the sons of Judah on the SABBATH, even in Jerusalem.… 17 Then I reprimanded the nobles of Judah and said to them, “What is this evil thing you are doing, by PROFANING THE SABBATH DAY?…

People who profane the Sabbath or any Holy Day by BUYING & SELLING are breaking Gods 4th Commandment to humanity of observing His Sabbaths and keeping them Holy. Thus anyone who disobeys the Word of the living God receives the mark of the beast, as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from their lives. Those who remain faithful to the teaching of Christ and believe in Him will continue to remain sealed as promised in Eph 1:13 And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit. Now compare this with Rev 14:12 This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep His commands and remain faithful to Christ.

How do we avoid receiving the mark of the beast? By remaining obedient to our Creator who says this in Eze 46:1 This is what the Sovereign Lord says: The gate of the inner court facing east is to be shut on the six working days, but on the Sabbath day and on the day of the New Moon it is to be opened. 3 On the Sabbaths and New Moons the people of the land are to worship in the presence of the Lord at the entrance of that gateway.

We are to worhsip our Creator on His New Moon & Sabbath Days in accordance with His calendar which He established at creation in Gen 1:14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years. Why can;t the gregorian calendar be the right calendar system? Because New Moon Days can fall on working days or Sabbath Days, but Ezekiel 46 says that they are separate days.

Did Christ confirm this Law during His time on earth? Yes, despite healing several people on the Holy Days, Christ was adamant that believers were not permitted to BUY or SELL as shown in Matthew 21:12 Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were BUYING and SELLING there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

People were only allowed into the temple to worhsip on Gods Holy Days, and they were not permitted to BUY & SELL on His Holy Days. John describes this in better detail:- John 2:13 When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 In the temple courts he found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. 15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. 16 To those who sold doves he said, “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!”

For the Lord to take the time to make a whip of cords and then to drive out all who were BUYING & SELLING in the temple on His Holy Day, was a clear warning to all believers who would come to the ONE FAITH in the ONE LORD thereafter. Even after Christ’s death, scripture records the apostles and disciples continuing to observe Gods Lev 23 Holy Days as a sign of respect for their Creator.

The prophet Hosea describes our current pitiful situation the best when he penned:- Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; BECAUSE YOU HAVE IGNORED THE LAW OF THE LORD YOUR GOD, I also will ignore your children.

7 years ago
Qur’an talk about that…. 1500 years ago { man will be iron } : قُل كُونُواْ حِجَارَةً أَوْ حَدِيداً

أوۡ خَلۡقً۬ا مِّمَّا يَڪۡبُرُ فِى صُدُورِكُم‌ۚ

17.50. Say: (Yes, you will be resurrected even if) you are stones or iron.

17.51. Or a created matter, which is greater (or stronger than iron) in your minds.

God has said, “Yes.” You will be resurrected even if you become stone, iron (Verse 17.50),

Skibum Willy
7 years ago
The Change

7 years ago
Wow, full of religious insanity here.

gerard bourriaud
5 years ago
Don’t think that change your body, don’t change you. Because if you change the way you interact with the world, you will change the way you “feel/see/ear” it, and you will change your way of thinking and change your mind. So you will loose yourself.

Lone Wolf
6 years ago
Ok I’m now officially confused I am a Christian but is transhumanism bad or good? I don’t know but soon we will

Cody SwiftCaster
7 years ago
not true. the humans have fucked up the humans body trying to become what adam and even was before the curse of man kind took affect but non of them will ever achieve their glory unless they not only believe but walk in love and light and they will be given the spirit of truth and nothing not even Azel or the other demi gods can deceive them less they walk out of Jiels Hand of Protection and life.

Ralph Kemp
8 months ago
Who’s here in 2020

Chet Manley
2 years ago
devils work God complex if come.n out in 2025 means they had it 4 20yr everybody wants 2 go to heaven but nobody wants to die some ppl thats hell

John Jubal Murphy
7 years ago
What do you think I was doing dear? Have a nice day!

7 years ago
I disagree

6 years ago

cody templeton
7 years ago
i don’t take sides about if trans humanism is right or wrong but it definitely is a a possibility in the near future.But there is alot of other things that could happen to such as evolving in consciousness rather then physically like in the case of robosapians.

Blueberry Shortcake
6 years ago
ok i’m a christian and , other than that one guy who said that human bodies weren’t spiritual or from God, i don’t see what’s morally wrong with using our God given intelligence to improve human life, as long as we keep Jesus in our lives.

Mad Mike Jones
6 years ago
These people talk about how great this all is & why wouldn’t we all want to be perfect geniuses….. but, then they go on to say how we don’t always get along with other species…….we can’t get along with each other let alone other species !!!! And you can bet the folks who’s money is paying for all this technology, are saying wait a minute….if everyone is perfect….who is going to handle all the basic tasks…..who’s gonna ask me if I want my order super sized ?!!!! So not only is this technology as evil as the people participating in it….but you can bet it’s not for us all folks !!!!! Think about the movie Elysium……that’s our future in a nutshell if these people get their way !!!!

Brian Takita
7 years ago
Maybe this is the will & ultimate worship of God.

Religion will need to change with this new reality. Jesus did radically change religion as well, due to the reality of that time. The Pharases (the established religious order) didn’t like Jesus.

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