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Appendix 21: The Pope is THE Antichrist?! Webmaster’s Transcription Of Hendrie/Marrs Interview, 2015

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Transcribed by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, January, 2016

Interview Highlights

First, let me tell you that Roman Catholicism is a phallic religion. Ultimately, they engage in and are involved in the worship of the procreative act. Phallic symbolism is found throughout their liturgy. It is a liturgical religion; but that is a cover for the fact that it is a phallic religion. As is Judaism. As is Freemasonry. There is a commonality between these religions….. Roman Catholicism is based upon Judaism. It is not the Judaism of the Bible. It is the Judaism of Babylon. So when we talk about Judaism, I’m talking about the religion of Babylon. This is a phallic religion that flowed from Babylon through the Jews into the Roman Catholic Church. So the Catholic Church is basically Judaism for gentiles.

And yes, global warming is one of the prongs of the strategy to enslave the world.

Edward Hendrie, author, lawyer, and employee of U.S. State Department

ETK Introduction

“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:5

In Part I of my article, “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order: An Expose of the New World Religion” (on this website), I quote liberally from Barbara Aho’s 2010 excellent “Mystery Babylon the Great: Catholic or Jewish.” At that time (2011), I concluded that this monstrous “world system” is primarily of Jewish origin. I could not fathom, then, that the Illuminati “beast” system might also include the Roman Catholic Church. However, in his books “Antichrist: The Beast Revealed” and “Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great: Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican” (2012), Christian lawyer and U.S. State Department worker, Edward Hendrie proves that “the Catholic Church is basically Judaism for gentiles.” Hendrie documents that at the esoteric (secret or hidden) level, Roman Catholicism is the Babylonian mystery religion that worships Lucifer, the serpent. Thus, just as Martin Luther and other Protestant theologians and writers have asserted in the past, Hendrie concludes that the Roman Catholic Pope is THE Antichrist. As Hendrie points out, he is the Antichrist because; 1) he is “against” Jesus Christ, and 2) he puts himself “in place of” Christ.

For years, I have ignored this seemingly outrageous proposition that the Pope could be the Antichrist.  I admit readily that I dismissed this idea out of hand because so many of the Catholics I know, including the Crestone/Baca Carmelites, seem to be fantastic people. However, given that our current Pope Francis, a Jesuit, now strongly advocates the “New World Order,” the “man-caused global warming” fraud, and the proposition that everyone, regardless of beliefs, goes to heaven, I now consider Hendrie’s arguments to be quite plausible. The interviewer, Texe Marrs, who is also an author and researcher, believes that the Antichrist, when he appears, will be Jewish…. (However, he has also documented that the Jewish people may designate themselves as their own Messiah). Note, however, that if THE Antichrist were to be a Jewish Pope, and there have been a number of Jewish Popes in the past, including Pope John Paul II, then Hendrie and Marrs would both be correct.

This scenario becomes even more plausible when we recall that: 1) the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556), was a Spanish crypto-Jew, who was also a member of the Alumbrados (“enlightened ones”) secret society; 2) the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (“enlightened”/”illuminated ones”) secret society, Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), and of Jewish extraction, was a professor of Canon Law at the Jesuit-controlled University of Igolstadt, Germany; and 3) the Illuminati, according to Hendrie (2012), is a “very powerful Jewish secret society.” Thus, the Jesuit Order has always formed a vigilantly (crypto-)Jewish element within the Roman Catholic Church. And what do the Illuminati, the Jesuits, and the Jews, particularly those at the highest levels, have in common? They worship Lucifer, the “light-bearer,” and they regard themselves are gods.

Leaders and members of these groups, then, have traded their immortal souls to Lucifer for earthly power, prestige, and privilege. They have accepted the “deal” that Jesus Christ rejected (“All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me,” Matthew 4:9). They have bought into the serpent’s deadly lie that “ye shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5). Today, seemingly countless false New Age religions, many represented in my home town of Crestone/Baca, Colorado, have also bought into this lie. And today, these groups are hell-bent to usher in their Satanic New World Order/Jewish utopia. They follow the Weishaupt’s maxim; “The ends justify the means.” However, while they may think they are gods, we can “know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16), which are murder, genocide, theft, sodomy, child rape, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and endless lies and deception…

The following interview/conversation between Hendrie and Marrs is extremely informative and important. It raises vital and related issues such as: 1) the current and ongoing war between civil vs. Constitutional rights in America, 2) the secret, occult (Judaic) doctrines of the Roman Church, 3) the spiritual reasons for the perennial pederasty in the Roman Catholic Church, 4) the occult commonalities between Catholicism, Judaism, and Freemasonry, and 5) the potentially central role of the Roman Catholic Church in the planned New World Order.

Even now, I hesitate to post this interview because I know many fine Catholics and ex-Catholics. Of course, most of these individuals are unaware of the esoteric (hidden) and diabolical aspects of their church. Indeed, for about fifteen years, I considered myself a Catholic, (more or less, as I never officially joined.) But if my own spiritual search has proven anything at all, it is that we can all be fooled! I hope and believe that the information in Hendrie’s book and in this interview will become widely disseminated and will cause many Catholics to re-examine Catholicism and to realize that their Pope is not only fallible in the extreme, he could also be THE Antichrist predicted in Book of Revelation.

Interview Transcription by Webmaster

Marrs: Hello friends. We have a very special guest with us today, my good friend, lawyer and author, Edward Hendrie. He is a graduate University of Notre Dame and of Loyola University. That makes him a bona fide Catholic, doesn’t it? No it doesn’t. Because Edward Hendrie read the Bible for himself. And he listened to the instruction given by the Holy Spirit. And he became a born-again Christian. And that made all the difference. Hendrie has written several books, including “Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great,” “Bloody Zion,” and these are books you will not find in bookstores. Because Edward Hendrie does not write for the bookstores. He writes for God.

This book, “Antichrist: The Beast Revealed,” reveals who the Antichrist “beast” is. It is about 700 pages long. And Hendrie really documents the facts in his books.

Hendrie: Yes, I not to try to just put forth an argument. I try to put forth proofs, and I cite the authorities for what I say. I have over a thousand end notes in the book. So it’s not just my opinion. I set forth evidence proving who the Antichrist is and what methods he uses. There is a lot of misinformation put out about who the Antichrist is. Some of this is put out by the Church of Rome who have infiltrated the seminaries and churches.. And they have put out all sorts of misinformation and theories. Perhaps the Antichrist is Islam, or Prince Charles, or George Bush, or Barack Obama. And a lot of people believe these claims. In fact, it is necessary to put this evidence together in a book to prove that, in fact, the Antichrist sits in Rome.

Why is this important? Because God commands us not only to be harmless as doves but also to be as wise as serpents. It is important that Christians be armed with the knowledge of the methods of the Antichrist. And that they know who this is. God says: “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.” And once they know they should let others know as well. Jesus thought this was very important for people to know. He stated in Matthew 24 that there will be many false Christs. He said: “Behold, I have told you before.” So this is something that is important to Christ and it should be important to us. We should understand who is the anti-Christ and what are his methods.

Marrs: Jesus said in Matthew 24:5, “For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ, and shall deceive many.” So he’s going to be very close to what the world thinks Christ should be. He’s not going to be a Buddhist or a Moslem. Then he would not appear to be Jesus Christ. Nobody would believe a Moslem who said “I’m Jesus.” And scripture is our guide, isn’t it?

Hendrie: Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Antichrist does not necessarily mean “against Christ” only. Antichrist is a word that is very pregnant with meaning. It means not only against Christ, but also as a substitute for Christ. So ‘anti’ means in place of AND against Christ at the same time. So we have to look at those people and organizations that are against Christ but also those that claim to be in place of Christ.

Marrs: I was going to ask you about this Pope. Pope Francis. He’s wildly popular among the non-Christian set. The news media love this guy. He recently gave a statement about global warming. He’s put out an entire encyclical saying that global warming is true, and the earth is getting hotter and hotter, and we have to do something about it. And we need global governance. How does that strike you? He wants a global government, a New World Order, with a man at the top, I suppose. Him, perhaps. So he’s found a rational for this with global warming. So he is scaring people. And he wants to be the leader of the whole world in this thing.

Hendrie: That’s the ultimate objective of course. He wants to use government power in order to effectuate that. Right now, his dominion seems rather small; people say the Vatican doesn’t have much territory. But remember in Daniel, the prophecy calls the Antichrist the “little horn,” referring to the territory. But the influence he has is world-wide. And he controls government through his influence. And yes, global warming is one of the prongs of the strategy to enslave the world.

Marrs: You know the Catholic Church is just riddled with homosexuality and pedophilia throughout, and it never seems to get any better. And it is rampant with Satanism, and you prove that in your book. But he’s not talking about those things. He’s talking about global warming. He tries to separate the things that the church is doing from the things he claims need to be done.

Hendrie: Well, of course he’s not going to point out the pederasty that is rampant within the Roman Catholic Church. He’ll try to focus on everything but that. Pope Benedict made some really foolish statements to try to excuse the behavior of the Catholic priests in their pederastic behavior. He stated that they were part of the 70’s culture, where people didn’t think it was wrong to molest children. Now, that’s just ridiculous. First, he was trying to suggest that this is all something in the past back in the 70’s. And second, he was trying to suggest that society now accepts pederasty as normal behavior. This is so absurd and perverse for him to say that. People do not accept this now. It has never been accepted. Basically he’s saying that the Catholic priests didn’t realize that it is wrong rape children. This is the type of thinking that they have. They actually do not think it is wrong.

The Gay and Lesbian movement is just the first step towards legalizing pederasty. That is their ultimate goal. People don’t realize that the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender) community is made up of organizations that put forth as part of their political plank the promotion of pederasty…. the removal of all laws that limit the age of consent. The homosexual community ultimately wants to be able to have sex with children. That is what their organizations lobby for. That is their ultimate aim. So this idea of giving them special privileges and special rights, and that’s what they are working for now, is just the first step toward ultimately gaining that privilege of having sex with children without any legal ramifications.

Marrs: This Pope said, when asked about homosexuality, said: “Who am I to judge?”

Hendrie: That’s right. He’s sort of laying the groundwork. People need to understand that right now we are at the fulcrum of a contest between civil rights and constitutional rights. It may sound odd, but the idea of civil rights, which really means government-based privileges, is often in contravention to the God-given rights which we recognize as Constitutional rights. So these civil rights that are now being grasped and being sought and actually being obtained by the sodomite community and are being used to undermine the God-given rights which are protected by the Constitution.

I’ll give you an example. There was a bakery in Oregon. And there was a lesbian couple that wanted that bakery to bake a cake for their lesbian wedding. The owners of the bakery thought about it and told the lesbian couple that they decided it would violate their conscience to bake a cake for the lesbian wedding. Well, the lesbian couple went to the State and the State found that the conduct of refusing to bake that cake violated the laws of Oregon regarding discrimination against the LGBT community- (the acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)- basically the sodomite communities. And because they were discriminating against this lesbian couple, the State or Oregon fined the bakery $135,000. Now this is still in litigation. But it had the effect of closing down the bakery. They are now out of business and the husband is now working as a trash collector.

The LGBT community was working very closely with the Department of Labor in Oregon to orchestrate this persecution, is what I call it, they call it a prosecution, of the bakery. Now here you have a contest between the civil rights, that is, the government-based privileges based on a law, against the Constitutional rights of the bakery owners to practice their religion as they see fit. Now in Oregon there is a constitutional provision that prohibits the government from having any law that will control the free exercise or enjoyment of religious opinions or interfere with their rights of conscience. That is a Constitutional provision in Oregon that protects a persons’ individual right to ‘freedom of religion,’ which is a God-given right. It is not bestowed by the government. The privilege that they (state of Oregon) are protecting is bestowed by the government. It’s a law that prevents discrimination… And there is going to be this contest….

This is just one example. Another one was the Indiana law which sought to put into law a protection of citizens who wanted to exercise their religious rights… OK? So that something like what happened in Oregon would not happen in Indiana.

The bottom line is that this context between Constitutional, individual, God-given rights and these civil rights, which are actually privileges bestowed by the government, is going to continue. And as long as the government is bestowing these special privileges on groups, and that’s what it is, these are group privileges, the individual rights of the citizens will be taking a back seat. So what they (citizens) have to do, when they litigate these things, they must assert their Constitutional rights at the outset.

When President John Kennedy gave his inaugural address, he stated that the beliefs that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the State but from the hand God is the revolutionary belief for which our forefathers fought. And that is the key thing that must be understood. That our rights do not flow from the State. Whenever you hear of a ‘march on Washington,’ they are trying to get the force of government to be used for their particular benefit. Rather than relying on individual God-given rights, they want special privileges to be bestowed on them by the government.

And this context between religious freedom and the sodomite special privileges is going to continue to be fought. And I’m telling you, if they win, this will be the first step toward the persecution of Christians. Christianity will become outlawed, because it will be viewed as trampling the rights of sodomites. Because the religious beliefs are that sodomy is a sin and that they should not be able to engage in that…. that pederasty is a sin, it’s an abomination. And so these types of things which we would object to, will cause persecution of Christians. I see this as the fulcrum upon which persecution of Christians will begin.

Marrs: It seems to me that it goes even deeper than that. They have got into my heart and my mind. They are saying that if you, Texe Marrs, believe that sodomy is a sin, and you get this from the Bible, then you are a “hater.” And also, the Bible, if it says that plainly, is a book of “hate,” and its God, who wrote it, is a “hater” too, and all of you must be thrown out of proper, good society.

Hendrie: Yes, that’s very perceptive. The Hate Crimes laws now require a predicate crime, and hate is simply an element of that crime. But as you know, legislation can be amended very easily and changed to make hate itself the crime. Next, if you just think or say that sodomy is wrong, that could become the hate crime.

Marrs: In other words, even if you’ll get back into your cave or your dungeon, where we can still hear you, we are going to ostracize you…. But they will go father. They’ll demand to know what you are saying or thinking, then they can prosecute us for hate crimes. Obviously, this case of the bakery has huge implications.

Now, in your book, you say there is Satanic Ritual Abuse by Catholic priests, and this has been proven in the press. Can you give some examples of that and tell us how that relates to our subject, the Antichrist.

Hendrie: There are a number of specific cases that I cite in the book where it has been proven in court that the molestation of the children and other people is a result of Satanic Ritual Abuse by the Catholic priests. And that has been concealed. The aspect of the pederasty by the Catholic priests has been concealed from the public. It is something that the Catholic Church cannot allow to be known. Because if it is known, people will understand why it is so pervasive and can never be stopped. All of these steps that were announced just this past week with regards to steps being taken by the Pope to address the issues of pederasty within the Catholic priesthood, this is all window-dressing. This issue will never be addressed. Because this pederasty is so pervasive, because it is based on double possession. These priests are driven to this by the devil and his demons.

If you read the book of Romans, it explains why they are doing this. It says in chapter 1, that they changed the glory of the incorruptible God unto the image made by corruptible man. All idols are demonic. We read about that in First Corinthians, chapter 10. And when they engage in this conduct, this idol worship, God gave them up to uncleanness, through the lusts of their own hearts, through the sound of their own bodies between themselves. And it is for this cause, that men would lay with men, working that which is seemingly. We read this in Romans. In the book of Romans it explains that they are doing this because of the idolatry of the religion they are engaged in. This causes demonic possession of the priests who engage in these rituals by the devils behind these idols. That’s why it states in the Bible, keep yourself from idols, time and time again, we are told this.

However, the Roman Catholic Church actually removes this command from their Ten Commandments. Their Ten Commandments removes the prohibition found in Exodus, chapter 20, which states: “Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or in the earth beneath or in the water under the earth, thou shall not bow themselves to them or serve them.” Now that’s pretty clear.

But here is what the Roman Catholic Church has done because they are a church of idolatry. Their first commandment says: “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me.” So you can have gods as long as they are not strange. And the Catholic Church has determined that it is fine to pray to a whole pantheon of saints… Mary, Peter, etc. They do not consider these to be strange gods.

And their second commandment states: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” Notice what is missing. What’s missing is the prohibition against making graven images and bowing down to them. That is missing from the Ten Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church.

Now that gives them nine commandments. To make up for that missing commandment, they have broken the last commandment against coveting into two commandments: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife,” and “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” That gives them now Ten Commandments.

And what is one of the prophecies regarding the Antichrist? He will seek to change the times and the laws. This is the very law of God, the Ten Commandments, which he has now changed. So this is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Antichrist.

Marrs: This is astonishing. I never recognized before, in Romans chapter 1, how it is this idolatry that makes these people sodomites. It brings demons into their lives and makes their hearts black with these pedophile practices. Now I can understand why Anton LeVey of the Church of Satan and these Catholic priests feel compelled to sacrifice innocent little children to hell.

The most hardened Catholics have written me telling me not to say anything bad about communion and the Eucharist. But there is a dark secret. And I’d like for you to tell us about that.

(Commercial for Hendrie’s book): This book, “Antichrist: The Beast Revealed” by Edward Hendrie has so much information about the antichrist. I get so many letters about the Antichrist asking me who the Antichrist is going to be. From now on I’m going to tell them to get Edward Hendrie’s book. Now I believe the Antichrist is going to be Jewish. But he could be a Jewish Pope. Hendrie has all the evidence for the Pope of the Rome being the Antichrist. I also credit Martin Luther and all great Protestant reformers, they also believed that.

People says that’s old fashioned, the Catholic Church has changed and so on. But actually the Catholic Church has gone right back to Babylon. And that is what Hendrie shows here. And this is at the forefront of modern evil. This evil world is spiraling right into Babylon. Because the horrible demon spirits- they learned things in Babylon, they practiced there. And they are going to bring up these things up again and again.

We need to know why these priests have been engaged in pederasty for so long. And why the Catholic Church has spent $100’s of millions, perhaps billions, bailing these people out, and moving them from parish to parish, and covering this up. Some people will say, at least they have the Catholic Mass. At least they recognize that Jesus died on the cross. But guess what? But Edward Hendrie quotes priests who are practicing today who say this comes right out of Judaism. It is a sexual, phallic cult. I know that because I’ve studied Judaism. I know about the “Tree of Life” and all of the sexual idols and false gods that the Jews worship. And to think that they’ve now put these into the Catholic Church. And that’s why the Pope says Jews do not need Jesus. That’s right. The Catholic Catechism says Jews don’t need Jesus. They’ve got their own covenant; they’ve got their own gods. Of course, this is a horrible lie. Every single human soul needs Jesus.

But that’s why the Antichrist is the Pope. Hey, he’s the most recognized world leader. And he’s in the Temple of God, isn’t he? At least he’s falsely there; he’s a counterfeit. To get this book, send $35, plus $5 shipping to Power of Prophecy ( 1-800-234-9673). Get a copy for you pastor too!

We also have many copies of Hendrie’s other book, “Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great.” Maybe you’ve been wondering, who is Babylon the Great? There is a mystery of iniquity. Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Jesus says he’ll give people who read his Word, his book of prophecy, a special blessing. Do you agree?

Hendrie: Absolutely. The wisdom from Book of Revelations is really unapproachable. It’s amazing what it will open up. I agree.

Marrs: Now let’s look at the dark secret of the Catholic liturgy. When I was an Air Force Chaplain and priests would say mass every day. It was in Latin back in those days, then they changed it to English. What have you been able to discover about this mass?

Hendrie: Yes, this is kind of a mature topic, so just a warning to the listeners. There is a disturbing aspect to Roman Catholicism that people will find difficult to believe. Which is, in part, why I put endnotes for everything I have in the book. There is authority for everything I say. So I’m not just making this up. This is authoritative.

First, let me tell you that Roman Catholicism is a phallic religion. Ultimately, they engage in and are involved in the worship of the procreative act. Phallic symbolism is found throughout their liturgy. It is a liturgical religion; but that is a cover for the fact that it is a phallic religion. As is Judaism. As is Freemasonry. There is a commonality between these religions.

The nucleus of Orthodox Judaism is the spiritual and sexual union of the female goddess, which they call Shekinah, with her male consort, which is called the Tipperat. Now the Catholic mass is actually an enactment of this union of the Shekinah with God in the Eucharist. The Shekinah is present in the Eucharist during the Catholic mass. And when the Catholic mass is said, the Shekinah, who is considered to be the bride, is united with Tipperat, through the phallus of Tipperat, known as Yesod. I’m sorry.

The god of Judaism is Ein Sof. And Yesod is the phallus of Ein Sof. They call the phallus one of the nine Tipperat’s of Ein Sof. I know this is very complicated. The language they use is bizarre. It is very difficult to weed through all these meanings. But the bottom line…

Marrs: Hold on. What you are saying is amazing and mind-boggling. Because most people don’t know what Judaism really is. But I have this book by Israel Shahak, professor at Hebrew University. And he spells out exactly what Judaism really is. There are all these gods and goddesses that the Jewish rabbis and the laymen worship. Tipperat and Yesod. And you say the same thing is going on in the Catholic mass. And you are finding these same strange gods of Judaism in the Catholic mass. People think the Jews believe in the Old Testament and God. But actually, they have a number of strange Judaic deities and Gods that the average Christian has never heard about. These are the same ones you finding in the Catholic mass, right?

Hendrie: That’s right. In witchcraft, there are always two explanations that are provided for a ritual. There is one that is the exoteric, the public explanation, the false explanation, if you will, that is provided to the public. And then there is the esoteric, the secret explanation, which is the true explanation for the ritual, that is hidden, concealed. What I’m telling you now is the esoteric explanation for what takes place in the mass. And that mass actually flows from Judaism. Roman Catholicism is based upon Judaism. It is not the Judaism of the Bible. It is the Judaism of Babylon. So when we talk about Judaism, I’m talking about the religion of Babylon. This is a phallic religion which flowed from Babylon through the Jews into the Roman Catholic Church. So the Catholic Church is basically Judaism for gentiles.

Marrs: Wow. And yet the rabbis I’ve talked to and read about, all say this is modern Judaism. This is what we teach. This is what we do. So Christians cannot get this just from reading the Old Testament, can they?

Hendrie: Well no. The Jews do not follow the Old Testament and God upbraided them for that. When Jesus was talking to the scribes and the Pharisees, he upbraided them for replacing God’s laws with their traditions. In fact, even today, the motions made by the Jews when they pray, it’s called “shuckling.” And you’ve probably noticed them swaying back and forth. When they do that they are actually emulating copulation and sexual union with Shekinah. Those are actually hip thrusts, and I apologize for getting into this. This is in fact what is happening. And this is not something that is disputable. I cite the authorities in my book for these statement.

Marrs: They call it ‘shuckling’ or ‘devoning.’ So when they are in front of the Wailing Wall, let’s say, in Jerusalem, and these men in these dark clothes, the Jews, and they are moaning and chanting and moving their bodies, they are simulating copulation with the Shekinah. Wow, that’s so sickening and mind-boggling. But they believe that gentiles are too stupid to know this.

Hendrie: This is well known within the Jewish community, but it is kept secret from the gentiles.

Marrs: Wow. So back to the Catholic mass now. So they have the Shekinah within the communion, the Eucharist; they say the Shekinah is in there. So is that what’s going, some kind of a sex act?

Hendrie: That’s right, it’s a sexual union between Ein Sof and the Eucharist, which is Shekinah, through Yesod, or Jesod, which is one of the Tepheroths, part of the Triads, of Ein Sof. I know it sounds bizarre. It is strange. But this is what you’re dealing with when you are dealing with these heathen religions. This is an esoteric; This is something that is kept secret from people in the Catholic Church. People in the Catholic Church do not understand this. If you ask a Catholic, they would deny it. They truly do not know this. This is kept secret. This is a secret doctrine. This is not something that is publically known. It has taken a lot of research to get to this point. This is really deep, dark witchcraft.

Marrs: Boy. You actually quote a well-known Catholic priest, and has written all about this and he explains this. And he puts Judaism and Catholicism together, doesn’t he?

Hendrie: Yes, in fact, the Eucharist itself has three initials on it. I.H.S, And the Catholic Church’s exoteric, public explanation for this is that those are the first three initials of Jesus’ name. The problem is, that if that were the case, it would be I.E.S., not I.H.S. I go into this in the book. So if you believe their explanation, what they have, with I.H.S., if you follow their explanation you have a Latin I., a Greek H., and a Latin H. So there is a mixture. And that makes no sense. Second, in ancient times people did not go by the first three letters of their names. And that makes no sense either. John would not be JOH and Peter would not be PET. This just wasn’t done.

The real explanation, the esoteric meaning, is that I.H.S. is a symbolism that represents Isis, Horus, and Seth, three heathen gods and goddesses.

Marrs: Hmmmm. Isis ,Horus, and Seth were worshipped by the ancient Israelites, who apostacized against God. Wow.

Hendrie: And it gets even deeper than that. And again, I document this in the book. This is not disputable. There is actually, at times, the public worship of Lucifer during certain high masses.

Marrs: Yes. A friend of the ministry actually sent me a video of the Pope conducting a Luciferian mass. It was a Catholic Mass in which they were chanting to Lucifer. The Pope was praising Lucifer. I was shocked. But evidently during certain times of the year they have a Luciferian mass.

Hendrie: That’s right. It’s preached in Latin. But the translation is as follows:

“Flaming Lucifer finds mankind.
I say, Oh Lucifer, who will never be defeated.
Christ is your son. Who came back from Hell,
Shed his peaceful light, and is alive
And reigns in the world without end.”

So here they are saying that Christ is the son of Lucifer. How blasphemous is that? What explanation could the Catholic Church have for that? Well, here is their public explanation. They say that Lucifer, metaphorically, is a reference to Jesus Christ. You can look this up on the internet. And people can look up “Lucifer” in the Catholic Encyclopedia and this is what they say. I’m quoting:

“Metaphorically, the word (Lucifer) applied to the King of Babylon, etc. etc.,.. and finally to Jesus Christ himself.” That’s what they say.

Marrs: Stop right there… “Metaphorically applied to the King of Babylon and to Jesus Christ himself.” How did those two get together?

Hendrie: Good point. To attribute, by the way, the characteristics of the devil to God is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. And Jesus stated that all sin will be forgiven man except blaspheming the Holy Spirit. That is, attributing the characteristics of Satan to God. And that’s what they’ve done here. And they’ve done that in their Bible. If you look at their version of the Bible, the NIV, for instance, in Isaiah Chapter 14, verse 12, they have changed the words.

Instead of “Lucifer,” (which the King James version has): “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning?” That’s a reference to the fall of Lucifer and is a prophecy of his destruction.

In the Catholic New International Version, it reads: “How you have fallen from heaven, O Morning Star.” They have replaced Lucifer with “morning star.” The interesting thing is that “Morning Star” is a title for Jesus Christ. In Revelations 22:16, Jesus says: “I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.”

So here in the prophecy of Isaiah 14:12, they are talking about the destruction of Lucifer and they’ve replaced Lucifer with Jesus Christ. Now it is a prophecy of the destruction of Jesus Christ, again attributing the characteristics of the devil to Jesus, blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Marrs: You mention the commonality between Freemasonry and Judaism and the Catholic, in practice. Freemasons, at the highest levels, they literally worship Lucifer. I had a Freemason write me and say, “Texe, you don’t understand… Lucifer to the Mason is not the devil. He’s a good god. All we Masons believe in Lucifer.” So the same thing holds for the Catholic Church.

Hendrie: Yes.

Marrs: Wow. The Pope, I can’t remember which one it was, it might have been Benedict… He came to the U.S. several years ago, he went to Cincinnati or Pittsburg, and they said a mass for him there to Lucifer. The Pope was brought in, he was the central character, and then they did this mass for him. And it praised Lucifer. This is what you are talking about here in your book. These are things I’ve just recently discovered and your book kind of finalized it for me.

What do they have in store for the United States? You say they have targeted us? They’ve always targeted us.

Hendrie: They are now working feverishly to undermine the United States. People should understand that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is not only a religious power, it is a political power. They have their emissaries that they send throughout the world. And the ratio of the increase of Popery in any country correlates exactly to the decrease in the liberty in that country. Let me just give a few quotes. And these are core doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church:

Pope Pius X, for instance, stated: “When one speaks of the Pope, it is not necessary to examine but to obey. No rights must be set up against the rights of the Holy Father.”

In fact, people can go right now on the Vatican website and the Vatican, on their website, describes itself as follows:

“Vatican City State is governed by an absolute monarchy…. The head of state of the Pope who holds full legislative, executive, and judicial powers….”

So people have to understand that under their religious and political view, the Catholic leadership condemns freedom of conscience as an insane folly. And I’m quoting now from Pope Pius IX. He condemns freedom of conscience as an “insane folly, and freedom of the press as a pestiferious error, which cannot be sufficiently detested.” He stated in his syllabus Eropah that: “No man is free to embrace and profess that religion which he believes to be true, guided by the light of reason.”

So that monarchy of the Pope is absolutely antithetic to the republican, constitutional view of individual freedom, with our constitutional right of conscience and religion and free speech protected from government intrusion. Their view is that government and religion should be joined and freedom of conscience is a folly and that the religion of the State should be Roman Catholicism.

Now, how do they ever expect to put that into force and reality in the United States? The illegal immigration and the ultimate naturalization of those illegal aliens is one way to do that. The Roman Catholic Church is working feverishly to provide for and give aid and comfort to illegal aliens coming into the United States, particularly from Mexico. Why? 91% of the Mexicans coming into the United States are Roman Catholic. So once they become legal citizens with voting rights, the Roman Catholic Church’s power in the United States will be exponentially increased. This will give them hegemony, control. Once there is a majority of Catholics in the United States, and then the persecution of Christians will then begin in earnest.

Marrs: Well, it seems like they’ve got the Supreme Court and the government, so the Catholic Church is on its way. Edward Hendrie, I want to thank you for being on Power of Prophecy today.

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