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The United Nations and Planned World Government (from De Ruiter, 2015)

One World Government
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Posted by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, November, 2015


Few books summarize the political and spiritual plight of humanity as well as De Ruiter’s “The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to Hell” (2015). This 557-page book is clear, concise, and very readable. Robin De Ruiter, an Ecuadoran, has a slightly different perspective than most Americans. However, his book, as noted, is one the best summaries of the many issues that everyone faces now. Truly, the international elite (Illuminati/”Jew Money Kings”) have a plan to usher in One World Government and One World Religion. Unfortunately for most of humanity and nature, etc., this same elite worships and serves Lucifer, as De Ruiter explains in his Chapter 14, ‘Religious Practices of the Elite.’ De Ruiter’s book (and many others) make it abundantly clear that Lucifer and his many minions want to control the “whole enchilada”- that is, ALL nations, lives, air, water, food, minerals, forests, etc. Their long-term plan for stealing everything is expressed in their “Protocols” and other documents. I post the following excerpt from de Ruiter’s book because it succinctly explains the (German/Jew/Mason/Luciferian) Illuminati’s step-wise plan to usher in World Government.

From Chapter 17: The Planned World Government

“How far can the life of nations, which for centuries have thought of themselves as distinct and unique, be merged with the life of other nations? How far are they prepared to sacrifice a part of their sovereignty without which their can be no effective economic or political union? Out of the prevailing confusion a New World Order is taking shape…. Which may point the way toward the New Order… That will be the beginning of a real United Nations, no longer crippled by a split personality, but held together by a common faith.”

Sir Harold Butler in the ‘Foreign Affairs’ magazine of July, 1948

(ETK note: ‘Foreign Affairs’ is the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-profit “think tank” formed in 1921 as the American Branch and “Little Sister” to the British Royal Institute for International Affairs. Today, according to Texe Marrs, some 76% of the 4900-membership of the CFR are Jews.)

The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduced February 9, 1950 the Senate Concurrent Resolution 66 which begins with the following words:

“Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true World Government constitution.”

In “World Peace Through World Law” (1958) the authors advocate using the United Nations as a governing body for the world disarmament, police force and legislation.

Today we are confronted with an incessant flood of books that try to manipulate the way the masses thinks in order to convince the reader of the necessity of a World Government. Examples of this are found in several of Al Gore’s books. Another example is the “El Nuevo Orden Mundial” (The New World Order) of the Spanish author Ramon Tamames, member of the Club of Rome.

Apparently, the Illuminati are also responsible for the birth of the Club of Rome. This organization was founded in 1969 in the “Academia el Lincei” in Rome by Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King. In 1991 the Club of Rome published a book with the title “The First Global Revolution.” The authors and co-founders of the Club of Rome, Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider (ETK: a Jew to be sure), call for a worldwide solidarity. First the book mentions all the problems that are threatening the earth. These are the so-called population explosion, atomic threats, military conflicts, other threats for world peace, new diseases that threaten people, etc. According to the authors, these are all problems that the whole of humanity has to deal with:

“The time is right; only when all the inhabitants of this planet understand that they are directly exposed to a danger, that is coming from many sides, it is possible to create a worldwide political will that can guarantee the survival of mankind.”

In the book it is constantly stressed that the existing governments and organizations aren’t capable anymore to deal with problems of such dimensions. Apparently our world is not controllable with the existing structures and relationships. After it has been made clear to the readers how limited the power and strength of the existing administrative and organizational structures is, the authors stress the importance of new administrative and organizational structures such as the United Nations. Through giving this organization new life, it is able to replace the existing power structures:

“Now is the time to completely restructure the United Nations. The vast majority of the problems threatening the world should be placed under the supervision of the U.N.”

According to Dr. Oppenheimer of the Club of Rome the solution to problems regarding the world economy, the world population and global food problems lies with a small group of intellectuals forming a sort of World Government, a council of wise men that can guarantee world peace on a scientific basis.

Without a hurry, but also without interruptions the contours for a future World Dictatorship are being set out slowly but surely. An important part of this is the United States and its sub-organizations. It is a known fact that the United Nations was praised all around after the fall of the Berlin wall. Everywhere there were voices saying that this organization should have a bigger part in the international affairs concerning peace and security.

The Spanish paper “El Pais” wrote on February 10, 1994:

“There is now doubt about the fact that the best solution to international problems is the United Nations.”

Also President Jacques Chirac has called for a sounder and fairer international order based on a reformed and strengthened United Nations. He made a plea to bolster the role and regard of the United Nations: “This is why we must work together to revive multilateralism, a multilateralism based on a reformed and strengthened United Nations,” he said.

One often hears that the United Nations fails at decisive moments. That however is also part of the tactic of the Illuminati. For now humanity should be kept in a state of political and military agitation. The plans that eventually have to lead to a World Dictatorship are still, especially as far as the details are concerned, very difficult to see through. The politics of the Illuminati are a secret world in themselves. But don’t think the United Nations is silenced and incapable of taking action; slowly but surely this organization changes into a world parliament that will take more and more final decisions on a global level.

In the Dutch Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ of December, 24, 1993, the Dutch Nobel Prize winner and economist professor Jan Tinbergen declared:

“I am no prophet, but I see the New World Government in the United Nations. Now they can’t really take a stand, but that will certainly change in the future.”

Prominent political journalist, author and professor Norman Cousins, the chairman of the Planetary Citizens for the World We Choose, said in “Human Events:”

“World government is coming, in fact, it is inevitable. No arguments for or against it can change that fact.”

Elmo Roper, deputy director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and member of the Eisenhower administration, stated in 1960:

“For it becomes clear that the first step toward World Government cannot be completed until we have advanced on the four fronts: the economic, military, the political and the social.”

The founding of the planned New World Order will be performed in steps:

1) The establishment of one international World Parliament.
2) The creation of a One World Financial system.
3) Restriction of all national influence in favor of a dictatorial World Government.
4) The complete control over all food supplies by the one “World Food Authority.”
5) The complete control over all raw material, oil, and gas resources.
6) Creation of a World Army through combining the American army, NATO and all other western armies.
7) The merger and equality of all religions into one Humanistic World Religion.
8) Creation of a social demographic network that connects all aspects of daily life through use of computers.
9) The establishment of a one world “Capital City.”
10) Installation of a World Leader.

Reflections on the Implications of Gradual Imposition of World Government through the United Nations

So this is the enemy face… the gradual imposition of a Luciferian one world government/one world religion dictatorship. Most of the rest of our mainstrean and alternative-media-hyped issues are mostly smoke and mirrors. The United Nations is the prototype for this Luciferian world dictatorship, as is already very well documented on this website. It is well for us to re-focus time and again on this fundamental dynamic because our former (Skull and Bones, class of ’68) President and idiot-in-chief, George W. Bush, said:

“(Our enemies) never stop thinking about new ways to harm people, and neither do we.”

I have demonstrated in this website and in my other websites ( and that the Illuminati have even co-opted my tiny town of Crestone/Baca, Colorado. Perhaps because of the enormous potential economic and strategic value of our groundwater resource and also the extremely population density of our Saguache County is a mere 1.9 people per square mile and the population of Crestone/Baca itself is only about 1500, it appears we have been “chosen” by the global elite (Illuminati) to help them implement:

1) step #7 above (“The merger and equality of all religions into one Humanist World Religion.”) through the Manitou Foundation-imposed, post-Rio Earth Summit (1992) identity as a “spiritual community” with over 28 spiritual and New Age groups from all around the world.
2) step #5 above (“The complete control over all raw material, oil, and gas resources….” don’t forget, especially including potable water!!) through control of our vast and nearly priceless groundwater resource.
3) step # 3 (“Restriction of all national (and democratic) influence in favor of a dictatorial world government”), as per implementation of local U.N. Agenda 21, which involves the deliberate phasing out of functional democratic representation and incremental removal of humans from targeted, resource-rich, rural areas such as this area, as per the ‘Wildlands Project.’ (See my article “Global Green Dictatorship”)

All these threads: (Foreign) U.N. control of government and resources under the pretext of “sustainability” and “saving the environment,” the “emergent (New Age, inter-faith, New World Religion) church,” and the covert, incremental imposition of local Agenda 21 policies by un-elected “commissars” are now integral to our town’s identity, thanks mostly to our colonizer-in-chief- Canadian billionaire, U.N. potentate, environmentalist, and oil/gas/water magnate, (“the Honorable”) Maurice Strong, and the Manitou Foundation non-profit organization that he founded, funded and left behind as his legacy. (See and Part I of my extended series; “Is Crestone/Baca the “Vatican City of the New World Order?” An Expose of the New World Religion” on this website). I postulate that these are among the principle reasons that, as one local insider informed me:” “We don’t want want people to live here year around.”

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