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Alan Watt, Researcher

New World Order
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Alan Watt, Researcher

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[title type=”h1″]Alan Watt [/title]

Alan Watt is a musician and radio host who maintains the website

[title type=”h3″]The Interviews: [/title]

Alan Watt – 10/30/07 Interview:

Alan Watt – 4/1/08 Interview:


Alan Watt- 10/30/07

Alan Watt hosts the site, In the first interview, topics include the world psychopath conspiracy agenda, including the UN’s Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, and the North American Union, the Rothschild/Illuminati/Zionist “pathocracy.” the CIA and M16 as a “culture industry,” “predictive programming,” and the “new world religion” (based on paganism, theosophy, Freemasonry, Madam Blavatsky, Alice Bailey) as a form of Hinduism.  So-called “anti-terrorism” laws form basis of martial law:  “When all these laws which are passed already are implemented, we’re going to be living in a worse hell than the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany… Because they are implemented to look for terrorism and terrorism has been expanded to include thought crime and speech crime.”  Look for the unification of everything in 2010, the Pan American Union in 2012, then abolition of property rights and establishment of habitat areas for humans.    (

Alan Watt- 4/01/08

Alan Watt, second interview includes the Beatles/music/drugs/Tavistock Institute/Illuminati connection.  Music and drug culture has been manipulated to destroy the family.  The Maurice Strong/Agenda 21/smart growth/takeover of natural resources connections.  Babylon to London system.  Worship of the rebel/warrior- Nimrod/Lucifer/Prometheus.  Late 1880’s- Cecil Rhodes/Alfred Milner/Rothschild.  Establishment of Royal Institute of International Affairs (British Empire) to dictate global policy.  Amalgamation of the America’s under the North American and Pan-American Unions.  Foundations are fronts for “the establishment.”  Sir Bertrand Russell, and later Skinner and Pavlov tried to promote pre-marital sex to destroy stability of the family and allow state to take over rights to procreate.  Establishment gives us false democracy.  We exist to serve them.  Old royalty and and well-established families run Ivy League Schools.   Old Soviet system now blended with American system.  Hegelian dialectic used to establish World Government System through wars.  System is directed by Britain, but requires use of Jews and their money system.  British Israel Foundation cons Christians.  Lodges are Jewish wing of Freemasonry.  Albert Pike was Pope of Freemasonry.  Since Babylon, the seat of mystery religions and commerce, the “1000 faces of Isis” (creation of front organizations) are used to confuse.  World Revolution has been going on for many thousands of years.  Zbignew Bzrezinsky (The Technetronic Era: Between Two Ages).    “Hidden Masters of the World” like Maurice Strong and David Rockefeller, un-elected technocrats, make the real decisions.   Maurice Strong, while still working at UN was brought in to be CEO of Ontario Hydro (world’s largest public water utility), where he started process of privatization in 1990’s and set up the process for the coming power outages.   Agenda 21 tries to map out a new culture, a world government, and the end of nationalism.  Britain runs the world through bureaucracies.  Old Testament as esoteric rules of the world system; slavery is OK, law is dictatorial, terrorism is created to change society.  People will not be allowed to travel and will need ID cards at all times.  2010 = Amalgamation of America.   Food supply has been taken over by only 5 corporations.  Famine, plagues, and pandemics can be staged.  Transhumanism is merger of cyber chips with humans, yielding age of post-humanism.

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