Gangstalking/Cyber Terrorism/Internet Trolling Diagram Connections From “MKULTRA And Intel Community Data

“Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Drive Mad”


I. Internet Trolling/Gangstalking/Cyber Terrorism Flow Chart

Internet Trolling/Gangstalking/Cyber Terrorism

II. Microwave (weapons) Effects (aka Gangstalking). Barrie Trower Speaks With Targeted Individuals

III. EMF/Mind Control Flow Chart

IV. Project Pandora

Smart Meters


LXII. Mind Control

LXVIII. Project MKULTRA Flow Chart

XXXXVII. PsyOp Psychological Operations

XXXXVIII. New Phoenix Program Flow Chart

LXXIII. MKULTRA Cults Flow Chart

HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project)

II. (4) Fourth World (battle for the collective mind)

XXII. SRI Stanford Research Institute

C. Blood Sacrifice/Ritual Sacrifice Flow Chart

XXXXVI. Global War On Terrorism Flow Chart

LXVIII. Project MKULTRA Flow Chart

LIX. War Profiteering Flow Chart

XXXIX. MI-6 Military Intelligence Service 6 Flow Chart

XXX. CIA Central Intelligence Agency Flow Chart

XXXI. CIA Special Activities Division (SAD)

XXXIII. NSA National Security Agency


XXXV. Military-Industrial Complex Flow Chart

XXXVIII. DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


LXXXVII. Freemasonry Flow Chart