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Appendix 18. The United Nations and the New World (Luciferic) Religion

New World Religion
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Transcribed by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Professor of Geography, Emeritus, December, 2015

(Most quotes below are from “Lucifer Worshippers Exposed” youtube by Professor Walter Veith:

Quotes by Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Robert Mueller (1923-2010), Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for 40 years, creator of the World Core Curriculum and Global Education movement, principle UN advocate for New Age Movement/One World Religion, President of University of Peace, etc:

“We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government, a one-world religion, and a one-world leader” (from Dwight L. Kinman, The World’s Dictator,” 1995, p. 81.)

From “Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness,” by R. Muller, (1978):

“Was it not inevitable that the UN would sooner or later also acquire a spiritual dimension?
(p. 164).

“There is a famous poster which shows Christ knocking at the tall United Nations building, wanting to enter it. I often visualize in my mind another even more accurate painting: that of a United Nations which would be the body of Christ.” (p. 126-127).

“Pope John Paul II said that we were the stonecutters and artisans of a cathedral which we might never see in its finished beauty. I would not have dreamed that when I joined the United Nations a third of a century ago. The scope of the UN has widened in every direction, owing to the imperatives of a new global interdependent world. But people do not really know how vast and vital its activities are…”

“… The tapestry of its work encompasses the total condition of humankind on this planet. All this is part of one of the most prodigious pages of evolution. It will require the detachment and objectivity of future historians to appraise fully what happened in the last third of our century and to understand what the real significance of what the United Nations was.” (p. 48).

“No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations, for the United nations is not a mere building or mere idea; it is not a man-made creation. The United Nations is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme, which is slowly, steadily, and unerringly illuminating the ignorance, the night of our human life. The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring his own victory bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations..” (p. 201).

“Decide to open yourself… to the potential of the human race, to the infinity of your inner self, and will become the universe… at long last your real, divine self.” (1986), (From Muller, R., “Decide to Be” p. 2).

“I am more and more drawn to some of the very simple but extremely important teachings of the Christ and of all the great prophets and visionaries. I am increasingly convinced that what they foresaw is beginning to become a reality on this planet and that humanity is transcending or metamorphosing itself into what those great dreamers, visionaries and prophets envisioned.” (From R. Muller, 1987, “New Genesis; Shaping a Global Spirituality,” Anacortes, WA, World Happiness and Cooperation, p. 117-118).

“The world’s major religions in the end all want the same thing, even though they were born in different places and circumstances on this planet. What the world needs today is a convergence of the different religions in the search for and definition of the cosmic or divine laws which ought to regulate our behavior on this planet. World-wide spiritual ecumenism, expressed in new forms of religious cooperation and institutions, would probably be closest to the heart of the resurrected Christ.” (Muller, New Genesis,” p. 126)

“My great personal dream is to get a tremendous alliance between all the major religions and the UN.” (Muller, “New Genesis” p. XIII)

“Peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a United Religions that professes faithfulness only to the global spirituality and to the health of this planet.” (Robert Muller’s 1997 article in Defend Life Magazine, entitled “One-World Church expected in ’97,” as quoted in Kah, G.H. 1998. “The New World Religion.” Noblesville, Hope International, p. 221.

Speaking at the Parliament of World Religions in 2001, Muller stated:

“Do not worry if not all religions will join the United Religions Organization (URO). Many nations did not join the UN at its beginning, but later regretted (sic) it and made every effort to join. It was the same with the European community and it will be the case with the world’s religions because whoever stays out or aloof will sooner or later regret it.” (Despatch Magazine, June, 2001, vol 13:2, p. 33.)

“We must hope that the Pope will come before the year 2000 to the United Nations, speak for all the religions and spiritualities on this planet and give the world the religious view of how the third millennium should be a spiritual millennium, a millennium which will see the integration and harmony of humanity….

“The world’s major religions must speed up dramatically their ecumenical movement and recognize the unity of their objectives in the diversity of their cults. Religions must actively cooperate to bring to unprecedented heights a better understanding of the mysteries of life and of our place in the universe. “My religion, right or wrong,” and “My nation, right or wrong” must be abandoned forever in the planetary age.” (From Muller, R., “New Genesis: p. 110).

(After the Pope did appear before the UN in 2000):

An August 30, 2000, newspaper article entitled “And What If the United Nations of Faith Moved Mountains?” by Christian Laporte, stated:

“A general rehearsal is taking place at the highest level, in a forum where the supreme Being, grand architect, or watchmaker of the universe, if he exists at all, is to recognize his own… at a time when the United Nations will shortly host the summit of the millennium, with the presence of the heads of state of the entire world, all the world’s religious leaders have been gathering in New York to discuss the most important theme of world peace and tolerance.

The more distant objective: to create a kind of United Nations of faith where the representatives of faith and philosophies could meet and in order to discuss the future together, whilst abandoning their fatwas, theses, and other terrible arms of excommunication and exclusion and relegating them to the cloak room.

This is a very noble “ecumenical initiative,” with the widest possible meaning, having been called into being despite the lack of initiative of the UN, by a Ted Turner, who funded the initiative. He is the vice-president of Time Warner Inc. and founder of CNN. For every sin there is grace: ten years ago, the flamboyant boss of instantaneous television had declared that Christianity was nothing but an affair for “losers and freaks”….

Pope John Paul II Calls For New World Order

(The May 3, 1991 San Francisco Chronicle headline: “Pope Calls For A New World Order”)

CNN: Thursday, Jan. 1, 2004: “Pope Calls for a New World Order” (In his New Years Speech)

Quotes from “The Second Vatican Council” (1965), 26:

“Therefore, there must be made available to all men everything necessary for leading a life truly human, such as food, clothing, and shelter; the right to choose a state of life freely and found a family, the right to education, to employment, to a good reputation, to activity in accord with the upright norm of one’s own conscience, to protection of privacy and to rightful freedom, even in matters religious.”

….“The complex circumstance of our day make it necessary for public authority to intervene more often in social, economic and cultural matters.”

(Commentary by Professor Walter Veith from:

“Did you know that “living a life truly human” is the Catholic acronym for salvation. They actually say: “to be saved is to live a life truly human.” That means the “Kingdom of God” for Catholicism is the kingdom of Catholicism ruling the world and giving everyone the capacity to live a life truly human. That means having enough to take care of your basic needs, and nothing else. Do you like the New World Order? The Bible calls him (the Antichrist/Pope) “the man of sin.” There is another word for the redistribution of wealth; it is called theft. The Bible says “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” That means thou shalt not take from one who has and give it to someone else. We will see that this system of human rights (the UN system) breaks every single commandment of God.

The New World Order is intended, not just to unite nations that God has separated, but also to eradicate Protestantism off the face of the earth. Especially the form of Protestantism that refuses to bow to the papacy. That form of Protestantism will have to go. These conditions are all in place right now. But I’d like to remind you that Jesus said that this was going to happen. Satan, the Dragon, is setting up his kingdom on earth. So I know that the time must be very short and that Jesus will be coming soon.)

Alice A. Bailey (author of more than 24 New Age/Theosophical books and founder of Lucis Trust (former Lucifer Publishing Company), Archane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, which are associated with the United Nations): states:

“In 1932, theosophist Alice Bailey and her husband, 32-degree Freemason Foster Bailey, started World Goodwill—an official non-governmental organization within the United Nations. World Goodwill has three stated aims:

* To help mobilise the energy of goodwill;
* To cooperate in the work of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ;
* To educate public opinion on the causes of the major world problems and to help create the thoughtform of solution.i

The Baileys were not using World Goodwill to prepare the world for Jesus Christ, but rather the New Age Cosmic Christ who would unite all religions and countries. This is another example of how global politics are really being used for the hidden agenda of uniting the world’s religions.”

Alice Bailey Quotes

“The New World Religion must be based upon those truths (Right human relations, peace…) which have stood the test of the ages… they are steadily taking shape in human thinking, and for them the United Nations fights.” Bailey, A.A., “The Externalization of the Hierarchy,” New York, Lucis Trust, p. 404.

“ The day is dawning when all religions will be regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source; all will be seen as unitedly providing the one root out of which the universal world religion will inevitably emerge. Then there will be neither Christian nor heathen, neither Jew nor Gentile, but simply one great body of believers, gatherered out of all the current religions. They will accept the same truths, not as theological concepts but as essential to spiritual living; They will stand together on the same platform of brotherhood and of human relations; they will recognize divine sonship and will seek unitedly to co-operate with the divine Plan… such a world religion is no idel dream but something which is definitely forming today.” (World Goodwill Letter, 1993, No. 4, p. 2)

“Thus the expressed aims and efforts of the United Nations will be eventually brought to fruition and a new church of God, gathered out of all religions and spiritual groups, will unitedly bring to an end the great heresy of separateness. Love, unity, and the Risen Christ will be present, and He will demonstrate to us the perfect life.” (“A Selection Compilation From the Books of Alice A. Bailey on the Aquarian Age,” (Vol. 11) quoting from p. 152 of “Destiny of the Nations, p. 14-15.)

“There will not be any dissociation between the Universal Church, the Sacred Lodge of all true Masons and the inner circles of the esoteric societies… In this way, the goals and work of the United Nations shall be solidified and a new church of God, led by all the religions and by all of the spiritual groups, shall put an end to the great heresy of separateness.”

(ETK note: Therefore, the Universal Church, under leadership of the Pope, is the Religion of Masonry (the worship of Lucifer)).

Goals of the One World Religion… According to (Bailey’s) World Goodwill:

“The churches and the world religions should indicate the unity within all facets of truth which will provide a UNIVERSAL platform, one to which ALL men everywhere could give allegiance. Such a platform should include:

The truth that… all men are divine.
The truth that evolution governs the growth of the human being.”

United Religions Organization (URO)

In June of 1995, an Interfaith Summit Conference was held in San Francisco for the purpose of “uniting the world’s religions into a global organization.” The United Religions Organization (URO) will be an international, inter-religious organization modeled after and affiliated with the United Nations. “According to its literature,” states W.B. Howard of Despatch Ministries, “the URO launched its written charter this past June 1997. The institution should be fully in place by June 2000 and globally operational by June, 2005.” W.B. Howard, Christian Conscience, October 1997, p. 10

“As a U.N. liaison, the U.R.O. will “cooperate closely with the U.N. and its organizations to complement the U.N.’s political, diplomatic and social mandates, influence U.N. policy and support its programs”

At the Interfaith Conference, Anglican Bishop William E. Swing issued this challenge for a new global civilization:

“We stand on the threshold of a new world order that may be defined either by an increasing polarization that fuels a spiral of escalating conflict and violence, or by growing global cooperation that calls the human race to work across national, ethnic and religious boundaries to serve a larger global good.”

Quotes from David Spangler; New Age Movement leader, co-founder of Findhorn Foundation and Lindisfarne Association (with friend William Irwin Thompson) from his book, “Reflections on the Christ” (1977):

“The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through rejection. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one’s own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. LUCIFER works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into a NEW AGE, which is the age of man’s wholeness, each of us in some way is brought to that point which I term the LUCIFERIC INITIATION, the particular doorway through which the individual MUST PASS IF he is to come “fully” into the presence of his light and his wholeness…. Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness.” (pp. 43-44.)

“Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God. But the light that reveals to us the presence of the Christ, the light that reveals to us the path to the Christ comes from Lucifer. He is the light giver. He is aptly named the Morning Star because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness. He is present when that dawn is realized. He stands no longer as the tester or the tempter but as the great initiator, the one who hands the soul over to the Christ and from the Christ on into ever greater realms.” (p. 43-44)

“We can take all the scriptures and all the teachings and all the laws, and all the marshmallows and have a jolly good bonfire and marshmallow roast, because that is all they are worth. (David Spangler: p. 73.)

The UN, World Goodwill, Humanist Manifesto II , and various world leaders, authors, and ‘Ascended Masters’ (Maitreya/Benjamin Crème) also propose A New Economic Order

“New International Economic Order” (NIEO) is definitely needed. World Goodwill tells us that the “quest for a N.I.E.O. was initiated in 1974 at a special session of the U.N. General Assembly. (“The Problem of Humanity: The Building of Right Human Relations, Study Seven- The Problem of International Unity, World Goodwill, p. 9)

“We affirm that the economy of all nations is a seamless web, and that no one nation can any longer effectively maintain its processes of production and monetary systems without recognizing the necessity of collaborative regulation by international authorities. We call upon all nations to strengthen the United Nations… and other institutions of world order.” (A. Ralph Epperson, “The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History,” p. 371)

“The UN, through its international conferences and special sessions, has called the world’s attention to… the need for a NEW INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ORDER….the work of the UN goes forward, steadily building the foundation for a NEW WORLD ORDER.” (World Goodwill Commentary). “The United Nations: Entering the Global Age” (1981)
“A SOCIALIZED and cooperative ECONOMIC order MUST be established…” (Humanist Manifesto I), Paul Kurtz, ed. Humanist Manifestos I and II, p. 10

“We, the members of the United Nations…. solemnly proclaim our united determination to work urgently for the establishment of a NEW ECONOMIC INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” (U.N. Monthly Chronicles, 1981)

Benjamin Crème, in “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom,” p. 34., stated:


“The food exists. It is simply not distributed. The Hierarchy have plans already made, ready to be put into effect when the will is there, which will equally distribute the food. There is a group of high Initiates (aka demons)- industrialists, economists, administrators, of great experience and achievement- who, with Hierarchy, have worked out plans and blueprints which will solve the redistribution problems of the world, when the political will is there to implement them. These plans are there, ready to transform the world. This can be done in NO TIME AT ALL.”

Albert Einstein (Jew) states: “Mankind’s desire for peace can be realized only by the creation of a world government… with all my heart I believe that the world’s present system of sovereign nations can only lead to barbarism, war, and inhumanity, and that only law can assure progress toward a civilized peaceful humanity.” (From George W. Blount, “Peace Through World Government”, p. 30.)

Einstein: “There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government.” (quoted in Lawrence Abbott, “World Federalism: What? Why? How?” p. 70.

Maitreya (the New Age Christ/Next Buddha for whom Benjamin Crème speaks): “The UN is the major hope of the world. In its interrelationships we can see democracy writ large- the symbol for that expression of God’s Will that men call goodwill. “With the advent of the Christ this goodwill will bring all men and all nations into correct relationship and create the necessary circumstances for the expression of that synthesis which will be the outstanding keynote of the coming civilization. “In this vast enterprise the UN will play a major role.” Patricia Pittbon, “The Changing Role of the United Nations.” The Emergence Quarterly (1999).

UN Secretary General U Thant: “World federalists hold before us the vision of a unified mankind living in peace under a just world order… The heart of their program- a world under law- is realistic and attainable.” (quoted by Tom Hudgens, “Let’s Abolish War” and “We the People of the World” (World Federalist Association, p. 6)

Mortimer Adler: “World peace is impossible without world government.” (from “A New Inquisition” The Omega Letter, 1988, p. 7)

Winston Churchill: “The creation of an authoritative world order is the ultimate aim toward which we must strive” (quoted by George W. Blount, “Peace Through World Government,” p. 30)

Charles De Gaulle: “Nations must unite in a world government or perish.” (same as above)

Bertrand Russell: the “only possibilities now are world government or death.” (quoted by Tom Hudgens, “Let’s Abolish War”, p. 12)

The Humanist Manifesto II: urges us “to move toward the building of a world community.” (Paul Kurtz (Jew), p. 21)


The above quotes seems to indicate that the Book of Revelation is coming true in our lifetimes. Based on their own statements, the above individuals and institutions above are advancing the “beast system” predicted in the Bible Under the guise of promoting world peace and unity. These statements also indicate that this system is Luciferian and that this “Luciferian “One World” conspiracy” is being advanced by the highest levels of:

The United Nations
The Papacy/Vatican/Jesuit Order
Judaism/Synagogue of Satan
The Order of Illuminati
United Religions Organization (URO)
The New Age Movement and its innumerable sub-groups, including World Goodwill, Theosophical Society, Findhorn Foundation, Lindesfarne Association, etc.
Humanism of the Humanist Manifesto I and II

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