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Appendix 72. Jewish Universal Empire and the Third Temple ( April 12, 2019)

New World Religion
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Webmaster comment: The discussion between Rick Wiles and his team which begins at about 31:00 sheds considerable light upon the theological underpinnings of the world’s current geo-political insanity- the drive to establish one-world-government under Jewish control. It’s all worth listening to. At 1:22, the team hits the nail on the head:

Doc Burkhardt: (Israel, Jews, and Christian Zionists) are building (this third) temple, not for God, but for the antichrist. The temple is their idol.

Rick Wiles: (Recently) Benjamin Netanyahu tells Mike Pompeo that America is Rome. So once again the Christ-hating Jews are working with the Romans in opposition to the church of God.

If you listen to their warped, crazy theology, because they believe in a literal one-thousand year kingdom, a Jewish global empire, and they say there will be animal sacrifices in Jerusalem for a thousand years.

Let’s listen to what Rabbi and Chabad Lubavitcher, Chaim Reichman; Director of the Third Temple Institute, recently stated:

Rabbi Reichman: “The prophets of Israel tell us that the Temple is the secret to everything. It’s the secret to livelihood, it’s the secret to blessing in the world, it’s the secret to restoration of God’s honor, it’s the secret to the spiritual relationship that we have with man, with God. And ultimately it’s the secret of the hope of mankind.

The temple is the secret of world peace. This is what the United Nations was supposed to be. This is actually the role of the temple.

It’s actually very, very deep. The temple has the power to unify the world. This goes back to the purpose of creation itself. The purpose of creation according to the holy Torah is that God sought to have an abode in this world. This is the world that counts. This is the world he loves.”

Rick Wiles: The purpose of the temple is to bring world peace…. What is the(ir) solution here? What if the(ir) solution is an ecumenical temple for all religions, supervised by the Jews…. In their mind, part of the temple is holy because it’s all Jews. But an all-encompassing religious shrine over the mount for all religions (is also there). Then a new United Nations moves to Jerusalem and that building literally is connected to this ecumenical, interfaith temple.

Doc Burkhardt: So we have world religion and a world government all in the same place.

Rick Wiles: And just last week one of the top IMF (International Monetary Fund) guys called for a global currency.

Webmaster comment: Regarding the long-sought Jewish one-world-religion and government, it is well to remember the words of Assistant to Senator Jacob Javits (Jew), Harold Rosenthal (Jew) in a 1976 interview:

“Most Jews do not like to admit it but the God we worship is Lucifer…. Lucifer is very much alive and we are his Chosen People.”

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