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Appendix 107: Masonry (Satanism)- This World’s Secret Religion, Antichrist Spirit of the New Age, & Primary Gangstalking Perpetrators (6/4/21 Video & 2 more videos, 1 article)

New World Religion
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Epigraph Quote:

All personalities in fields of great influence are initiated members of Freemasonry, otherwise they wouldn’t be there… Their father (is) “the father of lies, the one who comes to cheat, to kill, and to destroy.” This is the secret of their success; a lying tongue and lying spirit, from the 1st degree to the 33rd degree, to each other and to us. – Altiyan Childs, from the video

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.”

President John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961

I. X Factor Winner – Altiyan Childs – Exposes Masonry- this World’s Secret Religion

Emblem of Fabian Socialism (a British Socialist and Masonic Organization): A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“Freemasonry, the driving force behind one-world government and the New World Order of death. It is the world’s slavemaster.” Altiyan Childs

“… And thus the warfare against the powers of evil (Christianity) that crushed the Order of the Temple (in the 1300s) goes steadily on and freedom moves ever onward toward the conquest of the world.”

Albert Pike, “Legenda and Readings From the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry”

II. Webmaster’s Comment: Having been gangstalked maliciously now for at least 18 years, I believe this video explains the satanic basis of global gangstalking operations. The gangstalking perpetrators are the very “hounds of hell”- Masons and Jews and their dupes and hirelings in government and private and civilian sectors. This movie explains the satanic basis of this diabolical program. Masons even have their own names for gangstalking: “Silent Dagger, Slow Dagger, Secret Dagger,” and “Masonic White Glove Treatment,” etc. Scientologists call it: “Fair Play.”

In about 2003 or 04, a Mason “friend” in Cottonwood Arizona, a cardiologist named Dr. Nitton Patel, recommended I watch the movie “The Game,” which is an excellent portrayal of the horrors of gangstalking. I now believe he was fully aware that I was or was about to become a Masonic blood sacrifice and was preparing me for my new life as a Targeted Individual/Masonic ritual sacrifice. Illuminati and Masons are satanists who thrive on the blood and torture of others.

I now regard high level Illuminati and Masons as part of Satan’s hive mind. They are apparently bound together by his spirit, just as Christian believers infused with the Holy Spirit comprise the “Temple of God.” These satanists comprise the “Temple of Satan.” And of course, in their counterfeit mimicking of God’s divine program, they too want your soul.

With the Covid-19 scamdemic/plandemic, I believe our world has now been ushered into the Satanic New World Order utopia by Freemasonry, Jews, and the other satanic secret societies, which in turn control governments, militaries, banks, economies, etc.

III. Masons Identified In the Video Who Give Masonic Handshake or Display Masonic Signs Publicly in the approximate order in which they are identified in the video. These people are satanists… poor people. I don’t mean to put anyone down. Most people have a general idea of what “the deal” is that these people have to make: They trade their eternal souls for success in this life. This is a very sad and sobering list when one considers that those who have died are now in hell now and those still alive are bound for hell.

I include this list because I believe the rest of us need to know who rules our world and to whom or what they have given their allegiance. Still, I imagine it is possible to break “the deal” when one is still alive and that some, like President John F. Kennedy, paid a very high price for trying to break “the deal.” May he rest in peace, in heaven…. and may the others find the strength to find a way out of their damned and doomed predicament.

Ex-mason, Childs, states in the video that the following list of (secret) Masons is just “tip of the iceberg.”

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia
Reese Witherspoon, Actress
Aaron Paul
Rita Ora, Model
Robert Pattinson
Peter Gabriel
Ashlee Simpson
Adam Lambert
Michael C. Hall
Spice Girls Mel C.
Jack Nicholson, actor
Selena Gomez
Giovani Ribisi
Lupe Fiasco
Jesse J
Haley Williams
Jeffree Star
Stephen King, Author
Zoe Kravitz
Ashton Kutcher
Chris Evans
Cuba Gooding, actor
River Phoenix
Barack Obama, former President of USA
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
John Howard, Former Prime Minister of Australia
Daniel Andrews, Australia
Kevin Rudd
Tony Abbot, Australia
Julia Gilad, Australia
Alexander Skarsgrd
Billy Idol
Eva Green
Ozzy Osbourne, Rock Star from Britain
Chris Angelo
Jay Zee, Rap Star
Chris Anton
Madonna, Pop Music Star
Dr. Anthony Fauci, “America’s doctor”
David Rockefeller, billionaire banker
Donald Trump, Former President, USA
Jay Leno, Talk Show Host
Andy Garcia, Actor
Idris Elba
Elijah Wood
Eric Bana
Ewan McGregor
Hugh Jackman, Actor
George W. Bush, Former President of USA
Oasis-Noel Gallagher
Rihanna Chopard
Michael Richards (Kramer), Actor
Tony Abbot
Keith Richards, Musician (Rolling Stones)
Celine Dion, musician
Antonio Baneras, Actor
Christina Ricci
Adrian Brody
Lady Gaga, musician
Little Wayne, musician
Albert Pike, Grand Commander Sovereign Pontiff Master of Scottish Rite Masonry, Confederate General during Civil War
John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Abraham Lincoln
Kanye West, Rap Musician
Aaron Eckhardt
Kelly Osbourne
Benicio Del Toro, actor
Kelly Hart
Bruce Springstein, musician
Amy Schumer
Kevin Costner, actor
Emma Roberts
Barack Obama, former President, USA
Ralph Fiennes
Elle Fanning
Dakota Fanning
Helen Mirren
Adam Driver
Robbie Williams, actor
George Washington, First US President
Prince, musician
Harry Truman, Former President of USA
Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England
Jorge VI del Reino Unido, Queen Elizabeth’s father
Prince Charles
Prince Harry
Prince William
Prince Edward, Grand Master English Freemasonry
Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth
Manley P. Hall, author, 33rd Degree, Freemason of the 20th Century
John F. Kennedy, Former President of USA
George Clooney, actor
Mila Jovovich
Milo Yiannopoulos
Mika, Universal Music
Jared Leto
Cate Blanchett, actress
Buck Mills Berry
Jason Schwartzman
Ricky Martin
William Baldwin
R Kelly
Woody Harrelson, actor
Benedict Cumberbatch
Will Smith, actor
Kate Moss
Willow Smith
Michael Jackson, musician
Paris Jackson
Robin Williams, actor
Zelda Williams
Miriam Leone
Kevin Bacon, actor
Kid Cudi
Adam Lambert
Beyonce, singer
Ginger Spice
Adrian Grenier
Bill Hader
Al Pacino, actor
Jodie Foster, actress
Brendon Uri
Robert De Niro, actor
Zoe Kravitz
Minka Kelly
Monica Belucci
Tom Hanks, actor
Chet Hanks
Lea Seydoux
LeBron James, basketball player
Jacki Chan, actor, karate expert
Jake Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Hailey Clauson
Chadwick Boseman
Noel Gallagher
Liam Gallagher
Lera Pentelute
Mark Ruffalo
Ryan Phillipe
Liv Tyler, actress
Shaquille O’Neal, basketaball player
Leona Lewis
Leonard Cohen, musician
Natalie Dyer
Johah Hill
Aldis Hodge
Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis
Sophie Monk
Benjie Madden
Isla Fisher
Liam Hemsworth
Jimi Hendrix, musician
Andrew Garfield
Andy Garcia, actor
Ben Stiller, actor
Isabella Cruise
Tyra Banks
Steve Vizard, late night talk show host
Jimmy Fallon ”
Rove Mcmanus ”
Craig Ferguson ”
Graham Norton
Jimmy Kimmel
Conan Obrien
Stephen Colbert, TV talk show host
Alexander Skarsgard
Lionel Richie
Nicole Richie
Bob Marley, musician
Mark Wahlberg
Orlando Bloom
Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Imbruglia
Patrick Swayze, actor
Neil Young, musician
Ryan Tedder
Bon Jovi, musician
Richie Sambora
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor
PJ Harvey
Zac Efron
Hayley Williams
Julia Roberts, actress
Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and Presidental Candidate, and Senator, wife of former President Bill Clinton
Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England
Mumar Khadaffi, former President of Libya
Robert Mugabe, President Zimbabwe
Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt
Ronald Reagan, former US President
Mikhail Gorbachev, former Prime Minister of the Soviet Union
Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under President Richard Nixon
Sean Hannity, newscaster
Larry King, TV host
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former President of Iran
Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq
Benjamin Netanyahu, former President if Israel
Yassar Arafat, former Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Kim Jong-Un, President of North Korea
Nathan Rothschild
Jacob Rothschild
James De Rothschild
Giuseppi Mazzini, Italian head of Freemasonry and founger of the mafia
John Gotti, mafia boss
Pope Benedict
Pope Francis
Pope John Paul II
Bono, musician U2
Jeff Goldblum, actor
Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister
Ishtak Rabin, former Israeli Prime Minister
Angela Jolie, actress
Emily Browning
Twenty One Pilots
Bird Man
Mack Maine
Ben Affleck, actor
Matt Damon, actor
Cindy Crawford, actress
David Blaine
Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green
John Travolta, actor
Jude Law
Paul Stanley, musician, Kiss
Gene Simons, musician, Kiss
Uma Thurman, actress
Tom Hardy
Kobi Bryant, basketball player
Richard Gere, actor
Richard Pryor, comedian/actor
Sinead O’Connor
Nick Carter, musician, Backstreet Boys
Liv Shreiber
Naomi Watts
Phil Collins
Lily Collins
Cody Simpson
Terrence Howard, actor
Miley Cyrus, singer
Fetty Wap
Florence Welch
Francis Ford Coppola, film director
Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Sam Worthington
Blake Lively
Jeremy Renner, actor
Jenny McCarthy
Sting, musician
Robert Palmer
Vince Mortensen, actor
Tila Tequila
Val Kilmer, actor
Chris Rock
David Spade
Vince Vaughn
Usain Bolt, athlete
Tilda Swinton
Olivia Newton John, singer, actress
Robert Downey Jr.
Matt Dillon, actor
Emma Watson
Olly Alexander
David Bowie
Lindsay Lohan, actress
Meryl Streep, actress
Kendall Jenner, model
Colin Ferrell, actor
Keanu Reeves, actor
Kylie Jenner
Colin Firth
Daniel Radcliffe
Kylie Minogue
Michael Hutchence
Jean Claude Van Damme, actor
Dustin Hoffman, actor
Keith Urban
Robbie Williams
Savage Garden
Amy Winehouse
Clint Eastwood, actor
Vincent Cassel
Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis Presley, musician
Alfred Hitchcock, movie director
Marilyn Monroe, actress
Charlie Chaplin, actor, comedian
Doris Day, actress
James Dean, actor
Lloyd Shearer
Bud Abbot and Costello, comedians
Marvin Gaye, singer
Clark Gable, actor
Audrey Hepburn, actress
Marlon Brando, actor
Pharrell Williams
Marc Anthony
Daniel Kaluuya
Hayden Panettiere
Don Cheadle, actor
Michael Fassbender
Ethan Hawke, actor
Peter Gabriel
Shia Laboufe
Denzel Washington, actor
Simon Baker
Michelle Williams
Eva Longoria
Dita Von Teese
The Veronicas
Eva Green
Amber Heard
Michael C. Hall
Jennifer Connelly
LL Cool J
Mac Miller
Gwen Stefani
Emmanuel Lewis
Christiano Renaldo
Anthony Bourdain
Ferran Adria
Tom Wolfe
Gordon Ramsay
Anuncio Mauro
Adam Perry Lang
Jordi Roca
Alex Atala
Duff Goldman
Asma Kahn
Christina Tosi
Isaac Carew
Jamie Oliver
Phillipe Legendre
Ainsley Harriott
Harrison Ford, actor
Dennis Hopper, actor
Missy Higgins
Ruby Rose
Rick Springfield
Julio Ilesias, singer
Christ Pine
Travie McCoy
Selena Gomez
Sam Smith
Rob Lowe
Russell Crowe, actor
Nick Cave
Paris Hilton
Gerard Way
Nick Lachey
Johnny Depp, actor
Helen Bonham Carter
Margot Robbee
Martin Scorcese, film director
Kiera Knightly
Jordan Sparks
Christopher Walken, actor
Avril Lavigne
Elvis Costello
Charles Darwin, scientist/biologist
Phil Collins, commentator
Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter
JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter series
Eliphas Levi, author, famous satanist
George W. Bush, former US President
Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush
Bill Clinton, former US President
Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, author of Satanic Bible
Brad Pitt, actor
Slash, Guns and Roses guitarist
Don Cheadle, actor
Britney Spears, actress
Marilyn Manson, musician
Ivra Levine, singer
Agia Argentor
Amber Herd
Elon Musk
Blink 182
Cindy Lauper, musician
Christian Bale
Ashley Tisdale
Bonnie Rait
John Cleese, comedian with Monty Python
Motley Crew
Tommy Lee
Vince Neil
Courtney Love
Quentin Terrantino
Cher, singer, actress
Cardi B
John Alexander
Helen Blavatsky, author, The Secret Doctrine
Danny Glover, actor
Drew Barymore, actress
Elijah Wood, actor, Frodo in Lord of the Rings
Sammy Davis Jr., singer, comedian, actor
Bill Cosby, comedian, actor
Frank Sinatra, singer, actor
Billie Eilish
Eminem, rapper
David Beckham
Victoria Beckham
Robert Downey Jr.
David Duchovny
Jefree Star
Katy Perry, singer
Stevie Nicks, singer
John Malkovic, actor
Enrique Eglesias
Joe Rogan, radio talk show host
Rick Springfield
Bon Scott, musician AC/DC
Brian Johnson, musician AC/DC
Vince Neil, musician, AC/DC
David Bowie, singer
Hanna Beth Merjos
Audrey Kitching
Jefree Star
Lynn Gunn
Lady Gaga, singer
Daniel Craig
Nikki Minaj
Kevin Spacey, actor
Lana Del Ray
Sebastian Vincent
Emma Roberts
Sarah Silverman, comedian
Russel Brand
Hugh Grant, actor
Howard Stern, comedian
Daniel Johns
Tyler the Creator
Willem DeFoe, actor
Wiz Kalifa
Amber Rose
Emma Stone
Keifer Sutherland, actor
Boy George, singer
Lenny Kravitz
Leonard Nimoy, actor
Lance Armstrong, bicycle racing champion
John Lennon, musician, The Beatles
Paul McCartney, musician, The Beatles
George Harrison, musician, the Beatles
Ringo Starr, musician, the Beatles
Yoko Ono, artist, John Lennon’s girlfriend
Andrew Lloyd Weber, Creator of Jesus Christ Superstar
Keith Urban, musician
Jimmy Saville
Liam Gallagher
Celine Dion, singer
Taylor Swift, singer
Steven Tyler, musician, Aerosmith
Billy Corgan
Simon Cowell
Tori Amos
Regina Todorenko
Stephen Wozniak, co-inventor of Apple Computer
Trippie Redd
Todd Hiddleston
Sergey Lazarev
Anthony Keidis, musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Flea, musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Louis Armstrong, musician
Henry Rollins, musician
The Marx Brothers, comedians
Salvador Dali, artist
Miles Davis, musician
Eddie Murphy, comedian
Rick James
Stanley Kubrik, movie director
Justin Berger, fake Christian singer
Selena Gomez, fake Christian singer
Walt Disney, cartoonist
Annie Besant, 33 degree Mason, author, Editor of Lucifer Magazine
Alice Baily, author
Justin Timberlake, singer
Susan Atkins, Charles Manson cult member, murderer
A. E. Waite, author
Steve Miller, musician
Alicia Keys, singer
Marina Abramovic, artist
Aleister Crowley, 33rd degree Mason, spy, The Beast (666), founder of Ordo Templo Orientis (OTO)
Rahm Emanuel, for Chief of Staff for President Obama, former Mayor of Chicago
George H.W. Bush, former US President
Azelia Banks, rapper
LA Rage
Joe Perry, guitarist, Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, musician
Frederick Nietsche, author, philosopher
Barbara Marx Hubbard, author
George Orwell, author of 1984
Andrew Jackson, former US President
Joseph Stalin, former Prime Minister of Soviet Union
Vladimir Lenin, former Prime Minister of Soviet Union
Adolf Hitler, for Fuhrer of Nazi Germany
Herman Goerring, Hitler’s right hand man
Al Gore, Former Vice President
Gretta Thunberg, Global Warming Promoter
Alex Jones, Talk Show Host
David Icke, Talk Show Host
Dalai Lama, Leader of Tibetan governent in Exile
Christopher S. Hyatt, author
Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate
Pope Paul VI

See two an additional article and two youtube videos about this phenomena below:


1st October 2019


How can two things that work almost completely in the shadows be easily tied together? The allegedly impossible to detect Gangstalking and its single player cousin Gaslighting are often linked with the Mystic Judaism based secret society, The Freemasons. An undetectable psychological attack that thrives off of its facelessness and an age old society that have huge membership but have somehow managed to actually conceal their identity for what could be over 3000 years depending on what you take as real. We look at the links between reports of Freemason behaviour and the silent psychological dagger of Gangstalking and Gaslighting.


Distortion of reality for a hapless victim or an actual distortion of reality? Whether you believe Freemasons to just be a quirkcharitable organisation who love privacy, anthropological faces, aprons and Israel or a malevolent manipulative cult who are steering the future of the planet (USA and Philippines have had almost exclusively Freemason Presidents for over 150 years now so it’s not without basis), it’s always best to take a step back and know that truth is often mixed with lies when it comes to secret societies.

The Freemasons are rumoured to deal with their enemies via systems that subvert success within lives. It’s said that by way of recruiting non-Masons and others by poisoning the character of the victim, they dismantle and occupy the life of someone considered a threat or an annoyance. Rumours of what’s known as “Masonic White Glove Treatment”, “”Silent Dagger” and “Slow Dagger” is a method by which Freemasons slowly take control of a victims life and build up a small group or helpers that ultimately all assist in destroying their finances, friendships and own self worth.


One account was of an Englishman who unbeknown to him had a wife who was a member of “The Daughters of Job”, or one of the other many female Masonic Fraternities practising Mystic Judaism (Kabballa). The marriage went sour and for reasons unknown, she didn’t want a divorce but wanted rid of him. Fights were instigated by her which backfired when she got arrested instead of the usual female position of shouting about spousal abuse. They reconciled and over the course of the next few years she took him inside a community of Crypto-Judaism practising Christians and by subtlty and stealth isolated him from Family and friends while they introduced Freemason friends and work colleagues thus cornering him.

Normally such a thing would go undetected and it would all be chalked up to very poor luck but he began studying topics relating to her odd looking Christianity and worked out what was being done. Although very deep into the gangstalking, he was ready when the plan began to accelerate into the final controlled, undetected demolition of his life. He released the account anonymously and because of this it cannot be described as gospel but many read it and began to understand what they were experiencing.

What was most terrifying in the account was the variation of helpers. A family member, Christian groups who came with a smile and Freemasons exclusively becoming his small businesses cliental. From finances to spirituality to friends he was surrounded and what would normally have been an undetectable murder became a near escape.


Gaslighting is the cousin of Gangstalking. Instead of going for the life setup of the individual and performing a sort of Trojan Horse mauling like Masonic Gangstalking, Gaslighting is the destruction of the person thus rendering them unable to combat or comprehend the eventual collapse. Subtle psychological games that destroy the victims personal self worth and perception of reality. The two pronged attack that is Masonic Gaslighting and Gangstalking is like binding someone while you have set a fire in another room of their house. A potent cocktail of fatal actions.

Gaslighting often goes undetected until it’s too late. The victim is aware of. what’s going on but ruined, no one believes them because on the surface of it they are a nervous wreck and isolation has limited their options as to who will help. This form of psychological attack takes many forms but they are always subtle to the point that they could actually be paranoia so voicing concerns can be counterproductive. Consider that at the same time the victim is looking like someone in freefall as they lose grip of securities in their life in undetected subversive scheming.


In the account of the Englishman, he experienced two separate attacks. The first failed coup on him ended with an arrested and extremely bitter wife who regrouped and surrounded him with Masons, Crypto-Judaism Christians and various other agents. He recounted how he became thoroughly dependent on her and attended her Crypto-Judaism Church before actually becoming a proper Christian and abruptly leaving. Again, not in the plan for him to do that so he was extremely fortunate.

He described consistent contention that seemed manufactured within the Church. Along with this his wife often told him of ill treatment by others and statements they had made to draw his ire thus causing him to row with others. She would then promptly mend ties leaving him out in the cold with shared friends. When he was left with very few people to turn to she began changing agreed times and denying original statements, intense noise around him where possible, bizzare extended diatribes that were as exhausting to listen to as they were to deliver and other forms of mentally draining super-reality.

Fortunately for him he never really forgot the original attempt to sandblast his sanity and had learned techniques to combat such attacks. He wrote of how it was so subtle that even knowing still left quite a task. Being caught between defence and day to day without ending up mentally exhausted took blocking out surroundings and focusing on unmovable positivity.

With Freemasons, it’s always a game of Chess. Sure, the chessboard within their symbols is about duality too but it also reminds them of the overall aims. From personal requests to aid “The Great Work” like helping ruin the rep and sanity of others like the fortunate Englishman or bringing in the correct leader, it’s always strategy quietly considered with no detection that matters. A good chessplayer doesn’t telegraph his moves.

Unfortunately, the account of the Englishman did finish on a sad note. He was forced to abandon a young family, perhaps what his wife wanted anyway. To escape alive and aware is a personal victory but even then these methods reap destruction upon an individual.

Freemasons Jimmy Saville Flat Earth and Charity

Things Freemasons Say And Do Part.2 – Tsimtsum, Ram in Thicket, the Veil of Charity and Flat Earth

8th September 2019

The Tragic Consequences of Religious Cult Fair Game Tactics and Covert Methods of Secret Societies

Philippines Freemasonry Israel
Zionism: Philippines and Israel, the Alliance both covert and overt
14th September 2019
In “Biblical Truth”

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Warning: The Tragic Consequences of Religious Cult Fair Game Tactics and Covert Methods of Secret Societies Is Evangelical Christianity yet more Crypto-Judaism?


ALLAN 11th November 2020 at 7:03 amREPLY

Hi, i am been gang stalked, for almost 5 years and I just moved 2 hours away without realising that all their friends live right here and they have the whole suburb watching me and following me 24/7 that I now have been in my house for 12 days just trying to keep my sanity, please help as they also carry metal bars undreneath their sleeves, they were hoping to catch me alive that’s why iam now trying to move out of here, they bring in huge trucks to my neighbours houses who are friends with them, to intimidate me!! I want to leave but iam svared!! There are 100 + they make sure I see how many of them there are to completely run through my head.

Allan, they work on a psychological level, not violence. They are the same as the Scientologists, they study you, watch your movements and seek to mould your reality and self perception into areas where you will simply do these things to yourself. You just need to walk tall, know that they are powerless if your mind doesn’t allow in their games and to ignore them. Most of all, ignore them. It removes their bullets.

I’m being gang stalked by masons also .

It’s been going on all year..
Just today a man pulled up and offered me a lift, I accepted and he told me he was a Freemason. I told him that I had a problem with an ex girlfriend who was stalking me and I believed she was a mason, he agreed and said she was, then he told me that they were going to kill me..
I asked why and when panicked and he said he didn’t know, but soon..

I called police they said there’s little they can do.
I believe they’ve also been coming Intp my house when not home and coming into the back of the property at very early hours in the morning and doing some sort of ritual .

They’ve isolated me from family and friends .

I’m very very worried there going to murder me. What can I do please.

Firstly, remember that this is psychological attack. All stalking is and they have no weapons if you put up a wall of resistance. They are causing you to mentally self harm with their games. In order for Masons to go beyond their subtle psychological stuff they need very good reason and it very rarely happens. If you ignore them then you have removed their bullets. If one of them tells you they are a mason then tell them that you’re in the process of joining a lodge yourself and became interested through hermetic teachings and listening to Manly P Hall. Throw them a little of their own medicine. Masons can’t harm masons.

I’m being gang stalked too, in Puerto Rico. I think it may have started a few years ago, but I never noticed it until recently. Avout 2 weeks ago, I began to notice gangs of cars with super bright high beams passing my house, as I unfortunately live near a highway. Then the positioning of cars, in different locations with their high beams pointed towards my house, with nobody around. (Brightening) Then all of a sudden, within a week all the neighbors across the street got super bright spotlights/floodlights on their baconies and rooftops pointing to my house, that are so bright it looks like daytime in my house at 2am. I have to cover my windows with blankets and towels. Then the (Noise Campaigns) motorcycles, cars, and trucks, revving their engines loudly, or honking their horns, when they get in front of my house all done on purpose. They come in large numbers to make you feel frightened and out numbered and it works. Then the blocking of my driveway even though it has a No Parking sign in front they’ll block it, as soon as soon as they see me leaving, or before hand, with up to 3 or 4 different cars, and pickup trucks. There is a factory behind my house, my house sits on a hill, which was nearly impossible to climb up because of the intense shrubbery, all of a sudden it’s been trimmed down and cleared up. So people can now jump over the fence into my property and come in towards the back of my house. We hava a house alarm that goes off on occassion. As if someone pulls on the back door, and runs off. Or my battery is possibly dying. I am being watched 24/7 because there is a funeral parlor across the street with a huge parking lot, and a restaurant. The factory, neighbors, restaurant, funeral parlor, are all in on it. Lately there are lots of car, trucks, utility trucks and pickups, parked in those parking lots. Stationed there for hours. Some are so awkwardly parked at a great distance in awkward positions that obviously look like they’re observing my house. The scary thing is my mother suddenly developed a huge abdominal mass in her stomach and cannot walk, She was fine a few months ago, now she sometimes gets strange dark skin rashes, and mouth sores that look like they are cause by these evil bastards pointing direct electrical weapons (DEW) or ELF Weapons towards my house. I’m also having strange dreams.

Deweaponise it, ignore it and remember that they are weapons of the weak. Be strong

I too have been experiencing these coordinated psychological attacks for about 16 months now possibly longer. Ive been hacked, wrecked while driving, 24/7 overt surveillance, planes, drones, people, animals possibly crows and trainable birds. It seems like its almost impossible that this can be happening. But it is right now, and will be, whether I ignore it or not its still happening. In fact it seems the more I ignore… they more they disrupt my business ops… which is merely landscaping by the way. I understand and succussfully can ignore it at times. Yet there are times where i seem to be almost remote controlled fueled by sheer anger, confusion, and trauma. And believe me Ive experienced and deal with ptsd. The things they do slowly but surely load their weapons and eventually “shoot” me with their “ammo” as you would describe Christian. So besides turning a blind eye which i will refuse to do anyway because i believe its just as cowardly and evil as the entity that commits these atrocities. Are there any actual real tips or suggestions you can give? any advice would be very highly appreciated. Thank you for all your work and website, its impressive and helpful nonetheless.

RALPH CHRISTIAN 10th February 2021 at 2:52 pmREPLY

Very sorry to hear about this. Remember that it’s a psychological prison that’s set up. It can disappear as quickly as it’s setup by refusing its barriers.

MORGAN ENGLAND 28th February 2021 at 11:42 pmREPLY

i have many times heard of this. i always thought it was people being overly paranoid through drugs or mental illness. i have struggled with both myself but i do believe that those things have made me even stronger mentally when it comes to what is and isnt real\.(unless it is the occasional auditory halucination or visual but those are always easily ignored. my problem started with pissing off a drug dealer maybe or saying something i thought needed to be heard. but i never stole or really did muvh to deserve this accept maybe be annoying inside my appartment. in fact i have had everything stolen from me and had people turn on me for a long time and im starting to think this is it. i think that gangstalking is down the food chain of command though and these low lives will use weapons if you play chess too well and anger them. i think that police and even medical professionals are involved but may no know there being manipulated they think they are listening to crazy drug addicts that may need jail or something worse. in the end they do more harm then good and i think they know that much atleast thanks for hearing MH

MORGAN ENGLAND 28th February 2021 at 11:48 pmREPLY

Dont call police or talk toanyone unless you know they will actually take you seriosly noone will belive you and even if they do at first they will grow annoyed or maybe even get scared of you or that what your saying might be real. then they will push you away in fear for themselves. get cameras record audio and get it all stright then go from there

ANDIE BASSE 19th March 2021 at 5:00 amREPLY

This happened to me years ago. Just shut off my phone and left the area. Mostly stopped. I have this odd ability to care for people. It’s kinda hard to make me completely crazy because of that. Can’t drive someone crazy who is crazy. Eh abuse been there done that. But yeah I just quit paying attention it stopped. I almost understand why it happened to me but the relationship stuff sounds petty. People are just mean.

RALPH CHRISTIAN 19th March 2021 at 10:05 pmREPLY

That’s rough buddy. You’re through it now? You got that right, ignoring overpowers it

ANDREW 6th July 2021 at 5:52 amREPLY

Well-written, and refreshingly…sane approach to what may well be the most difficult obstacle that I have ever met.

The gaslight. The gang stalking.

It started a long time ago, but I didn’t mind coming face to face with the deeper mysteries of life.

Then in the last few months it got bad. Almost unlivable. My belongings covered in bodily fluids, and other terrible smells like cat food or cat pee. Drugs and chemicals laced within my food. Gasses to become alert, or tired, or confused.

Subtle things like changing my prescription lenses, the size of my clothing, or strange chemicals in my shampoo.

My financial situation became dire. Job after job, it became unbearable. Doused in urine or perfume. Drugged with muscle relaxer.

Anyway the list goes on and on. I decided at one point to end my life if I had not noticed a decrease in the severity of the tactics being used within the year.

Things got much better; I am gainfully employed, and enjoying higher than average pay, yet I am being gassed with something that smells like diapers and has various effects. In addition, my food and toiletries are being tampered with, and I’m having perfumes or urine put onto my belongings on a fairly regular basis.

I don’t do drugs or party or anything. I’m quite boring these days. Mentally consumed by this whole ordeal, but quite boring nonetheless.

Thousands of dollars of surveillance equipment were no barrier to whatever it is that ails me.

My question is:

From what you know, does it get better or worse, if I actively try and join them?

ANDREW 6th July 2021 at 5:55 amREPLY

I just posted a comment, though it would seem as though at the last minute my email address was either changed somehow, or it was a typo.

RALPH CHRISTIAN 6th July 2021 at 10:02 pmREPLY

Sounds like you have had quite a time of if. What do you think kicked it off? Can you isolate an event of a group involved?

ANDREW 8th July 2021 at 7:28 pm

Hello Ralph,

Thank you for the quick response. What eventually became an overwhelming barrage of actions taken against me started off somewhat more subtly.

For example, my toothpaste would be replaced or mixed with something else, my bedsheets would smell odd, or my coffee creamer would br drugged.

Eventually, I would come home to an entire apartment covered in a layer of hairspray and cat food and other things like that, only much worse.

I invested heavily in network security, various types of cameras, alarm systems etc. but it was of no avail. The alarm company would just apologize and not be able to tell me why my camera stopped working at during an alarm at 12:33.

And so on, eventually lessening in severity, though why I do not know.

Obviously during this time, I was totally consumed by thoughts of why, who, what, and how. Why though? It could be any number or factors, some more probably than others, all of which occurred in the past and none of which I may change in the present.

I can examine the situation and logically conclude a handful of individuals that are involved, though this conclusion does not offer any certainty as to why, nor does it entirely explain everything that has been done to me.

It seems as though the people involved are fond of leaving a backwards letter “C”

RALPH CHRISTIAN 12th July 2021 at 11:50 pm

Hi Andrew,

I am aware of the methods you speak of or the overarching system which can be applied to any number of situations or objects. What’s most potent about it is that the aim is for you to suspect everything and lose sight of where things have been tampered with.

Those who perform these types of ambient abuse call the gaslighting stage “the melange”. This is where you cause but never truly harm someone by subtly creating paranoia. The things that are done will be small and always verifiably true on a personal basis but that’s it. You can quite easily show the evidence to someone else but you won’t be able to verify that you didn’t do it to yourself. This is done strategically to the level of your reaction and others. The aim is create paranoia and then for you to discredit yourself with what will appear to be elaborate claims by someone who appears to be increasingly paranoid. This will eventually isolate you from friends and family.

Stage 2 is the known as “the spiral” and this is where you have lost sight of reality and your suspicions, self doubt and doubt in others is self creating. No further work is needed, it’s like a domino effect because the mind is simply turned on itself. You’re spiralling out of control.

What you need to do is to resist the urges in the initial stages OR realign yourself in the second stage. Neither are easy but they are possible.

Where do you think you are right now?

[email protected] 14th July 2021 at 8:57 amREPLY


It’s really good to reach out to someone who knows something about this. The internet seems rife with information, though quite honestly, I think I lack the zeal required to sort through it all. Yet my lack of enthusiasm aside, this is a very real sequence of occurrences that must be addressed if at all possible.

Although I’m a mostly calm and peaceful sort of person, at first I had to get past some anger at the situation. I knew that I was being set up to appear less than credible, so I was careful not to go off blaming everyone or to make a big scene.

I suppose this is a web page dedicated to secret societies and that kind of thing, so I might say that I can’t really say anything without saying it. I know well enough not to go wasting my time blathering on about something that is hidden.

At first, I just ignored it, figuring it was the same secret society that in my younger years (I’m still early 30s) might wink and nod me backstage to a music show, or tell me an amusing story in a café, or invite me to some underground party or something like that. Nothing to fear, I assumed. I have no disputes with freemasons!

I’m a musician, a lover of nature, a free thinker, and I have a profound respect for all living beings. I’m not an educated man; I’m a truck driver with aspirations to start a small motor carrier business. That is all to say, I’m a rational and functional person and (given the continuation of this textbook “gaslighting” and “gang stalking”, I can’t see myself spiraling into anything other than a dull sort of long-term resentment at worst.

Yet… I had to leave a job because my chair was doused in perfume. At my current job, I earn great money, but there’s an air pressurized system that creates a baby diaper smell. Someone peed on the drivers chair. Every time I stopped and got out there would be cologne sprayed for a while. Cheap perfume on my bed sheets. And the gas… to wake up. To fall asleep. To raise my heart rate and so on. Drugs that I can’t identify. I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak.

To answer your question, the realignment came when I examined the facts and met this with an acceptance that this was something beyond my control, and that I would simply try to live it out. With pee on my seat, or waking up with strange smells on my hands, the list goes on.

Anyone concerned about a secret organization out to “get them” is probably interested to know if anything can be done about it. Certainly I have no way to communicate with them, yet I’ve developed a sense of compassion for the ones doing this.

I accept that I am different. Maybe not the kind they like. I’m at the stage where I accept that I smell like whatever they want me to smell like, the wake up gas in the morning, or the urine on my seat. They are tasked with this, it is not personal. (Some of them have even given a strange sort of quick oddly directed apology sometimes). At the end of the day, we are the same. Maybe at different levels, but manipulated by something greater than ourselves nonetheless. I’m at the stage where I look at them and try to see myself, and develop compassion.

P.S. after writing this, I will give your website the credit it is due and read your articles. As of yet I have neglected to do so. I am especially interested to read anything about secret hand sign gestures and any resources that can be offered about how to go about approaching a seemingly impossible communication barrier. Like Wikihow to party with your gangstalkers: step 1. Seriously though I know people die and that this is real sh** but I wish they’d get it over with or move on to the next person.

RALPH CHRISTIAN 14th July 2021 at 9:22 amREPLY

Hey Andrew, most of it is off the wall reflections on the oddities of life but I do write and know a lot on Masonry, gaslighting and ambient abuse so if you discover bonkers stuff on here don’t let that jade your view of the advise or info on the topic here.

Keep in mind that it’s more of an attack on your mind than a physical attack even though physical actions are involved. Awareness is 90% of the battle.

Hang in there and stay in touch

VIVIANA CASTILLO CRUZ 7th August 2021 at 10:25 pmREPLY

Well, I am in GA and they have hunted and tracked me for 2 years 8 states and 24 counties in GA currently Rabun, because I pressed charges againts someone who almost killed me 4 times. 2 years and 4 psychiotrists one who works with the swat team, say I am not paranoid, crazy or dellusional, GBI and FBI involved along with other agencies. They have taken over every social media account facebook they took a year ago, they have taken every mobile account and I have 25 cellphones newly purchased with every provider they take the account convert it into a work account and reprovision device to monito and control, redirect all phone calls to take your identity. I have the evidence. They had someone dressed like on the phone acting crazy but guess what this is what they did wrong I was at the state capital so while “crazy me” is going bananas on the phone pretending to be me, guess where I am on multiple videos, police, news, social and other platforms with no phone standing accross from about 30 GBI agents and army and other agencies. Funny ha, this was one of their first huge mistakes that provided the credibility I needed, hence when people started to pay attention. Im in DV shelter they haven’t stopped a year ago after they attacked me my daughter was taken 2 yrs old to silence me. The hearing is next month Sept 2021 in Dekalb Co GA Im Viviana Castillo Cruz. Im fighting for myself, my daughter that they took Mia Grace Cruz 6/21/18 to silence me. Currently no phone done, I travel to Atlanta twice a week to see my daughter 2 hrs I had to quit my job and run last month after another attempt, the FBI is how I got here. I have no income and they wont stop, I use the computer here at the shelter. I am stable yes I have PTSD, but who wouldn’t. They do everything to destroy someone but the evidence tells the story I don’t have to.

RALPH CHRISTIAN 10th August 2021 at 11:23 pmREPLY

Remember that it’s psychological. They create it, get you self creating and you destroy your own credibility.

How are you now?

KATE 16th August 2021 at 3:44 am

It is Zersetzung … satanic ritual abuse. The masonic mafia are overdue for being held accountable for crimes against humanity. Our testimony and truth-telling destroys their web of lies. The Light of Christ exposes their wickedness. Do not be afraid, they fear your Spiritual power and mental ability.

VI. Masonic Gangstalking & The Secret Dagger (* See Comments below)

VII. Organized Organized Intimidation (the Masonic Secret Dagger) Targeted Individual Nizin Lopez (2017)

Comments to Video I. X Factor Winner – Altiyan Childs – Exposes Masonry- this World’s Secret Religion:

Kindly don’t forget to watch this also and share all these videos to your friends and family to help them awaken. Cheers.

Anita Welsh
2 months ago
That took a few days to watch! For a jaded old conspiracy theorist like me it actually filled in a lot of very obvious details in such a clear way, so thankyou. After years of chasing and ‘doing my own research’, it all boils down to good against evil. That is the truth at the bottom of all these conspiracies, Satan. That is also why the world is so disgusting. I’m new to Christ, it’s hard undoing your own doings but it’s really all you can do. Forget the rabbit holes.

david thomas
3 weeks ago
I stand with Jesus through everything

Timothy Vieira
1 month ago
Believe with everything you have said. Thank you for putting this out there I’ve always believed that but no one has had the strength to say anything. You are a great man for putting this out into the world it’s time for people to wake up

Old Sniffing Joe Potato
2 months ago
I might suggest a book entitled “The Great Controversy”, as well as a series of lectures by Walter Veith for further study on the end times that we’re in…
Very good information. Thank you Altiyan. Hang onto Jesus.

Peter Cunningham
2 months ago
Thanks for putting this up.

Paulette Herzog
3 days ago
“I” haven’t been fooled. I’ve had this intuition since my teenage years. What you say just confirms that I’m not crazy in my beliefs.

2 months ago
It needs to be stated here that while living a righteous life
is good, (Isaiah 64:6 …all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags;)
it is not a salvation issue.

Ephesians 2: 8-9
For by grace are ye saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast.

All we need to be heaven bound, rapture ready, is
to believe on the finished work of Jesus Christ.

John 3: 16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Romans 10: 9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,
and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,
thou shalt be saved.

5 days ago
Thank you for sharing this information. Hopefully it plants seeds of higher consciousness upon others and they go down their path of waking up from the deep sleep…
God bless you and your family

2 months ago
Great over-all presentation.

Nadia Harris
1 week ago
Wow people need to get their lives in order Jesus is coming soon. Please share this with all of your family friends and loved ones.

2 weeks ago
All glory to the Almighty God!

Terence McKenna
1 month ago
Thank you for having the courage to expose these very sad deceived human beings..

Angela Anglin
2 weeks ago
God Bless you young man, you are amazing to come forward, God keep his hands on you and your family??

Lisa Mahan
1 week ago
I just finished watching and I can truly say absolutely incredible
thank you so very much
I highly recommend this everyone should know and love Jesus

Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God
3 weeks ago
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
He is trapling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
He have loosed the faiteful lightening of his terrible swift sword
His truth is marching on

Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
His truth is marching on

I have seen him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps
They have builded him an altar in the evening dews and damps
I have read his righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps
His truth is marching on

Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
His truth is marching on

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnish’d rows of steel
As ye deal with my condemners so with you my grace shall deal
Let the hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel
His truth is marching on

Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
His truth is marching on

He has sounded form the trumpet that shall never call retreat
He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat
Oh, be swift, my soul to answer, oh be jubilant, my feet
His truth is marching on

Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea
With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me
As he died to make men holy let us die to make men free
His truth is marching on

Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
Glory, Glory halleluhja
His truth is marching on

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
He is trapling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
He have loosed the faiteful lightening of his terrible swift sword
His truth is marching on

Amen and Halleluyah

Jeremy Ah Kuoi
3 weeks ago
All glory to God?❤️

Stefan Sweeting
1 month ago
The Most High is most grateful

TM Landscapes
5 days ago
You’ve reached the UK! We will share this!

Hungry Holly
3 weeks ago
Glad you reuploaded this. This needs to be constantly reuploaded.

Kevin Nas
2 months ago
God bless you brother

6 days ago
Thank you for telling us brother ❤️

t.c 802
2 days ago
His plants lean to the left.that’s sketchy

Kevin Nas
2 months ago
I love you all who love jesus

2 weeks ago
I appreciate this information and I pray it opens the eyes of many. I must say though, your black and white outfit and hair covering one eye was a big distraction. ?

1 month ago
My grandfather actually had a freemason neighbour and that neighbour told him what would come in 20 years. My grandfather told me. I was just a teen back then and thought “Ahlright the old geezer’s lost it” Now? It all happened. He said arabic people would be all over the country taking over. I didnt believe him, why would arabic people be in scandinavia? we are.

Harry Cox
2 months ago
Thank you and God bless.

2 days ago
I like ur necklace, almost looks like an upside down pyramid/cross. ?

David Pacheco
1 month ago
Everything they always do not now makes sense. We think or thought it was just what celebs do when they are actually praising their god

1 month ago
A question: since Hitler was a freemason (and I can inagine this since he collected occult artifacts and had a whole room filled) why did he close 100 masonic lodges before he was stopped?

Carmel Correale
3 weeks ago
Keep safe and be protected from above

Truth Seeker
2 months ago
Truth, yes speak the truth thankyou

Apex Noose
1 week ago
I’ve been looking through a bunch of stuff over this video, but man made video describing it in his perspective. He starts to give subtle things about the video and claims this video is to mock . He points out that the guy in the video does some of the things he’s talking about. His hair continously falls over his one eye drawing attention to his one eye every time, the guy talks about duality and how they flip things to hide in plain sight. well turn your phone up side down and look and the jewelry it forms a triangle with the cross upside down. And at the end he refers to its “going to happen” and we won’t have a choice that it’s nature, what other occult refers to nature satanism that “lust is life”. Idk those were a few things that stood out to me

Svx Drifter
2 weeks ago (edited)
Democracy is what got us here.
The media tells the masses how to vote.
Democracy is a myth.

Democracy is only possible in a well educated, informed and homogenous society.

Donna Schelby
2 weeks ago
I’m an American there’s some of us that really know about that secret society religion remember the power of God is stronger than them

AK Knight
3 days ago
Just to let you know the person in this video is Altiyan Childs and his video is no longer n his channel. I emailed him when he first released it and got a reply from him. He says if the video goes down its not by him, Im sending him another email to hopefully find out if he is well.

T.J. K
2 months ago (edited)

Jonny hooks
6 days ago
Man why would you do this video with your hair like that? You’re basically doing the one eye darkened through the entire talk also your chains make the square and compass you’re dressed in Masonic black and white. Plus numerous other sketchy things. These are honest observations that I would hope that you will address.

Jesus Martinez
2 weeks ago
Thank you

Lisa Mahan
1 week ago
I have seen this in history before it is disgusting I’m glad you are able to escape stay with God with God Jesus Christ will protect you no matter what eternal life with Jesus and heaven

5 days ago
This didn’t need to be that long could of been condensed lot of repeating information over and over again I don’t know if I can make it through the whole thing. What’s the purpose of freemasonry the “truth” they speak of

Wes Baumguardner
2 months ago
Mark Passio has an entire series on this.

Hartley Hodgkins
3 weeks ago
Thanks for re uploading the original has been taken down. Due to ‘harrasment and bullying”. Ironic.

t.c 802
2 days ago
They will not get to see any of this new age the reset will take care of everything.including people.

em ster
2 weeks ago
Did you know that there’s a high ranking evil spirit looks like the paintings of Jesus? #itstrue

2 days ago
Can you handle the truth? Go to Jordan Maxwell Show website or search for Jordan Maxwell on YT.

2 months ago
Im not shocked about the Kardashians

t.c 802
2 days ago (edited)
Still not I’m only here for a short time.they can only take my physical body.everything in this world is meaningless.its what you learn mentally and spiritually that you take with you for eternity .fear nothing while your here on earth.because its all nothing.

Jiani •
1 week ago
Not Jesus but In Yeshua we trust

3 days ago
Absolutely unbelievable. Since i cant or don’t know how to post a picture in the comments, see mickey mouse clubhouse season 2 episode 28 about 13 minutes in and youll be taken back by what you see.

Haley Pate
2 weeks ago

Susana M
1 week ago
I believe in God and Jesus and our Lady of Guadalupe and they are way more powerful then these devils

L. Nelson
1 month ago
Pray the ROSARY!

Mark Harris
2 weeks ago
Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein

Rafael Caro Quintero
1 week ago
Kanye? What about his christian album?

Billy Davis
5 days ago
Soo.. according to Satanism… jesus is the “devil” and lucifer hates him because he spawned as flesh to sacrifice his blood for us? So, in satans mind.. did he create, creation? Or was that still jesus… this whole thing confuses me more then anwsers questions….

Bearza Klumpt
2 months ago
What about Pepe, sir?

Billy Davis
1 week ago (edited)
The satinist in the interview when he was told “this is going on the internet ” he smiled and said “god bless you brother” why you praising god if your a lvl 33 satiniest or w/e he is… just found it funny… heres the stamp im talking bout

2 months ago
The original was taken down?….?…?…. seriously?.

3 weeks ago
Really long video that didn’t actually point out much evil other then the subjective rejection of Christ and a ruling class manipulating reality.. which will always happen because that’s the very nature of power..

Doan Dai Hiep
10 minutes ago
Imagine the smell…..
of holiness in that room

Brendan Fraser
2 months ago
Who keeps taking thee videos down?

2 months ago
You said it is unstoppable. Just know nothing is impossible

t.c 802
2 days ago
R.c create Christianity.

Makayla Paton
2 months ago
Where does it mention islam?

Eric Farina
2 months ago
Why would I ever choose to believe a storyline that tells me I am hopeless?
That my only hope is to embrace death?
This is nonsense.
Not because you dared to fight back, but because you dared to suggest, that the only purpose of fighting back is to secure your own “afterlife”.
The afterlife is all observation, no choice.
Nothing could be more enlightening, or maddening.
“These things must shortly come to pass” said the Roman Scribe.
And good Christians, overwhelmed by faith, chose to accept these words without question.
Even so, Amen.

Wes Baumguardner
2 months ago
But Jesus supported slavery.

* Comments to Masonic Gangstalking And The Secret Dagger

Leslie Meadows
3 years ago
Listen up this Man is 1000% Right on…☠️

3 years ago
Nicely explained we are still here brother stay strong Christ’s warriors will rise up we are waiting

Sally van der Graaff
3 years ago
“Paid professional liars.” Yup, that about says it all! Thanks for your good research and reporting, James.

jared ritter
3 years ago
I believe that non human entities are involved

God Fearing Warrior For Christ
3 years ago
I don’t know how long I’ve been getting gang stalked for here in Phoenix, Arizona, but I’ve noticed I’ve been going through extreme harassment and bullying for over two years now. I became a vegan activist over 2 years ago, so that makes sense.
Everything you listed is 100% accurate and everything I’ve been facing. This has led me to depression, anxiety, isolation, psychotic meltdowns, and four months ago I was contemplating suicide, but God saved my life. I lost my son, my dad, my cats, my apartment, and my job. It’s been a very painful two years. I didn’t know what was happening to me until recently when I came across your videos on Instagram which led me to your YouTube channel. I have been doing deep research about it since.
You have helped me so much James! Thank you for your bravery and speaking out about this. You’re bringing awareness and saving lives. This is a silent genocide happening and must be brought to justice!

Day Williams
3 years ago
Bankers are Free Masons. I know because my ex -uncle was an international/national banker. Hes murdered people. He’s close to dying he’s so old.

4 years ago
Amen: You speak truth! Thanks. Nail on the Head!

Rosalind R
3 years ago
Subscribed after hearing you.had no idea til too late the evil hearts around here& IF ONLY WE COULD BAND TOGETHER as well as badguys do.gotta run outside,the cold odorless gas in apt. is backJumping Jack flash,it’s a gassss- Lord Help Us All.very well spoken James ,thanks.

Targeted Individuals Be Strong
3 years ago
Nice video. Never seen this one. Well covered.

Cita Previa
3 years ago (edited)
YAB !!! 24 / 7
the e-harrassement is even more cowardly !!!
exposure is key they are deafly afraid of it.
image is everything for them.

Kathy zrinyi
2 years ago
When you know what really is going on and aware of their tactics, it’s so obvious, it’s ridiculously insane how psychotic they are. I can’t believe people fall for these lies. How idiotic people are any more. My town sucks at it.

Big bad Wolf
4 years ago
Keep it up man thanks for the truth !

Khurram Aziz
3 years ago
Thanks…Freemasonry must perish (the USA,as you know it, built by Masons will sadly also fall, but what goes up must go down Karmageddon 2018)

Litle Blackdot
4 years ago
Thanks for exposing them and their time is almost up.

AmericanJazzLady seeks God’s wisdom & Blessing
3 years ago
GOD BLESS YOU SIR. THANK YOU FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!! Freemasons worship Lucifer/satan, the devil. HELLO?
Jesus Christ is Lord.

Rate My Apartment
3 years ago
Am a new sub! Another great vid exposes the roots of this program. Thanks! We are in spiritual warfare and learning about our enemy is part of the battle.

Steppin Razor
4 years ago
Hey James, have you seen the Chris Gristle vid where he prank calls Jameel Rawls and Jameel says, “is this the lodge calling?” It’s the little tid bit vid. Imagine, Jameel a freemason, big surprise.

Princess Jess
3 years ago
Tell it James.

4 years ago
james look up (fisa) and aberdeen dynamics- affects the dynamics neurotransmitter systems. ….actually think about what you are reading , they make it look innocent! but i know you can see the real narrative.

Cleo’s Fancy
3 years ago
I wonder if my Grandpa who is a Mason-Shrinner has anything to do with this.
I was a Jobs Daughter for a brief time. That is the female version of a young mason.

But I remember when we started going, he said to do a good job, his name is on the line. He didn’t want to be embarrassed.
Me & my sister didn’t like it, so we stopped.

He raised my mom but not her real dad.
I also became a bit of a Jesus freak & the Freemasons worship Lucifer & Nimrod
So … who knows
She was the black sheep of the family, maybe because she was not his
We didn’t see my grandparents much

Things are much bigger than they seem

denim johnson
3 years ago
lmao god bless you brother keep up the good work

Hotrod Rebel
4 years ago
Dude, Great video and very knowledgeable too! Them old Freemason Geezers were thinking what they could do with that stuff and this old Geezer was thinking the same Damn thing!

Traverse The Universe
2 years ago
Thx brotha, for sharing the truth about these parasites. Remember Our Christ everyone, and take him seriously when he said do not fear them, even to death. You have nothing to fear, but believe me they sure do. And Christ promised he will be present with us, always, all the way to the end! I am proof!!

Meighan Dorr
3 years ago
Wow your on point. I had no idea they were calling it gangstalking.

3 years ago (edited)
Yes but why? There is no where to turn for help. What do.I do? No scepticism here I know it’s real. Thanks, my father was a Master Mason and nearly killed my mother. Looking for your next vids.

4 years ago
i noticed that one of my comments is not appearing in the comment section. so i am reposting it again.



In what mmmer our people are unanimously to behave towards those
who have been dismissed from the Society,

I — Since those who are dismissed are at least conscious
of some secrets, and are frequently injurious to the Society,
their attempts must therefore be obviated in the following
manner : —

Before they are dismissed from the Society, let them be
persuaded to promise in writing that they will never either
write or speak anything injurious to the Society ; at the same
time let the superiors preserve in writing their evil inclinations failings and vices, which they themselves have at some time given according to the custom of the Society, for the clearing of the conscience, by which, if it should be necessary, the Society will be able, with the great and with prelates, to pre-vent their promotion.

7. — Let care be taken promptly that they may be
removed as much as possible from the exercise of honourable
functions in the church, such as preaching, confessing, pub-
lishing of books, etc., lest they obtain for themselves the
affection and applause of the people ; in order to which it will
be necessary to inquire most diligently into their life and
manners, not only into their companionship, occupations, etc.,
but into the intentions of the dismissed, wherefore it must be
contrived that we may keep up an intimate corres-
pondence with someone in the family in which the dismissed
reside, and as soon as anything is discovered blameable or
deserving of censure, let it be spread abroad amongst the
common people by means of persons of inferior degree who are
attached to us, so that the nobles or prelates who may favour
the dismissed may be restrained by fear of future disgrace, but
if they commit nothing worthy of censure and conduct them-
selves in a praiseworthy manner, let their virtues and actions
which are deserving of commendation be depreciated by subtle
insinuations and doubtful expressions, until the esteem and
confidence which is attached to them is diminished, for it is of
the utmost importance to the Society that the dismissed, and
especially those who have left it of their own accord, should
be utterly suppressed.

laszlo katona
2 years ago
I grew up amongst these ,and after a while my father warned me often dont be stupid as a effect of those on me . They are mainly cheerful idiots to be precise but I managed to tame them . Occasionally they tried to kill me as a joke ,but never succeeded . None of these have a sense of reality , more like actors . What these can’t stand is being ignored or pushed aside …

Karla Maria
6 months ago
So basically, any group gathering around you when you’re by yourself, has a high probability of being a gang stalker?

Muckmuck Thageneral
4 years ago
Always on point with the info.

very interesting
2 years ago
Old saying from Saskatchewan:” Hide your daughters, the shriners are in town.”

Lesa Cagle
4 years ago
Yea I do think that the ones where I live do I’ve heard some say that when you know I’m around.also is it dangerous to speak on this to quote normal people since it’s secret?

TropicalWinter xxoo
3 years ago
In my eyes when I see that it is them telling me something they want me to think is real.

Earth 420
1 year ago
This is spot on !

country girl
1 year ago
I’m Speaking Out to Ask People to hold these Criminals responsible. This is Inhumane I Also have been to multiple Attorneys

who knew
2 years ago
Perfectly explained.

Jasper Serendipity
4 years ago
Cool, nice puzzle pieces you found!

Brandon Peniuk
2 years ago
Thanks James. They are at again. The stalking was silent for a year and a half. It has begun again.

Brian Flo
4 years ago
ey bro, I had similar things happen to me for about 5 6 years now.. I feel its still happening, since I go to different cities and im the laughing stock, & in my city its worse.. you wouldnt have a email where we can chat it up?

Gabriel Almeida
4 years ago
Finally the truth about gangstalking. Congratulations. This video is being repeatedly removed and reposted.. Why s that?

Jackie Kelly
2 years ago
a yes you are correct in every thing you have just said Theese people don’t fear God,the real true God,your info,is so important,for TI’S as as non Ti’s to know and see, Thanks for your bravery!! please continue to SPEEK out !!believe it or not it’s ministry !!

Khesrau Sahil
3 years ago
You are a awsome person god bless you end use magnets 2 protect your self .!!!

themosthigh God
3 years ago
They stole my husband to be through murder. Tried to destroy my son life by causing him a mental breakdown. Just waiting patiently. …

Sandra M.
3 years ago
Where is our citizen protection? With as many people affected how can the gov just sit by and do nothing?

???? ???
2 years ago
Shriners wil gang stalk you for sure. Especially the older ones. ✋?
Sunnie Dawn
2 years ago
I am a T.I,…I have been one for many, many years, I’ve learned that “keeping it simple” is very Important here! These lists, and organizations are Not involved. While there are many people who have volunteered, or paid, to do these things to me, I discovered that overwhelming your mind, is the last thing you want to do! Most T.Is already are overwhelmed by what’s happening! And yes…they are very real, if I were to give you a laundry list of all the things being done to me “currently” you wouldn’t believe It! And for my captors,..I haven’t given out “any” information, that’s specific, nor have I breached who you Are! Just know that I’m completely suffering and I’m becoming suicidal..

Andrew W
2 years ago
My grandpa was a mason and they killed him by targeting his pace maker. Then they ruined my moms life with an accident and the lady got off. Now they are coming after me ex navy amongst others. But I will fight back and I will use lethality. They have gotten really sick with their stalking of me and I see their shit and I will not back down.

4 years ago


Concerning the private strictness of discipline in the Society.

I. ” It will be necessary to dismiss as an enemy of the
Society, but under some other pretext, whoever he may be, or
of whatever condition or age, who has alienated our devotees
or other friends from our churches, or from frequent intercourse.
with us, or has diverted ahiis to other churches or religious,
orders, or has persuaded any rich person or any person well
disposed to the Society to do so ; next also those who at the
time of disposing of their property have shown greater affection
for their relatives than towards the Society, for this is a great
sign of an unmortified spirit, and it is becoming that professors
should be fully mortified ; also those who have directed the
alms drawn from penitents or other frieixds of the Society to
their own poor relatives. But that they may not afterwards
complain of the cause of their dismissal, let them not be dis-
missed immediately, let them first be prohibited from hearing
confessions, let them be mortified and vexed by the discharge
of the vilest duties, let them be compelled to perform daily
those things to which they are known to have the greatest
aversion; let them be removed from the higher studies and
honourable employments, let them be harassed with chapters
and public censures, let them be restrained from recreation
and conversation with strangers, let them be deprived — in
dress and in things to which they are accustomed- — of every-
thing which is not absolutely necessary, until tbey are driven
to murmuring and impatience, and then let them be dismissed
as persons not sufficiently mortified and pernicious to others
by bad example ; and if it be necessary to give a reason for
their dismissal to their parents or to prelates of the church,
let it be said that they have not the spirit of the Society.

2. — Those also must be dismissed who make any scruple
in arguing properly for the Society, and let them be said to be
too much attached to their own opinions, and if they wish to
give a reason for their conduct before the provincials, let them
not be heard, but compelled to conform to the statute which
obliges all to a blind obedience.

3. — It will be necessary to consider, from the beginning
and from their tender years, who progress most in affection
towards the Society, but those who are perceived to retain an
affection towards other orders, or the poor, or their parents,
must be by degrees prepared for dismissal, in the manner
described above, as not likely to be of any use.

James Harken

2 years ago
You know your stuff… The neighbourhood watch thing is called “situation table” they refer to us as a “situation” not a Target. They sit at a meet once a week. It consists of 2 groups of 30 “observers” inside group, outside group.
The “situation”is evaluated on a bogus threat level rating system.
I’ve lived in my town for 40 yrs. So when word gets to ppl who know me, they second guessed the motive. Then, when they started checking things out, they realized that I’m fighting a MUCH bigger fight, on their behalf.
And so the ass kissing begins.

3 years ago
Yall need to read the new testament from cover to cover, and then again. Don’t think you understood it after one read.

Emma forster
2 years ago
Great video so much truth.
The silent dagger.
Pray against them to Jesus Christ it’s the only way you will be free from there plans for you. All the glory to Lord Jesus Christ

TropicalWinter xxoo
3 years ago
In the info box part that I was reading I knew I was being spoofed when they hit me with the ;( ??????

herkimer frogg
4 years ago
i suspect my soon to be ex-brother inlaw has started this process on me. he is a mason

Jeffrey Jones
2 years ago
Survivor here. Christ will defeat them.

Josiah Main
2 years ago
That Dancing at the End… That’s why they Love an Ex-Girlfriend of mine! What makes us TRUE TI’s believe you are a True TI?

Nina Channel’s
1 year ago
10 min of pure truth !!!!!

Holy Spirit
3 years ago
They are going to be exposed I’m not afraid they are entertainment for me. They kill there employees so if funny because God go my back.

John Doe
11 months ago
Shit is real.

4 years ago
good stuff

Dossy B
4 years ago
yes!! dope vid…

BeAsA Roze
4 years ago (edited)
They are doing these perverted rituals during church services also.

Ann Bell
3 years ago
Sounds right to me. Gregoires Grand Forks ND

Marcus Hopkins
4 years ago
James Harkin keep up with it. You sound like Dave Matthews beat in a news reporters voice repoting gang stalking and electronic harassment.

sun shine
2 years ago
there is no gang stalking you just need medication

l taylor
3 years ago
Well cmon James…get out in the open

Jake Webb
2 years ago
You left your ruby slippers in my room. My suggestion to you James, is to start drinking your black coffee in your car alone.

Charm The Mystic
3 years ago (edited)
Yup my next door neighbors do it yelling bs lies beside my door when I’m in the kitchen cooking with my kids callin me a slut n all when I’ve only been with 4 men in my life they do the entry exit thing too. My ex is one of my stalkers too It’s such a long creepy story I might make a video just to warn ppl of how they pretend to be your partner at first and play crazy mind games. He wore blue all the time. I woke up to him taking pictures of me then he tried to convince me he wasn’t and I’m crazy but wouldn’t show me the phones photos to prove it called me a “necessary sacrifice” also called and repeated a conversation I just had on the phone with someone else and seem to be holding back laughter when I cried n front of him he even shows up places I have to go just standing around and all the weird hand gestures ?

Sage Woman
2 years ago (edited)
That video made me sick. And then I laughed and thought the stupid Fuc*s we’re being exploited themselves because that might have been a drag queen. And, the joke was on them and they had no clue… ? now they would have hated that ……..

4 years ago
Subscribed AAAA++++

Rhonda Fricker
2 years ago
They are stalking for money and supply.

David Smith
2 years ago
Dude. Shriners are Masons.

Jenn H.
2 years ago
I havent seen any new videos from you in forever! Why???

ThePoisoned Goth
4 years ago
I live in knights templer central

Blue Lotus
3 years ago
Small construction company…bingo

St.EveNMichael MADara
2 years ago
You must work for the milkman or else probably be too annoyed or confused to do any work

Bob Deakle
3 years ago
great video I subbed

William Draper
3 years ago
Some accuse us of being paranoid , what I say , is if you aren’t a little bit paranoid , there isn’t anything really happening to you ; but I suppose some people don’t get paranoid, and others are just naturally off the wall crazy , everybody has some problem in life to deal with . OK I am offering my email to anybody that needs a place to report suspicious events , all I ask is that you first make at least 2 reports to your local law enforcement , and you understand , I have no connection to any law enforcement agency , or secret society . The sole purpose is for you to be able to make/ leave a digital trail . Your Heading would be DIGITAL TRAIL _ _ _ _ _ , after this write that you understand that this information to the best of anybody’s knowledge is not being given to any law enforcement agency or other entity without your / my ( meaning you ) consent . It will be protected to my best ability . My email is [email protected]

Ti-GangStalked Willis,Tx
3 years ago
@ Willis, Texas

Vick M.
3 years ago
I see in the end of the video just Rich powerful old dudes having fun it’s not necessary to be part of the organization like you claim to have those fans, sometimes( Yes I assume many groups just trying to have Secret things and make it look like it secret and BIG(( and there is another group that always (jealous with No control of showing it & you can see in any topic videos) …… watching listening from any information source you can come up they are making this group secret organizations much bigger than actually they are. I would call volunteer promoters.
just chill out and also accept the fact life is too short and it’s up to you make it longer or shorter no one has control on you ?get cure from paranoia its disease that continuously it grows inside of your brain. Smoke some weed???? it might help.
create your own future which is not easy .
Remember judging the others it brings you negative energy and it always will eat you from inside judge the others .??✌

Sandra M.
3 years ago
It makes perfect sense if you’ve experienced it.But I’m not convinced what is going on.

gary cobiak
1 year ago
Satan is at the very top.

Brandon McCapes
1 year ago
OP: How have you been lately?

dropzone dropzone
3 years ago
It’s happening to me…its funny though because it is very real…but they can’t touch you

Nick Patterson
3 years ago
so if a TI is likely to not even notice them, why would they do it? if youre not paranoid already, you probably would miss it.

jared ritter
3 years ago
My brother is in on my targeting

Christi Lynn
4 years ago
James – I understand you came across the same psychopath I did. Carly Jacks 207? Yeah, she lied about everything and plays upon peoples heartstrings. Nothing she told me is real, including her name. For me, all she was trying to do is get personal information out of me. I never realized just how careful you have to be on here.

Rhonda Fricker
2 years ago
They just refused me the right to sell a couple of things on Facebook buy and sell and the link for complaints did not work!

Four Bfourtythree
1 year ago
Kevin,Laura , garrett , Bryce and rillee Hanson their influence with Fire sept #5 Napavine Wa, city of Napavine and butt buddy to Kevin , The mayor John Sayer, the two city cops Noel Shields and Silas Elwood, new Chief Saylers, lewis county sheriff under former sheriff Mansfield and several deputies like Rialitin, kevins father in law Dana Williams whom was former city of Napavine And a known liar and corrupt influential attorney, part time fill in judge and juvenile court judge/ kevins position as jail administrator and now with mason county jail as the chief- ALL PARTOOK in gang stalking, stalking by proxy and their access to information acquired by intelligence communities, gathered and exploited by Kevin to look up dangerous ex’s of mine and targeted, stalked, vandalized, attempts on our lives – caught on my hidden security cameras and witnesses- went to my neighbors, former employer, friends, associates- literally everything you just mentioned- to the t. Next came there electronic harassment, on going vandalisms and dangerous street theater crap they do. Ten years and going. They also deployed further involvement of wsp and fusion centers targeting. Look at Millie Weavers video as it explains exactly how and what data and info has been stolen and exploited and how they influence the ppl around us as ti’s. This is also how they get ppl to comply with their gang stalking crap- it’s all in the video and know this is why we can’t get equal justice and access to the same resources and help as a normal non targeted person has. Very eye opening documentary by Millie – shadowgate. Thank you for making this vid as well! It’s all real and legit! I can give precise examples of everything you have listed and then some. I also have been targeted with directed energy weapons – assaults and attempts on our lives once again with hefty duty energy systems- reveals some the the weaponry deployed and thanks to obamas marriage of local le having access to this military surveillance and anti personnel , no touch torture devices – it can literally happen to anyone at anytime and with ZERO due process nor equal access to any “justice” or protections

Lane Hennefer
2 years ago
It gets super intense about 2 months a year. If its mason I’ll just join the mormons who the masons consider a renegade lodge. Then they will have to deal with me and allies.

Tom Brown
4 years ago
very nice…

Targeted Individual – Israel
2 years ago (edited)
Your so right! And if there is on each reall T.I, so many people involved in He’s life. From the medical, melltery industrial Corporations. + He’s family friends etc.
And these guys like to hacked any electrical device we the T.I’s using.
So I think yes these joreks like, hidden behind a screen and effect, the way the world pressive as. And if a video have allot of views, don’t mean is good information.

Ryan Edwards
3 years ago
I came back to comment & SE3 S∆W 5,555 Views. I was born @ 5:55 on a five day in May on a five year. Synchronized Time/Space by Conscious Energy of Will of ~1~. Word.

Michelle Lewis
3 years ago
@james harkin pardon my ignorance I’m curious wat is the purpose of the video at the end …GOD subscriber

3 years ago
I know how to build a tiny house. I will help you build one. +James Harken

Emma Lewis
2 years ago
What do you do when its not subtle no more and an entire town is doing to you.. 75% of this town have their bright lights on during day time to harass me.. What about when you can’t work no more? Cause you are ran off? You are saying what they do but the question is why?!

Wm Draper
2 years ago
This guy knows exactly what he is talking about , except Jehovah Witnesses , I am sure are no part of such . I write on Twitter ” Yahweh_is_Love” Have faith my friend . Be sure to be active in something besides just this .

Jennifer Pauk
2 years ago
I just dealt with gangstalkers and the police working with them all-day.its real it’s fucked up.They been harassing all day.I almost snapped but I havey dog with me .They are driving me to the breaking point I just got threatened and the whole store ganged up on me just for walking by.righr now I’m crying and pissed.thank God I had my dog with me to keep me level headed.Im headed to the woods for a few days I need a break. Just got slandered big time.I can’t take it I’m at the point of going bonkers..this shit is real ppl.

Jameson Reese
2 years ago
There doesn’t seem anything evil about the ritual, its relatively tame. Thats 1. Putting all on the masons is a disinfo campaign by which the actual perpetrators of the program go unnoticed. So we know who u are not. Thats 2. They target individuals who are into occult and into Satanism as well, so somehow thinking this has anything to do with spiritual warfare is to cater to an evangelical audience whom already see themselves as separate from the rest of society. In other word Evangelists are elitists already. Thats 3. What do u know about MK Ultra? Anyways nice try

Lucy Fur
2 years ago
really? How does a sexy chair dance prove anything?

William Draper
3 years ago
I meant to say Jehovah Witnesses would NOT be involved in GANG STALKING

Brandy Quick
2 years ago (edited)
A lying tongue hates those who are afflicted by it… Do not take a pledge, oath or be a hand shaker with these demons in agreements stay away from their club houses…because if you have nothing, they will take everything you own. PLEASE read your BIBLE books PSALM and PROVERBS.

Stevie Grant
3 years ago
U answered it well my reasons im christian close to 33d please hmu for sending u this message i will get attacked in some way

Inkognito 9
1 year ago

Chem Before The Storm
2 years ago
Want to stop “gang stocking”, stop messing with the occult.

2 years ago
AVERAGE JOE? No even close….

Cody Walker Jr.
3 years ago

Rhonda Fricker
2 years ago
Silence is not Golden as their secrets are hurting people.

Tracy Hiatt
3 years ago
James can I have your email please.?

Panik Skaros
2 years ago
Come to cyprus you ill find the truth

3 years ago
lets all move to Serbia

Tom Moore
8 months ago
Awful video, but accurate.

Danny L.
3 years ago (edited)
The point I believe ALL is trying to convey in this thread is that there are bad

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