V. ZIONIST EVIL PLAN FOR EUROPE: Why The Migrant Invasion of Europe?

ZIONIST EVIL PLAN FOR EUROPE (AND AMERICA): Why The Migrant Invasion of Europe?



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Treason by European Leaders to Genocide White People = Invasion by the foreign peoples that seek to sack, ravish, pillage and plunder the cities, towns and villages.

Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi = Europhobic philosopher & Author of “Praktischer Idealismus“ = Engineered Plan to destroy European White race to fulfill the Oded Yinon (Greater Israel) Plan.

KALERGI = Founding father of a precursor to the European Union, the International Pan-European Movement. = PART JEW & COMMUNIST!


PRIZE IN HIS NAME = Coundenhove-Kalergi European Prize = Awarded every two years to JEWISH ELITISTS and Influence Peddlers for JEWISH extralegal supreme authority overseeing Europe wiping out NATIONS Leading ROLE. = MERKEL + KISSINGER = Endorses secretive genocidal anti-white plan to decimate the white peoples of Europe through mongrelization, displacement by force, violence and disenfranchisement, relegating them to serfdom dictatorship UNDER JEWISH LORDS wiping out democratic powers.

KALERGI JEW = Wants tyranny by the minority JEW to rule using enormous mass FLOOD of the inferior and hatefully vengeful subpar I.Q. colored peoples = Religious fanaticism of Islam = Finish Off the Battle of Vienna in 1683 that stymied Moslem invasion for centuries = Warlike barbarians of the Mongrels and the Huns as the battering ram of the White people to uproot their homes and livelihoods, confiscate the children for sanctioned rape and abuse by indoctrination towards self-hatred, rape and sexually exploit White women and children by forced intermixing and enslavement, and batter and murder White male for lark and resistance—even demolish the slight remnant of the ethnic-cultural pride.

MERKEL = Traitor to Germany & Western Europe = With DISINTEGRATION of WHITE RACES through RACE INFILTRATION. = One of innumerable treasonous politicians, financiers, economists, organizers, government officers and other moneyed circle of elitists. = Engineered ruination of Europe and eventually North America For Jewish Supremacy. = Illegal migrant invasion of Europe is to genocide and democide the native European peoples and their phenotype (genetic code for various ethnicities that form light skin pigmentation, blue eyes, blonde hair, attractive features, etc)

TOOLS = Sanctioned massacre and violence and modes of oppression to control the indigenous white peoples by the rule of terror and totalitarianism to eventually abolish the entire White European race. = In accordance with Babylonian Talmud Zionist Jew and Illuminati plan = Fomented by the $Trillionaire central banking cartel Rothschild dynasty. = United Nations + George Soro’s Open Society Foundations + The Bilderberg Group + Council on Foreign Relations + Trilateral Commission (David Rockefeller) + Club of Rome + The Committee of 300 + Institute for Jewish Policy Research + Washington Institute for Near East Policy + Chatham House + Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs + Now-defunct Jerusalem-based Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (author of 1996 Israeli manifesto “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”) = Divide-and-conquer strategy to balkanize (SPLINTER) the communities, regions, states and nations for exploitation and control by political empowerment of anti-nationalist/patriotic antagonists.

JEWS planned 9/11 = Now-defunct Project for the New American Century = Coordinated and executed by Mossad = NOW called “Foreign Policy Initiative” = Same criminal Jewish cabal members after the creation of Greater Israel (Oded Yinon Plan), with all Jews of the world called to migrate to the expanded Jewish homeland following the persecution by angry host populaces of the collapsing once-wealthy and once-stable nations now overwhelmed by the undesirable non-White races. = Ashkenazi Khazars are nation-wreckers with an agenda to destroy the diversity of the world = Mongrelize the races to rule over from Greater Israel, their seat of unilateral totalitarian hegemony.

Jews = Practice subversion and treason, usury and fraud, ritual murder, blasphemy, sexual immoralities and treachery to honor their Satanic “God” + 7th day Adventist goy and satanic traitors = Plan of Hell on Earth with wholesale genocides and destruction & Conquest of Europe Beginning with death of Hitler and violence against the Germans & Creation of Israel to 9/11 as the second stage = New World Order is the final stage of the mission to enact global Communism & brainwashed by Cultural Marxism by German Jew subversives (Frankfurt School and then Columbia University) using propaganda + conflict + disharmony + irreligiosity + apathy + degeneracy + guilt + complacency = Race suicide = Corrode the spiritual + justice + moral norms + ethnic cohesion = Collapse of the Western Civilization

JEWS = Enforced political correctness + Rigid censorship of truth and free thought + Oppositional feminism + Crass materialism + Irrational egalitarianism + Nihilistic libertarianism + Forced integration of non-whites = Collapsing birthrate of WHITES = Masterminded by Jewish Supremacists = Treasonous think tanks and covertly controlled (shadow) governments = Hiding behind the facade of republicanism and democracy

GOAL = Impose retrogressive, nefarious and obscene policies as the irrevocable law designed to demoralize, divide, degrade, disfranchise, disempower and destroy the targeted race, caring for nothing but the consolidation of power

SOLUTION = Expel almost ALL Jews from Europe & AMERICA + END Oded Yinon GLOBALIZATION & END New World Order = Serves obscenely wealthier and power-mad Satanic oligarchy.