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Appendix 240: Is Targeted Individual Program DoD’s “Distributed Interactive Simulation” (DIS) For MITRE & NATO’s Simulation, Experimentation, Analytics, and Testing (SEAT)?: 3 Sabrina Wallace videos

Epigraph Quote:

Sabrina Wallace, summarizing the techno-perps basic message to TIs:  “We’re going to bail you out of the future and there ain’t shit you can do about it… We’re busy siphoning our own friends and neighbors, making them sick on purpose, and playing games with them.  No different from what we used to do in middle school when it was the “mean girls club’.”

Webmaster Comment:  In these videos, especially, but in all her work really, I believe Sabrina Wallace has “come through” for all “targeted individuals!”     She gets the TOTO AWARD for pulling back the curtain on the TI program and exposing the middle and upper level perps, and more importantly HOW and WHY TIs are played like SIMS in a video game!!!!!!!!  Thank you, Sabrina!!!!!!!!!

TOTO AWARD For Sabrina Wallace

I believe Wallace’s work strongly suggests we TIs are the involuntary test subjects for military and medical testing and deployment of BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) Applications, including “clinical trials,” “game interaction,” “fatigue,” “emotion,” “sleep quality,” and “robot control,” as per Figures 1 and 2 of “A Survey of Recent Advances In Signals Sensing Technologies”…. (I.B below), among other things..  The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS) is also “Brain-to-Computer interface designed to analyze sensory data and then alert foot-soldiers to any possible threats, passive or direct.”

Sabrina, reading from I/ITSEC Program (see below): Tutorial 4: IEEE 1278TM Standard for Distributive Interactive Simulation (DIS): Concepts and Techniques

I wondered “What is that?” So I looked it up.  I found a very long history of the Global Information Grid (GIG) and its interoperability for how they actually have the system command itself and communicate with all these networks through human bodies.  And how they actually orchestrate the data base, check back with it, execute the signal transduction, and get it to the right place. 

Some of you really struggle with understanding when I say, “they play you like a SIM in a video game.”  And because you think that it’s sci-fi instead of jobs, you don’t realize how much work goes into all this.   Some of you keep screaming lawfare, but the lawyers and attorneys have no power to get to these value chain partners and turn this stuff off.  So I think we would be better served by educating as many people as possible about what you fucking did while you were at your job.  For what?  For this shit.”

I) Tradeshow for IITSEC November 26, 2023

1. Sabrina Wallace Introduction: I’m taking folks to the back end of what these people are actually looking at for their jobs. Routing data for the new digital ledger technology that also fuels the blockchain crypto markets.
I will be back with liquid neurons, bci and Anastasi’s AI market share for the second time shortly. However, my signage that people are suspicious of is accurate and sometimes it helps to see where the products are already deployed along with their technical software deployments by year. That way when I assert clearly that this CTWS system with a darpa headset has been ‘online’ and ‘in use’ as in college, jobs and very real careers in playing humans like SIMS – people can source the linear history of software development and the tradeshow history shows you the companies who purchased the hardware, hired ppl to train on the modeling software and where are those people now?
Oh I have a digital twin? That’s impossible.
It’s too much data to manage a human in ALL their interactions or synapses.
Edumacation is different for variant groups of people. On our channel, we seek mitigation strategies that authentically work every time and do not aggregate beneath people who lie about technology as a matter of their jobs. The Psinergy channel is comprised of folks who avidly soak in data analytics that offer them a better view of cognitive cities (C40 and SmartCities for Agenda 2030) and voracious readers who may or may not have the ability to write substack articles.
If you can work a job in an industry after spending tons of money going to school for BIOSIGNALS while simultaneously disavowing biosensors – that is a problem that we need to FIX with education and marketshare; not more people selling their stories about aliens/ufos/psychic and idk’s – (I don’t knows).
2. References Cited In Video
Program of topics and speakers for the SUSTAINING A GLOBAL FORCE IN A DIGITAL WORLD theme at the Dec. 2023 meeting of  I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference) Tradeshow
Webmaster comment:  It’s hard to read here, but in the video and pdf (D) the above figure is more readable.   The 5th icon to right of the “warfighters and testers” (lower left) shows a human brain and reads: “Design and configure with apps and prototypes” (Ex. Embassy Attack).   “Data: GIS, from sensors, etc.”   Note: the 5th icon and the two icons to its left are in a circle labelled “autonomous systems exploration.”

Team builds first living robots—that can reproduce

IEEE 1278TM Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)—Paul-Tingey-Paper.pdf


Mark 4

like that intro song sis..who sings it?

Halsey – Die 4 me

We are not at the end, not the Beginning of, this system. Yeah they had to do COVID. But they Bungled it. Just like they Bungle everything.


yo!! those microscopy pictures i sent to you, some were dyed with methylene blue if you temember those unsettling things….
– thats it, looks exactly like what i found

386 views Jun 13, 2023
Hear from USAF why I/ITSEC 2023 is on their must attend list.

that’s a direct link to the agenda of the iitsec company –

0630 5K Walk, Run or Roll Charity Race OCCC – WEST HALL D
0830 – 1000 SIGNATURE EVENT: The Joint M&S Data Initiative W304EF
0830 – 1000 SIGNATURE EVENT: The TalX – 5G and NextG W304CDGH
0830 – 1000 FOCUS EVENT: Fleet Training Officers Panel W304AB
0830 – 1000 COMMUNITY OF INTEREST: Simulation Standards: Delivering Multi-National Interoperability W305AB
0830 – 1000 PROGRAM BRIEF: PM TRASYS – Range Training Systems – Acquisition Update W306AB
1030 – 1200 SIGNATURE EVENT: Navy Flag Officer Panel W304AB
1030 – 1200 SIGNATURE EVENT: Digital Materiel Management W305AB
1030 – 1200 SIGNATURE EVENT: Train While You Fight: Ukraine as a Touchstone for Training in Future Wars W300 – THEATRE
1030 – 1200 SIGNATURE EVENT: The TalX – Industry Leaders Perspectives on Adoption of Artificial Intelligence W304CDGH
1030 – 1200 FOCUS EVENT: Senior NCO Perspective: Operational Readiness Leveraging Simulations for Training &
Mission Rehearsal W304EF
1030 – 1200 PROGRAM BRIEF: PM TRASYS – Synthetic Training Systems – Acquisition Update W306AB

1030 – 1200 SIGNATURE EVENT: Train While You Fight: Ukraine as a Touchstone for Training in Future Wars W300 – THEATRE

Intellectually disabled comes to mind however natural or artificial, the lot of them! I’m sure they will have their text books of insanity underarm.


they are sooo proud of themselves ….not realizing the pain and destruction…I think the more digital the more desensitized they are that these are humans being shot at ,killed etc etc .

Those dog gone algorithms must keep these out of perview. How dare they! They would never! [:smile_2:]

Anthony Patch: Quantum Entangled DNA, Trinity Patterns, and Divination Machines

A lot of talk cropping up lately about Torsion fields and the power of “Spin”. Brings to mind the Sufi Masters and their spinning dances aka whirling dervishes:

[:cyclone:] [:cyclone:] [:cyclone:]

was reading up on Echelon on wiki…any luck on sourcing the documentary? those little white round sat buildings are not very spy like lol . they kind of stick out like a sore thumb lol

Sabrina, do you know Jamiroquai’s song “Automaton”? Brilliant lyrics…

“…All this love I felt for you
Has gone away to another place (It’s a digital life)
I put my faith in a digital world
Where they’ve given me
Eyes without a face
I steal the moon on silver nights
Remind myself I am someone
My soul is null and void tonight
I’m automaton (I’m automaton)…”

2) Tradeshow ii November 26, 2023

You are a great researchr Sabrina!

!! OH sir you make my day over here – I’m workin so hard through this stuffy nose, God bless you and folks I’m sorry my voice is gritty but it’s so important folks understand where to look for products, amen!

Hey heads up i am sending a video link from Kristens channel and the subject is you Kristen has pussied out and turned off the comments i do not know who is speaking I am not doing this to upset you but to prove a valuable point in regards to sharing real personnal stuff. I get it good and have got it good for posting not so personnal stuff but i learned decades ago not to let those that do nothing for me upset me. So please erase if you do not want to hear it. I have heard some of it nothing you have not heard before. Sadly those trying to do good will get attacked I know this for me because simpletons cannot figure out how somebody that wants to bow to no one and is not going to lie to themselves to keep other beings feelings safe and snugly and has a cotempt for people would want to help people. I have Misanthrope as a title lol and simpletons who work on emotion rather than reasoning won’t get people like me have families and friends and there are differents levels to the name THAT WE DID NOT CREATE but choose to use. Hopefully you read this and watch video after you have done your thing. As everything ramps up we will see more people turn on us even those we thought had our back Why Because most people cannot handle pressure or truth and it is easier to fall in line than to be torn apart. I PROMISE you this and i speak for ME ONLY yes there are certain things i question about you that make me go hmmmm but that being said i am damn sure you could be feeling that way about me so i just let my heart you know the one my gal says i do not have lol guide me and of course i am not in pain like you or have others to worry about. Yes i do not worry about my gal she made her bed soiled it and refuses to deal with it so that is out of my control. As i told you from the start i am going to support you any way i can till i cannot and that cannot is when she passes or if i leave here . Please do more YOU time there are others who can also help that want to

3) IITSEC: Dawn of the Super Soldier December 26, 2023

stupid super soldier groundhog day. human/machine aholes like rink dont need to he idolized. thanks for saying F◇ck Rink!

I’m so glad you mentioned that Kimberly Goget the free thinkers. Talk about data grabbing from you and the engine room. Holy smokes it’s soooo darn obvious and yet…incredibly hard to talk to anyone about this. Henny Penny. Thank you again and again Sabrina and all of you out there. I’m one grateful bird.

You mean? We can go play like we’re at chuck e cheese? Exactly..
They talk about what they’re “Going to do” however they’re perfectly satisfied with wiping out millions of in the mean time.
I sometimes think about the guys (and gals) that come back all scrambled up that they’ve been exposed to vaxs and elecronics.
Gulf war syandome, and beyond and before.. an experiment, not improving anyone, but ruining them. Head sets, radar, all of it. Just wrenched the crap out of em. For every action, there’s a reaction. My ex father in law just passed away a few weeks ago. AF vet. carreer and retired. When he was entering his dimentia phase (in his 80’s) he would talk of cloaking technology like it was every day conversation and very randomly.. using all kinds of code talk he’d never had done before dimentia. Talking to us as if we were there. As if we were Air Force.. I can’t say he was senile, that’d be an insult, but dimentia does something.. It’s safe to say, secrets and memories are now to them. He wasn’t making that shit up. RIP ex dad in law. You were really a sweet old man.

sorry for your loss my friend


I started watching Rink a couple of times, but I got a suspicious feeling each time, thankfully!

I met Miesha Johnson in Las Vegas in 2011 at a meetup at Carole Michaella’s house. That’s how I met Scott Catamas the love coach. Miesha is a very nice lady from a cia family and when I saw her front row with rink nodding to her and checking with her through out 2 different presentations I was livid pissed off. She tried to convince me my youngest who has been targeted by raytheon was a sirian starseed – that’s dna steg storing data in their veins and arterial tissue for security. Those schematics are literally just a kid for their data storage – I did not say anything just thanked her. She figured I was stupid or still adherent to m sadistic father or mother; NO. I continued to cut off people who talked like that and tried to manipulate our family and after 10 years of a friend telling me she was really a watcher from Groom Lake – I stopped trying to have friends almost entirely. The level these CIA ppl go to in order to trap people with free range abilities – you know, control over all their body parts? It’s astounding how tight they control anyone who can feel their own skin … and you wonder what kicks a hybrid’s ass? A free range human who believes in their Creator with authentic heartfire aka their inability to hijack your intra cardiac network and since the heart has more neurons than the brain and is the strongest magnetic field you pulse that shield effect from your toes up and get their signals as screwed up and unable to communicate by piloerecting and holding your own resonance, shield your biofield and keep the electrical current holding your pilii up with elongation and physically move – they will be all sorts of pissed off and someday you will realize how to reverse the signal … this is what I teach with biofield practice which is called Delta Force/Navy Seals/Army Rangers – extended situational awareness bc your biofield does what their chipsets do. Practice

can I plz have a dollar for every anacronym we’ve learned in three mo? I could take a vacay!
what does heterodyne mean exactly?

I’m with you ! Feel like I’m talking code to myself but half the time I’m looking it up to find out what it means. Thank you for you comments and especially your prayers. I actually read one of them out loud (it was awhile ago) everyday during prayer time with my 85yr old mom. Funny thing is…she gets this stuff!!!! The only one in my family. God Bless you!

I try to catch the acronyms and write them down in a notebook. I may end up with a library. [:joy:]

war mindset starts with childhood cartoons. got to get those bad guys!

it all sounds like the movie Johnny Mnemonic .. probably worth watching in these times, ‘they’ always tell us.

Johnny Mnemonic is a 1995 cyberpunk action film[6] directed by Robert Longo in his feature directorial debut. William Gibson, who wrote the 1981 short story, wrote the screenplay. The film, set in 2021, portrays a dystopian future racked by a tech-induced plague, awash with conspiracies, and dominated by megacorporations and organized crime. Keanu Reeves plays Johnny, a data courier with an overloaded brain implant designed to securely store confidential information. Takeshi Kitano portrays a yakuza affiliated with a megacorporation attempting to suppress the data; he hires a psychopathic assassin played by Dolph Lundgren to do so. Ice-T and Dina Meyer co-star as Johnny’s allies, a freedom fighter and a bodyguard, respectively.

omg I remember that movie. good catch

May The Most High bless you and keep you safe!
I have to be honest and say I wish you’d leave your content up. I know I’m not alone saying the damn “Brain Fog” they disperse over us all is totally rotting away our minds. I find I have to listen 2 or 3 times to comprehind wtf is goung on.
Lord, Please help us!

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