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Appendix 8: Excerpts From “The Trail of the Serpent” (1936) by Inquire Within

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Appendix 8: From The Trail of the Serpent (1936), by Inquire Within (Christine Stoddard)

Epigraph Quote:

…. As M. Henri de Guillebert says:

“The Jew looks upon himself as the Sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which the other peoples are but female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. In order to realise this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force to realise the ‘Universal Republic,’ controlled by the God of Humanity, the Jew of the Cabala.”

“The Cabala is, therefore, entirely pantheistic.

Adolphe Franck holds that, according to proofs which he gives, it (Cabala) must have originated during the seventy years of “jewish Captivity in Babylon, and therefore owes much to the ancient religions of Chaldea and Persia.”

Today, all Rosicrucians and cabalistic sects use this Magical Cabala for their works of divining, clairvoyance, hypnotic and magnetic healing, making talismans, and contacting their mysterious masters.

As the Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare said: “Secret societies represented the two sides of the Jewish mind, practical rationalism and pantheism, that pantheism which, metaphysical reflection of the belief in One god, ended at the times of the cabalistic theurgy.”

In Le Probleme Juif, Georges Batault writes of these Alexandrian Jewish Philosophers, that they were ardent propagandists, eager to make proselytes, and for this purpose endeavoured to adapt Judaism to Hellenism, persuaded that without the Law and without Israel to practise it, the world would cease to be, the world would be happy only when subject to this universal Law, that is, to the empire of the Jew.

As the Jewish writer Bernard Lazare admitted in L’Antisemitisme:

” From Ptolemy Philadelphus until the middle of the third century the Alexandrian Jews, with the object of maintaining and strengthening their propaganda, devoted themselves to an extraordinary work of falsification of real texts as a support for their cause. The verses of Eschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, of God and the Sabbath attributed entire works to them, and it is thus that they placed a History of the Jews under the name of Hecatee d’Abdere. The most important of these inventions was that of the Sibylline Oracles, fabricated entirely by the Alexandrian Jews, which announced the future era, when the reign of One God would eventuate. The Jews even attempted to ascribe to themselves Greek literature and philosophy. In a commentary on the Pentateuch which Eusebius has preserved to us, Aristobulus endeavoured to show how Plato and Aristotle had found their metaphysical and ethical ideas in an old Greek translation of the Pentateuch .”

Georges Batault continues:

“The exegesis which consists in distorting texts in order to bring out of them what they desired is the only ‘science’ which can be traced to the Jews. It became in the hands of the Judaco-Alexandrians, a formidable arm which, by the perfidious force of their veiled lies, enrolled Hellenism, in spite of itself, into the service of the exclusivism and the religious proselytism of the Israelites. The attempt to Judaise’ Hellenism, which today appears to us so perfectly absurd and disastrous, has had, nevertheless, the result of obscuring the intelligence of humanity for hundreds of years.”
You must practice and gain great sleight of hand so as to fascinate the eyes (hypnotic illusion) in order to work the miracles which are expected of you.

As we have already shown, among the Dactyles, Corybantes, and in the Greater Mysteries, illusions, jugglery, and evocations were the means used to deceive, not only the epoptes and mystes, but the ignorant people.

Today, in these numerous sects, cabalistic and illuminati, much the same methods as with the Ismailis are used, and the same doctrine taught. It is always a gradual re-orientation, first an attempt to adapt these doctrines of the Magi, Manes, and the philosophers to Christianity, destroying the very essence of Christian beliefs, leading to pantheism, dualism, and materialism, often ending in pantheistic mysticism. Through mystical meditation and yoga they achieve magnetic but controlled union with their sinister masters, from whom they receive the universal teachings necessary for their master’s “Great Work,” unification- and world control -religious, political, and intellectual.

The Assassins were not a principality, but merely a confraternity or Order similar to that of the Knights of Saint John, the Teutonic Knights, or the Templars .

As von Hammer says:

“The nature of the functions that in the last-named Order were filled by its Grand Master and Grand Priors, its religious institutions, the political tendency of its spirit and its doctrines, all even to its clothing gave it some resemblance to that of the Assassins. . . . The fundamental rule of the two Orders was to seize fortresses and castles in the neighbouring countries in order more easily to control the people; both were dangerous rivals for the princes and formed a state within a state.”

Today it is not merely a state within a state ruled by secret sects, but a Universal World State ruled by unknown “Supermen.”

Speaking of the Initiation of a Dervish, Springett says of the Kadiri Order that, after many months of probation in the monastery, the Sheikh, at the assembly of the brethren, places on the candidate’s head a white felt cap, having attached to it a cloth rose of eighteen petals with the interlaced triangles of Solomon’s Seal in the centre- the Jewish symbol of the dual forces of nature, as above so below as a Dervish, he passes through intermediate stages under the guidance of a Superior or initiate of the highest degree.

Before being fully accepted under the guidance of a Superior or initiate of the highest degree.

“He is taught to concentrate his thoughts so completely on his `Guide’ as to become mentally absorbed in him as a spiritual link with the supreme object of all devotion. The Guide must be the neophyte’s shield against all worldly thoughts and desires (let go the material!); his spirit must aid him in all his efforts, accompanying him wherever he may be, and be ever present in his mental vision. Such a frame of mind is termed ‘Annhilation into the Murshid” and the Guide discovers by means of his own visions, the degree of spirituality to which his disciple has attained, and to what extent his soul has become absorbed into his own.”

He then enters “the Path,” and according to his aptitude and willingness to accept the Guide’s mystic philosophy, although against his religious feelings, his advance will be correspondingly rapid.

To-day the whole world has become a veritable hive of cabalistic and gnostic sects, and in each and all is found this same system of gradual mental absorption, as with the Dervishes, of the adept’s personality as he advances upward, successively by the official teacher of the Order, by a Teacher on the astral plane, in Rosicrucian Orders by its so-called founder Christian Rosenkreutz, and finally complete absorption by some unknown Central Power, still in the material body. Thus oracles are trained, apparently inspired, giving forth teaching, which in turn is passed down through the various grades of the order orienting the members. They finally go out among the people spreading the ideas, often in the name of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, leading them astray under the direct or indirect influence of these sects and their outside manifestations, international, universal, socialist, communist, and atheist.

Finally, Vulliaud concludes: “To sum up, Rosicrucianism is composed of mystic illuminism, in combination with alchemy, astrology, magnetism, and communication with spirits [astral!], if not with the Word itself; it is composed of sometimes one, sometimes several of these forms of the marvellous and occult . . . . In certain lodges, they ardently practise theurgy.”

Theurgy: Anne Sheppard: “Theurgy, the religious magic practised by the later Neoplatonists, has been commonly regarded as the point at which Neoplatonism degenerates into magic, superstition and irrationalism. A superficial glance at the ancient lives of the Neoplatonists, and in particular at Eunapius’ “Lives of the Sophists,” reveals a group of people interested in animating statues, favoured with visions of gods and demons, and skilled in rain-making”[3].

Pierre A. Riffard: “Theurgy is a type of magic. It consists of a set of magical practices performed to evoke beneficent spirits in order to see them or know them or in order to influence them, for instance by forcing them to animate a statue, to inhabit a human being (such as a medium), or to disclose mysteries.”[4]

As Gustave Bord wrote: “In all times there were secret sects who claimed to understand the laws which regulate the Universe; some believed they really possessed the ineffable secret; others, the clever ones made their mysteries a lure for the crowd, claiming thus to dominate and lead it; at least they found the way to utilize it to their profit.”

Louis Daste, speaking of Freemasonry in the French Revolution, remarks: “This mysterious illumination of the low grades of Masonry, this hierarchy of which Philalethes junior has so jealously guarded the secret, those `Unknown Superiors’ venerated by the Judaizing Martinists and Philalethes, who claim domination over ordinary lodges- is not all that the unbreakable chain which links the Jewish Cabala to Freemasonry, and have we not henceforth the right to suspect the Occult Power hidden behind the Masonic Lodges to be the brain of Judaism which would conquer and dominate the entire world?”

To turn to (Jewish Satanist) Eliphas Levi, another and later Martinist, who writes in his History of Magic: “Moreover, the law of equilibrium in analogy leads to the discovery of a universal agent which was the Great Secret of the alchemists and magicians of the Middle Ages that this agent is a light of life by which animated beings are rendered magnetic, electricity being only a transient perturbation. The practice of that marvellous Kabalah reposes entirely in the knowledge and use of this agent. Practical Magic alone opens the secret Temple of Nature to that power of human will which is ever limited but ever progressive.”

The (Jewish) Zohar, he says, is a genesis of light (of nature). The Sepher Yetzirah is the ladder of accomplishment and application; it has thirty-two steps- ten Sephiroth or centres of light, and twenty-two paths or canals linking the Sephiroth, and through which the light or magical fluid flows. It is the Cabalistic Tree of Life. Applied, as it is in cabalistic and magical Orders, to the Microcosm or man’s brain and nervous system, it is full of danger and illusion, mental, moral, and physical. Eliphas Levi further says that the science of fire and its ruling was the secret of the Magi, giving them mastery over the occult powers of nature; “On every side we meet with the enchanter who slays the lion and controls the serpents. The lion is the celestial (cosmic or starry) fire while the serpents are the electric and magnetic currents of the earth. To this same secret of the Magi are referable all marvels of Hermetic Magic.”

Finally, these controlling “Supermen” behind the scenes are, it would seem, past-masters in the knowledge and working of this Practical Cabala built up from cults of the remotest past. Is it not, therefore, justifiable to suppose that these Supermen are magic-working, cabalistic, and revolutionary Jews?

PERNETY: Joanny Bricaud, in Les Illumines d’Avignon, 1927, gives us some curious details on the growth of this movement:

“Strange thing! The era of the Encyclopadists and philosophers was also the era of the prophets and the thaumaturgists. In face with Voltaire, Diderot, d’Alembert, incredulous and sceptic, arose Swedenborg, Martines de Pasqually, Saint-Martin, Mesmer, and Cagliostro, founders of mystic groups given up to every practice of theurgy, magic, and illuminism.”

As said by Bricaud, Dom Pernety, the founder of the Avignon group, was born at Roanne, in Forez, 1716, and became a Benedictine of Saint-Maur Abbey- Saint- Germain-des-Pres, he came across many books on Hermetic lore and Alchemy, and became thoroughly inoculated with this fever of the age. Finding monastic life intolerable, he threw it up and went to Avignon, where he founded his Hermetic Rite, 1766. Later we see him in Berlin, still keeping in touch with his adepts. Gradually his hermeticism became invaded by the mysticism of Swedenborg and Boehme, he became a seer and illumine, having as guide a so-called Angel Assadai, receiving communications from an invisible power known as Sainte-Parole.

M. Bricaud further says that there exists in the Bibliotheque Calvet at Avignon, a strange manuscript of 155 pages in Pernety’s own handwriting, which was seized in his house during the Revolution in Berlin, 1779-1783, and Avignon, 1783-1785, and is an account of the evocations and questions of his initiates to this Sainte-Parole and the replies of that power. The initiates are inscribed by occult numbers, which form the basis of their cabalistic operations, when consulting Sainte-Parole. Nothing was done without the approval of this unknown power. As Weishaupt has said: “We cannot use men as they are; they must be shaped according to the use that is to be made of them.” In the same way, Pernety and his initiates were tested, admonished, and bemused until the power obtained absolute faith and obedience from them. They were consecrated on a hill above Berlin, regenerated, and illuminised; Pernety was destined to found a society for the “new people of God,” and build a new city in preparation for a “new heaven and new earth.”

He was to be the centre and pontiff, and another adept, Comte Grabianka, was to be king. The six-year-old daughter of the latter was to be isolated from parents and country for seven years to be prepared as oracle through whom he was to rule. Finally, the temple called Thabor was established near Avignon, and the group became known as the Illumines d’Avignon. Their cult was absolutely secret, and in a general way their ideas were those of Swedenborg, but they also professed a cult of the Virgin, apparently the Great Mother of the Gnostics.

The Illumines, organised under the law of secrecy, exercised important influences in revolutionary movements, and both Martinists and Swedenborgians allied themselves to the Illuminati of Weishaupt, as seen in the Wilhelmsbad Convent of 1782, the object of which was thus expressed by a horrified delegate, the Comte de Virieu, who had been deceived by Saint-Martin’s mysticism: “There is a conspiracy being plotted so well planned and so deep that it will be very difficult for religion and governments not to succumb to it.”

In a Foreword to one of Emanuel Swedenborg’s books on The Doctrine of the New Church-the New
Jerusalem, translated in 1797, from the Latin of the Amsterdam edition of 1769, it is said in explanation of this doctrine: “To be at the same time in the natural world and in the spiritual world, to live in the former in the society of men, and find oneself in the latter in the society of the angels, to see them, to speak with them, to hear them, to move in a kingdom of spiritual substances; here, doubtless, is more than is needed to disconcert the materialistic understanding of the wise men of today.”

It is, therefore, not surprising that de Luchet considered that “Theosophists, Swedenborgians, Magnetisers and Illumines were a national danger.”


As the French Revolution approached, the ground, it was found, was being mined and prepared for the sinister upheaval of 1789 by, among others, the still active power of the former Order of the Templars. Eliphas Levi informs us that, although outwardly Catholics, the secret cult of the Templars was Johannism, and their secret aim was to rebuild the Temple of Solomon on the model of the vision of Ezekiel- the arms of the Masons of the Temple, quarterly a lion, ox, man, and eagle, were the banners of the four leading Hebrew tribes. The Johannites, who were cabalists and gnostics, adopted part of the Jewish traditions and Talmudic accounts; they regarded the facts of the Gospels as allegories of which St. John had the key; their Grand Pontiffs assumed the title of Christ. In time the Templars became a danger to Church and State, menacing the entire world with a gigantic revolution, and they were eventually suppressed. As the high Mason Albert Pike wrote, in Morals and Dogmas:

“The Order disappeared at once… Nevertheless it lived under other names and governed by Unknown Chiefs, revealing itself only to those who in passing through a series of degrees had proven themselves worthy to be entrusted with the dangerous secret… The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and Altar upon the tomb of Jacques de Molai.”

Of the Jewish power in these secret societies, Bernard Lazare, in L’Antisemitisme, 1894, writes:

“It is certain that there were Jews at the cradle of Freemasonry-cabalistic Jews, as is proved by certain existing rites; very probably during the years which preceded the French Revolution they entered in still greater numbers into the councils of the society, and themselves founded secret societies. There were Jews around (Adam) Weishaupt; and Martinez Paschalis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organised numerous groups of Illumines in France.”

There is a mass, however, of evidence to prove the Jew influence upon and behind all secret societies, and as Disraeli said in Lothair in 1870: “If you mean by political freedom the schemes of the Illuminati and the Freemasons which perpetually torture the Continent, all the dark conspiracies of the secret societies, then I admit the Church is in antagonism with such aspirations after liberty. . . . The civil powers have separated from the Church. It is not their choice; they are urged on by an invisible … power that is anti-Christian, and which is the true, natural, and implacable enemy of the one visible and Universal Church.”

The Jew and high Mason, Cremieux, founder and president of L’Alliance-israelite-universelle, said in his manifesto, I86o :

“The net which Israel now casts over the terrestrial globe enlarges and extends. . . . Our power is immense; learn to turn that power to our cause. The day is not far distant when all the riches, all the treasures of the earth, will become the property of the children of Israel.”


Freemasonry, originating and organised in England, where the Judaising cabalists of the Rose-Croix had grafted it on to the old Corporations of Mason-workers, was introduced everywhere into Europe from 1725 to 1730. And as de Poncins writes: ” In France, where minds were in open ferment, Freemasonry found a favourable soil and under the double influence of the Encyclopadists and the Illuminati of Bavaria it evolved quickly to the point of being one of the preponderant elements of the great revolutionary movements of 1789.”

And in a report of a meeting of the Lodges Paix et Union and La Libre Conscience, at the Orient of Nantes, 23 April, 1883, it was said: “It was from 1772 to 1789 that Masonry elaborated the great Revolution which was to change the face of the world. .

And in Verite-Israelite, 1861, it was written: “The spirit of Masonry is the spirit of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs.”

“It is, therefore,” writes Freiherr von Stolzinger, 1930- “perfectly understandable that Judaism early turned towards Freemasonry, and that, thanks to its remarkable powers of adaptation, it became an increasing influence within it. One is hardly mistaken in affirming that today the greater number of the Lodges are subject to Jewish influence, and that they form the spiritual storm-troops of Judaism.” Finally, as explained in the Freinnaurer-Zeitung, 15 December, 1866:

“In a lecture on the religious element of Freemasonry . . . F. Charles de Gagern made the following statement: ` I am firmly convinced that the time will, and must, arrive when atheism will be the general opinion of all humanity, and when the latter will consider deism as a past phase, just as deist-Freemasons are above religious divisions. We must not only place ourselves above different religions, but above all belief in any God whatsoever.”‘ .

According to Bazot, Secretary-General of the Grand Orient, 1812:

“Masonry is merely the primitive cult of man discovered after his first wants are satisfied. The Brahmans and Egyptian priests transmitted its mysteries to Solomon. Jerusalem, victim of revolutions, having been destroyed, the Jewish people being dispersed, this Masonry spread with them all over the earth.”

And man’s place in this cult is thus expressed in an official Dutch Masonic document: ” A sacred unity reigns and governs in the vast firmament. There is only one mission, one moral, one God. . . we, men, form a whole with the Great Being. All ends in this revelation…. We are God!” Here we find the pantheistic idea of Judaism, its race, its God Yahveh.

As Claudio Jannet and Louis d’Estampes wrote in La Franc-Maconnerie et la Revolution, 1884:

“This deification of humanity is not at first openly stated by Freemasonry, but is insinuated in all its rites and expressed in all its symbols. A vast temple is to be built, apprentices, fellow-craftsmen, and masters work at it; Hiram or Adonhiram, one of these masters, is killed by three craftsmen in order to obtain the word of Master; the body of this Master, hidden in the earth, has to be found and replaced and his death avenged; the building of the temple is resumed and is to be finished; such is the fundamental and universal allegory, basis and essence of Freemasonry and all secret societies. Thus do all their rites and manuals, their most authorised orators and interpreters teach it. This allegory is indicated in the grades of Apprentice and Fellow-craft, is developed at length in that of Master, is completed and explained in the grades of Rose-Croix and Kadosch, and in the last grades of the Misraim rite it reaches its final development.”

The three assassins to be pursued and exterminated are superstitions, prejudices, and tyranny; that is, religion, moral control, monarchy and all authority, family, property, and nationality..

The fundamental thought of this (Masonic) system was thus expressed by Weishaupt himself:

“Equality and liberty are the essential rights which man in his original and primitive perfection received from nature. The first attack upon this equality was made by property, the first attack upon liberty was made by political societies or Governments; the sole supports of property and Governments are the religious and civil laws. Therefore, to establish man in his primitive rights of equality and liberty, we must begin by destroying all religion, all civil society, and finish by abolishing property.”

To which Claudio Jannet added: “These few lines indicate the root idea of Masonry and all secret societies; the germ is found in the symbolic grades, it is scientifically developed in the high grades, and brutally realised in the communism of the International and the anarchism of Bakunin and Socialist democracy.” And we would add: in the Soviet system in the Russia of today, and again attempted in Spain, South America, and elsewhere.

Briefly, the three grades represent generation, putrefaction, and regeneration. The Temple, that of nature, is maintained, as Clavel says, by two Pillars, “Boaz and Jakin,” the generative principles ; the one, light, life, and good, the other darkness, death, and evil; they maintain the equilibrium of the world.” It is the dualism of the Gnostics, Manichaeans, the Jewish Magical Cabala, and all ancient mysteries. In each grade an oath of secrecy, etc. is taken. In the first grade, neither clothed nor yet unclothed, the candidate enters as the man of nature who is to receive the light; he is the rough stone upon which he has to work, under the direction of his chiefs, to free himself from prejudices, vices, and superstitions. The Apprentice thus freed passes from the Pillar Jakin to the Pillar Boaz, from natural science to wisdom, as he enters the second grade, Fellow-craft, in which he is to learn to know the letter G, the God of Masonry. Speaking of the consecration of the triangle in the lodges, Ragon writes: “In the centre is the Hebrew letter Yod, life-giving spirit, or fire, generative principle, represented by the letter G, initial of the word God in northern languages, and whose philosophic signification is generation.” Further, according to Ragon, the grade of Master allegorically represents the death of the Light-God, solar, philosophic, or physical putrefaction, for the life is withdrawn, as expressed in the grade word Macbenac- the flesh leaves the bones, and out of which arises the regenerated form.

Finally, as Ragon explains: “The entire triangle has always signified God or nature, and the allegories of the truths, foundation of the early mysteries, the successive and eternal acts of nature generation; (2) that destruction follows generation in all its works; (3) and that generation re-establishes under other forms the actions of destruction.”

In revolutionary Masonry and secret societies this pantheistic and cabalistic creed is applied to all aspects of life; old ideas and opinions are destroyed, others, new and subversive, are insinuated and more or less unconsciously absorbed and established; Christian beliefs are perverted and nullified; man, illuminised, apparently becomes his own redeemer, and God, though in truth enslaved to the invisible hierarchy-according to some the kundalini- is man’s redeemer! Kings are dethroned and replaced by some form of disintegrating republic or socialist democracy. It is death to all old traditions and civilisations, and out of inevitable chaos and putrefaction is to arise the “New Heaven and New Earth,” the Universal Brotherhood of all these subversive and Judaic sects.

Thus we see that this Rose-Croix grade (in Masonry) is a complete perversion of Christian symbolism and sacred beliefs, it is the cult of nature by whose forces, generation, destruction, and regeneration, the adept, under the mask of deification or development of latent powers, is led to the slavery of illuminism, whereby he becomes a willing instrument in the hands of some powerful and unscrupulous but unknown leaders, who profess as their goal the emancipation of humanity, through whom they hope to rule the world.


In 1869, in his book Le Juif, the Chevalier Gougenot des Mousseaux wrote:

“The anti-religious but, above all, anti-Christian efforts which distinguish the present epoch have a character of concentration and universality which marks the stamp of the Jew, the supreme patron of the unification of peoples, because he is the cosmopolitan people par excellence; because the Jew prepares by the licence of the librepensee, the era called by him `Messianic’- the day of his universal triumph. He attributes its near realisation to the principles spread by the philosophers of the eighteenth century; the men at once unbelievers and cabalists, whose work prepared the Judaising of the world. The character of universality will be noted in L’Alliance-israelite-universelle, in the Universal Association of Freemasonry, and in the more recent auxiliaries, L’Alliance-universelle-religieuse, open to those who are still frightened off by the name of Israelite and finally in the Ligue-universelle de l’enseiggement . . .”

L’Alliance-israelite-universelle, that vast revolutionary association of defence, attack, and propaganda, with its astonishing diversity of membership, was founded by the Jew Adolphe Cremieux, who, according to the Archives israelites, was “elected in 1869, Sovereign Grand Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the highest dignity of the Masonic Order in France.” The Alliance arose out of the slackening of the Jewish religion and the spread of the revolutionary reformed librepensee movement, and its dogmas were those of Freemasonry and Occultism. In 1861, the same Jewish journal wrote:

“L’Alliance-israelite-universelle…. addresses itself to all religions. It desires to penetrate into all religions as it has penetrated into all countries. How many nations have disappeared? How many religions will in turn vanish? Israel will not cease to exist…. . . . the religion of ‘Israel will not perish ; it is the unity of God.”

From Edouard Drumont’s La France Juive, 1886, we draw the following information about this same Alliance. As we know, Cremieux, its founder, was an important leader of French democracy, and he more than any other gave a strictly Jewish character to the French revolutionary movement; “He prepared and loudly proclaimed, during the last years of his life, the Messianic reign, the time so long expected when all nations will be subject to Israel and all men will work for the representatives of the race blessed by Jehovah.”

As Cremieux said: “L’Alliance is not a French, German, or English Alliance; it is Jewish, it is universal. That is why it progresses, why it succeeds.”

The dogmas of L’Alliance-israelite-universelle are those of reformed Judaism, which, according to the rationalist Kluber; “were prepared by Moise Mendelssohn-friend of Mirabeau- . . . [and] would in all probability lead to a pure Deism or natural religion whose followers need not belong to the Judaic race.” It hopes to Judaise the world and open the way for Judaic expansion and development, penetrating all religions and all nations. According to Leon de Poncins, 1928, the Jewish Masonic Order B’nai B’rith was founded in New York in 1843:

“It divides the world into eleven districts, of which seven are in the United States. The number of Lodges is about 500, with nearly 100,000 adherents. . . . According to well-informed sources, there is in the B’nai B’rith a super-position of secret societies ending in a single governing power. Above the B’nai B’rith are the B’nai Moshe, then the B’nai Zion, and finally the hidden centre of supreme command.”

The creators of theoretic Marxism were Jews, or of Jewish family, from Karl Marx to Trotsky and his band. The Jew, Dr. Angelo Rappoport, member of the Bund and of the Poale Sion, in his book, The Pioneers of the Russian Revolution, 1918, wrote: “The Bund, or General Union of the Jewish Workers, was founded in 1897. It is a political and economic association of the proletarian Jews. . . . It carried on active propaganda in Yiddish… [it] served as model to those who fought for liberty and were pioneers of the Russian Revolution. There was not a political organisation in the vast Empire which was not influenced by the Jews or directed by them-the Social-Democrats, the Revolutionary Socialist parties, and the Polish Socialist Party, all had Jews among their directors.

Moreover, the Jewish World, 25 June, 1931, said: “The real author of the Five-Years’ Plan, Kaganovitz, is a Jew, and what is more, a great favourite of Stalin.”

Are we not, in Bolshevism, witnessing that devastating torrent, feared by Winterer, having at its disposal the enormous resources of the immense Empire, pouring its ravages- economic, social, religious, and political- into the life of all countries, working for this Jewish World Revolution and World Domination?

In his book, Le Temps de la Colere, 1932, R. Vallery- Radot writes: “It is well to observe that in April, 1917, the Judaeo-Mason and financier of Wall Street, Jacob Schiff, head of the firm of Kuhn Loeb and Co., had publicly boasted of having had a share in the Russian Revolution.” And of the Bolshevik philosophy, M Pierre Dominique, brilliant editor of LaRepublique, says:
“The Bolshevists have therefore a philosophy. Let us ask from whence have they got it? To be frank, they have drawn this philosophy from L’Encyclopedie, which was a vast enterprise of atheism and which, politically speaking, expressed itself in a precise way at the end of the eighteenth century by the French Revolution. They are attached to a philosophy which we find at the root of all socialist systems propagated during the nineteenth century, and particularly at the root of the Marx system. Thus, its early source: L’Encyclopedie; later source and very diverse; the series of contemporaneous socialist systems. Such are the deep origins of Leninism and of the Soviet revolution.”

Further, both Bolshevism and Judaeo-Masonry work for a Universal Republic by World Revolution.
In his famous Catechism, as given in the Revue des Deux Mondes, 1 June, I880, Bakunin thus describes the revolutionary tool:

“The revolutionary is a man dedicated. He must have neither personal interests, business, sentiments, nor property. He must be absolutely absorbed in a single exclusive interest, a single thought, a single passion, revolution. He despises and hates actual morals; for him all is moral which favours the triumph of revolution and immoral and criminal which impedes it. Between him and society there is a fight to the death, incessant and irreconcilable. He must be prepared to die, to endure torture, to put to death with his own hands all those who are obstacles to revolution. So much the worse for him if he has in this world links of family, friendship, or love. He is not a true revolutionary if love attachments stop his arm. Nevertheless, he must live in the midst of society feigning to be what he is not. He must penetrate everywhere, among the upper classes as among the middle, in the shop, the Church, the Army, the literary world, the secret police, and even the Imperial parlour. He must consider his subordinates as part of the revolutionary capital placed at his disposal, and he must dispose of it economically so as to draw all possible profit from it.”

Further one reads in the statutes of L’Alliance humanitaire universelle:

“Kings, nobles, the aristocracy of money, employees of the police or of the administration, priests, and permanent armies are the enemies of mankind. Against them one has every right and every duty. All is permitted to annihilate them shot and shell, poison, and the dagger; the end sanctifies the means.”

Today the Masonic review L’Accacia, writes: “Between Church and Freemasonry it is a war to the death, without mercy.” And comparing this Judaeo-Masonry and Revolution, M. Xavier Vallat aptly explains: “Therefore we have on one side an organisation in appearance essentially anti-religious, Freemasonry, and it is found that in addition it follows a revolutionary, social, and political aim! On the other side a Revolution in appearance political and social, today unveils itself as being profoundly atheistical! This singular meeting behind the mask of violent antagonism is of a nature to cause awakened minds to think.” (R.I.S.S., i January, 1933)

And as Henri Misley, who took an active part in Italy’s revolutions about 1830, said: ” I know the world a little, and I know that in all this great future that is being prepared, there are only four or five who hold the cards. A greater number believe they hold them, but they deceive themselves.”

What was said by Disraeli in 1876 might still be applied to present world conditions:

“The Governments of this country have to deal, not only with Governments, emperors, kings, and ministers, but also with secret societies, elements which must be taken into account, which at the last moment can bring all plans to naught, which have agents everywhere, agents without scruples, who incite assassinations and can, if necessary, lead a massacre.”

And according to Disraeli, men of Jewish race were found at the head of every such political secret society. George Sand also wrote: ” There are moments when the history of Empires only nominally exists, and when there is nothing really alive but the sects hidden within them.”
The mother of all these secret societies is Judaeo-Masonry, whose principles are identical with those realised with Revolution. As Claudio Jannet says:

“It extends itself throughout the entire world, covering itself with mystery, acting in all parts of the social body within it, by secret links, individual societies apparently most different. Its doctrines are everywhere the same universality thus explains the unity and universality of Revolution.”

As to the directing power, in the report of the Third Congress at Nancy, 1882, the orator, Knight Kadosch, believed that the last degrees carried on an International Masonic work of very great penetration, and that probably from there came those mysterious words which in the midst of uprisings passed at times through the crowds, “setting them on fire” for the good of humanity.” This secret hierarchy was also said to be Rosicrucian, a kind of Third Order, such as the “Hidden Chiefs” of the Stella Matutina.

The mixture of rationalist and materialistic ideas….. “places all religions on the same equality: that is to say, recognises no religion. . . . What is the result? A society un- balanced and demoralised, where crimes abound, all the more so that the provocation of the Press more often remains unpunished, where general materialisation accentuates itself day by day. From top to bottom of the social ladder there is no longer any but one motive, pleasure, but one agent, money.”

Is it not “the greater Judaism, gradually casting non-Jewish thoughts and systems into Jewish moulds,” as described by the Jewish World of 9 February, 1883?

With regard to the significance of the symbols and the Jewish unity of race and purpose- the High Priest joining thumbs and forefingers in blessing the people, thereby represented the Hebrew Divine Triangle, the Trinity in Unity of the Ineffable Name-Yod, He, Vau- the Creative Principle which becomes manifest and powerful in the final He, the material basis in and through which it acts. It is Yahveh, the Tetragrammaton, a symbol of creation or generation, the mysterious union of their God with his creatures and which is said to be all-powerful in working miracles or magic. This Ineffable Name was looked upon by the Jews as too holy and sacred to be spoken, but so that it might not be lost the High Priest uttered it once a year in the temple at the great feast of Atonement. Further, they hold that the true name will be revealed at the coming of their Messiah; and to many the Messiah means the race!

Of the interlaced triangles or Solomon’s Seal, it is said in the Lesser Assembly, par 720: when the Male is joined to the Female, they both constitute one complete body, and all the universe is in a state of happiness because all things receive blessing from their perfect body. And this is an arcanum.” It is the star of the Macrocosm, the dual forces in all nature, the sign of a power which nothing can resist. It constitutes the secret power of the Jew through which he dominates the mind and actions of men and nation. It is the Hebrew talisman of power and illuminism. (ETK: In other words, Judaism is a magical sex cult.)

And of their race-idea of God, Kadmi Cohen says:

“The Jews are not a part of a vast Whole which they re-integrate in dying, but they are a Whole in themselves, defying space, time, life, and death. Can God be outside the Whole?…. If he exists, necessarily he confounds himself with this Whole…. Thus Divinity in Judaism is contained in the exaltation of the entity represented by the Race-passional entity, eternal flame, it is the Divine essence therefore the idea of pure and impure was created.”

It is pantheistic and cabalistic. We might, therefore, conclude that The Romance of a People represents this Jewish Divinity, the eternity and unity of the Race and its ever-living hope of bringing all nations under the influence of the uniting and illuminising power of these interlaced triangles (Star of David). Hence the many illuminising sects and cults of today, some of which are nominally Christian, but in reality all are cabalistic, gnostic, pantheistic, and instruments of Judaism.

In Nomades, which is an essay on the Jewish soul, we find many interesting and enlightening ideas on the place, as the author sees it, of the Jew in the world. Socialist, Communist, revolutionary, passional, utilitarian, unitarist, the Jew is yet a fixed solidarity, un-Differentiated. Kadmi Cohen writes “I am that I am,’ said the Eternal substance-undifferentiated. One in time-stable and eternal.”

As de Poncins has justly said, the secret forces of subversion which must be fought and overcome in order to return to world sanity are: “Freemasonry, Judaism, and Occultism, whose alliance and reciprocal interpretation no longer require demonstration.” By means of these the mentality of the Western world has been for long and still is being Judaised in all departments of life, producing Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism, which if successful would inevitably lead to Jewish domination and the destruction of Western and Christian civilization.

Continental Masonry… is to a great extent anti-religious, political, and largely dominated, directly or indirectly, by Jews, and there are many proofs to show that this Judeo-Masonic power has always been, and still is, in the name of Humanity, the secret insidious cause of all revolutionary movements!

Freemasons have contended for the empire of the world as few sovereigns have done, and to what end? To the point of issue of all the follies and all monstrosities; the Cabala, magic, hermetic philosophy, communications with spirits, magnetism, theosophy, deism, atheism, physical and moral regeneration, vengeance, destruction of empires, the Universal Republic; if we exclude these follies, what remains? A few honest citizens playing mournfully in the Chapel of the Tomb of Hiram!

Le Couteulx de Canteleu, 1863

Every revolution aims at the assurance of universal happiness. When our ancestors proclaimed as principle, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, they aimed at realizing happiness. After 130 years we see their work; it is not brilliant; of Liberty none remains to us; of Equality there is scarcely any; of Fraternity, there has never been any.

F. Fontenay, Convent of the Grand Orient (Masons), 1920

Further, de Poncins writes:

“Occultism has more important repercussions than one thinks. A wave of occultism preceded and accompanied the two great revolutionary movements of 1789 and 1917. The Theosophists and Illumines of the eighteenth century, Jacob Boehme, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Martinez de Pasqualis, Cagliostro, the Comte de Saint-Germain, etc., had their counterparts in the numerous Russian sects and in the magi and occultists of the Imperial Court, Philippe, Papus, the Tibetan Badmaev, and above all Rasputin, whose extraordinary influence contributed directly to the unchaining of the revolution.”

Looking back over history, it seems to be evident that the spread of secret societies, illuminism, theurgy, and spiritism has always been a sure precursor of revolutions and the fall of Crowns. From its commencement the reign of Nicolas II of Russia was one long succession of mystics, prophets, and Illumines-instruments of the “Hidden Hand” who, by their strange practices and sometimes scandalous lives, contributed not a little to bring discredit upon the Court of Russia, eventually led to its downfall, and through death and destruction initiated the Jew-led Soviet rule with its dream of World Revolution and World Domination- the dream of Grand Orient Illuminised Masonry.

The first of these mystery workers of outstanding importance was Maitre Philippe, chief of the School of Theurgy at Lyons. He thus described his work: “From the age of thirteen I have performed miraculous cures. I am an unconscious intermediary between humanity and a Superior Power who overshadows it. The astonishing results I daily obtain, I admire, but do not understand.”

In his book, Rasputin: the Holy Devil, Fulop-Miller writes of yet another:

One of the most curious phenomena of the Russian Imperial Court was the “doctor of Tibetan Medicine,” Badmaev….. (who) affirmed that he had acquired an exact knowledge of the secret doctrines of “Tibetan Magic” and medical science in his father’s house (Transbaikalia)….. In the course of time medicine and politics and “lotus essences” became more and more involved in each other, resulting in a fantastic political sorcery that had its origin in the Badmaev sanatorium, and that decided the destiny of Russia.”

Nikolas Kokoloff writes that Rasputin was directed by three Jews: Ivan Theodorovitch Manoussevitch Manouilof… a Jewish banker Dmitri Rubenstein, and Aron Samanovitch, a diamond merchant of Petrograd.

Finally we would agree with Rene Guenon, the well-known Orientalist, who accuses Theosophy:

“of immediately unbalancing feeble minds who are drawn into these centres; the number of unfortunates led by these things to ruin, madness, and at times even to death is much more considerable than can be imagined by insufficiently informed people…… It can be said without exaggeration that the diffusion of “Neo-Spiritualism” under all its forms, constitutes a veritable public danger which cannot be too insistently denounced.”

M.J. de Boistel, in the R.I.S.S., 15 November, 1934, writes: “It can be said that the occult sects which have formed themselves in the heart of Christianity, and Freemasonry itself, are almost all merely an adaptation, more or less crude, of the Cabalistic and Gnostic errors.”

After his resignation, F. Doinel wrote:

“Jewish action, Jewish infiltration, Jewish hatred! How often have I heard Freemasons groan under the domination which the Jews impose upon the Lodges, upon the Philosophic Lodges, upon the Councils of the Grand Orient in all countries, at all points of the Triangle, the whole length of the vast world… Since the Revolution the Jews have invaded the Lodges…. To the learned the Cabala; to the ignorant the Jewish spirit. The Cabala dogmatises and makes of metaphysics, the metaphysics of Lucifer. The Jewish spirit directs action.”

M. de Boistel notes four characteristics common to all such sects, including Freemasonry: 1) The attempt of a crude adaptation to Christianity, 2) Esotericism, the existence of a secret tradition, and teaching reserved for initiates alone, perpetuated from Antiquity throughout the ages, 3) Esoteric doctrine transmitted only by initiation, necessitating successive phases and corresponding grades. The initiatic organization has existed in Gnosticism from its origin and was revived by Masonry. 4) Explanation of the World so as to do away with the dogma of creation, leading to the deification of man, necessitating the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation. Occultists, Gnostics, Theosophists, Martinists, and Rose-Croix join hands in propagating, under varying names, these common errors and speculations.

Finally, as Oswald Wirth writes:

“To become as Divinity, such was the aim of the Ancient Mysteries…. Today the programme of Initiation has not changed.”

Here we must note that there has always been among the Arcane societies, a dual movement- on the one hand mystical, on the other political. Such esoteric bodies as the Fraternity of the Rosy-Cross, the Martinists, the Swedenbogians, and Theosophists have consisted no doubt largely of harmless enthusiasts to whom mysticism or magic appealed. But they have also been used as the cover for political intrigue, and as a net wherein to catch, test, and select persons who could be used for subversive ends. For it is one of the methods of the revolutionary directorate to use, wherever possible, harmless bodies as their cloak, and innocent people as their unconscious agents…

The result of Yoga, meditation and processes for awakening the kundalini, whether Western or Eastern, is the same in all groups working under unknown Masters; it means that gradually the Master takes possession of the adept’s mind and impresses his own will upon it, so that an advanced initiate, such as (Dr. Rudolf) Steiner, would work under the impetus of the hidden Master and for his ends alone. As the so-called Tibetan Master of Mrs. Alice Bailey, theosophist and occultist, New York, explains, contact with the Master is recognised by peculiar vibrations (1) at the top of the spine; (2) in the forehead (pineal gland, where the adept’s kundalini unites with the Master’s forces from without, it is the seat of controlled knowledge); (3) at the top of the head (pituitary body) . He continues: “In time the student comes to recognise the vibration and to associate it with some particular ‘Great One,’ for each Master has his own vibration which impresses itself upon his pupils in a specific manner.” The forces are “these magnetic currents of the universe, that vital fluid, those electric rays, the latent heat in all bodies.” Cold and calculating, “a Master is only interested in a man from the point of view of his usefulness in the group-soul and his capacity to help.” The individual is as nothing to him; he is only a part in his world revolutionary machine, to be thrown aside when no longer an asset in their game!

The whole is just another form of Mazzini’s “Associate, associate!” or Mrs. Alice Bailey’s “World State” by means of “unification” under the control of some mysterious “Supermen.”

Under the mask of initiation (the disciple) becomes diabolically possessed.

As M. Henri de Guillebert says:

“The Jew looks upon himself as the Sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which the other peoples are but female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. In order to realise this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force to realise the ‘Universal Republic,’ controlled by the God of Humanity, the Jew of the Cabala.”

We must therefore conclude that the first aim of the Fraternity (of Inner Light and Yoga), like all illuminised groups, is to unite the Creative Principle within to the Creative Principle without, attracting and drawing down the Cosmic Christ or (kundalini, serpent) Fire- the illuminising force- thus forming the magnetic link with the dominating minds of their Masters, for as she again explains: “By thinking of the Masters we attract their attention, and it is unbelievably easy to establish a magnetic link with those who are always more ready to give than we are to receive.” As the Masters said to the present writer, “We have need of thee and all thy gifts!”

Their plan is to rule over a Universal World State, and for this purpose they have need of passive yet gifted instruments. As Dion Fortune, herself, writes: “The Masters receive souls as pupils, not for the benefit of the soul, but for the benefit of the Great Work; a man is not trained for the sake of curiosity or enthusiasm, but only in so far as he is of value as a servant.”

Having duly become illuminised servants, the adepts must train and initiate other dupes for a similar service in one direction or another as required by these Masters.

Who, then, are these Masters? And what is their Great Work? Have things changed since de Luchet wrote in 1789?:

“There was formed in the heart of thickest darkness a society of new beings, who knew each other without being seen, who understood each other without explanation, who served one another without friendship. Their society aims at governing the world, appropriating the authority of sovereigns, usurping their thrones by leaving them the mere barren honour of wearing the Crown. It adopts the Jesuitic regime, blind obedience, and the regicide principles of the seventeenth century; from Freemasonry the tests and exterior ceremonies; from the Templars the subterranean evocations and incredible audacity. It uses the discoveries of physics in order to impose upon the ignorant multitude.”

The invisible manipulators of Illuminism may be few, but their methods have the secret subtlety of the serpent, and their dupes are many. It is by binding together half qualities in men and women into groups of three, five, seven, twelve, etc., that the power of magic lies; it is, as it were, the seven colours of the prism, united to form the “Divine White Light” of the Rosicrucians, each individual representing the characteristics of a colour, therefore, of a force. This applies to material, mental, and emotional magic. There are also many other correspondences attached to each force, as shown by (Aleister) Crowley in “777,” which when combined together add to the potency of that particular force. As Dion Fortune expresses it”

“A system of Correspondences consists of a set of symbols which the concrete mind can apprehend and a knowledge of the association chains which connect them with each other; this knowledge is absolutely essential for occult development.” Or for magic, black or white!

The Kundalini-Yoga in one form or another is found in all these sects; it is the basis of their attraction and power. Without it they could not exist, there would be no mysterious Overmasters pouring out suggestive and intriguing teachings, giving directions and seemingly wise advice; there would be no seeing of visions and hearing of voices, there would be no going out into the profane world orienting minds by means of these insidious teachings, drawing into the nets the unwary and sometimes genuine seeker after truth, but more often the craver after excitement, looking for something to enhance or give interest to an otherwise colourless life, enticed by the promise of awakening hitherto unsuspected and mysterious powers- but always under control and ostensibly for the betterment of collective Humanity. Binding the members together with an oath of secrecy and blind obedience- the secrecy of their contact with these Masters or Elder Brethren who, through these pseudo-mysteries and their dupes, would govern the world and usurp authority.

In his book Serpent Power, I9I9, Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) writes:

“The Tantras say that it is in the power of man to accomplish all he wishes if he centres his will thereon they say, is in his essence one with the Supreme Lord [Universal Creative Principle], and the more he manifests spirit [astral light] the Kundalini. Therefore, we can understsand why the God of all these modern mysteries is the Universal Creative Principle, and the Kundalini within man is called the “God within” or hidden god, and finally why man, when filled to intoxication with this astral light, looks upon himself as God, a deified and illuminated man.

Briefly, the Kundalini is the sex-force lying in three and a half coils at the base of the spinal column. It is that part of the Great Breath or Swara which is “the mightiest manifestation of creative power in the human body.” It is formed of three’ energies: Ida, on the left side of the spinal column; the moon, or feminine channel (or nadi), Pinggala on the right side, the masculine or Sun channel; Sushumna, the channel of the uniting and dissolving Fire, within the column itself. It is the “Serpent Power,” the creator, preserver, and destroyer, the I.A.O. of all Hermetic, Cabalistic, and Gnostic sects.

“She, the subtlest of the subtle, holds within herself the Mystery of creation, and by her radiance, it is said, the universe is illumined, eternal knowledge awakened [subconscious] and liberation attained…… She maintains all beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration.”

The Kundalini must first be roused by powerful mind and will, along with suitable physical actions; certain modes of training and worship are prescribed, the use of images, emblems, symbols, pictures, mantras, and processes, etc. Thus rendered active, it is drawn to the cerebral centre, “as in the case of ordinary positive and negative electric charges which are themselves but other manifestations of the universal polarity which affects the manifested world.”

Such is the “God within” of all these various sects. It is represented by the Caduceus of Hermes, with its twin serpents, negative and positive, twining round the central rod, the spinal column, surmounted at the pineal gland by the wings of what is called liberation; the ball at the top of the rod being the pituitary body, the seat of supreme power. Or as the Emerald Tablet of Hermes expresses it:

“What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below to accomplish the wonders of one thing (manifestation). Its father is the Sun; its mother is the moon. It is the cause of all perfection throughout the whole earth [equilibrium]. The power is perfect if it is changed into earth [fixation of the astral light in a material basis]. Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, acting prudently and with judgment. Ascend with the greatest sagacity from earth to heaven, and then descend again to earth and unite together the things inferior and superior; thus you will possess the light of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly away from you [the ascent of the Kundalini or Serpent Power and the descent of the Lightning Flash. It is the serpent pierced with an arrow fixation of the astral light in a material body, producing illumination or Illuminism]. This thing has more fortitude than fortitude itself, because it will overcome every subtle thing and penetrate every solid thing. By it the world was formed.”

It is the Universal Creative Principle, electro-magnetic forces of life. It is force which can slay or make alive!

The Masters never take the pupils on trust, they test them, they shape and hew them, until they are humbly and blindly obedient, ready to do their appointed work in the Great Plan of these “Supermen.” And thus we see the Western world permeated with leaders in Yoga cults, only a little less ignorant than the men and women they would instruct, all preparing the way for the “Masters,” whoever they may be.

In England we are not without our quota of exploiting and proselytising Swamis and Yogis, and what we would emphasise is, that such a crude form of Eastern Yoga, when applied to Western mentality, whether in the form of Indian or Tibetan systems or the Magical Cabala of the Jews, merely results in a hypnotic passivity or unbalance, through an overcharge of astral light, and is destructive to Western virility and mental power, which will end in submerging Western and Christian traditions, leaving the nations an easy prey to domination by their ever-watchful and secret enemies. Also we must never forget that these cosmic and vital forces can both slay and make alive, bodily and mentally, and in the hands of ambitious and unscrupulous men, “Supermen,” “Elder Brothers,” or the whole gamut of those who astrally control these sects and cults which have eaten into the life of the Western World today, this Yoga teaching can be a deadly weapon of power for evil domination or vengeance, under the masquerade of soul-development or religious attainment.

Felix Guyot, apparently a Martinist, in a book on Yoga for the West, reveals some dangerous methods which, he claims, lead to illumination and contact with the Masters, methods which he has been practising for over thirty years, and which are curiously akin to those taught in the Stella Matutina and R. R. et A. C., the Anthroposophical Society, etc., which are Martinist and Rosicrucian. He says that “humanity is moving backwards, we are under the rule of the Beast.” But is it not rather the rule of the cabalistic Jew, using the serpent or sex-force in his system of Illuminism?

To act upon the Kundalini or sex-force and bring about union with these Masters, monoideism or concentration, with gymnastic, breathing, and psychic exercises, some of them exceedingly and admittedly dangerous, leading to possible death or obsession, are expounded by M. Guyot….

“Students will have to adopt a religion to sustain and help them during their psychic training [to give them the uplift!)… for the moment it is not a matter of believing but of acting as though you did believe. The mythical entities of the religion chosen will play a considerable practical part in the various psychic exercises… We think the best religions are the Jewish religion, as set forth in the Cabala, the Roman Catholic religion in its esoteric aspect, Buddhism, and especially Hinduism. Finally, Freemasonry can very adequately take the place of a religion, but it must be based on Martinism, which is its source .”

This means Illuminised Masonry as in France in 1789 and since, and this Jew-dominated Masonry has always been, and still is, the well spring of all modern revolutions.

Abstract diagrams and mantrams along with breathing exercises are, he says, the key to supernormal cognition. He thus explains this dangerous magical practice:

“If the experiment is successful… you will experience a feeling of cold at the extremities, especially in your hands, and you will tremble slightly. At the same time you will feel a sensation, which cannot be explained to those who have not experienced it, as though an extraneous entity entered into you… You will then find that a series of images, and afterwards of intuitions, come into your mind very quickly, but characterised by the fact that it seems to you that it is not you who are thinking, and that things are being revealed to you by another through the medium of a sort of internal illumination.”
The author (M. Guyot) notes: “This is the inspiration of the pythonesses of antiquity. It is the first degree of ecstasy. By various practices the Rosicrucians and the Martinists tried to bring about this ecstasy, and that is why the Martinists called themselves the Illuminated.”

The author puts this on the Mental Plane and says:

“By means of thought transmission you will be able to communicate with the Masters, which will be of great assistance in completing your initiation (or illumination).” He claims that “the experimenter is not possessed.” Nevertheless, he is for the time possessed and controlled on the astral plane, and is being shaped and hewn, receiving the Master’s forces and instructions which eventually orient his whole outlook on life; or if the experimenter be a leader of a group, the result is devastating to the mentality of many.
Again, M. Goyot says: “By becoming more proficient in certain exercises we can succeed in bringing other people under the same influence, that is, we can convert our own particular hallucination into a collective hallucination. That is true both of positive and negative hallucinations.” Here we have a terrible and dangerous power, mass suggestion often creating a powerful body of hypnotised and fanaticised adepts and others working out the World Plan of an unknown and invisible group of ambitious mystics and occultists, themselves fanatics.

(ETK note: Might the above paragraph explain one possible “mission” of Operation Crestone/Baca/”Refuge For World Truths?”)

Of the “Pythonesses of the Ancient Mysteries” we read in Dieu et les Dieux, by des Mousseaux:

“It seems that the immodesty of the phallic cult crept even into the Delphic sanctuary of Apollo-Bacchus, even into the method of putting the priestess

[or as she was called, pythoness]

into communication with her God [creative principle], uniting the two in order to make Divinity speak through a mortal mouth…. In this temple the prophetess is seated on a tripod. Soon her hair bristles, her eyes roll with blood and flame, her muscles are convulsed, the breath of the God animates her, and the vapours from the sacred cave penetrate into her through the tripod… She is exalted to fury… and often the last of her prophetic movements is death…. To predict, is for her a terror.

There is an American group which is a striking political example of this Illuminism, communications psychically received by its leader from some unknown “Elder Brother,” whose watchword is apparently “Peace.” Here and there in the publications of this association, of which we will speak later, we find this same occultism- the use of the sex-force, speculations on reincarnation and karma, and messages and instructions received from their Master, for some would-be great political regeneration.

The following is another, a religious example, of these same methods of invisible control given in the Morning Post, 2 February, 1931, a short account of a trance sermon delivered at the Fortune Theatre, through Mrs. Meurig Morris by her control, who called himself “Power.” To those who have any knowledge of illuminised sects, there is absolutely nothing new in what he said. He thus explains himself:

“Remember that I, like others who have changed, am still an intelligent being.” That is, though “regenerated” or illuminated, he is still a man of flesh and blood, like all masters of Illuminism, invisible or otherwise.

For example, in the Golden Dawn the “Hidden Chiefs” were “Great Adepts” of this Planet still in the body of the flesh.” And the Mithraic Sun Masters of the same Order said: The Masters of Wisdom are mortal men.. in thy higher self (Kether of the Cabalistic Tree of Life) thou shalt hear my voice; when thou art willing to obey that voice of silence.. I am guiding thee.” Thus this “voice within” is not that of a spirit nor yet is it divine, but merely that of a controlling “mortal man,” influencing the medium from outside, and it may be from a distance- an unknown illuminatus!

“Power” further explains: “I use her in this way: At the top of her head there is a large cone-like shape [pituitary body!]. It is down this cone, like a passage that the power is poured. I am able to play and work on the brain, and use the whole body as I will, while the control is taking place.” This is hypnotic control or possession, and appears to be somewhat similar to the method taught and attempted by the R . R. et A. C. masters when seeking to gain permanent control over the Chief and the Order. According to them the transmission of the forces, set in motion by thought and will power, from the mental plane above to the material plane below, is in the form of a double cone or hour-glass; the power from above transmits the force through the upper cone, and by means of the lower translates it to the passive and prepared medium below, along the etheric thread of communication (see “Light Bearers of Darkness,” pp. 124 and 134) .

This method has also been compared by other occultists to the action of a waterspout or whirlwind, creating a vortex down which the forces rush. Again, “Power” says: “Why, it may be asked, do I arrive the minute the hymn begins? “Now it is known that in illuminised sects and Yoga mantras and rhythmic movements, such as the vibration of so-called divine names and formulas, the Eurhythmy of Steiner, and in other groups, specially intoned hymns are used to awaken the necessary vibrations, setting in motion the whirling forces which attract and bring down the Master’s forces from above, creating the etheric link, concentrating the forces on the prepared focal-point- in this case Mrs. Meurig Morris to religious, political, and educational groups, all for the purpose of subversion.

“Power” is therefore one of these hidden Masters, men who have investigated and experimented with laws of nature unknown to most people, and have become adepts in manipulating these finer secret forces, creative forces of the universe, using their knowledge to gain power over their fellow-creatures, and through them aspiring to World Domination. No doubt he is an “Elder Brother” seeking through Mrs. Meurig Morris to create a magnetic chain of religious ideas necessary for the Great Plan.

The following curious piece of intriguing information is given by Rene Guenon in his Theosophisnae: Eliphas Levi, the occultist and Martinist, who died in 1875, had announced that in 1879 a new “Universal Kingdom,” political and religious, would be established, and that this kingdom would belong “to him who would have the keys of the East,” that is, the Keys of Solomon, and that these keys would be possessed “by the nation whose life and activity was most intelligent.” This prediction was contained in a manuscript which was in the possession of an occultist of Marseilles, pupil of Eliphas Levi, the Baron Spedalieri, who gave it to Edward Maitland, who in turn passed it on to Dr. Wynn Westcott, Supreme Magus of the Societal Rosicriticiana in Anglia, member of the Theosophical Society, and one of the founders of the Golden Dawn. Finally, the latter published it in 1896, under the title of “The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum.” It is said that Spedalieri was a member of the ” Grand Lodge of the Solitary Brethren of the Mountain,” an illuminised Brother of the Ancient Restored Order of the Manichaeans,” a high member of the Grand Orient,” and also a “High Illuminate of the Martinists.” The dream of the Grand Orient is, as is well known, Universal Masonry.

Now, Eliphas Levi, in his book “Transcendental Magic,” describes this Sanctum Regnum as magical omnipotence, the knowledge and power of the Magi for which is required an intelligence enlightened by study, indomitable courage, and a will which cannot be broken, and finally prudence, which nothing can corrupt or intoxicate. “To know, to dare, to will, to keep silence.” It is the invisible “Holy Empire” over all peoples and over all nations. The Pentagram is its guiding star, the symbolism of Illuminism, the star of revolution. Its symbol of power is the Interlaced Triangles, the Seal of Solomon, the seven powers representing complete magical power through the knowledge, in all its combinations, of the magnetic currents of attraction and repulsion in all nature. He who has this power and can wield it has “the Keys of the East.”

The Great Work which is to prepare the way for the establishment of the “Universal Kingdom” is the formation of the magnetic-chain. To form this is, according to Eliphas Levi: “to originate a current of ideas which produces faith and draws a large number of wills in a given circle of active manifestation. A well-formed chain is like a whirlpool which sucks down and absorbs all. . . . To be able to apply these currents and direct them is to be Master of the World. Armed with such a force you may make yourself adored, the crowd will believe you are God.”

(ETK note: Does the above paragraph describe one of Crestone/Baca’s intended occult roles?)

For many years we have seen the insidious cankerous growth of this magnetic-chain of these ideas, not only in England, but throughout the entire world, largely set in motion by the Invisible Power which works through these many secret revolutionary movements, even those apparently innocent and harmless, perverting, debasing, and disintegrating religion, ethics, art, literature, politics, sociology, and economics, making way for the “Universal Kingdom,” political and religious, which is to be ruled by the Signet of Solomon, the Hebrew Talisman! As M . Flavien Brenier remarks in his book Les Juifs et le Talmud:

“One cannot fail to be struck by the similarity which exists between the doctrines of the Pharisees twenty-five centuries old [borrowed from the Chaldeans of Babylon] and those professed in our days by the disciples of Allan Kardec or of Mme Blavatsky. The most important difference is that the final blessing is reserved by the Talmud for Jews alone, whilst Spiritists and Theosophists affirm that all beings will attain it.”

As the Talmud says: “The Messiah will give the Royal Sceptre to the Jew, all peoples will serve him, and all kingdoms will be subject to him.”

Rabbi Benamozegh, in Israel et l’humanite, wrote of the coming power of the Jewish Magical Cabala:

“Is it surprising that Judaism has been accused of forming a branch of Freemasonry? What is certain is, that Masonic theology is, at the bottom, merely Theosophy, and corresponds to that of the Cabala. On the other hand a profound study of Rabbinic monuments of the first centuries of the Christian era furnishes numerous proofs that the aggada was the popular form of a reserved science, offering, by methods of initiation, the most striking resemblances to the Freemasonic institution. Those who will take the trouble to examine with care the connection between Judaism and philosophic Freemasonry, Theosophy, and the Mysteries in general, will lose, we are convinced, a little of their superb disdain for the Cabala. They will cease to smile in pity at the idea that cabalistic theology may have a role to play in the religious transformations of the future. . . . We do not hesitate to repeat that this doctrine, which draws together to the heart of Judaism the Semite and Aryan elements, contains also the key to the modern religious problem.”

AGAIN, to quote the Anatomy of Revolution, we find G.G. writing:

“And just as we found that the group of German, Irish, Indian, Turkish, and Egyptian societies was linked together by an interlocking membership, so we find that these Arcane orders are also in like manner connected. This is not the place to go into the ramifications of the strange mystical revolutionary societies of Europe, America, and the East. I shall refer only to the ‘Ordre Renove des Illuminati Germanize’ and the ‘Rose-Croix Esoterique.’ both founded by men with names that are either German or Jewish [Leopold Engel and Franz Hartmann.] The latter Jewish society appears to be the inner ring of the Order of the Templars of the Orient, founded about a generation ago by another man with a German name, Theodor Reuss.]

And with this Ordo Templarum Orientis, we find associated the notorious Aleister Crowley, whose relations with Germans and Irish revolutionaries during the war earned for him the attention of the police of the United States of America [Dr. Karl Kellner, 1895, and from 1905, Theodore Reus).”

At the end of his book, ‘Les Illumines de Baviere,’ 1915, R. le Forestier speaks of the revival of the Order of the Illuminati by Leopold Engel. He is rather indefinite as to date, but says it had its centre in Berlin, and had, as required, been reported to the police. He quotes Engel as saying:

“They gradually came to believe that it would be possible to give something definite to the adepts in order to reach an ideal goal by means of Weishaupt’s theories.”

We have in our possession a copy of (Aleister) Crowley’s book Magick, by the Master Therion, 1929. We can only give a few extracts and notes, showing the nature of its contents and teachings. The book opens with a Hymn to Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan!, which seems to express the essence of his creed, for, throughout, his book is tainted with gnostic and sexual imagery. He writes: “There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The Supreme and Complete Ritual is therefore the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel; or, in the language of Mysticism, Union with God.” That is, rousing the kundalini, and uniting it with the universal magical agent!

And of this God he explains:

“The testing of the spirits is the most important branch of the whole tree of Magick. Without it, one is lost in the jungle. Every spirit, up to God Himself, is ready to deceive you if possible, to make himself out more important than he is…. Remember that after all the highest of all the Gods is only The Magus….. For the Gods are the enemies of Man; it is Nature that Man must overcome ere he enter into his kingdom.

…. The true God is man. In man are all things hidden. Of these, the Gods, Nature, Time, all the powers of the universe are rebellious slaves. It is these that men must fight and conquer in the power, and in the name of the Beast that hath availed them, the Titan, the Magus, the Man, whose number is six hundred and threescore and six.”

The power of the Beast is universal generation, the universal magnetic agent. Speaking of the Eucharist universal magnetic agent of Scientific Illuminism he says:

“Take a substance symbolic of the whole course of nature, make it God, and consume it.” [It must be, he says, consumed daily.] “The magician becomes filled with God, fed upon God, intoxicated with God. Little by little his body will become purified by the internal lustration of God; day by day his mortal frame, shedding its earthly elements, will become in very truth the Temple of the Holy Ghost. Day by Day matter is replaced by Spirit, the human by the divine; ultimately the change will be complete; God manifest in flesh will be his name.”

But his God is merely Nature’s creative principle, again universal generative powers. Pan, Io Pan!”

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