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Appendix 12: “The Black Awakening,” “Nephilim Project” and Supernatural Realm from a Christian perspective

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Appendix 12: “The Black Awakening,” “Nephilim Project” and Supernatural Realm from a Christian Perspective”

“The Black Awakening” and “Nephilim Project”

In the course of pursuing this research project, I have had to come to grips with research from many quarters. The following information/opinions, which I regard as an absolute “worst case scenario,” is garnered from radio interviews of and by several Christian pastors/councilors that are available on their websites (,, I include these views because they may provide essential insights into what is happening in Crestone/Baca, Colorado.

In these interviews, Christian pastor/councilors Doug Riggs, Dr. Preston Bailey, and Russ Disdair relate what they have learned about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA/DID), Para-Humanism, Nephilim, and Abduction Phenomena through their decades of work with SRA/DID victims. These individuals affirm and extend the insights that psychiatrist, Dr. Corydon Hammond, presented in his 1992 “Greenbaum Speech” (Part VI). Hammond reported at that time that this kind of Satanic programming was going on in cities and countries all over the world and that victims from widely disparate areas shared common internal structures, and memories of the same trainers/handlers, etc. The grim picture that emerges from these interviews may explain many heretofore inexplicable phenomena. Here are some insights from these individuals:

1) SRA/DID is, in fact, the framework for a global “hybrid breeding program,” termed the “Nephilim (or Genesis) Project.” Many centuries of ritual abuse have led up to this present project. Victims of chronic trauma, such as victims of SRA/DID, have many layered levels and structures embedded within their minds, spirits and souls. The new field of “Traumatology” tells us that the child-victims of SRA, in order to survive the traumas they are subjected to, construct amnesia barriers to suppress trauma memories. The deepest traumas are hidden beneath the most impenetrable (dense) amnesia barriers. According to Riggs and Bailey, the CIA/MKULTRA programming described in Part VI comprises just the surface layers of hidden memories and these surface layers hide the much deeper and more insidious German (Joseph Mengele) programming. The most deeply-embedded and horrific traumas of all, for some of the women victims, include memories of having conceived by Satan himself in order produce human-satanic hybrid creatures termed Nephilim.

According to these councilors, the goal of the “hybrid breeding programming” is to create “Para-humans,” or hybrids of human and “fallen angels” (demons), up to and including Satan himself. The resulting hybrids, or Homo noeticus (“new man,” another name for the Nazi Master Race) look identical to humans. In sum, programmed individuals function not only as highly sophisticated military “weapons platforms,” they are also “spiritually programmed” with powers far above those of normal humans. In keeping with the Nazi Lebensborn (“fountain of life”) ideal, these hybrids are supposed to be super-enhanced Aryan, god-men champions that are remarkably beautiful and intelligent, the so-called quintessential man.

Based on their Christian training and worldview, these pastors/councilors explain these phenomena by referring back to the Bible. Matthew 24:37-39 states:

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

This verse refers back to Genesis 6:4, which states:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same became mighty men, which were of old, men of renown.

Hence, these pastors assert that these giants and “men of renown” of the Old Testament, including Hercules and Goliath, were the Nephilim.

2) The goal of creating a “master race” of human-demon hybrids is to create a Nephilim army with which Satan will try to defeat God in the final apocalypse. The modern version of Nephilim is described by Riggs as being a reptilian race that looks completely human but has exceptional powers of intelligence, strength, etc. Riggs asserts that thousands of Nephilim exist and have now infiltrated into society. Satan’s ultimate goal, according to Riggs, is to replace the human race with this race of hybrid super-humans. Bailey asserts that since Satan’s army of fallen angels is outnumbered by God’s angels by 2 to 1, Satan is now resorting to the use of modern technology to create various new forms of life, including robotic forms, MKULTRA/Monarch super soldiers, and Nephilim warriors. According to Bailey, this is basically the same strategy that Nimrod implemented, when he tried, through using technology and secret knowledge, to defeat God by building the “Tower of Babel.” All this, of course, is meant to help bring in the “Anti-Christ” and establish the New World Order/One World Government under Satan’s rule.

While these claims might sound preposterous to most of us, these pastor/councilors, at great personal risk, have spent thousands of hours counseling SRA/DID victims over the past few decades. In so doing, they claim to have encountered many ritually-created alter or sub-personalities in victims and exorcised many demons embedded in these sub-personalities. And they have encountered many different kinds of internal structures in victims. These councilors claim they never “lead” the victims, but rather let victims tell their own stories in their own words in their own time. The result of these efforts is that: 1) many victims now have reclaimed their integrity as autonomous individuals and have broken free of their programming, and 2) they and the victims, together, have exposed profound secrets of the New World Order. Many SRA victims, including the “Nephilim mothers,” are featured in some interviews in the above websites. Interested readers may wish to listen to these interviews and judge for themselves whether or not the victims and the councilors are telling the truth.

As supporting evidence for the idea of hybrids, Dr. Bailey notes that in 2003, National Geographic reported that human cells were inserted into rabbit embryos in Shanghai. And human DNA was inserted into cow embryos in 2008. Another example is the “liger,” a cross between a lion and a tiger. Thus, just as we have inter-species hybrids, Bailey maintains we now have extra-species hybrids. There can be no doubt that scientists have created hybrid creatures and that these creatures exist today.

Based on their de-programming of hundreds of victims, then, Riggs and Bailey assert that the Nephilim “hybrid-breeding” program began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Riggs believes the first “Nephilim mother” was born in 1949 and the first Nephilim children were born in 1962. He also asserts that there has been a coup; and that Nephilim have replaced the representatives of the 13 Illuminati family on the “Council of 13.”

How did all this happen? Riggs suggests that the “Nephilim” mothers are offspring of European royalty. These Illuminati families paid Joseph Mengele and other “doctors” to program their children and paid to have these children raised in surrogate families. According to Riggs, in addition to being a doctor, Mengele was also a world-class sorcerer. Thus, Riggs and others believe that the incredibly complex internal structures they encounter in patients are not human creations at all, but rather were programmed into victims, usually the offspring of European royalty, by high level “principalities and powers.” Riggs and others believe that these internal structures are far beyond human intelligence and that the DID structures are first and foremost, demonic spiritual phenomena.

Through de-programming a number of “Nephilim mothers,” Riggs learned that their internal mental structures are patterned after the physical Throne of Satan. He also asserts that the actual Throne of Satan on earth moved from Germany to Israel after World War II. Riggs, Bailey, Disdair and other Christian counselors assert that 1) the church is the ultimate, number one enemy of Satan, and 2) that the hybrid-breeding program comprises probably the most important element of the alien abduction phenomena.

Thus, according to Riggs, the “Kings of the Earth,” aka the European royal families, paid Joseph Mengele and other Nazi and CIA doctors to facilitate the programming of their children. These children were raised in surrogate families that would have acquiesced to the chronic ritual abuse of the female children until they were ready, at age 13, to be impregnated by fallen angels. This classic “deal with the devil,” in which elite royal families gave their children to Satan, ensured their continued ability to exercise “earthly power.”

The above scenario is consistent with some historical claims. According to 4th century Catholic, St. Crysostom, the pattern of Jews sacrificing their children was established millennia ago:

No necessity forced the Jews when they slew their own children with their own hands to pay honor to the avenging demons, the foes of our life…..

Thus, Jones (2008) concludes:

The Church had always claimed the Jews were not the children of Moses and Abraham but rather children of Satan.

According to Bailey, who began his ministry by working with occult/Satanic groups in the 1980’s, some 2 million Americans are involved in Satanic cults. However, the number is actually much greater because this is a worldwide phenomena. In the late 1990’s, psychiatrist, Dr. Colin A. Ross, estimated there were some 10 million sleepers, or MKULTRA/Monarch programmed individuals, in the U.S. alone.

The UFO phenomena

According to Riggs and others, our culture is being prepared and prepped for a fraudulent “disclosure event.” The plot in this deception is that an advanced species of aliens from other galaxies will soon return to earth to help mankind advance to its next evolutionary level. There will be an attack on earth by “bad aliens.” Then the “good aliens” will save mankind and take credit for the creation of humans. In fact, however, the so-called “aliens” are the genetic hybrids (Nephilim) and the UFO craft are man-made, using advanced (black) military technologies. Thus, Riggs asserts that UFO’s are real but are not from other planets or galaxies. He identifies two categories of UFO’s: 1) light orbs, which are manifestations of fallen angels/demons, and 2) man-made UFOs piloted by Nephilim. It is on these physical, man-made UFO’s that female ova are harvested, women are impregnated, mind-control programming is conducted, and the “hybrid-breeding program” is carried out. According to Riggs, the shadow military also runs deep underground bases all over the earth.

Thus, Riggs concludes that UFOs are made in America using anti-gravity technology, and that propulsion of the craft may be related to the Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA) program. He asserts that massive underground projects, costing trillions of dollars/year, are involved in these Black Ops and that the secret space program has been running since the 1930’s.

Following up on one of Riggs’ comments, I watched a u-tube interview in which Michael Schratt described the Cash/Landrum UFO incident that occurred in Dayton, Texas, on December 29, 1980: Betty Cash and Vickie and Colby Landrum were driving home to Dayton from having a dinner out. They observed a bright light then saw a huge diamond-shaped object, hovering at tree level, that was expelling flame and emitting considerable heat from its base. Soon, twenty-three CH-47 Chinook helicopters, used by military forces worldwide, surrounded the craft and escorted it away.

Following the 20-minute incident, all witnesses suffered from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, generalized weakness, a sensation of burning in their eyes, and a feeling that they had suffered sunburn. Several days later, Cash was admitted to the emergency room of a local hospital; she could not walk and had lost large patches of skin and clumps of hair. A radiologist who examined the witness’ medical records concluded they had been subjected to “ionizing radiation,” with possible components of infrared or ultraviolet radiation as well.

Of special interest to me, here, is that Schratt reported that the Air Force twice had to dig up and remove the contaminated soil that was under the craft. The interesting connection is that after 9/11, great numbers of truckloads of soil were imported into and exported out of the ground zero area to decontaminate that area as well. The obvious questions are: Is there something similar about the nature of the contaminated soil in these two incidents? I.e., is there something similar about the technology used in the “UFO” craft sighted by Cash and Landrum and Operation 9/11?

Returning to the remarkable interviews of Riggs and others, these Christian councilors note that Satan is a spirit but that he works through men. Although he is “ruler of the earth” and “prince of the power of the air,” Satan is a created being and is no match for the Creator. In fact, Satan has already been defeated by Christ. Riggs asserts that the Jewish Kabbalah is a codification of ancient Illuminati knowledge that goes back 5,000 years to the mystery religions of ancient Babylon. Utilizing this knowledge, humans can tap into power from the “other side,” the supernatural realm. However, there is great risk involved, and those who tap into this power generally become instruments of Satan’s plan. Thus, various Satanically-inspired groups all are dedicated now to ushering in the “New Roman Emperor,” the Buddhist Maitreya, the Jew’s Messiah, the New Age Christ, etc. According to these Christian pastors, all these ‘messiahs’ are merely different descriptions of the Anti-Christ.

Riggs concluded his part of the interview with the following prophetic passage from D.H. Pember’s 1876 book, “Earth’s Early Ages:”

Re-occurrence of the characteristics of the Days of Noah: (Genesis 6):

Union of the two worlds in preparation for the descent of the Nephilim: Lastly, the characteristic features of the days of Noah are reappearing and above all free communication has been established between the spirits of the air (Satan and associates) and the human race with a view apparently to a sojourn, once more, of the Nephilim upon the earth…..

It thus appears that this long expected event will precede Satan’s banishment from heaven (Revelations 12) and therefore also its results, the revival of the Roman empire and the revelation of the man of sin.

Like Enoch, the church of Christ will be called away before earth is for a time abandoned to the Nephilim before the fearful woes of the end. Therefore in all probability the Lord is at hand. If then, the fallen angels appear to be already preparing for their defense of the great apostasy which will at last evolve the lawless one even now spreading who can be sure be sure of a day or an hour.

Of special interest to this investigation, Dr. Bailey provided the following dictionary definition of a “portal:”

Magical or technological doorway which connects two distant locations.

Thus, portals may connect the earth to the cosmic hierarchy of the demonic realm. He notes that the “Zigurrat,” a Babylonian word for “Gate of the Gods,” is a Babylonian Temple Tower designed to create a portal that unites the heavens and the earth. Could Crestone be such a portal? Are fallen angels supposed to enter and gather here?

In the Baca Grande, we have a rather impressive Zigurrat that was constructed by a Jordanian, Najeeb Halaby, who is the father of Lisa Najeeb Halaby, who married Jordan’s King Hussein to become Queen Noor.

Figure 1. Ziggurat in Baca Grande near Cottonwood Creek.

In many aspects, the “Black Awakening” scenario outlined above dovetails with the testimony of “psychic warrior” William Dean Ross (Parts VII and XII), except that Ross seems not to have been aware of the “Nephilim Project.” The following is from Ross (2000):

In Mount Shasta, California’s Mystic Mountain, Emile A. Frank (a UFO cult leader and Barb Hubbard fan) proves that the UFOs and E.T.s are from inner earth- not outer space. She also clarifies that they are spiritual- not physical beings. She demonstrates that almost all occultic organizations are Masonic and Luciferian.

The book, “Mt. Shasta-Mystic Mountain,” by Emile A. Frank, tells the reader that many UFO communes – like” Heavens Gate”- have been around the boundaries of Shasta Mountain for years. The author links the beliefs of the aliens as the same as the United Nations, globalist community, New World Order, the ultra-liberal Democrats and many popular New Age writers and cult/commune leaders like Ruth Montgomery and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The author also specifically points out that in order for the lords of the underworld to come forth and rule, a “cleansing” or mass genocide of people hanging onto traditional values – like the Constitution and Christianity- must take place first. She makes no bones about it that the masses must die and then reincarnate back to here as Gods – like her New Ager-New World Order friends.

Hence, she believes the aliens are from the inner-earth (not outer space), exactly what CSETI and NASA told me in 1993. Note that the Ascended Masters are the spirit-guides and are the E.T./Aliens. Note that the E.T.s tell the psychics what to tell the occultists in the U.N. and in the C.I.A. and N.S.A. what to do next concerning worldly issues.

They all call for the genocide of 70% to 90% of the world’s population to save nature (GAIA), abolishing the Senate, Congress, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution. The agenda of the “Left-hand Path” is in what they call “THE PLAN”- setting up of a one-world electronic mind-control totalitarian police state system of slavery and tracking with a one-world religion offering ancient human sacrifices to their God – Lucifer. Out of the Skia or Gaia will come the Ascended Masters – the UFOs. This is the true Harmonic Convergence when man and demon are one again as in Genesis 6:1 of the Bible. We are in for a new high-tech “Tower of Babel!”

So here it is. Psychics (witches) telling world leaders to unite and exterminate the masses and enslave the survivors for a super-high-tech occultic Luciferian Age. An endless network of paganists, masons, witches, and occultists in an alliance with Nazis hired by the CIA in Project Paperclip 50 years ago. A secret government sworn by an oath to Satan itself to enslave the earth and destroy all those that do not worship him. Their goal is to bring the King of the Ascended Masters to earth “in the physical” for all to see. That is why they called the CSETI project “Falling Star!”

The Alien Agenda is the same as the Ascended Master Agenda. The Ascended Master Agenda is the same as the Psychics Agenda. The Psychics Agenda is the same as the World Federalist Agenda. The World Federalist Agenda is the same as the United Nations Agenda. The United Nations Agenda is the same as the FEMA Agenda. The FEMA Agenda is the same as the New Constitution of the United States Agenda.

Through massive electronic networking and artificial intelligence, the mind frequency and soul-spirit harmonics will be altered to allow a mass invasion of demonic “walk-ins.” The world will explode with chaos and madness. Remember the Masonic slogan is “Ordo Ab Chao”- out of chaos comes order and out of the ashes of the Phoenix, the Serpent rises to power.

The aliens are the archangels of hell. The world leaders are taking orders from witches and demons from Hell! This is exactly what is in the book of Revelations of the Bible. Even the description of the evil spirits that bring the United Nations to the Battle of Armageddon appearing as frogs or alien reptoids is in Revelations 16:12-14 of the Bible.

The first wave of an alien invasion is out of hell. The second wave of strange balls of fire and lights coming down in flashes of lightning east to west is out of Heaven –do not be deceived!

When the skies light up with an alien invasion – that will be Satan and 1/3 of the ex-arch–angels of heaven falling (materializing) on earth. They will meet with the Illuminati Brotherhood for a Harmonic Convergence. The man-made police state hovercraft will come out of their secret underground bunkers and will hunt the majority of you down with these so-called non-lethal microwave weapons. The television may call it the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Rapture or something to that equivalent. Whether it is God’s Tribulation Period or just another man-made Armageddon instigated by cruel, lying utopianists, take my advice: Do not go outside and try to….. “Catch A Falling Star!”

The Supernatural Realm According to McCandlish Phillips’ The Spirit World (1972) (and the Bible)

Throughout history and across the thousands of different cultures, humans have interacted with the supernatural realm. The fact that each of the thousands of religions have different ways to access this realm makes it that much harder to understand which approach, if any, is valid. I have observed that people all over the world are being damaged by the draconian New World Order. I have also observed that those who possess the spiritual tools and fortitude to resist this diabolical plan often tend to be Christians. Certainly, this is a generalization and certainly, most Christians seem to be asleep at the wheel as well. However, as one example, probably the only religious group that has marshaled any meaningful organized opposition to the global warming and New Age Movement frauds, for instance, are conservative Christians.

Christianity began as a tiny Jewish sect or cult nearly 2100 years ago and has grown so that today, about 2.2 billion, or about a third of the world’s population, are Christian. Because Judaism provides much of the spiritual context for Christianity, we often speak of Judeo-Christianity. However, many Christians, such as Texe Marrs, view this term as an oxymoron. “The SpiritWorld,” by protestant journalist, McClandish Phillips, offers insights into the supernatural realm that provide one way to understand what may now be going on in Crestone/Baca and the world:

Shakespeare was moved to write: “What a piece of work is a man!” Man is indeed an incomparable piece of work, created in the image of God, and the Bible teaches that he is: Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is no accident that Paul mentioned the three constituents of man in this order, for that order places them in their right relationships to each other. The progression, as he gives it- spirit, soul, body-proceeds from the innermost to the outermost parts of a man.

The spirit is the very core of man. It is in the spirit that man has his God-given capacity to commune with God, who is spirit, and who must be worshipped in spirit and truth. It is the shrine in which spiritual life is lived. The spirit expresses itself through the soul. The soul, in turn, expresses itself through the physical body. The body is the outer man, the soul is the inner man and the spirit is the innermost man. When all of these three are fully alive and free of sin, and functioning in their right relationship to each other, you have a human being as God intended him to be….

When man sinned, he was cut off from the life of God. The line was broken between heaven and earth. The communion between the Creator and his Creation was gone. The spirit of man became dead toward God- not dead in the sense that it is totally inactive, but in the sense that it is utterly unable to perform its proper function. Man’s spirit, meant to be the dwelling place of God, became at best dead to God and at worst it became an abode of evil spirits. The intention of God was that man, walking in perfect communion and perfect agreement with Him- the human spirit and the Holy Spirit as wholly one- would jointly rule with God outward from the spirit, through the soul and body, to the whole natural environment. Everywhere man went then, the will of God would be done.

Instead, we see another condition entirely. Man, dead in his spirit and lacking communion with God, carries on in the powers of his soul, which inevitably come under some degree of influence by demons (even in the best of men) or, at the worst, he comes under the actual control of evil spirits and therefore spreads chaos and misery in his environment.

It is the spirit of man, not the soul, that God intended to govern his life! The soul is not capable of governing the life aright. With the soul in charge, the center of man’s government is misplaced- from God to self. But it was in their spirits that the first humans knew and worshipped God. When they sinned, their spirits became darkened and dead. They no longer had fellowship with God or worshipped him. They hid from him.

In doing the will of Satan, and cutting himself off from the life of God, man did not in any sense cut himself off from Satan and the demons. Quite the opposite, man gave access to his spirit to evil spirits. If any man who is, as the Bible says, dead to God “in trespasses and sins” undertakes to develop his darkened spirit, he does so only by the agency and activity of demonic spirits.

To the extent that a man becomes involved with demons, to that extent he ceases to be his own master. In the worst cases, a man loses control over certain parts, or over all, of his being. He comes under the power of an alien volition…. It may be accurately said that demons work to wreck or damage human beings physically, mentally, morally, emotionally, and spiritually. They have many programs to these ends, and there are many stages, and also many kinds, of demonic activity.

The powers of evil under Satan understand the nature of man quite well. Since man was made in the image of God and was meant to be a perfect tripartite – spirit, soul, and body- demons seek to damage or destroy human beings in those areas.

There are four major types of sin through which demons gain access to, and a degree of control over, human beings.

Demons gain control through moral sin.
Demons gain control through unbelief.
Demons gain control through false religion or false worship.
Demons gain control through alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, or other chemical agents…..

Temptation is the most common work of evil spirits and, as it proves effective, it may be succeeded by the more severe stages of demonic activity aimed at individual men- oppression, obsession, and possession….

A man who is demon possessed does not do the will of God, he does not even do his own will. He does the will of Satan…. So evil spirits may possess a man in some, several, or all aspects of his being, and in those areas he is overmastered by them and does their will….

In the New Testament, Jesus rebukes and expels many evil spirits. And he also ordered his followers to do the same in his name. This suggests that spiritual warfare is a fact of life, whether people know it or not. In this sense, Crestone/Baca is not unique. But it may be unique, perhaps, in the intensity of this conflict. And if Crestone/Baca is meant to play some specific role in the return of the Anti-Christ, as is suggested by much evidence presented in this series, these spiritual realities take on even greater importance.

I very much doubt that Phillips, when he wrote his book in 1970, was aware of Satan’s secret weapons of SRA and DID (Part VI) or the Nephilim Project. The eruption of these realities into modern life and into the public consciousness indicate that the intensity of this spiritual war has increased radically.


The following documentary, entitled “Dragon’s Deception” by Scott Kiesler (2014), is an excellent summary of many of the topics presented in this paper and includes interviews with Doug Riggs, Russ Disdair, and others. This is an excellent resource for those wishing to understand the “end times” from the Christian perspective:

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