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Appendix 125: NeuroPlus: Handheld EEG Device (T-Mobile LTE) Displays All Your Brain Data In Real Time

1) Handheld EEG T-Mobile LTE Device

Headset displays all your brain data in real time.

The app has the following features:

– View and record raw EEG data
– View FT magnitude for frequencies from 2Hz-40HZ
– View magnitude for Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma wavebands
– Add and view custom wavebands
– View 3-axis accelerometer data
– Enable an audio tone and/or flicker on screen to view SSVEP and SSAEP

Warning: The flicker feature has been identified to potentially trigger seizures for people with
photosensitive epilepsy.

NeuroPlus Developer

Neuroplus Developer

3-in-1 Brain Training System

For both kids and adults, NeuroPlus goes beyond simple brain-training games with a device that provides feedback on brain-activity and body movement. By combining neurofeedback, biofeedback and impulse control exercises, NeuroPlus helps strengthen your focus and concentration skills in a way never before possible. It’s as simple as putting on the wireless headset and choosing from a variety of fun training games available on your iOS or Android device.

One Size Fits All

The NeuroPlus headset is designed with flexible materials and adjustable bands to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. This is the first EEG headset designed specifically to fit the heads of children as young as 5.

2) Soterix Medical Mobile EEG

Research Mobile EEG Soterix: Medical Mobile EEG

The first truly mobile EEG device offering research-grade brain signals

Soterix Medical Mobile EEG

The SMARTING system is the only true wire-free mobile EEG system that allows collecting research-grade brain signals. The system holds the amplifier on the head and makes a wireless connection to the controller (PC or smartphone) for a true un-tethered experience. With maximum 1000 Hz sampling, 11, 24 or 32 channel option, 24 bit resolution, 500 Mohm input impedance, 1 µV input referred noise and industry-leading CMRR>110 dB, the system design ensures that you do not need to compromise on high quality data.

Mobile, Simple to use, and Easy to Synchronize:

Record brain activity in un-restricted and natural environment-which means that you can carry and wear the system easily and anywhere.
Simple operation with obvious controls.
Easy insertion of markers and triggers.
Easy synchronization with other sensors with no need for any additional hardware. This is made possible by integrated Lab Streaming Layer(LSL) support.

Soterix Medical Mobile mbraintrain

Lightweight, Wireless and Rapid Set-up

– Small light-weight amplifier (< 60g ). – Accompanying mobile app for real-time wire free brain activity monitoring. – Scientists and researchers can set up the device on PC or smartphone in < 10 minutes and begin to collect high quality data. – Acquired EEG data can be readily analyzed in MATLAB or EEGLAB. Soterix Medical Mobile EEG Lightweight and Wireless -High quality ERP recordings -High quality event-related potential (ERP) recordings outside the laboratory environment. – No need for hardware triggering due to high precision wireless triggering through UDP and LSL protocols. – Delay and jitter values obtained through the wireless protocol < 2 ms (depending on the stimulus delivery software) confirming that there is no need for hardwiring stimulus delivery. The figure on the right indicates the consistent ERPs among different trials (amplitude is color coded and 200 trials are aligned on the Y-axis) thereby attesting to the millisecond precision on the recordings. -Soterix Medical Mobile EEG High quality ERP recordings -Readiness Potential recorded with Smarting App – Soterix Medical Mobile EEG High quality ERP recordings – Visual Detection Task recorded with Smarting App – Use on other mobile devices – In addition to full mobility, the SMARTING android app maintains high signal quality and synchronization, while integrating mobile phone features in your experiments. – It enables signal recording and visualization, precise triggering information and manual inserting of event markers. Option for SDK and easy third party software integration is also provided. – In addition, other cellphone data (GPS and accelerometer) are also available to enable wider scope of experiments. – Soterix Medical Mobile EEG compatible with other mobile devices ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Select References: (Webmaster Comment: These brainy, neuro-enhanced humanobots apparently don’t know how to alphabetize references.)

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