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Appendix 37: “United Nations of Religions” or Just More “Holocaustianity” for Goyim? Michael Hoffman Interview with Texe Marrs

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

“United Nations of Religions” or Just More “Holocaustianity” for Goyim? Michael Hoffman Interview with Texe Marrs (from “Judaism Discovered (Part 2) The Deceitful, Anti-Biblical, Talmudic Religion of the Rabbis; 2009 Power of Prophecy Program):

Judaism Discovered (Part 2): The Deceitful, Anti-Biblical, Talmudic Religion of the Rabbis

Texe Marrs and Michael Hoffman, author of “Judaism Discovered” and “Judaism’s Strange Gods” are discussing the Catholic Priest/Bishop who was defrocked because he did not support the Holocaust hoax.

Marrs: Yes, the new Catechism of Pope John Paul II basically calls the Jews our “elder brothers.” And even Pope Benedict. I believe he is carrying on the same doctrine that the Jews do not need Jesus because they have their own ancient sages and they can follow the Old Covenant and receive heaven. I believe this is apostasy. By the way, just six weeks ago, Benedict had the Bishops come to Rome (or Assisis) and there they were all instructed by a Jewish rabbi who instructed them on the Holy Bible. Now what a Jewish rabbi has to teach so-called Christians is very interesting… It tells me the Catholic Bishops must know very little about the Bible or they wouldn’t need an unsaved, Christ-hating rabbi to teach them his interpretation of the Bible! Also, this priest Richard Nelson Williamson of the Old Latin rite, whose excommunication has recently been taken away from him… Benedict has told him that he will not be able to say mass unless he accepts the Jewish version of the Holocaust.

Michael Hoffman: (English) Bishop Richard Williamson will be forbidden to be admitted to Episcopal functions within the Church unless he says that the gassings of Judaic peoples took place in Auschwitz and unless he bows down to the idol of this 6 million figure, which has cropped up Kabbalistically throughout the history of the Judaics. And this is a complete departure from the historic Catholic faith. To establish belief in a rabbinic dogma, they call it in their mystical theology, the “shoah” (Holocaust), as a criterion for qualifying as a shepherd in Christ’s Church! You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Texe Marrs: We should very quickly say…. I believe there are very few Southern Baptist pastors today, for example, who can keep their post, their pulpit, if they come out and say, “I don’t believe a lot of the propaganda, for example, the gassing or the 6 million number of the Holocaust.” So just as the Vatican has said “you can’t be a Priest or carry out the Priestly duties if you don’t believe the Holocaust fiction,” Baptists and Assemblies of God, they have basically the same criteria. Even though each church claims it’s independent, I’m pretty sure that’s something that would get you in a heap of trouble.

Hoffman: Yes. Both Catholicism and Protestantism are afflicted by this.

But I also see a larger dilemma and that’s the overthrow of our Jeffersonian principles of our founding fathers. They came here to get away from a state religion…. the establishment of one particular denomination as the religion of the United States.

And now in the otherwise agnostic West, we have this de facto state religion of the gas chambers. The proof of that is that in Europe, nobody goes to jail for denying that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. The Apostle Paul said that “if Christ didn’t resurrect from the dead, we’ve got nothing. We’re through, we’re finished, our religion is a hoax”. So this is a direct attack on the very core of our religion. No one is jailed for that and neither am I advocating that they should be.

However, we can tell what is truly sacred in the West when we find out that those who so-called “deny” gas chambers in Auschwitz…. for example, the very erudite and skilled former Max Plank Institute chemist, Germer Rudolf, who is in jail now in Germany for asking scientific questions about the gas chambers… he IS in jail. So the question is: What is really sacred in what is supposed to be Christian America or the Christian West? And I find it’s this religion that I call “Holocaustianity,” which is really the religion of Judaism for gentiles. It’s a way to get gentiles to reverence the Judaic and to look fondly on the rabbis and the entire palimpsest of fraud and “traditions of men,” and this is the entry for that, and anyone who doubts it in Europe can go to jail, and anybody who doubts it in the United States can have his reputation ruined. And as you say, be you a Baptist preacher or be you a Catholic priest, you can lose your office.

Texe Marrs: I agree. Let’s go to (the topic of)… vile hatred of Christians and utter blasphemy towards Jesus.

In your book, “Judaism, Discovered,” you cover each of these topics quite a bit. Now the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi at this time, Yona Metzger, recently said that he wants to sponsor a “United Nations of Religions.” He wants to bring all the religions together. Do you think that Metzer is going to give up, then, this Talmudic hatred of Christianity and blasphemy towards Jesus so that he can have a “United Nations of Religions?”

Michael Hoffman: It’s just a public relations lie. There isn’t any religion on earth that is less ecumenical, less tolerant, less interested in unity with anyone else, than Orthodox Judaism or the Talmud. It’s a ferociously, savagely racist, anti-Christian religion.

And what he’s saying is based on this widespread illiteracy that’s in the Christian and gentile world concerning the actual contents of the Talmud. Because Judaism’s greatest rabbi…. If you ask me to pick one Orthodox rabbi that is most revered both in the gentile world and in the world of Judaism, I would have to say it’s Moses Mamomides. It’s his legend that has deceived the Muslims, it’s deceived the Christians, it’s even deceived atheistic, left-wing, so-called “enlightened intellectuals.”

Almost everybody across the spectrum believes that Moses Mamomides, the rabbis refer to him by the acronym “Rambam,” but we’ll call him by his name, Mamomides. They all believe that he is this paradigm of tolerance and suggest that he’s benevolent along the lines of this rabbi Metzger. Metzger, by the way, means “butcher.”

Actually, Mamomides is the one who has some of the most ferocious injunctions and admonitions against Christ and Christians. He openly says that heretics, not only Christians, but, for example, the Karaites, the tiny, tiny sect of Judaics who do cling to the Old Testament and who do reject the Talmud, and they are just a handful. It’s probably somewhere in the 10’s of thousands in the world today. They’ve been savagely persecuted by the rabbis.

And then Mamomides reserves his special, particular vitriol for Christians. And he says in the very clever and shrewd and sly way, for which the Tamudic rabbis are infamous among those who have made a study of it, he says that when circumstances allow, and he establishes a context wherein these circumstances can be deduced, for example, when there is Judaic supremacy in the world, when Judaics are on the ascendant, when they have an inordinate influence over gentile courts, over the gentiles judiciary, these circumstances can be deduced. So we may be moving toward this time when Mamomides said it was OK to kill Christians openly.

And then he said that at other times, such as when Christians are dominant, such as in the Middle Ages in the period that he lived in, that such killing and destruction of gentiles and Christians had to be done by surreptitious means. For example, he noted in his Mishnah Torah, that if you see a gentile fallen down in a hole, don’t give him a ladder. If you see him drowning, let him drown. In other words by omission you would destroy them.

And then he says that when Judaism is in the ascendant that you can destroy them by commission. And he also has a similar set of situation ethics for how Judaic doctors are to medically treat gentiles. Where there is an anti-Talmudic gentile government in power then these doctors have to treat the treat gentiles and do a good job of it. But where Judaism is on the ascendant, then it’s actually against the Judaic law to give proper medical care to gentiles. Now can you imagine the havoc that that may have already played in our hospitals in America today when some loyal Christian comes in there and some Judaic doctor who is following Mamomides, the greatest sage of all the sages in Judaism, and he’s thinking of these texts that tell him he can’t treat this lady. That he either lets her die by benign neglect or he actively participates in her death.

So all talk of a one world, happy faith by Rabbi Metzer or anybody else tainted by Orthodox Judaism, is a complete and total imposture.

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