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What the WBAN is Actually Used For & Nanonetworks & Your Body 1/2 & 2/2 (Sabrina Wallace videos, 3/10/24)

What the WBAN is Actually Used For & Nanonetworks (Sabrina Wallace video, March 11, 2024)

Asmr style: nanonetworks & ur body 1/2

March 10, 2024
intra galvanic coupling
human body communication frequency
engineered biological entity,molecular%20medicine%2C%20neuroscience%20and%20bioengineering.


ANTI TINNITUS & VOICE TO SKULL SOLUTION OR HELP. I’m shahring here a solution that worked decrease or evn cease them from loging into them and the tinnitus that comes with it alos diminushed ang or stopped V2K. David Case, was a high level security agent lectronic engeneer.When he discovered the level of surveillance, hacking humans like lab rats,SEEING THROUGH OUR EYES AND HEARING WHAT WE HEAR, He refused to do that. He became himself gangstalked, harrased 24/7 ,lost all jobs, bkame homeless, v3k.etc. He prayed to God 4 a solution, and he got that idea to connect 2 computer chips that makes a stormy noise. We must listen to it 6 hrs a night or day for 3 weeks for it to change our neuroplasticity. Then, they can’t connect apparently. He gives it for free to help . He charges just $ 20 for the shipping.He’s a great guy. He sais he is now FREE. They can’t connect to him anymore.! HAS STOPPED OR REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY ARTIFICIAL TINNITUS AND V2K FOR THOUSANDS OF PPL. in to reply4


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