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Appendix 151: Jewish Ritual Blood Sacrifice/ Ritual Murder

Webmaster Comment: Could the inhuman psychopaths behind the Covid Depopulation Genocide and historical ritual murder/sacrifice of humans for thousands of years possibly be the same group behind the global gangstalking-electronic torture/murder depopulation purge? How could it not be?

I. The COVID Injection Depopulation Perpetrators

II. A History Of Ritual Blood Sacrifice – Jewish Ritual Murder

The Jews are under a terrible suspicion the world over. Who does not know this, does not understand the Jewish problem. Anyone who merely sees the Jews, as Heinrich Heine (Chaim Bueckberg) described them, “a tribe which secures its existence with exchange and old trousers, and whose uniforms are the long noses,” is being misled. But anyone who knows the monstrous accusation that has been raised against the Jews since the beginning of time, will view these people in a different light. He will begin to see not only a peculiar, strangely fascinating nation; but criminals, murderers, and devils in human form. He will be filled with holy anger and hatred against these people.

The suspicion under which the Jews are held is murder. They are charged with enticing Gentile children and Gentile adults, butchering them, and draining their blood. They are charged with mixing this blood into their masses (unleavened bread) and using it to practice superstitious magic. They are charged with torturing their victims, especially the children; and during this torture they shout threats, curses, and cast spells against the Gentiles. This systematic murder has a special name. It is called RITUAL MURDER.

The Jewish Ritual Murder:

Jewish Ritual Murder – Asesinato Ritual Judio (Documental Evidencia Al Final)

Pastor James Wickstrom – Interview With Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (2006)


Jewish Genocides
History Ritual Blood Sacrifice Jewish Ritual Murder Documentary Film Movie Video Mirror Israel Adam Abraham David Solomon Joseph Judah Israelite Cain Canaan Canaanite Edom Edomite Khazar Khazarian Turk Turkish Israeli Jewish Judaism Zion Zionist Zionism Theodor Herzl Karl Marx Marxism Communism Communist Bolshevism Bolshevik Satanism Satan Freemasonry Freemason Mason Illuminati Lucifer Skull Bones Kabbalah Kabala Cabala Babylon Babylonian Talmud Torah Seeing Horus Egypt Egyptian Sorcery Esoteric Esotericism Exorcist Exorcism Witch Witchcraft Craft Magic Magician Rite Ritual Blood Animal Human Child Children Sacrifice Synagogue Temple Star Remphan Baal Chiun Moloch Molech Saturn Fire Deep State Secret Society Royal Royalty Nobility Pope Vatican Jesuit Idol Worship Mary Bible Gospel Testament Catholic Christian Christianity Jesus Christ Koran Quran Islam Muslim Spirit Spiritual Religion Religious History World COVID Coronavirus Corona Crown Virus Vaccine MRNA Mask Lockdown Passport Protest Pandemic Plandemic Scamdemic Hoax Cold Influenza Cell Germ Theory Control Experiment Stefan Lannka Virology Virologist Science Scientist Fraud Graphene Oxide Spike Protein Health Medicine Drug Doctor Nurse Hospital Clinic People Life Death Disability Sterilization Abortion Disease Illness Sick Sickness Fauci Bill Gates Rothschild Rothschilds Rockefeller Vanguard Black Rock Money Bank Banker Bankster Usury Treasury Federal Reserve Central Bank Globalist Globalism Monopoly Monopolist Monopolism Oligarch Oligarchy World Order Great Reset Agenda Event Genocide Depopulation White Race Aryan Caucasian Adolf Hitler Europe European Germany German Middle East Holocaust Holohoax Holodomor Holocough Reiner Fuellmich Lawyer Court Crimes Against Humanity Nuremberg Code Politics Politician Government Party Council Lobby President Prime Minister Controlled Opposition Puppet Bush Clinton Obama Biden Donald Trump Qanon MAGA WWG1WGA Saudi Arabia Arabian Economy Economics Fiance Business Society News Media Truth Freedom Free Speech Censorship
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Miko 185 days ago

82 are you learning about Judaism? Treacherous muderous lying hypocites..

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