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Appendix 10: Truth, Lies, Double Binds, the New Age, Mind Control and Crestone/Baca

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Appendix 10: Truth, Lies, Double Binds, and Crestone/Baca

On Truth and Epistemology

I would like to offer some broad, personal observations on the topics of “truth” and “epistemology” (which Wikipedia defines as “the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.”).

Truth: “What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus. This question, though loaded with meaning, goes unanswered in John 18:38, although it follows Jesus’s statement: “Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

What is Truth? There is “objective” and “subjective” truth; there is truth derived by reason, observation and measurement; and truth derived through faith. There is also truth as “manufactured consensus.” (i.e., propaganda) and “received truth,” which allows elites to rule the masses. And there is “revealed” truth.

Pilate ”washed his hands” of his responsibilities as Roman administrator/judge of Jesus and turned him over to the mob, probably because he understood that truth can have serious political consequences and he did relish the idea of suffering these consequences. Winston Churchill also understood this, once remarking that: “The truth must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.” Psychologist M. Scott Peck concluded in “People of the Lie; The Hope for Healing Human Evil” (1983) that: “People lie to hide bad intentions.” And author and British intelligence officer, George Orwell, stated: “In a time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Indeed, telling the truth can be a revolutionary act and therefore risky, and, of course, this was one main reason that Jesus was crucified. The Pharisaic power structure, then as now, manipulated and manufactured “truth” (that is to say, propaganda and lies) in order to maintain their power and privilege. Things have not changed in the past nearly 2100 years in this regard. Again we find ourselves in a time of universal deceit, which now threatens to usher in a new dark ages, a collective insanity, a new age of barbarism, a new mass genocide, and the establishment of a despotic One World Government/New World Order. Accompanied by a New World Religion to help ensure uniformity of thought and unquestioning obedience and subservience to the world leaders.

One word that perhaps best describes the underlying ground/intent of truth, in my opinion, anyway, is honesty. In this sense, the search for truth is the sincere, concerted attempt to discern reality from illusion, fact from fantasy, and truth from lies and propaganda. Truth-tellers (sometimes including “whistle blowers”), then, are that persistent, obstreperous, determined group that is both capable of discerning truth and dedicated to the altruistic proposition that truth must be shared with others. We can similarly identify those elements, individuals, and groups, that comprise the “enemy” of truth. These elements are the deliberate lies, manufactured illusions and fantasies (cover stories and cults, for example) as well as the individuals and groups that deliberately manufacture and repeat these lies.

To use Christian terms and concepts (we must use some terms and concepts!), the political propaganda system forms a fundamental part of the “evil” of the “world system” (see Appendix 4). We know that “knowledge is power” and “ignorance is powerlessness.” Political lies include deliberate deception, propaganda, mind control, etc. designed to fool, manipulate, control, and conquer others, as per the nature of the Pharisaic cum Machiavellian power structure, that is, the “world system.”

Today, most political science departments in American universities teach Machiavellian principles. Students are taught that: “leaders must deceive the people,” “a simple lie is more appealing than a complex truth,” “the ends justify the means,” “might makes right,” “divide and conquer,” “distract the masses with bread and circus,” “if you don’t have an enemy, create an enemy,” etc. Machiavellian principles so infect our governmental agencies that today, according to Christopher Storey (2006):

“What most Americans believe to be ‘Public Opinion’ is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public.”

In these and other ways, our leaders and the social engineers of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London (and its myriad spinoff organizations) have made a permanent pact with the “father of lies” himself, who is identified in the New Testament as Satan. Satan is also known as “the confuser,” “the tempter,” etc.….

In two of my websites ( and, I have disproven, in fact, demolished, the official lies (aka “cover stories”) of 9/11 and the global warming fraud. Other researchers have also exposed many other official frauds and cover stories that the public is expected to believe. The following statement from the dialogue of the movie, “The Good Shepard” expresses how this might work at the level of intelligence agencies, whom, according Story (2006) and others, actually run our governments:

British senior spy to American junior spy: “Use your tradecraft well, particularly the use of black propaganda. And the ingredient known as “playback.” Understanding how effectively your own disinformation is actually working on the enemy…. It’s vital to penetrate into the enemy’s intelligence services, push them into an unreal world as it were….”

I submit, based on my extensive research, which in turn, is based on that of a host of others, that Americans today live in a false-reality matrix that has been constructed for us by social engineers and military/intelligence cadres that rule America on behalf of the world’s financial elite. This false-reality matrix should be understood for what it is: an act of “war by other means” (aka “psychological war,” “mind-war,” or “information war”) against the new enemy, which is the “domestic enemy,” just as Owell depicted in his dystopian novel, 1984.

But the most responsible citizens always prefer a hard truth to an attractive lie because “hard truths” provide us the knowledge we need to lead our lives in a sound, sane manner; that is, to make necessary and appropriate responses to reality. If people are fooled into accepting attractive lies/false reality as real (as in “The Truman Show” movie, for example), they are likely to be duped and doomed to wasting their lives in fruitless and potentially harmful pursuits. They are also essentially powerless and vulnerable. In this manner, too, honesty and concern for the welfare of others is intimately intertwined with dispensing “the truth” and lies, As Peck noted (“People lie to hide bad intentions”), deliberate lies, including disinformation, are promoted and spread by those primarily driven by greed, malice, and criminal intent.

Objective Truth:
Most of us can agree on familiar “objective truths” (for example, that elephants are large mammals, that there are twelve inches in a foot, 5,280 feet in a mile, 238,900 miles between the earth and the moon, etc.). Objective truth is verifiable by independent investigation. However, since most people don’t have the time and energy to verify each and every objective truth, we normally accept objective truths by convention and by agreement, without ever having verified them ourselves. Our schools, churches, governments, etc., typically teach us these “received” objective truths by repetition and we often repeat them by rote until we “believe” them. For example, the “consensus” among the educated today is that the earth is round. But five hundred years ago, educated people were taught, and believed, that it is flat. A few scientists such as Galileo and Bruno suffered severe punishment at the hands of the existing power structure (The Church) for insisting upon this unwelcome truth. Nonetheless, in this case, the objective truth eventually triumphed. Mahatma Gandhi stated the truth about truth when he stated: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Unfortunately, as shown in (see Parts IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX of this series, our “controllers” and their paid minions (social engineers/spychiatrists/military/intelligence operatives, mind-control spychiatrists, cults, organized crime, government lackeys, etc.) understand all too well that byrepetition and purveying of mind control and propaganda by mass media and government, combined with incessant creation of fear- and terror-inducing incidents, the public can be kept ignorant to the point that an artificially-contrived “consensus” can be manufactured and maintained. Thus, as Storey accurately observes above, “public opinion” itself can be made to consist largely of strategically-useful lies… strategically useful for the oligarchy that is. Examples include propaganda claims such as 1) the earth is catastrophically warming due to the burning of fossil fuels, or 2) CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and 17 Saudi goat herders executed the terrorist attacks of September, 11, 2001. These state-sponsored, “false-flag” synthetic terror operations are just two of many instances of state-sponsored, trauma-based mind control applied to the “mass or public mind.” Because these operations have great strategic value for elites, they are continuously reinforced by media, government, education, etc. Jewish and intelligence psychiatrists understand all to well that most people are afraid to consider the ramification of government lying on this scale….. In addition to the powerful emotion of fear, the “firewall” that surrounds and protects these myths/lies (and their purveyors) is comprised of the majority’s perceived self-interest, reinforced by ignorance and laziness.

So much, then, for “objective reality:” It can be and often is redefined to serve elite purposes. Or as George Orwell stated:

“If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable- what then?”

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, 1984

Again, since most people, even educated people, do not have the time, the ability, or the courage to critically investigate these “received truths,” despite the fact that we live in the “information age,” most of us, in effect, take these “objective truths” on faith. Unfortunately, the end result of these kinds of deliberate manipulations, combined with mass gullibility, is that we are effectively “neutralized” as citizens. The result is that the disinformed and deliberately disenchanted American citizenry today probably would not be able to make responsible, informed decisions even if they tried.

Nonetheless, my faith as a citizen and a scientist is that by applying reason, the scientific method, etc., objective truth is discoverable and false reality operations can and must be deconstructed and exposed. Thus, this entire investigative series is primarily an exercise in applying the principles of reason and the scientific method, where possible, to answering questions relating to the so-called “New World Religion.” However, in this process I have also had to come to grips with non-objective “realities.” Thus, these questions seem to involve a murky combination of “objective reality,” “subjective reality,” “revealed or prophetic reality” (as revealed by God or spirits) and faith. These latter two categories in particular are the province of religions and cults.

Subjective Truth and Crestone/Baca’s “Refuge of World Truths” and Cults

“Subjective” truth, as perceived and expressed by feelings, wonder, ignorance, religions, cults, etc., of course, is even more slippery, mutable, contingent and unreliable than “objective truth.” People’s adherence to various religious worldviews also requires “consensus”, i.e., mutual agreement and again, generally must be reinforced by teaching, repetition, and learning. (Regular repetition of the Nicene Creed by Catholics and/or The Great Invocation by New Agers are two examples). Our “subjective reality” is especially critical to us as individuals because our beliefs and worldviews define who we are as individuals, cultures, nations, tribes, etc., to a large extent: “I’m a Catholic” or “I’m a Buddhist” are more than a mere labels. These “identity statements” also declare our values, our goals, our lifestyles, and who and what we are as individuals and groups.

Today, in Crestone/Baca, in particular, innumerable religions and cults co-exist side by side in the “Refuge of World Truths,” as envisioned and created by the Manitou Foundation. Each religion/cult promotes different, often radically contradictory, versions of truth and reality. As we saw in Part XII, as indicated in the movie, “The Flame,” many of our religions/cults expose believers to “channeled information”/”revelations” by spirit beings and spirit guides. Might this close juxtaposition of fundamentally different faiths and worldviews produce personal confusion leading possibly to double-mindedness, schizophrenia and psychosis? (After all, anthropologist/CIA and British intelligence agent, Gregory Bateson,’s Macy Conferences in the 1940’s and 1950’s focused on discovering how to create schizophrenia via manufacturing double-binds. To say that there has been intense research and development of mind control in the past 60+ years dedicated to learning the techniques needed to “split”/”dissociate” the public mind is a tremendous understatement.) Might the deliberate, close juxtaposition of radically different “faiths” and worldviews, then, result in disintegration of a groups’ cultural identity, in effect, via implementation of a “divide and conquer” strategy of the group mind/soul? Based on this research, I would suggest that the deliberate syncretism of different religions, causes both these effects.

Furthermore, in our modern world (and in Crestone/Baca especially!), people often assert that each of us has the right to choose whichever religious belief system/version of reality/worldview best suits his or her interests. One commonly hears the phrase: “That’s your truth.” Implicit in this statement is the assumption that reality is mutable and that we as humans can control/change it by own will and at our own whim. We can choose our own reality! This very self-serving assumption grants humans the power to redesign creation for their own purposes. Metaphorically (or possibly literally) speaking, this deluded, cum megalomaniacal mindset is perhaps the end result of actually trying to implement the Serpent’s suggestion/temptation to Eve in the Garden: “You shall be as gods and ye shall not surely die.”

Speaking as a Crestone/Baca resident on a purely functional level, I have observed that the close juxtaposition of incompatible worldviews here seems to result in (engineered?) confusion. It also seems to result in loss of personal and group identity and cohesion, and the breakdown of social mores, values, and community. It may also foster individual and group insanity by dissociation, double binds, double-mindedness, psychosis and schizophrenia. This research series also proves that, at a historical and strategic level, religious syncretism has long been an elite project associated with Freemasonry and the United Nations, in particular, and, of course, to the “master cult” that creates, coordinates innumerable other cults/groups. This “master cult” is identified in Part IV and Appendix 6 of this series, as “Judaism/Freemasonry/Satanism;” i.e., the “Synagogue of Satan.” According to Texe Marrs and other researchers, Kabbalistic/Talmudic Judaism is characterized by pagan worship of the Serpent (Satan) and other gods, recognition of the Jewish male as God, and the belief that the Jewish people will be their own Messiah. Christians typically identify the Jewish Messiah as the anti-christ.

This series, then, documents the modus operandi by which a dominant group(s) defines and/or redefines objective and subjective reality as primary means of trying to redefine reality and manipulate and control others. The history of this long-term project is also documented in this research.

Double-think, Dissociation, Double Binds, and the (Resulting) Double Mind

1) “Double-think,” as defined in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, is:

“The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.”

This certainly sounds a like a description of the kind of rhetorical behavior we get from our Washington, D.C. politicians! But again, the “macrocosm” is reflected in our local “microcosm,” and this is also an apt description of the rhetorical tactics consistently used by our Crestone/Baca “cabal,” local politicians, etc., who often seem to invent and discard “facts” (i.e., “lies”) as convenient in order to advance whatever agenda they wish to achieve.

In 1984, Orwell referred to “double-think” as the ability to rationally derive an irrational conclusion (2+2=5 or whatever answer is demanded by the power structure). Again, this “ability” is abetted by developing the mental flexibility of holding mutually contradictory facts in the mind simultaneously. This is not a new idea: The New Testament (James 1:8), for instance, asserts “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.“ What is relatively new is that government-sponsored psychiatrists in England, Germany, America and other countries have devoted enormous resources to hone the techniques for inducing this kind of schizophrenia in an unsuspecting public.

2) Cognitive Dissonance: Wikipedia (under “Doublethink”) states:

Somewhat related (to Doublethink) but almost the opposite is cognitive dissonance, where contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Doublethink is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance — thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction.

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the excessive mental stress and discomfort experienced by an individual who (1) holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time or (2) is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. This stress and discomfort may also arise within an individual who holds a belief and performs a contradictory action or reaction.

Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency….. “When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance.”

This suggests that, like me, many Crestone/Baca residents continually strive to reconcile irreconcilable beliefs/realities. One obvious example of cognitive dissonance here is that whereas we claim to live in a “peace and love” spiritual community, our local politics is often extremely contentious and malicious. A result of such continual mixed messages, especially when combined with extreme malice, shunning, and gangstalking activities (that are used to generate isolation, sleep deprivation, pain, fear, dissociation and withdrawal), is that most locals opt out of local politics rather than endure the coordinated hostilities of the ruling cabal. In this sense, one can posit that by deliberately creating these conditions for “cognitive dissonance,” the rulers of our local “cabal” are implementing a form of “domestic terrorism” against local citizens. Again, all the elements of coercion that George W. Hunt mentions (Part XII) are abundant in our Crestone/Baca petri-dish of cults:

Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear, and pain to surrender themselves, their egos to the collective consciousness.

3) The “Double-bind” and Zen Buddhism: Contradictory and irreconcilable “truths” and/or signals may also result in creation of the “double-bind;” a “no-win situation” that can result in the artificial induction of schizophrenia and/or psychosis. As the author of “THE DOUBLE BIND: SALT, ANGELINA JOLIE, NAZIS, SCIENTOLOGY, NAZIS, MK ULTRA & THE BLACK CYBORG CONSPIRACY” states (

“Double Bind is a communicative situation where a person receives different or contradictory messages that cannot be explained. The term, coined by CIA/MK ULTRA anthropologist Gregory Bateson, attempts to account for the onset of (mass population) schizophrenia without simply assuming an organic brain dysfunction.”

Note that the presumption here is that the “domestic population” is the “enemy” to be defeated. The author of “Double Bind Theory of Psychosis” ( states:

Gregory Bateson (1950s) – schizophrenia is a learned confusion in thinking. People with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) used to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, but Bateson (understood) that some of the symptoms did make sense within the context.

A double bind is when there are two conflicting demands on a person, each on a different logical level, neither of which can be ignored or escaped. The contradiction may not be obvious in its immediate context, and may therefore be difficult to express/articulate/convey, and is potentially not even recognizable to others. Growing up amidst perpetual double binds (e.g. mother saying ‘I love you’ while turning away in disgust, and a child abuser saying ‘you should like what you are getting from me’) could lead to learned patterns of confusion in thinking and communication. This is very similar to the idea of an ‘invalidating environment’ in cognitive theory of borderline personality disorder (Linehan). The feeling or implicit processing is continually invalidated or contradicted by the explicit conceptual context. Learn to not trust one’s own feelings and internal states, and the concept of self breaks down. (Emphasis mine- ETK).

One solution to a double bind is to create an escape from the conflicting logical demands through a delusional system. This provides a different context in which the conflict can be conceptually accommodated.

The double bind experience is used in Zen Buddhism to achieve enlightenment, e.g. the Zen master keeps saying ‘present your true self,’ and the more a student tries to do so, the more they are unable, and the more they learn the principle of no-self. This is essentially the development of a new way of conceptualizing the world.

The perceived symptoms of schizophrenia are an expression of this distress, and should be valued (in Buddhism, anyway) as cathartic and transformative experiences. R.D. Laing similarly argued that the strange behavior and confused speech were ultimately understandable as an attempt to communicate worries and concerns, often in situations where this was not possible or permitted. Untenable positions can lead to self-destruction. Psychotic behavior and speech is a valid expression of distress, albeit wrapped in an enigmatic language of personal symbolism which is meaningful only from within the person’s situation.

In therapy, the conflict needs to be contextualized and understood as a no-win situation so that ways around it can be found.

The author of “Reverse Engineering Organized Stalking,” ( points out that this mind-control mechanism is widely used in organized stalking (aka gang stalking) operations, which employ numerous mind-control techniques developed in the MKULTRA and other CIA-sponsored programs (see Part VI and Appendix 9):

Double binds are often utilized as a form of control without open coercion—the use of confusion makes them difficult to respond to or resist.

A double bind generally includes different levels of abstraction in orders of messages, and these messages can be stated or implicit within the context of the situation, or conveyed by tone of voice or body language. Further complications arise when frequent double binds are part of an ongoing relationship to which the person or group is committed.

While I am no longer a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, I did practice Buddhism for about 15 years. It seems clear to me that Buddhist teachers intentionally utilize “double-binds” as well as a great amount of dissociation in meditation practices as methods through which students are encouraged to gain higher levels of realization. Zen Buddhists utilize koans, or illogical statements, to help students transcend their logical minds and their ego-identities. In Tibetan Buddhism, students are taught to regard the guru, or master, as living Buddhas. Hence, Tibetan masters have license to belittle and even abuse students in order to help students overcome their ego-clinging, afflictive emotions, etc. Even if/when the teacher is acting outrageously out of “crazy wisdom,” he is to be regarded as a perfect Buddha who is bestowing the Buddha’s blessings on his students. The student is supposed to be grateful, and thus, learns to rationalize often outrageous and contradictory behavior of the master/guru, such as sexual abuse, etc. Incidentally, with over twenty different Buddhist groups in Crestone/Baca, Buddhism appears to be the dominant religion here. (However, in my opinion, it is not. Rather, what we have here is Buddhism and the various other religions as fronts, all of which are penetrated and controlled by the “controllers,” that is, Jews, for Jewish control. What we have is a “Judocracy” hiding behind a “Buddhocracy”/”Refuge of World Truths,” United Nations of religions, etc. Perhaps this helps to explain why Judaism is the only major world religion that does not have an official, overt presence here in this “Refuge of World Truths” in Crestone/Baca. More on that later).

Thus, the delusional thinking that seems commonplace in Crestone/Baca may actually be an intelligent response to artificial stimuli created for us by our controlling “masters?” Recall from above:

One solution to a double bind is to create an escape from the conflicting logical demands through a delusional system.

We may now posit the hypothesis that Eastern religions, particularly Buddhism, provide an attractive platform through which self-selected individuals/citizens develop the ability to dissociate, withdraw, and develop delusional worldviews. According to Christian critics, extended meditation, chanting mantras, visualizations, may also result in “possession” of disincarnate entities. En route, students of Buddhism and other Eastern religions may find themselves caught in “double-binds,” cognitive dissonance, “double-think,” etc. If the goal is to create a “delusional group mind,” or “lostness of the mind,” in the “collective consciousness” as George W. Hunt posits (, Buddhism and other spiritual paths may offer convenient, cost-effective ways to accomplish the very kind of behavior modification (that is, mind control) that Jewish/British/American psychiatry has long sought to impose; that is, to change and re-program individuals’ identities.

As Larry Olsen (2007) points out:

New Age thinking is a mix of incompatible worldviews- scientific, mystical, occult, and psychological. New Age doctrines today mix Darwinian evolution, philosophical interpretations of quantum physics, Eastern religions, Enlightenment rationalism, scientific progress, Sufi Gnostic Oneness, philosophical idealism, and the occult sciences of astrology, Gematria, alchemy, and numerology. The New Age synthesis of so many realms of human knowledge is achieved through the fallacy of reasoning by analogy and the collapse of logical categories. The claim of any presumed unity to these various doctrines is fallacious.

Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy combined Spiritualism, magic, racial superiority, worship of Lucifer, belief in Atlantis, and the authority of ascended masters in Tibet with Grand Orient Illuminism.

Is it any wonder then, that given the potential for the above forms of confusion and mind control in Crestone/Baca, that one visitor remarked that “Crestone is an open-range asylum,” a local store employee echoed: “All the crazy people here. Holy crap!,” and a local minister observed that: “Crestone?Baca is decaying.”

1) Dissociation states, up to and including loss of ego identity, can be accomplished through prolonged meditation or other spiritual practices (chanting mantras, yoga, visualizations, etc.). Dissociation also occurs when individuals are exposed to pain, drugs, fear, hypnosis, etc., as British/Jewish/American psychiatrists have demonstrated time and again. Many researchers assert that meditation/kundalini yoga practices, etc., can also lead to “possession” of the student’s mind by a spiritual teacher, a “spirit guide,” a spirit, and/or a demon.

In “The Trail of the Serpent” (Appendix 8), Stoddard explains the historical and essential role of “possession” and “possession cults” in the implementation of perhaps the most historically persistent and grandiose of all political objectives, which, as explained in the epigraph quotes, is for the “chosen people” to usher in their Messianic “Universal World State,” or “Jewish Utopia.” Implementation of this plan requires the destruction of all nations (except Israel) and all religions (except occult Judaism/Satanism). Stoddard states:

“Looking back over history, it seems to be evident that the spread of secret societies, illuminism, theurgy, and spiritism has always been a sure precursor of revolutions and the fall of Crowns. From its commencement, the reign of Nicolas II of Russia was one long succession of mystics, prophets, and Illumines-instruments of the “Hidden Hand,” who, by their strange practices and sometimes scandalous lives, contributed not a little to bring discredit upon the Court of Russia, eventually led to its downfall, and through death and destruction initiated the Jew-led Soviet rule with its dream of World Revolution and World Domination- the dream of Grand Orient Illuminized Masonry.”

The first of these mystery workers of outstanding importance was Maitre Philippe, chief of the School of Theurgy at Lyons. He thus described his work: “From the age of thirteen I have performed miraculous cures. I am an unconscious intermediary between humanity and a Superior Power who overshadows it. The astonishing results I daily obtain, I admire, but do not understand.”

…. Their plan is to rule over a Universal World State, and for this purpose they have need of passive yet gifted instruments. As Dion Fortune, herself, writes: “The Masters receive souls as pupils, not for the benefit of the soul, but for the benefit of the Great Work; a man is not trained for the sake of curiosity or enthusiasm, but only in so far as he is of value as a servant.”

In this manner, according to Stoddard, weaker minds become possessed by stronger minds, and thereby become servant/slaves of those stronger minds. This begs the question, of course: Who are these stronger minds? Are these the “Ascended Masters?” Are they human or are they demonic spirits? This important issue is discussed below.

The “Macrocosm” in Crestone/Baca’s “Microcosm:” The “Hidden Hand:” “Pathocrats,” Lies, Spies, Cover-stories, Hoaxes, Cults, and the “Luciferian Principle”

Cherep-Spiridovich (1926) identified the historically-persistent, global, “macrocosmic” forces in his 1926 book, “The Secret World Government of “The Hidden Hand”.” This investigative series, too, provides ample documentation of a global nexus of politics, secret societies, intelligence agencies, Satanic cults, occultism, mind control, mysticism, kundalini “serpent energy,” “Ascended Masters,” and electronic weapons, all of which serve the interests and plans of the world’s power elite. The professed goal of this group (aka “World Revolutionary Movement,” Carr, 1954) is to kill off most of humanity and enslave the rest, perhaps as per the mandate expressed in Deuteronomy 20:10-16. The main players in this “pathocracy” (Lobackzewski, 2006) include the “puppeteers” (possibly including non-human incorporeal spirits/”Ascended Masters”) and their innumerable “puppets” who occupy positions throughout all levels and sectors of all societies.

As we have demonstrated, distinguishing between truth and lies can be quite challenging because we live in a sea of “official cover stories” designed to conceal the real nature of the geo-political activities of governments and corporations, etc. This pattern is what you might expect in a society controlled by “pathocrats” and the intelligence agencies (“the cryptocracy”) they control. This website (, then, exposes the 9/11 hoax as a “cover story” that provides pretext for implementing numerous wars of aggression in the Middle East and implementing increased police-state measures in America. My website exposes the “man-caused global warming hoax” as pretext for 1) imposing UN “Kyoto Protocol”-type policies that would de-industrialize the wealthy, industrial nations and cede regulatory control of global economic activity to the United Nations (the prototypical world government) and 2) implementing geoengineering/weather warfare projects. In fact, geoengineering experiments and programs have been covertly conducted by governments for many decades. As it happens, these programs/technologies can also be used for depopulation, mass-mind control, etc.

What these frauds have in common is their connection with top-secret research into trauma-based mind control, covert international geoengineering programs, implementation of international (NATO) gang stalking programs, and use of directed energy weapons (DEW) and electronic mind control (non-lethal weapons and psychotronics) as covert weapons of global control and potentially, for mass genocide.

Given that governments/intelligence agencies typically conceal actual program/policies behind official “cover stories,” then, it is entirely possible, even probable given Crestone/Baca’s apparent importance to the world’s power elite, that the official story of Crestone/Baca as a “peace-love-light” spiritual Mecca is yet one more “cover” that conceals other objectives. As Eliezer stated:

“The Luciferian principle is the art of concealing darkness in light, war in peace, and finally, bondage in liberation from self-restraint. In this way, a people are seduced into embracing their own destroyer.”

Propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation

The Machiavellian principles that guide modern governments, as all undergraduate political science majors learn, include: “you must lie to the people,” “the ends justify the means,” “might makes right,” etc. Citizens who wish to remain informed, then, need to learn to recognize the various kinds of lies that are commonly used for political purposes. These include:

1. Propaganda is defined as “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” Propaganda spread by military/intelligence/government/corporate interests typically consists of about 90% truth and 10% lies. The truthful 90% hooks us, and the 10% lies sends us off looking in the wrong direction and conceals what is really happening.
2. Disinformation is “false information deliberately spread in order to deceive people.”
3. Misinformation may be defined as synonymous with disinformation, or alternatively, as wrong information spread because people are misinformed. Thus, misinformation, by this second definition, can be passed along innocently, negligently, or carelessly.

The following fictional conversation from the movie, “The Good Shepard.” provides an interesting quasi-fictional, quasi-“insider” perspective on intelligence operations. Even movies may contain many germs of truth. This movie accurately portrays that during World War II, British MI6 operatives (spies) trained American OSS and CIA operatives (spies). In the below conversations, two upper level spies (one American and one British) advise a young American (OSS) spy in London:

American senior spy to junior American spy: You’re going to have to learn, as quickly and thoroughly as possible, the English system of intelligence. The Black Arts. Particularly counter-intelligence. The uses of information, disinformation, and how their use is, ultimately, power…. They (the Brits) have agreed to open their operations to us. They can’t win the war without us, but they don’t really want us here. Intelligence is their “mothers” milk and they don’t like sharing the Royal tit with people who don’t have titles.

British senior spy to American junior spy:

“Use your tradecraft well, particularly the use of black propaganda. And the ingredient known as “playback.” Understanding how effectively your own disinformation is actually working on the enemy…. It’s vital to penetrate into the enemy’s intelligence services, push them into an unreal world as it were…. The mental facilities to detect conspiracy and betrayal are the same qualities most likely to corrode natural judgment. Everything that seems clear is bent and everything that seems bent is clear. Trapped in reflections, you must learn to discern when a lie masquerades as the truth, and then deal with it efficiently, dispassionately.”

(American Jr. level spy): How do we know we won’t be working for two masters?
(British Sr. level spy): Precisely. We don’t.
(American Jr. level spy): How do I know if I can even trust you?
(British Sr. level spy): You won’t. I hope you are lucky enough to meet someone in your life whom you can trust. I haven’t…. Get out now while you still have a soul.

This dialogue reveals important insights. Regarding British intelligence (MI5 and MI6, for example), the senior American spy notes, accurately, that “intelligence is their “mothers milk” and “they don’t like sharing the “royal tit” with people who don’t have titles.” In other words, there is a long British tradition of the elite, including royalty, controlling the spy industry. Then the senior spy advises: “Push them into an unreal world.” This tactic, now also being applied widely by other intelligence agencies, is being directed at the entire world’s civilian population, for instance, in the global warming and 9/11 frauds. (Christian author, Texe Marrs, notes in his various books and tapes that a fundamental goal of Judeo/Masonic/Satanists is also to blur the line between reality and fantasy with the ultimately goal of “re-inventing reality” (aka “Tikkun Olam”).)

The movie dialogue also suggests that spying ultimately destroys one’s soul. And “how do we know we won’t be working for two masters?” Answer: “Precisely, we don’t.” The senior level British spy, realizing that he will be assassinated based on this conversation with the junior American spy, still advises the American spy to “get out now while you still have a soul.”

Distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from lies, is especially difficult in places and/or situations where New Age groups and/or cults operate, such as in Crestone/Baca. Parts VIII (Cult Connections) and IX (From UFO Cults to 9/11) of this series provide many examples of cults that were created and then infiltrated and used as a base of operations by intelligence agencies. These cults are “closed totalitarian systems” that function as a cover for criminal activities, including mind control operations, slave labor camps, extracting money from members, and using tax-exempt religious status to launder illegal profits from sales of drugs, guns, prostitution rings, sex slavery, etc. Examples of this kind of cult/intelligence operation are L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology and Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, etc., both of which were/are CIA operations. Hubbard and Jones were both products of the American intelligence establishment; and they operated their cults to advance objectives of the intelligence establishment, among other things. The same can be said for innumerable other cults. Interestingly, this interface between intelligence operations and the occult has a long, long history that traces back to the 17th century astrologer, Cabalist sorcerer, and spy, John Dee (the original 007), and 19th century Jewish spy and founder of The Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky.

There is extensive evidence of systematic dissemination of disinformation, propaganda, and misinformation “on the ground” in Crestone/Baca. I know individuals, whom I believe to be in the group I have identified as the “controllers” (Jews) who will engage just about anyone at any time to reinforce the “man-caused global warming hoax.” Another local named Roy, a former New York Jewish cop, spreads the UFO story when he can and also seems to spend about 8 hours/day in our tiny downtown Crestone, apparently spying on our small community. He even wears the kind of khaki-colored, back-brimmed that that you might associate with Laurence of Arabia and might expect a spy to wear. These and other individuals may be the American equivalent of the revolutionary shock troops on the ground described by Carr (1954), who were instrumental in implementing the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. They may be “sayanim” (Jewish secret spies), New Age change agents, United Nations or British MI6 change agents, spies working for American military/intelligence, etc. The number of potential “fifth columnist”/Trojan Horse groups operating here is extensive. But ultimately, it seems they all serve the same master.

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