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Appendix 140: THE ASCENSION PSYOP 101 (Lookoutfa Charlie video)

Lookoutfa Charlie 285 Ascension Symptoms – The most dangerous PsyOp to get pulled on the spiritual / new age community. Ever. One of the greatest CIA / MOE SAD / MILITARY PSYOPS in history

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Lookoutfa Charlie
Lookoutfa Charlie 285 Ascension Symptoms – The most dangerous PsyOp to get pulled on the spiritual / new age community. Ever. One of the greatest CIA / MOE SAD / MILITARY PSYOPS in history. *Shilling, Fedposting and Mole’n 101* *Sudden disappearance of regular commenters. Only to be replaced by a brand new group who begin commenting on everything at once. Old profiles are given up on. And they are often replaced within a one video period. *Insane sounding statements *Ask ridiculous questions that have been answered over and over on this channel *”User” always slightly changes their opinions and angle about this subject *Constant contradictions *Making “video tag” comments just to mark a video for later identification. These are just keywords. A keyword free example is – “V2X / Noise of Rob / Borgelluns”. This is obvious. These mark the video with keywords that I had purposely avoided for whatever reason. *”User” asks endless questions. Their reponse (if at all) will just be another question. No real interaction. Just another question. This comes off very bot-like due to the total lack of interaction. *Fedposting about violence, uprising or destruction of property. The purpose of this is obvious. I shouldn’t need to explain it. *Attempting to extort / entrap by gaining medical advice (especially in post 2020 era) *Appealing that I consider the possibility that this is paranormal related. Or something else entirely. While ignoring that there is years and years of study and analysis here. There are almost 300 videos on this channel that all work as a body of evidence. *Attempting to influence the viewer with statements or questions. These usually consist of outright lies or imbellishments. This is a common tactic used all over the internet. *Baseless speculation is suddenly fact for the poster. *”User” makes ridiculous and maniacal comment. Then asks if anyone else is experiencing it as well. This is a common tactic used on 4Chan and other websites out three. *Makes statements or comments that attempt to correct information in a video. Then asks a question that is of the most remedial nature on this subject. *Constant questions about remedies when this information is covered here. Either the poster is too lazy to search or wants to change the subject of the main discussion. This is simular to thread-jacking. Because of this subject, the tactics have to be tweaked a little. However, the playbook never changes. And it’s important to realize that. You can donate to the cause here – or Cash App – $LookoutfaCharlie You can buy Lookoutfa Charlie and anti Rogue Human Body Communication merch here. I make almost nothing from this. It is purely to spread the word – CONTACT – lookoutfa.charlie at geeeeeee mail Website –
He looks like shaggy from Scooby foo right … Even the same color shirt and he wants you to take him serious bahahahahah
That was funny as hell, even though it sounded like a Tibetan Monastery that went electronic. Sorry…Thanks Charlie…
Ironic bc I was thinking the same thing and wondering
Not everybody is on our level Charlie.
Wolf’s in sheep’s clothing.
This sums up 2020 to current. Yep
Ffs. Literally- this is all I got for this “Ascension”
CIA hires 200,000 online trolls plus thousands of on-the-streets agents from BLM, inc and antifa to fake anti-lockdown leaders who promote voting, lawsuits, and big rallies to organizing at the job or at school.
I remember back in the 1990’s how suddenly in health expos, out of nowhere New Age Spiritualism was being promoted. Then in the media. While attacking the Catholic church for pedophilia, New Age Spiritualism was being promoted that pushed strict individualism and selflessness as opposed to community and good works. The high level of money involved made it obvious this was a CIA psych Op and it was. The psych Op is obvious. What’s the mantra of New Age Spiritualism-“You do you!” Just focus on you! It’s all about me! So while the whole world is collapsing under Great Depression 2 and you lose your job, they’re telling you it’s your fault. No, it’s not bad karma from a previous life, no it isn’t your thoughts are too negative. Its the system and if you don’t work with others, things will only get worse; especially as world war III is coming and we must organize against it.
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Synthetic Silicone Nano Parisites in the gmo’s, chemtrails, water etc… = Human Host’s.
I get a lot of ascension symptoms around cell phone towers, lol
I LOVE what you’re doing too. You could battle AI for sure. And they always put these bad people in to discredit others. Disconnect from the matrix
??? the “peaceful” ohm bell. I’m going to be laughing about that all day
Your all enjoying your time in the microwave!!! Hey it’s free !!! Lol
Well said, As your raising your frequency They literally squash you .with psychotronics. The harder you push the more the zap hurts. 100% true
10:15 Moving forward… to the big yurt in the sky, to be prepared for the reincarnation trap most likely!!
Namaste brother, you’re ascending to 5D (guess that’s two more dookies) if you hear ringing in the ears. Or does the D stand for Darpa. People believe it cos it’s nicer than it being neuroweapons assaults.
It seems to affect the younger generations more than older ones.
toxic positivity cranked up to 11
Including covered vaccinations people that got covid vaccinations there’s a difference between people that did and people that didn’t. The people that did not get the cover vaccination seem to not be a part of The matrix so weird things are happening
I have literally ALL the symptoms. When it comes to this MORGELLIONS I literally watched a little strand of hair just right below my nose, dig right into my skin and disappear into my sinus cavity. This was 2 years ago and I can still see the hole by my nose where it entered
This is truly insanity! How do you combat this… how do we prevent this from happening?
It’s all about frequencies
I just recently recommended you on the local regional scanner group in Vancouver Washington. Someone was talking about targeting etc. We all need to stand up now. Thank you for letting us all know what’s really going on. Peace.
This technology really does just shit on everyone’s beliefs
Ha I wasn’t sure that artificial tinnitus sound was my shit or the video. Man. I guess call it feedback
I am jumping for joy! This is right on the money!!
“Dude! So you got to get your cat in shape??” Lmao
Excellent intro. I noticed Kensington Philadelphia el train stop. Recording that area is beyond dangerous. I used walk those streets. That’s when Kensington was a PCP neighborhood. Terrible place
This is sad and appalling.
You bet there is more corrupt stuff going on than what is made known, worldwide.
Liked and shared! I’ve got all your systems and now getting the water retention
I HAVE been feeling all of that… WEAPONIZED radio frequency. every one is fkd up.
Calling this ascension = “cooling down the mark”, aka “cooling the mark out”. Talk about a controlled op.
This is as blasphemous as the NIST report…?
Charlie you’ve hit the nail on the head , I know so many people,young and old that are suffering from all you’ve mentioned. Heavy metals and frequencies ,etc , are definitely the #1 suspects .
Bingo–excellent work as usual. It’s hard to believe that people experiencing these effects actually believe what they are saying. Never has it crossed my mind that any of this was “natural”, “ascending”, or in any way “good”. Unreal!
Great video. First I got into the Q stuff, realized they were all useful(and unuseful lol) idiots. So then I started reading some of the acension and 5d crap and youre totally right. All psy ops. Now I just feel alone and exhausted all the time. Thank god for chain smoking and cheap beer lmao, and your channel of course.
Another great video, which again, must share
I tell folks that if you have to figure out what 3D to 5D means, then maybe…. just maybe…. its bullshit.
5 D is a soul trap
Prior to 2020 ide seen these symptoms all being mentioned under the “opening of chakras,” then once lockdowns started, this idea of these symptoms being some part of awakening/ascension process spread like wildfire…it’s so fuckin insane brother
Yes by the way I always enjoy the introduction .
Very disturbing.
This is suppose to be aligning with Teslas law of vibration and energy
The Charlie in the background peanut gallery commentary is fucking golden and we need more of it. Please and thank you. “It’s itchy!” This is so perfect. They had an absolute slam dunk with this.
Thank you Charlie for your Channels content, information & Exposure. ???
Also sounds like fibromyalgia symptoms
Couldn’t agree more with you Charlie.
“Yeah they’re high vibrational… They’re in the gigahertz” fucking L O L
@13:05 this is amazing. I don’t even know what to call this. Meta meta metal? He just explained exactly what’s wrong with him without even knowing it. This is what feminists sound like.
Notice how the chick’s eyes at 16 min or so are almost all black? Especially at a distance.
Diversity is our strength. Strength is weakness. Vulnerability is strength.
I love this video! Well done!
Just wait until your crown chakra starts getting chakked. It’s definitely not military weapons, it’s angels using hammers directly on your skull, but they’re etheric hammers made from love and rats. Once the rats get loose in your head, they start hacking the angel messages and pretty soon, you also turn into a rat. You got to be careful with this ascension stuff. I don’t know what’s more dangerous. Military grade weapons used on civilian populations or ascension logic. At least one is honest. ? ?
Shocking, spreading her mind virus and cashing in on the vulnerable.
These people are clueless and impossible to get threw to. Just craziness.
Damn straight it CIA sci-op!!! I remember the exact things I was told and the voice of someone introducing me in v2k and then what I was told of who they were and how they got me…. The first thing after was chronic pain but after the story of the CIA op against that man where his foot started itching profusely….well that I remember and it was a year earlier than the v2k . Funny it started the day before Thanksgiving in 1983 and the next day I went back to my job the 4female coworkers , one a cousin and 2 we’re females that had generationly been family friends all rushed me as soon as work started . Which was strange for them. FYI the person who betrayed me was a male coworker. He set me up! Oh yeah it’s all about the love brother, the lack thereof!!!
This is freaking insane! So I guess it’s not so bad that I would like to punch them in the face?
what’s the next thing that solidifies all the bs these people are peddling?…that’s right alien contact. I bet my left nut they will pull an alien contact by the end of this year
Remember, these ppl have taken some kind of DL (upgrade? ?‍?)under a spell & this is a coping mechanism to deal with all this €vi| They know not what they do. ?
Who is that are these people selling shit for shinola? Do you think they are intentionally selling a sci-op? Or do you really think they are just b.s and they know? Those fing with me via voice to skull transmission tell me they want me to see something and how much they love me…. Oh yes I’m gullible and KNOW just how much they love me, themselves and others!!! ?‍??️C just how much. I feel it 24/7/365 for 40 years. They should be put through the hell they wish to grace us with ! Trust zero of what they want to sell.
Sad that I have so many of the symptoms, from my inner ear to flashes to waking up at 1-3am to trembling digits. Time to get some potassium iodide!
Charlie you are a legend. We need more Charlie’s in this world!
Excellent thank you shared to TruthSocial. Love from Albuquerque
Ya couldn’t be the 5g towers or the chemtrails everywhere. Wake the fk up. Great video dude.
This keeps big pharma hopping along with the next dose of meds to cure whatever is wrong with us , keeps everyone running to the Dr and of course mental health is on board too….
Hearing these mislead people makes me furious at those misleading them. I’m SO SICK of everything in this fake-@$$ evil world!
Thank you, Charlie.
I woke up thinking about this exact same thing, please keep this information coming as much as you can
I know someone who thinks he is elevating spiritually and he is absolutely on the right track cuz he has listened to these morons. He views himself as above the rest of us cuz he has these symptoms. Its disgusting and disturbing!! You are 100% right!!!!!
Thanks for this information Charlie. Nothing but the truth
My bs alarm is ringing. Evil crap right there. People will love this explanation.
Im glad u brought this up this shit is ridiculous.
Always great information Charlie I thank you for your time and energy

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