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Appendix 127: TETRA Communication Systems Images

Epigraph Quote:

I’m Jeffrey Madore and I’m a victim of the crime of organized stalking-electronic harassment. There is an ongoing investigation by the FBI into my case.

I became aware in 2011 that I was being followed, that I was being stalked everywhere I went. It wasn’t long after that that I became aware that electronics were being used. My background is electronics and radio communication. The equipment being used against me to follow me is capable of: 1) surveillance, so I have no privacy, anywhere I go, 24 hours a day. In addition, it’s capable of disturbing the central nervous system, producing effects such as tremor, anxiety, depression, pain. And it does this by modulating the central nervous system. It does it by coupling with the central nervous system with a microwave signal, an inductive coupling.

The equipment that’s being used, I understand, is made by a company called Tetra Systems and the transducers that are used to follow me are a Model C-104. And it’s a very invasive piece of equipment.

Typical TETRA Network

Access control (for business) – Tetra Solutions

TETRA Systems | Servicom

TETRA Communication System | PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH Germany

From mobile phone to railway signaling systems, multiple integration possibilities for TETRA …

TETRA Base Stations & Repeaters (Discontinued)

TETRA Security – Motorola Solutions – Europe, Middle East and Africa

TETRA system | DSR Group

DMR and TETRA monitoring system

Applications | Digital Radio Solutions | Motorola DMR TETRA NXDN Hytera Secure

Tetra Network Solution

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