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Appendix 30: Is Crestone/Baca a “safe community” (for spooks, spy-chiatrists, gang stalkers, and globalists)?

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS, June, 2016

Appendix 30: Is Crestone/Baca a “safe community” (for spooks, spy-chiatrists, gang stalkers, and globalists)?

What is a “Safe Community?”

Various possible meanings for the term “safe community” could be applicable to (Operation) Crestone/Baca, Colorado. Certainly, part of the mythos of Crestone is that we are a “spiritual community” located in a “protected area.” Hence, residents here are supposedly going to be safe in the event of some future world calamity(ies). However, various other possible definitions of “safe community” may be more applicable to (Operation) Crestone/Baca.

One definition of “safe community” is that of a “safe community for spies,” as is described in the following excerpt from “Red Ice Hour 2 Henrik Palmgren Interview with Chip Tatum and Ole Dammegard (Youtube):

Ole Dammegard: “Fletcher Prouty (author of “The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World”- ETK), the man who was called “x” in Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK,” mentioned that he was travelling with former CIA Director, Allen Dulles in Greece. And Dulles said to him, “Look at that luxury organization over there. Do you know what’s in there? They are all ours…. agents, sleeping agents, active assassins. All of them in there are CIA people.”

Do you know about actual organizations or small communities where sleeping agents or retired agents are housed or taken care of?

Chip Tatum: Yes, and they are on call there too.

Dammegard: And there are specific small communities like that?

Tatum: Yes. I know of a group in Costa Rico, in Germany, in Italy.

Palmgren: They are there waiting for potential orders and if not, they are just living happily wherever there are?

Tatum: Just like there are “safe houses,” we also have “safe communities.” We have communities where we know it’s safe for these people to be and to operate. They’ll often have every day jobs. They can be retirees. But they’re young retirees. You retire from the government young in the United States. They may be politically aligned in those countries. But there they are awaiting orders.

Dammegard: Near a golf course.

Tatum: One of the best places to be.

Dammegard: (laughs). It’s a weird, strange world we are living in. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that the normal eye won’t see.

A second definition of “safe community,” related to the first, concerns “operations” of intelligence agents and private contractors in “safe communities.” In “Part VI. Mind Control: History and Applications” (on this website), we learned that “safe houses” are remote locations where, for decades, CIA “spy-chiatrists” have carried out sensitive and often “terminal” (i.e., “unto death”) psychological experiments on unwitting mind control subjects. We also learned that after the U.S. Senate Church Committee hearings of the middle 1970’s exposed many of these programs, further operations went “underground.” That is, they were moved into various cults, many of which were initiated and maintained by the CIA and their innumerable cut-outs. In more recent decades, the CIA’s MKULTRA and FBI’s “COINTELPRO” programs/experiments have metastasized into society at large. In particular, “organized gang stalking” programs (see numerous articles on this site as well as in are now being carried out worldwide.

In this context then, a “safe community” is a small community of mostly unwitting subjects living in a remote location where various mind control experiments are conducted in relative safety…. Relative safety, that is, for CIA spy-chiatrists and their contractors. Most members of the communities, by contrast, are not safe at all.

Regarding this second definition of “safe community,” we can legitimately ask if there has been an abnormally high incidence of suicides and/or instances in which individuals, couples, or families have been driven out of Crestone/Baca or other such communities. Certainly, one of the primary goals of organized gang stalking operations is to drive “targeted individuals” to suicide or to otherwise destroy their lives. It is beyond the scope of this present article to evaluate the numerous instances of suicide and the cases in which individuals, couples, and families have left our community under (deliberately contrived unhappy?) circumstances. However, this may be an important topic for future consideration.

A New Hypothesis to Help Explain (“Operation”) Crestone/Baca

In Part XII (“Hypotheses and Conclusions”) of my extended series, “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order? An Expose of the New World Religion,” I proffered over 300 hypotheses to try to explain the strange goings-on in our Crestone/Baca community. Here, I am introducing another, related hypothesis: Crestone/Baca is a “safe community” for mind control/gang stalking experiments.

The following unsolicited comments made by Crestone/Baca residents to this author over the past several years offer clues as to the nature of what is taking place here. These comments comprise de facto evidence to support this new hypothesis. Most of the quotes are taken from “Part XII. Hypotheses and Conclusions” on this website. Certainly, this “evidence” is anecdotal. Nonetheless, taken individually and as a whole, the following comments are consistent with the hypothesis that the Crestone/Baca “spiritual community” also functions as a “safe community” for CIA-type mind control/behavior modification/gang stalking psychological operations and experiments:

The Data: Unsolicited Comments of Crestone/Baca Residents

1) Paraphrase of Maurice Strong (United Nations potentate, Committee of 300, British MI6 agent, and then owner of the Baca Ranch) to one of his employees in Crestone/Baca in late 1970’s (from the Crestone “rumor mill”):

We want you to look like you are selling real estate, but we don’t really want people to come here.

2) Local resident, Marvin Mattis, Jew, comment to this author when I moved to Crestone/Baca full time in 2011:

We don’t want people to move here and live here full time.

3) Crestone/Baca realtor’s (Jillian Klarl, Jew) remark to a prospective home buyer in 2013, as reported to another realtor (W.E.) by the prospective home buyer:

We want you to buy homes and land and invest here but we don’t want people to live here year round.

4) Remark by British Buddhist (and MI6 agent?), Mark Elliot, to Hanne Strong at a local café in the mid-1990’s:

“Mr. and Mrs. X” (people’s names) are moving to Crestone/Baca. They are “the sort of people we want.”

(ETK note: Of course, each of the statements above refers to “we” as a group of self-identified “controllers” of Crestone/Baca.)

5) Baca resident (Janey Thomas), 2014:

When I moved here, I was told that I could live here if I didn’t make waves.

6) Former Baca resident, (Ellie Mueller), 2012:

When the Strongs took over AZL (Arizona Land and Cattle Corporation), they should have stopped “development.” They did stop development to a certain extent. Hanne still thinks she owns all the land and water. And then there are a surprising number of “poor Hanne-ites.” Maybe they think she will give them money. NOT! Baca is still a “company town.”

7) Hanne Strong (from “The Flame,” 2013):

“You have to do “the work.” And everything is amplified by the energy here. So it helps you with your retreat. And most people, you know, if they do not do their spiritual work… you better take a hike out to the road and get out of here.

8) Cheyenne Mendel, Crestone acupuncturist (from the movie, “The Flame”):

Crestone is a vortex. And it used to be that the “crown chakra of the planet” was in India. And now it’s in Crestone. And people just get brought in here. They just kind of get sucked in here. And there’s a saying here: ‘You either get embraced by Crestone or you get spit out.’

9) Resident of Saguache, Colorado (Peter Horn), in 1994:

The CIA is very interested in that place (Crestone/Baca).

10) Baca resident (Sue Vaughan), ca. 2004:

You can’t throw a stick around here (Crestone/Baca) without hitting a “change agent” (aka spy).

11) Scottish/Baca politico and probable “change agent,” Martin Maccauley, in a second hand comment reported by two sources:

The most important thing is to keep things stirred up.

12) FBI counter-intelligence expert on NPR radio interview, May, 2013:

You can’t trust anybody if you live in a “targeted community.”

13) Long-term visitor to Crestone, possible “change agent” (Bruce Polock) 2013:

Crestone/Baca is a “continuity of government” site.

14) Local Baca resident and medical professional (Marcia Heusted):

Crestone/Baca has the highest percentage of mental illness I’ve ever seen.

15) Visitor, observer (possible ”Change agent”/ “fifth-columnist”/spy?) in Crestone (Bruce Polock), 2013:

Crestone/Baca is an open-range asylum.

16) Crestone local at grocery store (Helena Wright, Jew), 2013:

All the crazy people around here?! Holy Crap!

17) Visitor/observer/agent(?) in Crestone, 2013, (Bruce Polock), the same individual that made comments p and r):

Most people around here are afraid to come out of their houses.

(ETK note: Certainly, this statement is consistent with the hypothesis that gang stalking is rampant in this area.)

18) Former Crestone/Baca resident/activist and health professional, Christine Chandler (2014):

I have been sleeping like a baby since I left (Crestone/Baca) and I don’t hear those underground, weird electronic sounds. I was sleep deprived for about 10 years.

19) New Age bookstore proprietor in Saguache, CO circa 2000;

People come to Crestone either to heal or to die.

20) Ex-Baca resident, who made several (apocalyptic) predictions to this author in successive years (Woodora Eisenhower):

Don’t go back to California. California will be completely destroyed by earth changes before the end of this year.

21) Ex-Baca dome builder at community meeting in mid-1990’s (“Avalon”).

We’ve got to save the children (in the coming apocalypse).

22) Several Baca area residents in the past several months: (10/14 to 1/1/15) (D.R., B.M., and resident of Moffat):

A financial meltdown will occur in the next (month, year)./ California has been completely destroyed.

23) Several Baca area residents (Sue Vaughan, UPS Dave, Sandy, books by Chris O’Brien on “The Mysterious Valley”):

I have seen/encountered UFOs and aliens but if you just affirm and visualize your power they will leave you alone.

24) Several Baca residents and locals over the past 15 years (including K.S. and P.S.):

I am enlightened.

25) Various local residents, 2014:

I am god./We are gods.

26) Bobby Troutman, late, former Crestone/Baca resident artist/architect/builder, with a huge grin after taking shamanic/ayuhuasca (hallucinogenic drug) trip to Peru, shortly before he died, about 2004:

Enlightenment! It is just chemical!

27) Local Baca resident/Charismatic Christian (Janey Thomas), 2013:

God told me directly: “I want that Valley” (referring to the San Luis Valley.)

28) Paraphrase of Baca property owner who had changed her name many times (A.X.A., Aurielle Xanthia Andhara), ca. 2008:

I died and came back to life. It was unbelievably painful and difficult to learn to speak and use my body again!

29) Baca resident, 2012 (Sue Vaughan, daughter of 32nd Mason, the same individual who made comment 9 above):

Jews created the world.

30) Sue Vaughan, Baca resident, 2014:

You can’t criticize Jews or even use that word. That’s why no one around here wants to know you.

31) Visitor/observer/agent(?) in Crestone, 2013 (Bruce Polock)

Judaism is a magical cult. Jesus came to set them straight.

32) Avowed mind-control victim of Jewish parentage who says he was implanted in his youth and is constantly harassed by microwaves, Crestone visitor (Alan Landis), 2012:

Jews are behind the whole (gangstalking) thing.   They make psychopaths.

33) Several locals, including professional religious claim they suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) (Tessa Bielecki, B.B.).

34) Crestonian, now an ex-Baca resident, 2014 (Woodora Eisenhower):

I’m afraid that “a shooter” might do something crazy here.

35) Anonymous email message to the author, 2008:

Are you going to stay in “Illuminativille?”

36) William Howell, one of many self-appointed gurus in Crestone, 2001, justifying the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

A Hindu god teaches that sometimes you have to do evil in order to do good.

37) K.G., Baca resident, 2014:

We all know that the earth is heating up.

38) Ruth Pulver, long-time Baca resident and citizen of Switzerland, 2014:

Now Crestone is going to take you down.

39) Ph.D. psychologist and author of book about Satanism (Dr. Holly Hector):

If there is Satanism going on in your community, you probably don’t understand over 1% of what’s going on there.

40) Ex-Baca resident, 2014 (Kiffany):

I couldn’t stand the enormous spiritual hypocrisy of that place. That’s what drove me out of there.

41) Ex-Baca resident (Kiffany), referring to the fairly common practice (in Crestone/Baca) of “theurgy,” or summoning of spirits, 2014:

Laurence Rockefeller was paying a psychic in Crestone to channel a spirit guide for him.  He paid her $25,000.

42) Ex-Baca resident (Kiffany), 2014:

(UFO researcher) Christopher O’Brien’s computer was wiped clean by a beautiful blonde who appeared briefly in Crestone and who (briefly) fulfilled his wildest dreams.

(Webmaster: This is known as a “honey-trap” operation, and is typically used by the FBI and CIA and other intel agencies.)

43) Baca resident, 2015: (Referring to the aerial spraying/persistent contrails/chemtrails)

I prefer not to let that be my reality.

44) Former Baca activists, retired medical professionals, ex-Buddhists, and ex-Baca residents, 2012 (Chris Chandler):

“I have come to believe that Crestone is an umbrella “Utopian Cult,” with many New Age cults subsumed under this umbrella cult… (Officially, we are) a “special spiritual community of harmony and bliss” (important for the tourist industry)… and groups in the “Crestone Spiritual Alliance’… are all working together. We are the petri-dish of cults in America… (Meanwhile), the Baca citizenry would rather let a small group hijack all Baca assets and property and, eventually the citizen’s property taxes in perpetuity, than be seen as confrontational or aggressive or ‘not nice and kind” at all times……

Studies have shown that as ‘cognitive dissonance” gets more extreme (in this case, the cognitive dissonance of ‘what is the reality of Crestone and what is the fantasy?’), then people in cult-like situations actually go into greater denial about the facts of the situation to maintain their fantasy “at all costs.” They also would rather blame the messengers rather than deal with the pain of the reality of what is happening. This will happen (again) as (our) history will be subsumed again into the fantasy of Crestone being a ‘utopia.” I would imagine this cognitive-dissonance-denial cycle has occurred many times here. It has enabled the Baca to remain the ‘cash cow” for the rest of Saguache County and the Town of Crestone. They definitely don’t want the Baca to wake up and protest being the cash cow forever. The powers in control will do everything in their power to ensure the status quo remains the same.

Crestone/Baca is fast solidifying into a New Age theocracy, surrounded by the most corrupt governmental bodies, with the most passive citizenry, in the state of Colorado, perhaps in the nation. (This pattern is) aiding and abetting the downfall of our liberal classical democratic values, (even) while (we are) maintaining the pretense that we are ‘liberal and open” and an “unusually spiritual community.” And while doing this, Crestone is fast becoming the model for corporate-entity takeovers and how to ‘manufacture consent” by inculcating ‘sheepdom’ on a whole populace in the name of a pseudo-harmony as a religious/spiritual value, (even) while modeling how easy it can be to corporatize our government, one village at a time.

To those with the ability to think outside the ‘New Age love and harmony’ box, (those) intelligent persons who can still inform themselves about what is going on in this tiny town that has 51 non-profit, tax-exempt Churches or religious New Age and educational organizations: I REPEAT, (Crestone/Baca) has 51 tax exempt 501 3c organizations with assets of multi-millions, and income in the millions, that are ‘tax exempt.” For every 15 people in Crestone/Baca, there is one non-profit church or religious or educational organization that pays no taxes to Saguache, or dues to the POA. And many of them take all their income and send it overseas, keeping this (San Luis) Valley dirt poor. Millions and millions of dollars of taxes not going to the Valley to benefit the citizens of the Valley. Take the time please to really look out on this Valley and really SEE the economic suffering that has resulted from this. But this benefit is not enough for some of these tax-exempt groups. They now want to control our government. Or as Matthew Crowley, representative of a local spiritual group-tax-exempt entity (Shumei International) says, in his recent email to the “Crestone Spiritual Alliance” group:

45) From e-mail correspondence from concerned activist/citizens and ex-citizens of Crestone/Baca and Saguache County, Colorado, 2012 and 2013:

I think there are several components at work with the cults…. a main one is to separate oneself from one’s individual and cultural identity, through manipulation, abuse, dissociation (extensive meditation, re-programming, recitation of nonsensical words), etc. This is what I see happening wholesale here in Crestone….. But now hopefully, we, and other North Americans who are ex-Tibetan Buddhists, are back in our bodies, our country, our century and our culture and are able to see the pernicious aspect of these cults that would like to separate us from our identities and our money….. (and then, presumably, swipe all the resources, etc.)

One can see much more clearly when one is free from cult city and its influences. Crestone is on the road to serfdom. There will be no ‘middle class’ left, just as Agenda 21’s goal is to destroy the middle class, no middle class person will be able to afford the taxes and fees that these (special) districts will create, to get you out of your houses, at very low prices, so the wealthy ‘illuminati’ and their world wisdom council can come and enjoy the scenery a few weeks a year.

Crestone is the Petri-Dish of Cults being used as ‘thought reform’ in a little town, probably with the approval of the same people that brought us MKUltra. They learned they don’t need drugs; they have the Lamas now as a front for “peace” and ‘social harmony” (it’s really working well in Crestone, isn’t it?) and other cult Hindu/Buddhist New Age groups, and how it works when they take over a whole group of people and make them passive, non-participating citizens. It would take every sane citizen there to rise up and fight that “Spiritual Alliance”…. (and) that is probably never going to happen.

People don’t realize that these Lamaist (Tibetan Buddhist) and Hindu groups do not have a concept of ‘separation of Church and State.’ They are all modeling a caste-system culture. The corruption due to these ‘guru’ influences has kept India mired in poverty for a millennium and more. And that is the culture that is being foisted on young people through seemingly innocent Hindu ‘yoga” and Tibetan Lamaist/Buddhist mediation centers. Tibetan Buddhism IS Hindustani Guru Worship and Sexual Tantra. It has nothing to do with what the Buddha taught. And they are trying, all of them, to destroy western values. They have had about 30 years to ‘infiltrate ‘ academia, the psychology profession, and the medical profession and fool them with this bullshit Lamaism posing as Buddhism, and with their Yoga Tantra Hinduism. All those ‘spiritual centers’ (in Crestone/Baca) are trying to destroy democracy in the San Luis Valley, and are instituting ‘communitarianism.’ These CULTS have brainwashed practically everyone in town.

To be fair, unless you were very strong, we were all made ‘crazy’ in Crestone…. being perfect, romantic idealists who came to Crestone, so person X’s and person Y’s craziness is their own style, but this Agenda 21 crowd wants to keep everyone disassociated, to a lesser or greater extent, in Crestone. Perhaps what you are experiencing with X and Y is years of disassociating?

Do you know how many people in Crestone are on the bandwagon of this New Age movement to make a living? Probably about 60% of the Baca/Crestone population. So you will never get them to bite the hand that feeds them.

Much of the ‘double binding’ that has gone on in the spiritual scenes here first prepared the way for acceptance of the extreme ‘double binding’ that is going on in the community as a whole. The secondary and tertiary double binding is also interesting, so that double binding occurs on many levels.

How do people deal with this double binding? They withdraw. Which is exactly what rats made crazy in double-binding situations do. I am surprised we are all not catatonic by now.

That is what is operating here for sure, and now these control agents, like J. Odea, can swoop in, and with little resistance turn the whole place into “accepting the unacceptable,” such as now giving up our freedom of speech, and our voting rights, and even promoting the POA itself to be dissolved! The POA (is) the last place where (we have) a citizens’ vote and an ability to recall a board. (And yet POA members) now accept the “delphiing” (Rand Corporation’s “Delphi Technique) without a whimper. It’s called “learned helplessness.” Because some of us here have already been programmed to be double-binded for decades.

The sad thing about this systems/socio-cognitive programming, that has morphed now into mind control of whole groups, is that systems theory regarding groups was first used to help schizophrenics and their families and other ‘stuck systems.” Now the body of knowledge about groups that has accumulated over the last 60 years is used to put people to sleep.

Besides, this is the hidden industry here; just call yourself a ‘sustainability” organization and you will get a tax-exempt status. One in 15 people have a tax-exempt status because of getting aboard the sustainability train.

The only people in the religious contingency I have found who can be reached are those that were on a genuine spiritual path. Some of these people are outraged to see how the spiritual community has been co-opted by Shumei and all these green fanatics and their agenda.

This is a global movement of GAIA, a Hindustani/Brahmin movement of World Hindus. Crestone is a multi-Theocracy of cults that are running the town into the ground. They corrupt everyone, fool everyone who gets elected; and everyone becomes their puppets, either unwittingly or consciously. They are the power, and they will never let a democracy happen here.

Destroying Christianity (through New Age Christianity, idiots within the ‘liberal’ Christian Church, and the United Religious Initiative) is their goal because Christianity is the foundation of many of our western democratic values. So it has to go. Tibetan Lamaism and Hindu Guru worship is truly an evil influence on freedom and western values. While pretending to bring peace and harmony, they create chaos and disharmony everywhere they have influence. How could this NOT be so? Lamaism is the most evil of all of them. That is the foundation of all that is happening in Crestone, which is based on the Red Shambhala, the left-wing of Totalitarianism coming our way, and of all the corruption that is happening there. The rest of the New Age Hindu-based groups are small potatoes compared to the Dalai Lama and Company and their evil Tantric Lamaism…. Goldman Sachs is connected to Aspen Institute and to Colorado College, which IS Aspen Institute – Club of Rome. Goldman Sachs is all over the Tibetan Lama scene.

46) Resident of Moffat, Colorado, 2015:

A New World Order requires a New World religion.


The above comments from Crestone/Baca residents and visitors made to this writer over the past several years suggest that numerous elements characteristic of individual and mass mind control and cults are operative here. These include:

1) There is a group of “controllers”/”handlers” identified as “we” in comments 1-4.  You might even refer to this group as a “secret team,” as Col. Fletcher Prouty did in his book, “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies In Control of America and the World.”   This controlling group is identified as:

a) The CIA (comment 9)
b) Jews, including Jewish “sayanim” (suggested by comments 29 – 32)
c) Maurice and Hanne Strong, and by extension, the United Nations and allied corporate interests (comment 6)
d) The “Illuminati” (comment 35)

e) Comments 11, 42, 44 and 45 provide examples of covert activity carried out by one or all of these groups.
2) The controlling group(s) requires that local residents (de facto members of the “cult”) must “do the work” and not “make waves” or else leave town (comments 7 and 5).
3) Spies (aka “change agents”) are abundant in Crestone/Baca (comments 10 and 12).
4) The use of sleep deprivation is widespread in Crestone/Baca, as is typical in mind control and organized gang stalking operations (comment 18).
5) Crestone/Baca residents are afraid to come out of their homes, as is a typical result of organized gang stalking operations (comment 17).
6) The belief/knowledge that Crestone/Baca can and will unite to “take down” a non-cooperative member of the community (cult) via some form of organized gang stalking occurs in Crestone/Baca (comment 38).
7) Mental illness is common and widespread in Crestone/Baca (comments 14 – 16, 44 and 45).
8) Mind control techniques are commonly employed on Crestone/Baca residents (comments 44 and 45).
10) New Age (cultic, often delusional) “group think” is widespread in Crestone/Baca (comments 44 and 45).
11) The belief that we each choose our own reality; i.e., that reality is determined subjectively is common in Crestone/Baca (comment 43).
12) The delusion of being God and/or enlightened is common in Crestone/Baca (comments 24-28).
13) Apocalyptic thinking is common in Crestone/Baca (comments 21 and 22).
14) Fixation with/belief in UFOs and aliens is common in Crestone/Baca (comment 23).
15) The belief in Jewish exceptionalism is common in Crestone/Baca (comments 29-32).
16) “Theurgy” (summoning or channeling of spirits) is common in Crestone/Baca (comment 41).
17) The combined effects of the above are: a) to “neutralize” (disempower and impoverish) local residents so as to reduce their capability for effective democratic participation, and b) to drive local residents from their homes to free up space in rural areas, as per the requirements of U.N. Agenda 21 (authored by Maurice Strong) (comments 44 and 45).

In this latter regard, comments 13 and 12 suggest the further possibilities that Crestone/Baca is a “continuity of government” (COG) site and a “targeted community.” (Of course, if it is a COG site, this explains why it would also be a “targeted community.”) This offers a third possible definition for the term “safe community” as it could apply to Crestone/Baca: A COG site may be defined as a “safe community” for ruling elites to live, survive, and thrive in the event of national or international emergency and the implementation of Martial Law.

In this regard, the statement attributed to Henry Kissinger, supposedly when he was visiting Crestone/Baca decades ago, may be applicable. While here in the Baca, Kissinger is reported to have stated:

“We will rule the world from here.”

Henry Kissinger is of German Jewish descent. The “we” he refers to, is presumably the “Chosen People.” In this sense, we can begin to understand that U.N. Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030), authored by Maurice Strong, is the plan to usher in “Jewish Utopia”/”The Jewish Universal Empire”/New World Order that Jews have sought for millennia to establish on the earth. Presumably, this Jewish World Order/full implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 would be brought into reality by a contrived national/international crisis through which “they” would abolish American sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. As of October, 2016, it seems that world events have been contrived in such a way as to accomplish this objective.

Further Connections

The following historical connections, documented in various articles posted on this website, help to: 1) elucidate the comments and observations above and 2) explain much of what is going on behind the scenes in Crestone/Baca, Colorado:

1) Working on behalf of the Rothschild family and a powerful financial group in Germany (the Jewish Sanhedrin?), Jewish/Jesuit professor, Adam Weishaupt (re-) organized the Bavarian Illuminati and developed a secret plan for world conquest. This plan was re-articulated in Marx and Engel’s “The Communist Manifesto” and in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” among other documents.
2) The Illuminati was/is a very powerful Jewish secret society that has its roots in antiquity.
3) The United Nations was formulated immediately following World War II to function as rudimentary world government. It’s origins can be traced to the earlier, post-World War I-era League of Nations and to Jewish financial/political interests centered in the City of London and Wall Street.
4) The CIA was formed in 1947. Although its official purpose was to provide intelligence to American Presidents, in reality, it was modeled after and developed out of the British secret service (MI6) and it has always carried out the dictates of the Council of Foreign Relations, the American extension of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs. Today, 80% of CFR members are Jewish.
5) Mind control techniques were developed and weaponized by British, Nazi, and American psychiatrists and psychologists during the 20th century as a way for financial/political elites to control individuals and the masses.
6) New Age religions today derive from the Theosophical Society of Helen Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. These are re-formulations of occultic Judaism which, contrary to popular opinion, is based on the pagan and Luciferic “mystery religion” of ancient Babylon and which is spelled out in the Jewish Talmud and Kabbalah. The Judaic/Masonic/theosophical system is the worship of Lucifer. One of its primary goals is the destruction of Christians and Christian civilization.
7) UFO cults and religions are among the New Age (false) religions that worship Lucifer and seek to destroy Christianity and Christian civilization.
8) “Theurgy,” or summoning/channeling of (demon) spirits, is a common component of most New Age religions.
9) The intended destruction (by merging) of all religions and emergence of one (Luciferian) “New World religion” is the goal of Judaism and Freemasonry.
10) The New (Judaic political) World Order is to be accompanied by the New (Judaic, Luciferic) World Religion (Comment 46).
11) United Nations potentate, billionaire industrialist, and “ersatz environmentalist,” Maurice Strong, the man who helped establish Crestone/Baca’s modern identity as an international, inter-faith spiritual center, has always been a protege and business partner of the Rockefeller and Rothschild (Illuminati) families. Although Strong was a Canadian citizen, he acquired the 12-square mile Baca Ranch just west of Crestone/Baca and formed a company (American Water Development, Inc., AWDI) and attempted to export freshwater from the huge San Luis Valley aquifer to Denver. In “The Last Ranch,” Bingham (1986) states:

“In 1986, AWDI applied to the Colorado State Engineer for the right to pump from under the Baca 200,000 acre feet of water annually, which, considering some Western cities were paying from $6,000 to $10,000 an acre foot, worked out to gross cash flows approaching $2 trillion annually.”


The above definitions of “safe community,” then, as potentially applicable to Crestone/Baca, suggest that the myth of Crestone/Baca as a “peace and love spiritual community” may be merely a cover story that masks a more draconian operation(s). In Parts XI and XII of my series “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order?,” I identify the following scenarios, among others:

1) Crestone/Baca is slated to be a “continuity of government” “safe community” for global (mostly Jewish?) elites in the event of a contrived international catastrophe and the imposition of martial law. 2) As outlined in U.N. Agenda 21 (authored by Maurice Strong!) and depicted in the “Agenda 21 Map of Death,” Americans are being covertly but systematically removed from rural areas such as Crestone/Baca, Colorado.
3) Crestone/Baca is a petri dish for cults, mind-control operations, and the formulation of a New World inter-faith religion.
4) Spies and “watchers” are in place in Crestone/Baca to exert local political influence in San Luis Valley politics in order to ensure their control over the priceless (multi-trillion dollar!?) groundwater of the San Luis Valley.

In any of these cases, Crestone/Baca may also function as a “safe community” for change agents, spies, and others to live in and to coordinate mind control and gang stalking operations/experiments on an unsuspecting public. These programs could also be utilized to “cleanse” “non-desirable elements” (normal Americans/goyim) from the community.

Final Quotes:

  1. Judaism is a political program disguised as religion.

Douglas Reed, “The Controversy of Zion,” 1956

2. Judaism is a series of experiments in living, and since the Enlightenment there have been a variety of Jewish experiments in living.

Kevin MacDonald, “The Culture of Critique; An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements” (2002)

3. Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but the God we worship is Lucifer.

Harold Rosenthal, Aid to (Jewish) Senator Jacob Javits, in 1976 interview

4. The Luciferian principle is the art of concealing darkness in light, war in peace, and finally, liberation in liberation from self-restraint. In this way, a people are seduced into embracing their own destruction.


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