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Appendix 71. John Lily On “Inner Space:” Is Crestone/Baca About Extending, Refining, and Testing Lilly’s Insights? (4 youtubes)

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

ETK Introduction: In his career, which spanned the period in which the CIA and military began their “Manhattan Project of the Mind” of the 1940s onward (MKULTRA, Bluebird, Artichoke, etc. etc.), John C. Lilly explored the limits of the mind. He spent extended periods in sensory deprivation chambers, took LSD and other hallucinogens, hung out and communicated with dophins, believing they were enlightened, and was associated with the (Tavistock-spin-off) Esalen Institute.”

Like the founder of psychology, German (Illuminatus) Wilhelm Wundt, and most subsequent neuroscientists, he regarded human beings in the strictly mechanistic, material sense. He gave us the term “human-bio-computer. In all this, he followed the zeitgeist of his (WWII) generation. He seems more humane than Mengele, Cameron, Giordano and other CIA spychiatrists, but his work was generally consonant with the mind-control research of his era.

As one who has also spent his entire life searching for “the truth,” also through both science and religion, my considered opinion is this: This man is mad, probably possessed, and seemingly drunk on hubris and delusion. The Davy Crockett coonskin cap Lilly wears in the second interview below kind of says it all. Unfortunately, our government and military seem to take Lilly and his ilk very seriously and are evidently hell-bent to extend his experiments. Many of these experiments and programs almost certainly underlie and inform aspects of the global counter-intelligence stalking program.

Does Lilly EVER mention the name of Jesus Christ, the author of the universe? No. He surfs between religious terms and insights like a Freemason, whose god is Lucifer. He makes statements such as: “one better have a god.” This is the Masonic (Luciferic, Kabbalistic) worldview.

I. John C Lilly, on Levels of Consciousness, 1971

II. The Scientist: John C. Lilly

III. John C. Lilly – Looking Into Inner Space

IV. John C. Lilly- ECCO- Cogito ECCO- Aum

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