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Targeting/Murder of U.S. Citizens by FBI and U.S. Air Force: from and

Directed Energy Weapons
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP

February 25, 2014

Jerry Smith on HAARP

February 25, 2014

Bruce Gagnon, Researcher

February 25, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Researcher

February 25, 2014

Notes from Four Chemtrail DVDs

February 25, 2014

Organized Gang Stalking Quotes

February 23, 2014

The U.S. Government is “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Targeted Individuals Statement
Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
Presentation submitted to a Senate Hearing, December 2014. This is an excellent introduction about Targeted Individuals.

Ted Gunderson Affidavit

Geral Sosbee Affidavit
Ted Gunderson
Sworn affidavit of Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief. Mr Gunderson confirms the FBI’s involvement with organized stalking and the Targeted Individual program. This affidavit is valid in any courtroom. “The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism.” – Ted Gunderson.

Geral Sosbee
Sworn Affidavit of FBI Special Agent, Geral Sosbee. Mr Sosbee is a Texas attorney and has documented his ordeal on his website at Mr Sosbee confirms that the FBI is involved with organized gangstalking and Directed Energy Weapons. This affidavit is valid in any courtroom.

“Targeted Individual” refers to Hate Crimes that are being orchestrated and conducted by the CIA, Air Force, FBI, DHS, and Mossad; globally affecting hundreds of thousands of people and their families. These Hate Crimes are a violation of fundamental human rights, International Treaties & the U.S. Constitution. For Air Force & CIA officers – it is an act of TREASON.

A Targeted Individual is someone that has been selected by the Deep State (usually FBI or CIA) to unwillingly participate in a government experimental torture program. This program is designed to break down the individual and “neutralize the person,” using psychological, physical, and emotional stress. The ultimate goal of this program is to control the entire global population. Political activists and whistleblowers are two of the main targets. Family and spousal relationships are usually destroyed, as part of this torture.

The FBI runs the global gangstalking program, which is designed to harass, intimidate, and break down the target. The FBI outsources much of the local harassment to community groups, such as Infragard, Citizen Corp, Neighborhood Watch, and similar programs. Targeted Individuals are placed on the Terrorist Watchlist and tracked as “Non-Investigative Subjects,” so that local police and sheriffs can be instructed not to assist with their emergency calls.

The CIA and Air Force operate the Microwave Weapons program through the underground complex at Schriever Air Force Base, near Colorado Springs. The microwave weapons used are the Vircator, which is mounted on a satellite, and high-power magnetrons which are mounted in cell phone towers. MQ9 drones with magnetrons are also increasingly being used. The microwave beams generally target the head and cause long-term brain damage via white matter deterioration. In Houston, Texas, some of the MQ9 Reaper drones are parked in hangars at Ellington Air Force Base, and these are used against civilians as part of the Targeted Individual program.

Shooters, Aaron Alexis and Myron May are two recent examples of Targeted Individuals. They were psychologically destroyed using sleep deprivation, intense microwave attacks, and isolation from their family, and then they resorted to killing. Voice-To-Skull (V2K) signals can be embedded in the microwave frequency which allows the government criminals to send constant, hate-filled messages at the target. There are numerous U.S. Patents on these technologies. It is likely that most, if not all, school shooting events are orchestrated by the CIA and FBI using the subliminal messaging techniques developed under the CIA’s MK-Ultra program. “The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism.” – Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief.

Many respected Medical Doctors and Government Scientists have confirmed that the Targeted Individual Program is real, including former CIA and FBI agents. Sworn affidavits from FBI agents, Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee, are part of this evidence. These Unconstitutional acts are considered Crimes Against Humanity (“systematic attack against a civilian population”) and a War Crime (Article 32 of the Geneva Convention). It is estimated that there are about 170,000 Targeted Individuals in the U.S., and that it costs more than $1MM per person per year, to operate the program. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) provides the orders to the CIA and FBI, and this experimental program is administered worldwide.

Free ebooks available in the STORE.

1. Targeted Justice has obtained the sworn affidavit of two FBI Agents, Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee, clearly stating that the gangstalking and Directed Energy Weapons are real and being used against U.S. citizens. TI’s should print this out and save it. It is valid in any court room.

2. Basic information for building a Faraday Cage has been provided on this website. A properly designed and properly grounded Faraday Cage will block all microwaves. It will block all V2K, all synthetic telepathy, and Artificial Intelligence signals. The materials cost about $300. It will not block x-rays, gamma rays or scalar weapons.

3. The Titan Corporation in San Leandro is likley the company that made the satellite microwave weapons. The company has since been acquired by L-3 Technologies. The Electromagnetic Gun is called the “Thunderbolt System,” and it is based on the U.S. Patent granted to Donald J. Sullivan in 1982.

4. We have learned that Raytheon Ktech in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is building the next generation of high-power microwave system that will likely be used against civilians. It is called the CHAMP system.

5. TI’s are tracked using the Terrorist Watchlist system. If you are stopped by police for any reason, tell the Officer that your name appears on the Terror Watchlist as a “Non-Investigative Subject,” Handling Code 4, Silent Hit. (Source: This causes many problems for the crooked FBI.

6. The Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado operates the satellites that are targeting individuals all over the world. The Air Force personnel that “push the button” to hit you with microwaves, sit at a computer desk located underground, at Schriever Air Force Base. The CIA provides the funding for the program. If your family members are being hit with subliminal messages and turned against you – this is the organization that has their GPS coordinates and keeps track of them. General John W. Raymond is the Commander.

This is a recommended video of Dr Bill Deagle on his experience at Shriever Air Force Base:

These are the senior officers over the bases:
1. General David. L. Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff
2. Dr. Heather A. Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force
3. General John W. Raymond
4. Major General Stephen N. Whiting
5. Major General Robert J. Skinner
6. Mr. Scott M. Anderson
7. Colonel Todd R. Moore
8. Colonel Eric S. Dorminey
9. Colonel John L. Doucet III
10. Colonel Jennifer L. Grant
11. Colonel Jacob E. Middleton
12. Colonel Devin R. Pepper

This is a list of 24 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians. Some of these people are proud Whistleblowers and would gladly do it again:

Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
Dr Barrie Trower, government Scientist
Dr Colin Ross, M.D.
Dr Spencer Carter, M.D.
Dr Katherine Horton, Oxford University Scientist
Dr Doug Rokke, government Scientist
Dr Eric Karlstrom, Professor
Dr Nick Begich, Scientist
Dr Paul Batcho, government scientist
Dr Paul Marko, Psychologist
Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst
Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor
Dr Corkin Cherubini, author
Dr Matthew Aaron, Scientist
Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist
Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower
Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower
Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower
Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower
Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower
Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower
John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Technology – Block All Microwaves

A Faraday Cage that is properly designed and properly grounded, will block all microwaves and will block all V2K. It will also block all synthetic telepathy, Artificial Intelligence signals, and whatever other descriptions you have heard. The people that designed this technology for Schriever Air Force Base are not medical doctors. They are engineers.

Your microwave oven is a good example of a Faraday Cage. The microwaves in this case, are kept inside the cage, rather than outside. In simple terms, a Faraday cage is a metal box or shell that conducts electricity and protects whatever is inside. There has been a huge disinformation campaign by the CIA to convince TI’s that an effective cage cannot be built. Don’t believe it. A Faraday Cage is simple science and has been around since the 1800’s.

Please read the free ebook available on this website: “How to Block the Microwaves & Jam the Tracking Signal.” This ebook provides basic information for building your own Faraday Cage.


This timeline was constructed from the patents and companies that worked on the microwave weapons program, as well as the stated events at

(all dates are approximate)

+ Research done under contract with U.S. Air Force at Mission Research Corporation, in Albuquerque, New Mexico – Donald J. Sullivan (approx. 1977 – 1980).

ATK Mission Research Corporation
5001 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

+ US Patent 4345220, Submitted Feb. 12, 1980 for the Vircator Microwave Weapon.
Donald J Sullivan
9100 Hagerman Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

+ Patent 4345220 Granted to Donald J. Sullivan: Aug. 17, 1982
– Patent assigned to U.S. Air Force

+ President Reagan Announces Star Wars/Strategic Defense Initiative – March 23, 1983

+ Groundbreaking for what will become Schriever Air Force Base – May 1983.

+ Titan Corporation in San Leandro, California builds prototype Vircator, in 1983 – 1984. Modified to become the Reltron, which has higher efficiency. The completed hardware is named the Thunderbolt System.

+ The Thunderbolt System is built by the Titan Corporation (now called L-3 Technologies) rated at 32 MegaJoules of energy. One megajoule (MJ) is equal to one million joules, or approximately the kinetic energy of a 2,200 lb vehicle moving at 100 mph (161 km/h). 1984 – 1989

+ Mark Fleenor becomes General Manager, 1986.

Lawrence Mark Fleenor, General Manager (1986 – 2005)
Air Force Weapons Lab & Mission Research Corp

Lawrence Mark Fleenor
9905 Desert Mountain RD NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

+ Strategic Defense Initiative launches about 24 to 30 satellites into geosynchronous orbit with the Thunderbolt System (Vircator/Reltron): 1987 – 1992.

+ The 2nd Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base takes operational control of the Air Force Satellite Control Network beginning in October 1987. The Air Force Satellite Control Network was previously located in Sunnyvale, California – the home of Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (LMSC).

+ Targeted Individual, Harlan Girard, reports first microwave attacks from satellite, 1987.

+ 50th Space Wing is activated at Schriever Air Force Base, 30 January 1992, replacing the 2nd Space Wing.

+ In July 1992, the US Government claims the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program was canceled. What this really means – it is now fully operational. The current Vircator Microwave Weapons have been measured at 3920 – 3935 MHz. The FCC frequency allocation table confirms this is a satellite-to-ground frequency.

“High Power Microwave Generation from a Virtual Cathode Oscillator” (August 1983) – Donald J. Sullivan
“Compact Pulsed Power for Directed Energy Weapons” (2003) (Clink LINK – available for free at
Compact Pulsed Weapons
D. Price and others, Titan Corporation
“The Titan Corporation has been developing directed energy technologies since the early 1980s. Over this time Titan has provided advanced power supplies for electromagnetic gun and laser research while making broader contributions in the field of high-power microwaves (HPM). Titan’s HPM work expanded from initial efforts fielding and operating the fist gigawatt-level oscillators for susceptibility test applications, to research and development maximizing the peak and average output powers and overall efficiency realized from such systems. As interest in HPM technology has spread globally, Titan has leveraged this core competency and provided the HPM equipment for nearly all of the major European effects test facilities. Titan’s current interests focus on compact, efficient and reliable directed energy weapon systems and the advanced subsystems and components that enable the same.”

Information on the L-3 Technologies website:

Binney Affidavit
Affidavit of William Binney, former NSA Technical Director

“The allegations in the complaint are true and correct: Defendants (NSA and US Govt) are intercepting, accessing, monitoring, and storing the Plaintiff’s private communications. I have knowledge of this information, based on the following facts…”

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