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(Ex-FBI Whistleblower, Lawyer, Judge) Geral Sosbee Statement on FBI/CIA/NSA’s Global Intelligence Stalking Operations

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From Ramola D Interview with Barbara Hartley (Report # 64, April 20, 2018): “CIA Whistleblower Reports COINTELPRO Crimes & Ted Gunderson’s Role”

Ex-FBI Whistleblower, Geral Sosbee, statement in letter to Barbara Hartwell:

“If the intelligence community is not stopped from their unconscionable crimes now, then future victims are truly doomed by expanding and unimaginable crimes that the public is programmed to accept as normal. Public policy then becomes the invisible law authorizing genocide and global crimes against humanity. Perhaps such future is now upon us.

The main point that I believe all people need to realize with regard to targets of FBI-CIA- NSA “neutralization” campaigns, which today includes ordinary citizens with no connections to government operations, is this:

I have uncovered this big secret by which these federal agencies take over lives, torture, and kill people. Federal Magistrate Judges (FMJ) arm the FBI with secret, sealed, civil court orders citing obscure federal regulations that even attorneys are not familiar with. These orders are effective wherever the targets travel globally. The orders are modified whenever FBI forces any type of reaction to their assaults on targets. Any sign of neurosis in a beleaguered target is presented ex parte to the FMJ for horrendous assault and attempt on his/her life.

Remember that the FMJ owe their jobs (starting annual salary around $200,000) and their careers to FBI. The FMJ permits or entertains FBI secret ex parte meetings where fraudulent data is offered in order for FBI to institutionalize or imprison the target.

(FBI Director, J. Edgar) Hoover’s statement: “neutralize them.”

The FBI then further terrorize the target by poisonings, pumping toxic fumes into the target’s residence, attacking the target with a variety of bio-chemical-viral agents, and DEW-ELF military weaponry. Everywhere the target goes, he/she is marginalized, demonized, and endures character assassination based on these secret, civil court orders. No constitutional protections from civil abuse apply.

In my case, the FBI hijacked my life in revenge using a secret FMJ court in El Paso, Texas, in 1988. From that moment to now, my life is a living hell. I was homeless for a decade. For the past 25 years, I have been forced to move about 30 times from one apartment to another. The FBI engages drug dealers, common criminals, and foreign nationals to assault, harass, and try to pick a fight with me. All government employees engage in harassment and threats when I meet them. (ICE, DHS, IRS, US Marshall, US Border Patrol, police, Texas and DPS, and Work Force Commission.) Senator John Kornan, etc., helped FBI terrorize me. Even local police and their private security guards eagerly pick on me for their FBI friends.

Any attempt to flee the USA is a hopeless exercise because all governments honor the FMJ secret orders against targets. (See my experiences in Thailand.)

The goal is to provoke a violent response from the target and then to present to the insane FMJ a recommendation for hospitalization in a mental ward or imprisonment in jail with coordination with controlled district attorneys.

Recently, thugs have assaulted me in the mall, in movie theatres, in grocery stores, libraries, and on the streets. FBI operatives also assault me with their cars in traffic and then speed off in the opposite direction. A few nights ago when I and my wife were strolling, two FBI thugs described below stalked and assaulted us in their late model Ford truck. (Hispanic male, 25 years, 160 pounds; Hispanic female, 25 years, 5’6”, 170 pounds.) The male pulled out his smart phone and tried to engage us in his gibberish; the female remained quiet as though she was a witness. Finally, after about four minutes, I asked my wife why the two thugs stopped to truck to speak with us. . . I could not hear due of the loss of hearing caused by my hearing aid).

My wife responded that the Hispanic male was crazy and pretended to need money. The female sat stupidly listening….. “

Barbara Hartwell: This the kind of thing that goes on and on. It’s like he can’t go anywhere without being accosted by these thugs. They are trying to do an “extreme provocation.” To provoke to say something and they’ll record what he says… oh, he’s hostile, or whatever.

Ramola D: I think what Geral is describing here is political persecution to a T of the kind that Solzhenitsyn was describing in the Soviet Union.

Barbara Hartwell: Exactly. It’s the same m.o. I have debriefed people from Soviet gulags who told me the kind of things that happened to them. And these are exactly the same kind of tactics. But it even gets worse…. This involves toxic fumes being pumped in through the air conditioning or heating systems. This is a total horror.

Geral Sosbee: In 1998, while I lived in El Paso, Texas, my tenant, Jane Hatley, was murdered by toxic fumes which FBI operatives directed at me. Hatley had just moved into my rental property which the FBI thought I was inhabiting. No one except Hatley and me knew that I relocated overnight to a new temporary residence in order to escape terrorist assaults by the FBI/CIA in El Paso.

Two prominent citizens in El Paso had direct connections to and received benefits, including money, from FBI/CIA. They are accessories to the murder of Jane Hatley. All of these crimes, with FMJ acting as principals with FBI, are ongoing this minute against me and perhaps thousands of others.

My coronary artery disease and other injuries are directly related to FBI attempts on my life.

Our nation and all the world must discover the unconscionable crimes ongoing by FBI and CIA and demand USA to stop them. This is truly a tipping in world and perhaps evolutionary history. Abominations by FBI, CIA, MI5-6, Suritee, SS, etc. abound globally and their targets have little or no support from the general population which sometimes eagerly joins in in the atrocities delivered on targets.”

Ramola D: Geral is reporting attempted murder on several different occasions emanating from the FBI/CIA.

Barbara Hartwell: And what he’s reporting is happening to a number of us. These kind of operations are the “slow kill.” The effects of these weapons, whether they are chemical or biological or whatever, are degenerative over time.

Ramola D: It is also the US military and US Air Force and US Navy groups that are involved in running weapons testing programs, bio-behavior programs, all sorts of social engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence experiments….. So they put people like me a writer under surveillance… and then human trafficking them into these military programs which permits them to assault us 24/7.

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