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Appendix 216: Electronic Warfare, Transhumanism, & TI Program (Sabrina Wallace video, August, 2023) w/ links, summary, and comments

<strong>Epigraph Quote:</strong>

You have to believe Raytheon, Northrupp Gruman, Android and even Verizon all work jobs that regard your body as a NODE on a BODY AREA NETWORK. (Wikipedia, IEEE 802.15.6 for WBAN = YOUR wide body area network).

They did not offer a new technology. They digitally bound up the human electrical homeostasis known as the biofield, formerly known as the aura, into a series of soft robotics, DNA-analyte biosensors and crafted libraries for database curation and labeling, sold them to Department of Defense vendor companies for years and continue issuing software to anyone who wishes to utilize it for biological electronic weaponry on the same wireless systems as our cell phones and call it “Havanna Syndrome,” “Targeted Individuals,” or just call you crazy and take your property and vocation by assassinating your character OR you, arkancide style.

They get paychecks for doing all of this every day and until we as individuals start being accountable to our own body parts, there is no way to hold the other humans among us accountable.  And their level of violence and hostility is escalating, not abating.

They are using computer networks to kill people…. These systems have been set up for transhumanism- rearranging people’s bodies.”

Mark 5:36 Amen.

From: Sabrina Wallace’s pdf (<a href=””>Psinergy Intro Class on the Human Biofield</a>

<strong>Webmaster Introduction (email to email list of TIs and others):</strong>

I’m not sure if people are grasping the importance Sabrina Wallace’s information…. (not many of us have looked at 30 of her videos). Her information is consistent with and also helps to explain a whole raft of hitherto unexplained or inadequately understood phenomena. Such as:

1) Remote covert transhumanism; the creation of cyborgs/bio-robot slaves/Manchurian candidates/sex slaves (per original 1952 memor mandate for CIA’s Project Bluebird, MKULTRA and MONARCH)
2) Life extension technologies, electromagnetic tissue healing and genetic alterations via CRISPR-Cas-9 (and now the covid jab of course) (now elite can live forever and everyone else can be offed or cyborg
3) Precision AI-driven health care (a cover for above two operations and others),
4) Electronic/information/cognitive/netcentric warfare operations (Thank you Joint Chiefs of Staff and DOD for torturing your own citizens and soldiers via Project MAVEN, Mosaic Warfare, Netcentric Warfare, Cognitive Warfare, “Peacetime Operations,” etc.)
5) Role of telecommunications industry, police, Sheriffs, military, black ops, Silicon Valley, etc. in carrying out this operation
6) Bill Gates’ diabolical 060606 crypto-currency to body activity patent of 2020,
7) WEF’s (World Economic Forum’s) “under the skin surveillance” (with biosensors, intra-body nano-network, and EM frequencies and WBAN, drones and cube satellites, etc. This is how they do it.)
8) Mik Anderson and La Quinta Columna’s graphene- and EM-supported Intra-body nano-network (again, the same principle is used in geoengineering and weather warfare: 1) place electrically conductive materials in the system (be it human or atmospheric), then 2) zap with electromagnetic radiation/frequencies and you get to CONTROL the systems.
9) Operation Pegasus (Israeli Defense Forces’ (NRO’s) application of Phoenix civilian torture Program to dissidents, journalists (i.e., targeting program),
10) Operation/Project SALUS: Features drones watching everyone think and everyone’s cells phase and phage states in real time with DoD’s C2TWS (Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System). It is watching your biosensors, watching you from the inside out with the body area network. This has been around since 1969.
11) The real purpose of the COVID jab (creation of COV-BAN) is to get more meta materials such as graphene in the body for greater electronic WBAN throughput. (Again, see La Quinta Columna’s work and that of Mik Anderson on graphene, self-assembling nano-technology, and intra-body nano-networks.)
12) THE TI PROGRAM!!!! (-Involves all of the above and probably more)

13) I believe this information is highly applicable to the ongoing mind-behavioral experiments of OPERATION CRESTONE/BACA!

Thus, Sabrina Wallace’s information may provide a huge breakthrough if we can help people to understand these connections. And even this is apparently the tip of a much larger iceberg that has to do with creation of a transhuman/posthuman world. Most of humanity and indeed all the biosphere could be wiped out and changed to silicon-based EBE’s (engineered biological entities) with these technologies. It would appear that this is the way that Satan and his minions want to wrest control of and re-engineer God’s creation, including the crown of his creation, humans. The Hebrew word “Tikkun Olam” expresses the goal: “re-invention of the world.” That’s what’s happening.
Sabrina Wallace’s Videos:</strong>

<strong>1. Biosensors, Sensor Hunters and Electronic warfare inside human tissue/C4ISR w/usaf, Cisco control plane for E.B.Es – Engineered Biological Entities – (WBAN) 802.15 IEEE – EXPOSING THE SENSOR HUNTERS! </strong>

<strong>2. Sabrina/Psinergy: Galvanic Energy inside you is faster – no wires required August 22, 2023</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy: Galvanic Energy inside you is faster – no wires required August 22, 2023</a>

“This is the four video series about page 1 in the psinergy pdf. I show the biofield on the NIH in 2015.

I will be rewriting the pdf to include this data with a variant articulation to separate, via the sentence structure, the history of wireless measuring electrical signals from muscle tissue with 1877 instead of 1924.

Thank you for the query – it gave me a chance to go back over some things I have not read over in a while to the psinergists – bc a lot of this telephony and wireless i discovered from a high school year book in my home in Milwaukee, WI in 2004.

Liberace went to school with his older sister Anglika and the lady’s house we lived in had all of her old books including her high school year book where her love of music and literature translated into excitement over the ‘new radio’ in 1933 in west allis milwaukee. So reading all of this aloud this evening is not new. This is what I mean when I thunder out the phrase ‘attaching your ass to the cloud in 1922’

Bc 1922 was the year that Einstein won the award and everyone took away knowledge of wireless anything.

Tesla went broke. Edison got rich.
Marconi was excellent at taking the money with his mouth shut.

Where did the wireless go? Military industrial shut up and lie about physics and biology complex with electrical engineers writing the code for our body electric and wirelessly fucking with our muscle tissue as JOBS and ongoing R&D.

Why didn’t they tell?

I don’t think there is an awakening. I think we are stuck enduring their war – it’s evident they are land grabbing and jockeying for dominance; so those of us stuck in the middle have our faith, our body part and our perseverance for our children and family members, four legged inclusive; or finned for our home:


The whole thing about Americans do not read is mentioned in 1911 or 1908 btw. Oh look what did not change ..

Thanks allo commenter – this was worth it.

/~s Sabrina Wallace”

The current Psinergy PDF

<strong>3. Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023</a>

Sabrina/Psinergy: HemiSync History, New World Order, Illuminati.

<strong>4. Sabrina/Psinergy: Remote neural monitoring September 21, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy: Remote neural monitoring</a>

<strong>5. How do they get the biosensor in me? Part 1</strong>

<a href=”″>How do they get the biosensor in me? Part 1</a></a>

<strong>6. How do they get the biosensors in me? Part 2</strong>

<a href=”″>How do they get the biosensors in me? Part 2</a>

<strong>7. Sabrina/Psinergy</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy</a>

<strong>8. Signage 1 from Sabrina/Psinergy.</strong>

<a href=””>Signage 1 from Sabrina/Psinergy.</a>

<strong>9. signage 2 from Sabrina/Psinergy</strong>

<a href=””>signage 2 from Sabrina/Psinergy</a>

<strong>10. Sabrina/Psinergy August 6, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy August 6, 2023</a>

<strong>11. The emperor has no biofield .. as per Sabrina/Psinergy.</strong>

<a href=””>The emperor has no biofield .. as per Sabrina/Psinergy.</a>
12. Sabrina/Psinergy: Telepathy= neurons</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy: Telepathy= neurons</a>

<strong>13. Sabrina/Psinergy</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy</a>

<strong>14. Sabrina/Psinergy</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy</a>

<strong>15. Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 – i/ii</strong>

<a href=””>Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 – i/ii</a>

<strong>16. Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 ii/ii</strong>

<a href=”″>Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 ii/ii</a>

<strong>17. Sabrina/Psinergy PDF</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy PDF</a>

<strong>18. Variant Biosensors and Raman resurfacing 1/3 by Sabrina/Psinergy</strong>

<a href=””>Variant Biosensors and Raman resurfacing 1/3 by Sabrina/Psinergy</a>
19. Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023</a>

<strong>20. PLOS conscious B2B (brain to brain) communication in humans using non invasive tech; Sept. 21, 2023</strong>

<a href=””>Sabrina/Psinergy: PLOS conscious B2B (brain to brain) communication in humans using non invasive tech</a>

<strong>21. Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023</a>

<strong>22. Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023</a>

<strong>23. Sabrina/Psinergy August 21, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Sabrina/Psinergy August 21, 2023</a>

<strong>24. Friday Morning Coffee Chatt and edumacation with Sabrina Wallace Psinergy September 22, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>Friday Morning Coffee Chatt and edumacation with Sabrina Wallace Psinergy September 22, 2023</a>
25. No 678, just the 5g full dominance .. wha? September 25, 2023</strong>

<a href=”″>No 678, just the 5g full dominance .. wha? September 25, 2023</a>

<strong>26. Sabrina Psinergy Psinergy Tech PDF i ii September 26, 2023</strong>

<a href=”–Psinergy-Tech-PDF-i-ii:5″>Sabrina Psinergy Psinergy Tech PDF i ii September 26, 2023</a>

This Lady has compiled a ton of information that most people are not aware of…The video starts off a little slow but exponentially ramps up…I’ve included her PDF links on her Odysee page…You can not post this kind of information on Bitchute and other platforms…Just another reason why Odysee is superior to other so called truther platforms…Enjoy the video!!!

Psinergy PDF of September 2023:
Psinergy PDF of May 2023:


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