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Canadian Victims of CIA Brainwashing Experiments Demand Compensation from Government

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Dr. Stan Monteith, Author

February 25, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

February 25, 2014

Organized Gang Stalking Quotes

February 23, 2014

I. Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse:

Members of the group Survivors Against Government Abuse came together to demand that the government apologize and provide compensation for victims of illegal CIA backed experiments in Montreal.

The experiments were conducted between 1943 and 1964 by Dr. Ewen Cameron, and funded by both the Canadian government, and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency through a front organization called ‘Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.’

Quote From CBC News:

“Cameron, co-founder of the World Psychiatric Association and president of various other psychiatric associations over his career, ran “depatterning” and “psychic driving” experiments that attempted to erase a patient’s memories and reprogram them with new thoughts.

He tested experimental drugs like LSD and PCP, medically induced sleep for extended periods, and oversaw extreme forms of electroshock therapy and sensory deprivation. Many of his patient’s brains were then left damaged.”

This action by Survivors Against Government Abuse comes months after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was criticized for silencing victims of the secret deep state experiments through a gag order. As CBC also reported late last year;

“The Trudeau government’s quiet non-disclosure payment in March 2017 to the daughter of a now-deceased victim is just the latest development in a decades-old scandal that saw both the CIA and the Canadian government fund brutal science experiments on unsuspecting patients.

“They don’t want to have to deal with more applications,” Stein said of the government’s requirement the settlement details be kept confidential and out of the public eye. ”

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public comment…

9 months ago
Mind control is a topic that governments don’t want the public to know about because it touches on WWI traumatic stress studies, Nazi experimentation, the OSS, the CIA, Tavistock, possibly The Beatles, LSD, the media, occult secret societies, rituals in the entertainment business and on television, television itself, false flags going back at least as far as the JFK hit, programmed assassins, electronic technology, and so forth and so on.

kevin w
9 months ago
I found it weird Canada had those CIA MK child deaths at: Lincoln Park, then Chester Bennington’s “suicide” after speaking out on pedophilia??

9 months ago (edited)
Hubby was just telling me. Some law suit in Montreal or Quebec. . I think Trudeau is MKultra or controlled himself. Lot’s of skeletons in his closet along with his father and Mother. Trudeau has pedo buddies too. He has to be the most idiotic PM of history. He is Jesuit trained brought up Catholic . I bet he saw more than Santa Claus with his father while in the Arctic. God I hope he’s out with this bad agenda and all this talk about Sharia law stuff and his hate speech laws. Truth being the new hate speech.

jesse leon
9 months ago
What a great time for this to come up.

George Pine
9 months ago
They will get a settlement for their silence though. Is that a win?

9 months ago
Abba Father Yahweh be with them! Father cause TRUTH to both be brought to light and PREVAIL!

clarity seer
9 months ago
School shooters are CIA MKULTRA subjects …..
Paul Tremblay
9 months ago
I wish there was a class action for Gangstalking

Marcus Anonymous
9 months ago
I can’t even imagine how advanced the CIA can be now.

9 months ago
How do we get it to go MAINSTREAM??

Dejah Moon
9 months ago
Wonder how many Americans are potentially members of this as well.

Sara Stuart
9 months ago
Thank you for reporting this.

farmer Rog
9 months ago
Trudeau doesn’t want this investigated because it might uncover that he was also MK ultra’d when Piere took him to the north military base that he spoke of at pieres funeral

H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X
9 months ago

Darla L
8 months ago
Hell our country may have been under this MKULTRA experiment! Maybe that’s why these people don’t know right from wrong!

Victorion Greyjoy
9 months ago
canada is going the way of EU .CANASTAN with its problem cause=solution gov .using monarch programs on its citizenry.trudeau is a efin traitor get him outa there eh!

Ruby Tat
9 months ago
Evil wears many coats!

momo glo
9 months ago
Please don’t think for one second that our government(s) have stopped using us for guinea pigs.

Our entertainment industries are prostitution rings; celebrities are used as puppets in exchange for “fame and fortune”. Meghan Markle was sold to the Royal family for damage control. I wonder if Harry in his Nazi costume will be in the wedding slideshow?

We can’t fail these children again. I remember being a small child during the Franklin cover up in the 80’s, and even as a 5 yr old, I knew something wasn’t right.

Thank you for the work you do. ♡
Andrew Simpson
9 months ago
** Strange addition — There is older information I have heard about Pierre Trudeau & wife Margaret Trudeau (Jewstin Trudoh’S parents) and a possible connection to MK Ultra when they were both attending college (from prearranged marriage, to commie convert(s) (after MK application to one or both). “Margaret Trudeau is also a social advocate for people with bipolar disorder, which she is diagnosed with.” – Wikipedia Ran off with the Rolling Stones, slept with many people (Castro, Ted Kennedy, Rolling Stones & groupies, etc.) Justin was left to himself at a young age for busy father PM Pierre Trudeau to look after. It is said that a – “York University sociologist, John Seeley self-proclaimed ‘sadist and pedophile’ would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to “advise” Pierre on how he should be raising his three sons. Justin was six.” – copy and paste from: /2015/04/ Justin-Trueau-bio.html

8 months ago
The failure of Trudeau and the government to acknowledge these victims is nothing less than a continuation of the mental emotional torture they withstood from the CIA, who should also be indicted and forced to acknowledge and compensate victims and families. And since the CIA is nothing less than the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve system they should be dissolved along with the Fed. And all those guilty of crimes —especially those at the top —should be prosecuted.

3 months ago (edited)
??⚡☁?☁⚡???Nothing has changed in canada. There are exobiology experiments and orbitual cyber crimes still going on these are remote certian satellite remote viewings.. ..and in brain research…are indeed orbitual cyber illigal activities…like in other countries…???⚡?☁?⚡??

9 months ago
Im Beyond Tired.

Lisa Mendolia
8 months ago
Another rippling effect!! He’s just waiting for time to pass! Oops you just said that! :-/

Helen Tatsios
8 months ago
arrest justin trudeau for trying to censor this information hes no defender of the Canadian people. hes evil.

Maria Atkins
8 months ago
They messed up a whole generation of people they got to pay the price!

Jeff Thurber
9 months ago
POTUS the Hawk: Eye on the ball, target acquired, kill inevitable, dinner is served!

K 8088
9 months ago
Didn’t Canada elect a socialist? Do Canadians know what that is? Good luck with that.

Nidal Shehadeh
9 months ago
it is still ongoing

9 months ago

me him
8 months ago
How dare these old white people demand compo? Had you been a nice islamist terrorist! You would be given MILLIONS no questions asked!.
Bob the Slacker
9 months ago
Infant Circumcision is a CIA Brainwashing Experiment & I Demand Compensation for how ignorant my American Made Parents are.

II. More MKULTRA Secrets Just Revealed


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Miss Life Lessons
2 months ago
MK ultra sounds like witchcraft, they just have fancy words and use devices. I hate these devils .

Buick95 gs
2 months ago
Mind control is real if you want proof destroy your cell phone I dare you because you can’t put it down lol I don’t put nothing past anybody or anything cause anything possible keep living people and open your mind thank you my Sister peace and blessing sweetheart

2 months ago (edited)
There is a very huge place in the Lake of Fire for Crackers and their minions, they are Witches and Demons, through their print and video media, amusement parks, movies and entertainment it’s all WITCHCRAFT and DEMONIC all Whites (Edomites) are Hell Bound and there is NO SALVATION for them according to the words of the MOST HIGH

Their WITCHCRAFT is powerful and their POWER is overwhelming, they have studied well the techniques and tactics of their father GAD’RIEL (Satan) it takes supreme discipline, knowledge of enemy strategy, study of our history book (Bible) and complete HATRED of them to WIN at this DEADLY GAME OF CHESS



Emily dooley
2 months ago (edited)
There is NO LIMIT to their evil this sounds like socery and demonic manipulation. they have been doing it to us for thousands of years. Only the ungodly and souless could thinK like this ordo the things they do. even torturing innocent animals to weaponize them. Yah is going to punish thes evil basta**ds for eternity.They truly believe they are going to get away with it. There are not. They will pay a thousand fold for every evil they have done. KEEP SPREAD THAT CONTAGIOUSTRUTH, SISTER AJALI.

Ava Marshall
2 months ago
Well said sister. Their end is at hand and they know it, but they’re there own worse enemy. Demonic pink people.

Hairlikefinewool Skinlikebruntbronze
2 months ago (edited)
Google the 1968 TV drama series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan. About a former CIA Operative who resigned from the firm. Kidnapped and kept prisoner in a isolated luxurious rural village setting, his desperate attempts at escape. His mental psychological struggle to attempts to resist the 24/7 brainwashing and reprogramming been done, and carried out against him by Controller’s

YouTube Watch all serial episode’s of the Prisoner
Video by Farhad Hamid

Kate Hott
2 months ago
So if MK Ultra was carried out decades ago with the science and technology back then what can be done with modern technology? Given the experiments at mind reading using MRI machines and at remote body control using a cat (CIA in the 1980s, iirc)it makes me wonder if there is secret research still going on. So far all the released material have indicated failure, but then again the CIA frequently uses disinformation as a strategy to mislead their enemies. If I was the boss of the CIA I would have only released material disclosing the failed experiments and those that lead to unprofitable avenues of research to either deter a rival nation from investigating this scientific field or waste their time and resources in unproductive research. The successes I would have kept to myself and out of the main historical records. For instance if I have a fear and aggression inducing gas I would keep it a secret until I am ready to use it for turning a peaceful nation-wide mass wave of African-American demonstrations violent. Maybe African Americans should be wary of being set up by black agents instigating riots at these demonstrations as such substances may be foodborne instead. Expect a large and widespread number of shootings by the cops over a few days before to provoke the black community. A remote controlled assassin would make the perfect fall guy for killing a person,and you can arrange for them to be run over in traffic afterwards.(There are organic materials that can be used as substitutes for metals and silicon in electronics, some of which degrade in sunlight or dissolve in water – perfect if you want no evidence of your involvement left behind.) Considering that your channel is monitored Radical Sister I was reluctant to send you these ideas, but I recall the use of Window (called chaff nowadays) by Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War 2. At first the British were hesitant to use the technology because they were afraid it would be revealed to the Germans and used against them. They went ahead and used it, and the Germans did use it against them.After the war it was found out the Germans had it a few years before, but was afraid to use it and give the British ideas, like me giving White Supremacists ideas. However it’s more important to share these ideas of the racist enemy’s possible tricks before they use them or think of them to stay one step ahead, much like in a chess game.

Yoninah Yisrael
2 months ago
Treasury Direct Account Uniform Commercial Code 14th amendment debt slaves… every last one of us….

Kool Marrs
2 months ago
You are definately on Point. The biggest weapon is Mind Control and it doesnt have to necessarily come from any particular Element because all of it is indeed of the Devil. Our mission is to Come Out of this Trance that keeps us thinking in a Box. Bottomline is that these Hidden Demons dont give a Damn about NOBODY. Nomatter what the Race or the Sex or Orientation. The Goal is to destroy the Reception of The Promise that The Most High has already given to those who seek him.

Yoninah Yisrael
2 months ago
They definitely have tried to kill me and are currently and actively using their V2K technology to try and make me kill myself and their electronic weapons system to try and cripple me like they did my momma???

Yoninah Yisrael
2 months ago
What they don’t tell you is that they took people like me as a 2 year old child up under the epcot center in Disney in florida in 1989 and did unspeakable evils to me and there are MANY types of programming. They also do it at military bases, like the one in California, the Presidio, where the Satanist Michael Aquino was accused of doing rituals with children…. I was electrocuted to be made to forget… I remember my dad’s mom, the men in suits, and referring to the monorail as the “lectic train” upon arriving at the park. And it was EARLY. Sun just came up, but not yet broke through the clouds early. And the big body of water that was outside the window next to the (private airport?) we landed in… oh, and the palm trees….
DallasFortWorth TX91
2 months ago
I believe it. Thats why the pale devils make TV shows like black mirror and stranger things. They tell us on those shows that they practice mk ultra. Also, Jordan Peele trying to tell us as well in the movie get out.

Yolanda Jenkins
2 months ago
Peace And Blessings. … Queen. ? !!!!!!!

2 months ago
This is very important information. The CIA didn’t just stop such mind control MK-Ultra experiments. With the war on terror, the CIA has been caught using torture techniques and other forms of mind control. Also, the CIA used Operation Mockingbird as a way to infiltrate the mainstream media too. From predictive programming in movies to the growth of the military industrial complex, we are in a war in our daily lives. Great facts Sister.

James Simmons
2 months ago

Marcy Lee
2 months ago

Gregory Worthington
2 months ago

2 months ago
Radical, should I delete any of my slideshow poem videos?

Fredrick Price
2 months ago
We can’t put anything past the powers that be , the as not nearly as innocent as they pretend to be…

lucrecia and taya rodriguez
2 months ago
QUEEN!!! YES WE FOUND YOU! great video. great channel. LMAO…”pink people” ???❤❤❤…love it! our new phrase….peace, blessings , love salute.
2 months ago

The Al Kemy Channel
2 months ago (edited)
Murder rap and Empire is mind control/suggestive programming. They’re been doing it, that’s why so many Black People hate themselves.

2 months ago
No other black YouTuber does it like you do. Your well-researched, solution based shares provide the raw and diverse truth. You provide pertinent information on politics, environment, health, current events, ect – all to organically empower “black us,” as opposed to the incessant and utterly damaging black men vs black women nonsense that exists mainly to stir division, confusion and generate maximum revenue.. The best part is that it undeniably comes from the heart. I listen to at least one of your longer shares every day. My favorite is the “What the hell is going on in FL.” I’ve listened to it at least 10 times already. Yes, I’m obsessed. lol.

Accomplice In Freedom XBAMNX
2 months ago (edited)
If so please lmk cuz that was not the message i ment to convey. And i will need to be fixing that immediately, that should only be last resort actions if these ws get too bold and there is no other choice.

Also I believe rioting would be a bit too loud. They would be expecting that

Accomplice In Freedom XBAMNX
2 months ago
?Queen please excuse me beforehand if I am being a narcissistic caucasoid, but is this a shout Out?

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