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Satan’s helpers: Nazi doctors, Tavistock, the CIA, MK-ULTRA, LSD, and the 60’s counter-culture

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February 25, 2014

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February 23, 2014

Article: “Satan’s Helpers: Nazi Doctors in America”

by Carol White and Brian Lantz (from Executive Intelligence Review October 6, 1989)

(ETK note: This article and the article I just posted (“Creation of Zombies”) are summaries, published by EIR, of the nefarious, top-secret mind-control programs that our national and international intelligence agencies have conducted on unwitting American citizens. These articles encapsulate and extend the information that I compiled in Parts 6 through 9 of my series: “Is Crestone/Baca the “Vatican City” of the New World Order: an Expose of the New World Religion,” which are also on this website. It is both reassuring and revealing, but also disappointing to me that although articles such as this were written over a quarter century ago, the public is still mostly ignorant about these top-secret programs. I post this article on my site because it highlights the connections between MK-ULTRA mind-control programs, the occult, and the counter-culture of the 1960’s.

I entered college in 1967 and graduated in 1971. So I am all-too familiar with the 60’s counterculture from my own personal experiences at the “street-level.” Some of my friends lost their lives and/or their minds to drugs. Some of my friends and relatives lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Now I have learned that the Vietnam War and the counter-culture were both instigated and managed by the CIA, under its director, Allen Dulles. Allen Dulles also played a pivotal role in creating/founding the Council on Foreign Relations, Hitler, World War II, the importation to the U.S. of Nazi “scientists” under Operation Paperclip after WWII, the MK-ULTRA mind control programs, innumerable coups, assassinations and foreign and domestic de-stablization operations, and the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and its subsequent cover-up. Dulles, who acted on behalf of the international power elite (“the cult”), will surely go down in history as one of the most influential of all Illuminati agentur and America’s greatest traitor.

But when I was back in college, I only knew that something was terribly wrong. Despite the chaos that surrounded my generation, I became a physical geography professor, and was subsequently kept extremely busy, trying to meet demands of that profession. With my focus in other areas, I remained mostly ignorant of our (and the British) government’s role in conjuring and managing the 60’s counterculture, occult, mind-control operation. That is, until, I too ventured down one of the darkest of all “rabbit holes” and did the research for my article; Part 6: “Mind Control: History and Applications,” which is posted on this website.

I find the title is of this short piece, “Satan’s Helpers; Nazi Doctors in America” to be very appropriate. Our intelligence services clearly sold their souls to Satan in their lust/quest for power and control. And of course, these intelligence services work for the international power elite rather than the American people; and it is they, I have gleaned, who control the U.S. Presidency and American policies. Unfortunately, this “secret government” has also covertly (of course) and de facto, sold all of our souls to Satan. Will we Americans allow our government, acting on behalf of the Satanically-energized international power elite and its many minions, to plunge our country into a “new Satanic Dark Age?” To avoid this fate and maintain our country as a decent place for future generations to live in, a critical number of brave Americans will have to face the horrific realities outlined on this website and in this 1989 article. In short, it is time to wake up. Clearly, America has been stolen by very dark, occult forces. These forces have conjured a false-reality matrix for the masses through propaganda, false cover stories, and the techniques of media and mind control.

And yet our Constitution still legally guarantees that the American citizens owns the United States of America. Thus, it is up to us, the American citizenry, to discover the truth about our history and our leaders, and to hold our psychopathic leaders accountable; which is to say, prosecute them to the full extent of the law. We must begin with the truth…. and educate each other. This short article presents these truths again, with a slightly different spin.)

Salient quotes from “Satan’s Helpers: Nazi Doctors in America”

“The role of the Allen Dulles wing of the U.S. intelligence community in fostering the spread of Tavistock methods throughout the United States, and in the creation of the counter-culture, should be told and retold.”

“The rock-drug-counterculture was not an accidental creation spun off from the MK-Ultra project…. It WAS the MK-Ultra project. All else was either a pretext or a sideline… Nor did the CIA act alone. British intelligence was a full participant through the Tavistock Institute, which ran social profiles on the Nazis and on various national cultures during and after the war…”

“Aldous Huxley’s vision of a drug-sodden New Age, in which the population is completely manipulated by social-science controllers, was laid out in his book Brave New World.” (ETK note: Is this what we have today in America, and in higly-controlled towns such as Crestone/Baca, Colorado, in particular?!)

“By the 1970s, LSD was a fixed part of Western “youth culture” and the CIA was ready to move onto the formation of Satanic cults.”


While U.S. Central Intelligence Agency involvement in experiments with mind¬altering drugs in the 1950s and early 1960s was made public in the Rockefeller Commission hearings in 1975, public knowledge of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program has remained superficial. If a new Satanic Dark Age is to be prevented, every citizen has a right-and duty-to know the full scope of the secret government’s effort to “blow their minds. ” The problem is that not only was the Rockefeller Commission’s report itself a cover-up, but its emphasis upon abuses by U. S. intelligence agencies, by its very nature, eliminated the crucial role of Britain’s Tavistock Institute. The paradigm shift which has occurred in the West-to introduce the “Aquarian” values of the “New Age”-was manufactured by the social engineers of Tavistock, at the behest of an Anglo-Saxon oligarchical grouping which not only set itself above nations, but against the Judeo-Christian traditions of Western civilization as well.

Tavistock played a crucial role during the Second World War in Anglo-Soviet intelligence operations which ran out of a secret group sometimes called the British Occult Bureau. The Bureau included occultists-such as Aleister Crowley and Dennis Wheatley – astrologers, along with intelligence professionals. They maintained contact with Heinrich Himmler’s astrologer, as well as with occultists in Hitler’s immediate circle.

In the postwar period, Tavistock ran a number of psychological profiles not only of political leaders and would-be leaders, but of entire populations. It was also involved in intensive studies of brainwashing. A leader in this field was the psychiatrist R. D. Laing, who worked out of Tavistock. It was he who first stated the doctrine that insanity was a form of social revolt of a higher consciousness than so-called normal behavior; this formed the basis for recruitment to the terrorist Baader-Meinhof Gang in Germany in the 1960s and 1970s, and similar groups elsewhere, from among patients in mental institutions.

This notwithstanding, the role of the Allen Dulles wing of the U. S. intelligence community in fostering the spread of Tavistock methods throughout the United States, and in the creation of the counterculture, should be told and retold. Three new books offer a chilling account of the ability of the “secret government” to utilize the services of psychiatrists and other social scientists, as well as members of the medical profession in general, in the service of aims that can best be described as violations of the Nuremberg War Crimes Statutes. The first, “Search for a Manchurian Candidate,” by John Marks, is actually a re¬ issue; the second, “A Father, a Son and the CIA” by Harvey Weinstein, was released in 1988, as was “Journey Into Madness, Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers” by Gordon Thomas.

Marks’s account appeared first and is the broadest in scope. He details the prehistory of the MK-Ultra project¬ best known for disseminating the hallucinogenic drug LSD to an unwitting population of young people-and traces the attempts by the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and then by the CIA, to find the “philosopher’s stone” of brainwashing, the magic elixir which would give them total control over an unwitting subject. LSD was only one of the drugs in their pharmacopoeia, which included amphetamines, truth serums, standard narcotics, cocaine, and barbiturates.

The effort to create a “Manchurian candidate” who could be made to act at the behest of his CIA controllers, encompassed more than merely experimentation with drugs or hypnosis, and included the use of various psychological techniques to make the victim malleable. Weinstein and Thomas focus more particularly on the activities of one of the most evil of the CIA brainwashers, a Dr. Ewen Cameron, but they also provide the broader context. Dr. Cameron’s specialty was to reduce his victims to a state of infantile regression as a prelude to the attempt to reprogram the hapless individual. Weinstein’s book has an additional merit, because it is the poignant story of how his own family was grievously injured by Cameron and the CIA.

The story which these books tell is given a historical setting, but as the authors indicate, while the particular proj¬cts which they describe are no longer ongoing, there is every reason to believe that they have been replaced by others equally evil, if different. When President Nixon fired CIA chief Richard Helms at the beginning of his second administration, one phase of the CIA’s mind-control project came to an end as well. While many of the files were deliberately destroyed, author John Marks was given 16,000 pages of documents released by the CIA according to the mandate of the Freedom of Information Act. Names and other information were blacked out, but despite this, through cross-referencing and interviews with some of the participants in the project, he was able to piece together a part of the story.

What was MK-Ultra?

The CIA-sponsored LSD experiments of the 1950s and 1960s did not “go out of control.” Nor were the likes of Allen Dulles and Richard Helms waging a patriotic war against the
brainwashing tools of communism.

Where all three books fall short is in their treatment of MK-Ultra and associated programs as creations of the spy community itself, in their attribution of self-motivation and self-direction to the CIA. In this sense, despite the excellent detailed accounts in each of the books, they amount to disinformation, perhaps despite the best efforts of their authors. The CIA’s first defense of its various projects to develop the art of brainwashing, was the claim that the devices which they were exploring-the drugs, shock treatment, etc.¬ were already known and used by the Soviets and Chinese, and were being studied by the Nazis before them. Marks, however, shows that early on, Western intelligence had learned through debriefings, that the Soviets and Chinese were using brutal, but relatively standard and unsophisticated, interrogation techniques, which involved placing prisoners in solitary confinement, preventing them from sleeping, humiliating them and so on. The rationale for continuing MK-Ultra became: Suppose in the future the communists develop these tools, we must be prepared to defend our¬ selves. Obviously, the appeal of having one’s own Manchurian candidate was great!

In the three books, there are accounts of how members of the intelligence community-from the Second World War on-were involved in the search for ways to play the spy game more effectively: how to force information from the enemy, how to control one’s own agent, and how to prevent one’s own agent from spilling the beans if he or she is caught by the enemy. All of these goals made the possibilities of psychological control attractive to the intelligence community; but it is a serious distortion to view such projects narrowly as “CIA” activities.

The truth is that figures such as Allen Dulles, W. Averell Harriman, Victor Rothschild, Margaret Mead, her husband Gregory Bateson, and Aldous Huxley were at the center of deception operations’ run by the British, with American cooperation, from the Second World War on. Ostensibly, the wartime black operations were intended to lower enemy morale; in reality they were directed against the underground operations of Gen. Charles de Gaulle and resistance fighters in the occupied countries, and in Germany itself. Anglo¬ American intelligence operations were intended to sow the seeds which would shape the postwar world in a direction which would be agreeable to a certain section of the European and American oligarchies.

Winston Churchill was determined that any republican sentiments expressed by Franklin Roosevelt- as quoted by his son Elliot Roosevelt- or represented by some of the “wildmen” in the OSS, would “die a-borning.” His aim, which was all too well realized, was to preserve the British Empire, even if in the form of a Commonwealth, and sup¬press republican tendencies wherever.

The rock-drug-counterculture was not an accidental creation spun off from the MK-Ultra project, as these three books contend: It was the MK-Ultra project. All else was either a pretext or a sideline. This is documented in the mate¬rial cited by Weinstein, Thomas, and Marks. Nor did the CIA act alone. British intelligence was a full participant through the Tavistock Institute, which ran social profiles on the Nazis and on various national cultures during and after the war, and which supplied the personnel who in all probability brainwashed Rudolph Hess.

Allen Dulles and MK-Ultra

MK-Ultra, practically understood, may be said to have had its beginning when Allen W. Dulles met with Carl Jung at the Harvard University Tercentenary Conference in 1936. Jung at that time was president of the International Medical Society of Psychotherapy, headquartered in Zurich. This was the beginning of a close collaboration between spymaster Dulles and Jung, whose occultist theories of racial memory were the psychiatric equivalent of Nazi ideology.

During World War II, Allen Dulles was deployed to Berne, Switzerland as part of the American Legation. Dulles was chief of the OSS mission there, and made no secret about it. During those war years, Dulles was shaping policy for the postwar era. Among his preoccupations, according to favorable biographers, were the methods used in what later became known as “brainwashing,” an interest said to have been piqued by the 1937 and 1938 forced confessions in the Moscow purge trials.

During the war years in Switzerland, Dulles renewed his contact with Carl Jung. He also maintained contact with a group of American psychiatrists including the later infamous mind butcher Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill University. Allen Dulles also made the friendship of leading chemists of the Sandoz drug and chemical company, including Dr. Albett Hoffman, the creator of LSD.

Dulles’s contact with American psychiatrists was through the Military Mobilization Committee of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Cameron, whom Dulles would meet personally after the war, joined the committee shortly after Pearl Harbor. Thompson describes Dulles role in Journey into Madness, as follows:

“While Allen Dulles brilliantly manipulated first the German generals and then Admiral Canaris’s Abwehr from his office in Switzerland, he had received invaluable insights into the… enemy’s mentality from Dr. Cameron and other psychiatrists who were members of an ultra-secret committee meeting regularly in the offices of the American Psychiatric Association in Washington to assess the changing attitudes of Germany and its leaders. Dr. Cameron’s insights into the German mentality made it easier for Dulles to have manipulated Himmler’s Gestapo toward overthrowing Hitler, and helped him to use German liberals to spread hysteria among the population. Dr. Cameron had synthesized the techniques in documents like Mass Hysteria in a War Situation. Some of Dr. Cameron’s suggestions had struck Dulles as original and far-reaching-such as his proposal that after the war each surviving German over the age of 12 should receive a short course of electroshock treatment to burn out any remaining vestige of Nazism.”


LSD was discovered by Dr. Albert Hoffman, the Swiss chemist, on April 16, 1943. He was making a witch’s brew of the fungus ergot, which attacks rye. For centuries, the power of its toxic by-products to drive men mad was well known. Reportedly he was studying ergot’s effects on blood circulation. In any event he accidentally ingested the d-lyser¬gic acid diethlylamide (LSD) which he had refined and found that with a dose as small as 11100,000 of an ounce he was thrown into a quasi-psychotic state.

By 1953, the drug was in circulation among the intelligence and psychiatric community, all of whom were them¬ selves “tripping.” It was also being administered to unwitting victims, in order to study how they would react. At Lexington, Kentucky, prisoners were given the drugs of their choice if they allowed themselves to be used as test subjects in the psychedelic experiments. Seven men were kept on LSD for a continuous 77 days. No follow-up studies exist about the effects upon them, but counterculture writer Hunter Thompson described a three-day “trip” as creating a feeling that one’s brain was boiling away in the sun, with ones nerves wrapping around enormous barbed wire forts, and the remaining faculties reduced to their reptilian antecedents. John Lennon of the Beatles took a three-week LSD “trip” which reduced him to walking on all fours. His brain was so “fried” that he lost the capacity to hallucinate while on the drug.

According to Barbara Honegger, in her 1989 book “October Surprise,” the Bureau of Prisons Federal Medical Center in Rochester Minnesota has done “rehabilitation” research, using a drug called haloperidol, reportedly used by the KGB to destroy memory. In November 1953, CIA experimenters decided to test LSD on scientists who were working at the Army Chemical Corps’ Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland. Presumably the choice of subject was dictated by the fact that the Army scientists were working in a related field, and had a high security clearance. On Nov. 18, 1953 a group was invited to a log cabin mountain retreat in western Maryland, ostensibly for a three-day seminar to brainstorm together on biological weapons. One LSD subject, Dr. Frank Olson became seriously deranged as a result of the experience and committed suicide. The affair was covered up for two decades and the testing went on.

A similar case occurred in 1953, when Harold Blauer, a professional tennis player who was suffering from depres¬sion, was asked to volunteer for a new “treatment.” This “treatment” was underwritten by the Army’s Chemical Cen¬ter, which supplied hired psychiatrists working at the New York State Psychiatric Institute to test various derivatives of the hallucinogen mescaline for toxicity. Blauer was coerced into continuing with the project, despite his objections that the tests were making him ill. He died of convulsions during the last test to which he was subjected.

CIA money was conduited through the Geschichte Foundation and the Josiah Macy Foundation for various of these research projects. Student volunteers were “turned on” to drugs through their teachers. Harvard University, from which Timothy Leary came, was a leader in the effort, and the Veterans Hospital at Palo Alto, California recruited counterculture hero Ken Kesey in 1960. In 1963, John len¬ non was slipped LSD several times. Finally, he began to use it deliberately, and modeled his trips according to a script written by Leary. By 1965, it was impossible to function as a rock star without being high on LSD, as John Phillips, founder of the Mamas and Papas, wrote in his autobiography.

Dr. Ewen Cameron

While many psychiatrists were involved in aspects of the CIA’s brainwashing program, Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron was one of those who actually anticipated the practices of Nazi doctors in Germany and CIA doctors in the postwar period. While Huxley, Mead, and Bateson were responsible for creating the policies that gave birth to the rock-drug counterculture’ Cameron was a hard-core brainwasher.

He was simultaneously president of the World, American, and Canadian psychiatric societies, and he created the prestigious Allan Institute in Montreal-financed by the Rockefellers-where he pioneered in using combinations of drugs, sleep therapy and electroshock in experiments on his unwitting patients. Ironically, many of his victims paid for their “treatment.” They were in most cases not psychotic to begin with, although many ended up hopelessly so after undergoing Cameron’s “treatment. ” Despite his fascist views on eugenics and racial purification, Cameron did not discriminate in his choice of victim, such that one was the wife of a Canadian parliamentarian, another a successful businessman and so on.

Donald Ewen Cameron was born in Bridge of Allan, Scotland, in 190 I. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister, and received a diploma in psychological medicine in 1925. He trained at the Royal Mental Hospital in Glasgow, under Sir David Henderson, who had himself been taught by Adolph Meyer. While he is not identified with the Tavistock Institute, a number of articles that he wrote, particularly those profiling the German population, fall directly within the orbit of work sponsored by Tavistock. In 1926, he left for America to work with Meyer at the Phipps Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where Cameron held the Henderson research scholarship in psychiatry. He then moved on to the Burghoelzli Clinic in Switzerland, where he studied under Hans W. Meier, the successor of Eugen Bleuler. Also in Switzerland was A. T. Mathers, from Manitoba, Canada who attracted Cameron to emigrate to Manitoba, in the 1920s. It is questionable why Cameron would have chosen such an out-of-the-way location, unless he wished freedom to do human experimentation on the immigrant population of Manitoba. One would assume that he had some contact with the Jung circle in Switzerland, but this is not documented.

In 1936, he moved to Massachusetts, where he became director of the research division at Worcester State Hospital, and from 1939 to 1943 he was a professor of neurology and psychiatry at Albany Medical College in Albany, New York and at the Russell Sage School of Nursing, which was also in the Albany area. In 1943, he was invited to McGill University in Montreal, and received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and other sources of funding to found the Allan Memorial Institute.

The Nuremberg trials

Ironically-since he violated every one of the humanitarian precepts established there-Cameron was directly involved in giving testimony at the Nuremberg trials. He was one of three North American psychiatrists invited in 1945, to evaluate the sanity of Rudolph Hess. The choice of Cameron for such a prestigious assignment was obviously not fortuitous, because he was already involved in the Anglo-Soviet project to destroy German classical culture, by pretending that Hitler and the Nazi Party were an outgrowth of the Prussian republican tradition, rather than an attack against it. It was the operation by the Tavistock Institute and its American counterparts to destroy German culture-as typified by Friedrich Schiller and Ludwig van Beethoven-which prepared the way for the more ambitious “New Age” project of the counterculture.

Cameron participated in a team effort which included leading Tavistock profiler and brainwasher, John Rawlings Rees, as well as three Soviet psychologists and Britain’s Lord Moran, Winston Churchill’s private physician. Allen Dulles had his own slant on ·the matter. He wanted Cameron to physically examine Hess, because he believed the man standing trial was a substitute provided by the British.

Seven months before he went to Nuremberg, Cameron wrote a paper which established his credentials: It was entitled, “The Social Reorganization of Germany. ” In it, he examined the interaction between the culture of Germany and the character patterns of individuals. His thesis focused on the need for a major “transformation of the existing cultural organization in the postwar period. ” He talked about the need for status, worship of order, regimentation, authoritarian leadership, and fear of other countries which typified, according to him, German culture.

Cameron particularly targeted German youth for attack. He speculated that 30 years thence, those who had been adolescents during the Third Reich, would represent the greatest threat to world peace. In later papers he suggested that all adolescents be given a sample of his shock-regression therapy as a way of reprogramming them.

The counterculture in embryo

Six weeks after returning from Nuremberg he wrote a paper, “Nuremberg and Its Significance,” in which he con¬cluded: “It is not simply against future conspiracies of evil men which we have to guard ourselves but it is against our¬selves, against weaknesses and faults in our own social order, in our own ways of living against which we have to be on continual guard. ”

At this time he began the development of a series of concepts which would become more familiar in the writings of Dr. Benjamin Spock and in the development of the new idea of the validity of a youth culture, which would-be immune to the values and guidance of the adult world.

In a 1946 paper, “Frontiers of Social Psychiatry,” Cameron concluded that social psychiatry must contribute to developing methods of social control over its citizens in order to direct “the transmission of attitudes, beliefs, and ways of managing life.” He wrote: “We now recognize that the transmission to children, and also to people at all ages of beliefs, attitudes, and customs which produce unnecessary anxiety, guilt, feelings of inadequacy and hostility, must come to an end as a matter of public health and individual well-being. We have recognized that many of these damaging ways of being are transmitted by parents who themselves suffer from them. We also recognize the part played by social institutions interested in perpetuating themselves.” In this paper he noted that children have “certain psychological rights” which include the right “to protection against indoctrination with damaging, outmoded attitudes, against the implantation of taboos and inhibitions” by their parents. ”

“All of us have seen the transmission down the generations of insecurity, chronic anxiety, frigidity, feelings of inadequacy. We have at present no means whatsoever of stopping this. It could be stopped, however, by re-modelling and expanding our present concepts of suitability for marriage, of quarantine of individuals suffering from diseases likely to spread to others. ” In “Life is for the Living,” published in 1948, Cameron wrote about those influenced by the Nazis: “If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitudes and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used, may be employed in freeing ourselves from attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress. ”
Cameron became an American citizen in 1942. In 1964, he left Montreal and returned to Albany, where he became the director of the Psychiatry and Aging Research Laboratory at the Veterans Administration Hospital and at Albany Medical College.

Cameron’s method

Electro-convulsive shock therapy was developed in Italy under the fascist Mussolini regime. In 1938 Dr. Ugo Cerletti applied the first electroshock treatment to a mentally ill patient, Umberto Castelli. It was used extensively in the post¬ war period, before the development of tranquilizers, but normally shocks would be given only a few times per week at 110 volts. Cameron used a method developed in England, the Page¬ Russell method, which called for the daily administering of a series of shocks to a patient: an initial one-second shock, followed by five to nine additional shocks, administered while the patient was in seizure. Cameron upped the voltage to 150 volts and increased the number of applications of the shock treatment from one to two or three times per day. He coupled the administration of the shocks with sleep therapy, induced by forcing the patient to ingest heavy doses of drugs. Typically, patients suffered amnesia (sometimes permanently) and at least for a while would lose the ability to control their bodily functions. In some cases, he induced so great a regression in the patient that the ability to speak was lost. One patient was finally lobotomized, and others were so damaged that they ended their lives in state institutions for the hopelessly insane.

Cameron also used sensory deprivation by isolating patients, generally for a 35-day period, but once for as long as 65 days. Normally, an individual could only sustain sensory deprivation for a one-to-two day period, and student volunteers were never kept against their will or for longer than six days, for fear of doing them irreparable psychic damage. Cameron described this as “depatterning,” which was to be followed by reprogramming when Cameron felt that his patient had sufficiently regressed. This was done by playing a tape with one message repetitively for up to 16 hours a day. He would first play a negative message, and then after several weeks, he would substitute a “positive” command. He kept one person in what he called “psychic-driving” for as long as 101 days. This work was contracted and paid for by the CIA, which was interested in its application in reprogramming individuals.

Applications to the counterculture

Cameron’s studies of the use of taped messages, combined with sensory deprivation, the use of drugs and so on, on his patient-victims occurred in the 1950s. Patients were forced to hear these messages, which were played to them through earphones which they could not remove. Cameron further refined his technique by introducing headphones so that the voices would appear to be coming from inside the patient’s head. He then developed filtered recordings which would emphasize ultra high or low sounds at extremes in volume. He would space the sounds, repeat them, use echoes, and ultimately multiply a voice, to add weight to the message. Cameron experimented with echo effects, and different use of sound-tracks which certainly predated modem recording techniques. It is not a great stretch of the imagination to suppose that the use of subliminal messages now found on rock-music records is a technique adapted from Cameron’s work. It should be noted here that Cameron was all too successful in reducing his victims to a regressed state.

Aldous Huxley and MK-Ultra

The Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California, was built up during the 1960s by Michael Murphy, on a property owned by his family. Esalen has been a center for the dissemination of psychedelics, New Age philosophy, and “humanist” psychology into the general culture. Author Murphy credits Aldous Huxley with being a prime catalyst in encouraging him to launch the institute. Gregory Bateson, Huxley, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Allen Ginzburg, Fritz Peris, Abraham Maslow, and other gurus were frequent lecturers there. Charles Manson was known to have visited Esalen, which was also frequented by his victims Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger. Aldous Huxley’s vision of a drug-sodden New Age, in which the population is completely manipulated by social-science controllers, was laid out in his book Brave New World.

Despite the worrying degree to which that vision has been realized, Huxley’s role in MK-Ultra has generally been hidden behind a cultivated academic and religious patina, even though his advocacy of hallucinogenic drugs is acknowledged. Huxley was closely connected to Capt. Albert Hubbard, who was an important operative for the OSS during the Second World War.

Captain Alfred Hubbard

Alfred Hubbard in fact was the person who made the mescaline available to Huxley for his second mescaline “trip.” Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hubbard was responsible for an extremely sensitive covert operation that involved smuggling weapons and war materiel to Great Britain via Vancouver, British Columbia, including destroyers and airplanes. While living in Vancouver, Hubbard be¬ came a Canadian citizen as part of his cover for the OSS, and according to his own report, he personally handled several million dollars, filtered by the OSS through the American consulate to finance covert operations in Europe.

By 1951, Hubbard was a millionaire, having invested in uranium mines. That same year, Captain Hubbard was reportedly introduced to LSD by Dr. Ronald Sandison of Great Britain. Dr. Sandison would establish the first LSD clinic open to the public in 1953, using low-dose techniques. Sandison’s approach would be replicated throughout Europe in the next few years. Hubbard became an enthusiast for LSD, writing about his mystical experiences. In 1951, he began buying vast quantities of LSD, which he introduced into the elite social circles in which he traveled. He maintained close contact with the CIA, which closely monitored all LSD supplies.

Hubbard become deputy chief of security at the Los Vegas Tropicana Hotel. He was a close friend of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and engaged in undercover work for a number of government agencies, including the Federal Narcotics Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration, both of which were assisting the CIA’s drug programs.

Dr. Humphrey Osmondd

In the 1950s, Dr. Humphrey Osmond was a young British psychiatrist working with mescaline at Weyburn Hospital in Saskatchewan, Canada. Osmond’s work in Saskatchewan ran parallel to Dr. Cameron’s in Montreal and Hubbard’s in Vancouver. While Osmond denied CIA sponsorship, he did not deny that the CIA closely monitored his work with the mentally ill. In 1952 Osmond had drawn attention to the structural similarity between the mescaline and adrenaline molecules, implying that schizophrenia might be a form of self-intoxication caused by the body mistakenly producing its own hallucinogenic compounds. That work had attracted the attention of Huxley, and in 1953, Osmond flew to Los Angeles with a supply of mescaline. It was from him that Huxley first sampled the drug. In the 1950s, Dr. Osmond worked with Alfred Hubbard to set up alcoholism programs using high-dose LSD therapy, an approach Hubbard “pioneered.’ The same idea was then applied to juvenile delinquents, narcotics addicts, and the mentally ill.

Osmond left Canada in 1963 and joined a group of re¬searchers at the Princeton Neuropsychiatric Institute. There Osmond worked with Bernard Aaranson, whose studies were funded through a CIA cut-out, the Society for the Study of Human Ecology, the same society funding Dr. Cameron’s brain butchery and electroshock therapy-often combined with drugs-at McGill University. It was Osmond who in 1957 coined the term “psychedelics,” meaning “mind manifesting.” His purpose, shared with Huxley, was to replace the term psychotomimetic, which implied experimentally induced psychosis. Osmond and Aaranson co-authored an anthology entitled Psychedelics.

After MK-Ultra

By the 1970s, LSD was a fixed part of Western “youth culture” and the CIA was ready to move onto the formation of Satanic cults. This was run out of the CIA Office of Re¬search and Development (ORD), but the CIA men introduced themselves as researchers from the Scientific Engineering Institute. Clairvoyants and astrologers were hired. In May of 1971 there were three astrologers on the payroll. Among other things their job was forecasting. At the same time, Operation OFTEN was launched to go deeper into demonology. The CIA behaviorists hired Sybil Leek, a Houston sorceress, and they gave a grant to the University of South Carolina to establish a course in sorcery. Two hundred and fifty students enrolled. The scientists of Operation Often studied carefully the results of classes devoted to “fertility rites and initiation rites and raising the dead.”

At Harvard, students and faculty concentrated their attention on the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a Satanic group to which was connected former Boston U.S. Attorney John Markham, prosecutor in two trials against Lyndon La Rouche. In an earlier phase, the CIA had studied the susceptibility of students who were undergoing sensory deprivation, to occultist propaganda, and they found that some became occultists and remained so. By the end of the decade, the emphasis shifted to deprogramming. By this time a proliferation of occult groups and kook groups had sprung up. Some used drugs, others preyed upon young people who had been through the drug culture and were looking for moorings.

The same psychiatrists who had pioneered the MK-Ultra project, and their students, now became employed by groups such as the American Family Foundation (AFF). A case in point is Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who participated in MK¬ Ultra-funded research at the University of Oklahoma, ac¬ cording to Senate testimony.

Dr. Jolly West

West is sometimes laughed off as an MK-Ultra researcher who couldn’t shoot straight. Attempting to chemically produce the state of a bull elephant in rut, Jolly injected it with a huge dose of LSD-25. The poor beast fell into a stupor and died. Huxley’s friend, Dr. West was the head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma during the 1950s and early 19608, doing research on LSD hypnosis and “the psychology of dissociated states” for the CIA. Huxley was quite helpful to him. Huxley suggested to Dr. West during an MK-Ultra experiment that West hypnotize his subjects prior to administering LSD in order to give them “post-hypnotic suggestions aimed at orienting the drug-induced experience in some desired direction. ”

Such work is of particular interest given that in 1964 Dr. West took part in the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination. West was called upon by the government to examine Jack Ruby, whom West declared to be in a “paranoid state manifested by delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, and suicidal impulses.” West said that Ruby wasn’t faking be¬ cause a faker would have asserted that he was indeed mentally ill, while Ruby insisted that he was healthy.

During the “summer of love” in 1967, West rented an apartment in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco to study the “hippies,” certainly a by-product of his work.
After moving to Los Angeles, Dr. West became chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles and director of its Neuropsychiatric Institute. In the 1970s West became infamous for his plans to create a “Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. ” Backed to the hilt by Gov. Ronald Reagan, he proposed a Brave New World monitoring system for criminals and those predicted to engage in violent behavior, including “pre-delinquent children. ”

Today he is a leading member of the American Family Foundation. Most recently, these same psychiatrists and social scientists have been running cover for Satanists by denying the existence of Satanic child abuse. The FBI’s “expert” on cults, Kenneth Lanning, is notorious in this regard for his statement that “more people have been killed in the name of Christ than in the name of Satan. ”

The ideology of these brainwashers is truly Satanic. They believe themselves to be above good and evil. They would reduce every man, woman, and child to the condition of a beast to be conditioned. It is not that they reject the truth that every human being has an immortal soul, but they would knowingly destroy that soul. Surely, whether or not they consciously submit their being to Satan, these men are truly his instruments.

Dr. William Sargant, a British psychiatrist with Tavistock, was an associate of Cameron. He claimed to disagree with some of the more brutal aspects of Cameron’s treatment of patients, yet he himself had pioneered during and after the Second World War, a series of seminal studies on brainwashing. His first work involved shell-shocked troops. He would give them “truth serums” and then force them to relive traumatic experiences. He found that if they were sufficiently agitated, a period of calm would follow, during which they would be in a suggestible state. This process, which he called abreaction, frequently resulted in shaking the soldiers free from obsessions which they had developed as a result of battle strain. He sought a theoretical basis for this in the work of the Soviet behaviorist psychologist Ivan Pavlov. ‘

Pavlov had observed that when dogs were severely stressed they would frequently forget recently learned skills, but they would easily pick up new habits. Sargant generalized that sensory overload of the brain would similarly render a human highly suggestible. This led him to study primitive ceremonies such as voodoo, which would place participants in a trance-like state.

His studies of brainwashing techniques involved travels to Haiti and Africa, where he developed parallels between primitive witchcraft ceremonies and rock music festivals, which he described in his books. He also looked at fundamentalist religious ceremonies from the same perspective. In his book “Battle for the Mind,” he developed various examples. Underscoring the message with a picture of the Beatles bearing the caption “Beatle Possession,” he writes: “Any method which induces states of excitement leading to a suitable degree of exhaustion and consequent alteration in brain function can work miracles on its own.”

Sargant concluded his book with an honest admission of his repudiation of the truth of Christianity (or Judaism). For him there is no natural law; all truth is relative, and the gods (not God) are the creation of man. He writes: “Perhaps we must therefore conclude that it is man who has created the gods and made them in his image, reflecting his varying imaginings, aspirations and fears, just as he, and not some mysterious fate or necessity or abstract historical dynamic, has created his varying political creeds and moral codes. And yet we need faith.

“Without faith of some sort living becomes extraordinarily difficult. We do not live by reason alone and we have to take all sorts of people and assumptions on trust. We need confidence in ourselves, in the value of the work we do, in certain people and standards. We cannot, or most of us can¬not, forever be doubting and questioning and withholding final judgment on everything and everyone. Most of us quite evidently need the support of some general religious, political or social framework of faith, however bizarre or dangerous a particular belief-system may be. . . .

“In the future, the conquest and control of man’s mind is going to be a far more important matter for us than all the development of bigger and better nuclear weapons, and it is essential that we learn all we can about how the brain works and how human beings can be psychologically coerced. . . .”

The exposure of how the secret government has and continues to dabble in mind control is extremely valuable, and each of the three books should be read. They are painful but they are informative, bearing in mind the limitations in viewpoint mentioned above.

Books reviewed in this article

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