ETK (Webmaster) Introduction:

Obvious Parallels Between the Russian and American “Mafia States” Include:

1) Both states are owned and ultimately run by “a secretive and paranoid oligarchy“ (aka New World Order and International Zionists Criminal Syndicate or IZCS)
2) Both Russia and US secret services create/invent civil unrest and “terrorism” as a means of suppressing domestic “dissent” (criticism of government).
3) Both Russia and the US utilize “counter-intelligence stalking”/”operational psychology”/Zersetzung/”soft torture” primarily by intelligence agencies (FSB and CIA systems) to secretly, extra-judicially and illegally harass and destroy “internal enemies.” (“dissenters”/critics of government)
4) Most “targets” are invented enemies rather than real ones. Targets/“enemies” typically include artists, pastors, local church groups, peace activists, and critics of government policies. Often, these individuals are portrayed in the media as “terrorist zombies.”
5) Targeting operations are carried out “in absolute operational secrecy and total conspiracy.”
6) The most powerful intelligence agencies (Russian FSB and US CIA) are criminal organizations that, in turn, control organized crime… (arms and drugs trafficking, money laundering, personal enrichment, protection for gangsters, extortion and kickbacks, suitcases full of money and secret offshore bank accounts in Cyprus and Switzerland).
7) Russia and the US are by run by an odd coupling of government officials, oligarchs, intelligence agencies, and organized crime bosses.
8) The state has vice-like control over the media.
9) The entire system is based on corruption, class warfare, fomenting ethnic divisions, and works toward increasing wealth disparities between the rich and the poor.
10) Behind the public relations facades, both Russia and the US are brutal “virtual mafia states”/kleptocracies. The state is effectively a front for a private-sector moneymaking business.
11) Intelligence services of both states fan the flames of ethnic division to increase violent protest and violent state terror. Brutal “counter-terrorism” methods employed by the state spawns more violent resistance from ethnic groups, calling for more repression and more “counter-terrorism.” In this manner, the state creates its own enemies and ensures the perpetuation of the war on terrorism-national security system.
12) US co-operates with the FSB and Russia’s interior ministry on counter-terrorism, organized crime, bio-terrorism and cyber-crime; Washington invites a Russian law enforcement officer to attend the FBI’s national academy in Quantico, Virginia. The FSB’s elite Alpha Team, tasked with hostage rescue missions, also trains at Quantico with its US counterpart.
13) Due to widespread corruption, truth-telling is dangerous and unpopular. (Hence, both states respond to truth-tellers (so-called “dissidents”) by directing gang stalking/Zersetzung operations against them.
14) Both nations are modern fascist dictatorships.

Quotes From “The Mafia State” by Luke Harding (2011)

I. The Elite:

p. 255: “In a state run by a secretive and paranoid oligarchy, it is usually impossible to find out the reasons for any administrative decision.”

II. The FSB (Federal Security Service) and Organized Crime

p. 240: “I discover that the White House is under no illusions about the nature of the FSB’s activities. It is, in essence, a criminal organization, offering protection to gangsters and extorting bribes from large businesses.

p. 241: (I