The following 11 original youtube videos are derived from the 74 tracks of the “Lifeline Project” (“Lifeline: Essential Insights and Healing Music for Illegally Targeted Civilians”) which is being released in October, 2020.

The entire project or individual tracks from “The Lifeline Project” can be viewed and purchased here:

The Lifeline Project

1) Behind the Lies That Blind

2) The Global Gestapo: Introduction by Dr. Eric Karlstrom

3) The National Security Racketeering Network

4) Testimony of Stephen O’Keefe (Targeted Individual)

5) Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning To Humanity

6) A Race of Cybernetic Slaves

7) Laws of God and Man Violated By Global Organized Stalking Operations

8) TI Tom Dooley (Targeted Individual)

9) Mama Don’t Allow No Gangstalkin’ Round Here

10) Spy

11) I Want To Map Your Brain