Episode 5: Opening the Five Eyes: “Control Orders” – a #1vs5i Live Event Suzie Dawson, Oct. 20, 2019

Webmaster Introduction: “The Global Network” (aka “NSA Global Spy Network”) IS “the architecture of oppression” that rules and shapes the world. Drawing on her experience as a TI and a journalist-researcher, Suzie Dawson exposes this “architecture of oppression” in her 10-part series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies.” The system is comprised of covert SIGINT and HUMINT ops carried out by NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, GCHQ, JTRIG, MI6, MI5, etc. – and their private security and intelligence agencies that manage street level operations- and it continues to secretly target and destroy honest, incorruptible activists, scientists, truth-tellers, and innumerable others who are watchlisted and flagged as “potential terrorist threats” or considered “enemies of the state,” “persons of interest,” etc.

This horrific and reprehensible system, aka “The National Security Racketeering Network,” is a “growth industry.” It is the largest black and black-market op AND “Crime Against Humanity” in human history. It radically ramped up after 9/11 and continues to expand across the globe today as a for-profit enterprise.

In episodes 6 through 9, Dawson and guests analyze documents from JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group), a part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters; the British equivalent of the NSA) and expose the manuals, psychological tricks, methodologies, and protocols deployed in these nefarious operations. My opinion is that these psychological warfare techniques derive mainly from government-military-intelligence agency’s weaponization of psychology and other sciences which has been conducted by Britain’s Tavistock Institute (1921 onward) and the US governments’ Macy Conferences-CIA MKULTRA+ mind control programs (1947 onward).

The satanic nature of these programs cannot be dismissed. The Christian ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the very underpinning of Western Christian civilization, is hereby replaced by a comprehensive system of comprehensive psychological abuse, trauma and torture which, in effect, is the overt expression of “hate, degrade, deceive, and destroy thy neighbor.”

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks (kills, strikes, smites down, smites) a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

Deuteronomy 27:24

I believe this curse now extends to the agencies, police units, businesses, nations, scientists, academics, populations, and individuals that participate in, financially support, and/or tacitly acquiesce to this (beyond) despicable torture-murder system. I believe we can translate the word “curse” to “bound for hell.”

Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson takes us to school on the so-called “Terrorism Suppression Control Orders Bill” currently tabled in New Zealand Parliament

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1 month ago
God Bless & Keep You Safe – Speaking Truths is no longer acceptable by the Evil that control this Earth.

Mizaan Adela AKALena
1 year ago
Hi Suzi. Idk but hope you get this message & I wish you your children loved ones Strength Sanity, Security, Safety during your Asylum Journey. 💔
How do ordinary private citizens n NZ find out if they have a control order on them & who do they ask for a record of that information? Is that possible? Tysm 4 the self sacrificing work u do for everyone. I’ve been locked out of 2FA authentication to my Facebook since March 2019. No explanation no recourse? & since the 20 October 2019 edit blocked from my Quora public Profile (Quora won’t let me use my online social media & Muslim identity Arabic Name ) & they know I’m a documented Overseas workplace rape victim obstruction of justice overseas & in NZ 2007-2012 & a Life Insurance targeted /defrauded Widow & single Mum, as a direct result of my late husbands sudden death & defamation 1998-2004. (Im not breaching Quora. com real name policy -plse go see my Quora public profile for your self) If I wasn’t systematically silenced, shadow blocked, isolated, and my 2 grown children tarnished targeted too I would be able to do more than just share promote your case to just my private twitter account @MrsS_12 & now my blocked Quora. Com profile Mizaan Adela aka Lena account. Hope this was helpful..

tj antipas
1 year ago
Kia kaha sis

anna belle
1 year ago
We are all Joseph K now.

1 year ago
When will the terrorists at the Intelligence agencies be held accountable for their acts of terrorism?