Episode 4: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Methods of the Spies – Suzie Dawson, 10/13/19

Webmaster Introduction: “The Global Network” (aka “NSA Global Spy Network”) IS “the architecture of oppression” that rules and shapes the world. Drawing on her experience as a TI and a journalist-researcher, Suzie Dawson exposes this “architecture of oppression” in her 10-part series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies.” The system is comprised of covert SIGINT and HUMINT ops carried out by NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, GCHQ, JTRIG, MI6, MI5, etc. – and their private security and intelligence agencies that manage street level operations- and it continues to secretly target and destroy honest, incorruptible activists, scientists, truth-tellers, and innumerable others who are watchlisted and flagged as “potential terrorist threats” or considered “enemies of the state,” “persons of interest,” etc.

This horrific and reprehensible system, aka “The National Security Racketeering Network,” is a “growth industry.” It is the largest black and black-market op AND “Crime Against Humanity” in human history. It radically ramped up after 9/11 and continues to expand across the globe today as a for-profit enterprise.

In episodes 6 through 9, Dawson and guests analyze documents from JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group), a part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters; the British equivalent of the NSA) and expose the manuals, psychological tricks, methodologies, and protocols deployed in these nefarious operations. My opinion is that these psychological warfare techniques derive mainly from government-military-intelligence agency’s weaponization of psychology and other sciences which has been conducted by Britain’s Tavistock Institute (1921 onward) and the US governments’ Macy Conferences-CIA MKULTRA+ mind control programs (1947 onward).

The satanic nature of these programs cannot be dismissed. The Christian ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the very underpinning of Western Christian civilization, is hereby replaced by a comprehensive system of comprehensive psychological abuse, trauma and torture which, in effect, is the overt expression of “hate, degrade, deceive, and destroy thy neighbor.”

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks (kills, strikes, smites down, smites) a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

Deuteronomy 27:24

I believe this curse now extends to the agencies, police units, businesses, nations, scientists, academics, populations, and individuals that participate in, financially support, and/or tacitly acquiesce to this (beyond) despicable torture-murder system. I believe we can translate the word “curse” to “bound for hell.”

Suzi 3D
Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson takes us to school on how Western intelligence agencies benefit from and are involved in fomenting World War III.

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Esteleen Westby
1 year ago
What an amazing presentation. Absolutely floored. Wow! Thank you.

David Jonathan Allan
1 year ago
Thank for your heartfelt testimonial. I am so very sorry for your suffering. You will be in my prayers.

Temperenc eLe menTeL
1 year ago

cat terrell
1 year ago
I see world war prepping, for sure, all around me.

Mr K
1 year ago (edited)
16:30 The meroticracy does not exist.

Does anyone remember the Steve Jobs/Apple movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley? They like the Horatio Alger aspect of guys in a basement inventing the next new technology. What they leave out or obscure is the part where Laurance Rockefeller’s CEO of his VenRock Associates, Mike Markkula, came along and made all their problems go away.

Markkula came from Intel, another VenRock company.

Mike Markkula

Co-founder, angel investor,former CEO and Chairman

Gilead Sciences was headed by Donald Rumsfeld…

” Over the years the firm invested in what would later become big winners, including Intel INTC +1.47%, Apple AAPL +2.35%, 3Com and drug company Gilead Sciences. The firm opened up to outside investors in 1995. “


How Venrock Is Reinventing Itself – Forbes

Kerry A. Dolan ,Forbes Staff I track the world’s wealthiest people and their philanthropy.

How Apple met VenRock:

SOURCE: Return to the little kingdom: Steve Jobs, the creation of Apple and how it…

by Michael Moritz

Once again Apple turned to familiar faces. Hank Smith had been one of Markkula’s colleages at both Fairchild and Intel. He was an exuberant man with bouncy ginger hair who had left Intel and move to New York to become general partner of Ventrock the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family.

In the informal hierarchy of venture funds, Venrock, ranked among the best, and there was the additional advantage that it had not yet financed any microcomputer companies. Markkula first approached Smith in the spring of 1977 and for several months Venrock monitored Apple’s progress. John Hall, who had helped write the business plan, called on Venrock and discussed Apple’s prospects with two of the partners. When Smith was on the West Coast, visiting other Venrock investments, he made a point of dropping by Apple’s Cupertino office. The venture-capital firm made about seven investments that year, but there was nothing apart from a personal relationship that drew its people toward Apple. Hank Smith said, “We probably wouldn’t have looked at Apple had I not known Mike Markkula.” Eventually, in the fall of 1977, Markkula was invited, along with Jobs and Scott, to meet Venrock’s other partners and present their projections for Apple.

Boy Levendis
1 year ago (edited)
The coalition of the willing allies is a list growing shorter… HOORAY!

Don’t be hard on yourself as a mother. i suspect that your children are far from misguided.

ella clement
1 year ago
I agree to some extent, but there is also the whole- what we dont know scares us. So ok, we all know by now the military has access to technology before we do. If were going to do this whole waterfall of of how technology becomes available, what I want to know, is which technology exactly is it that you are referring to, that you wish was in the hand of the public at the same time? So many what ifs buts and maybes.

Rick M
1 year ago
I support and so appreciate your work and as a ti myself know the darkness we are up against.
But please Suzi, I am not being petty, but, with all due respect, blaspheming the name of Jesus just isnt appropiate.