Webmaster’s Trascription of Highlights From Episode 3:

1) In the first week of this 10-part series, we had a very high level overview of what the 5 Eyes intelligence apparatus is and some of my concerns around the way that it functions. And we had a slide show presentation I put together.

2) In the second week, I had my friend Elizabeth Mueller, who is a fellow targeted activist and researcher, on to talk about her findings from the Wikileaks project’s ICWatch. And we had a look at some of the different job descriptions and details of what various subcontractors of the global intelligence apparatus have been doing based on information from their own CVs.

This is a fund-raising stream for the ivs5i campaign. I am endeavoring to take legal action against the agencies that have violated my rights and the rights of many other citizens around the world. So we need a war chest to take on these agencies.

In the first week, we showed this slide and talked about who the 5 Eyes are and the different collections of eyes:

And we talked about the relationships of what the NSA calls it’s Global Network has with its partner agencies from various countries around the world who are effectively vassals of this International Security State. We talked about their adversaries and targets and we talked about the prospective countries who are not owned by the Global Network yet but are on the agenda to be. That is depicted in this slide

Then we talked about the way that NSA sucks up all the data from all the countries around the world but then gives some portion of that data back to those countries, as per this slide:

We talked about the legislation and policy framework that underpins all of this, as in this slide:

And we talked about the latest legislative trends, including anti-privacy and anti-due process trends.

How the Global Network controls society: