1) Texe Marrs; (The Master Plan) For Pandemic- The Ebola Invasion of America- October 31, 2104

In this one, Texe Marrs gives the big picture of using fake pandemics and bioweapons to take down America

2) Texe Marrs: Communism is Judaism Unfolding Feb. 16, 2015

3) Texe Marrs; Mystery Babylon Lives July 19, 2014

4) Texe Marrs: Holy Serpent of the Jews June 25, 2016

5) Texe Marrs: Satan’s Anhiliation Cult: Unveiling the Blackest Secret of the Devil’s People

6) Texe Marrs: The Serpents in Our Midst Feb. 18, 2017

7) The Kabbalah- Foundation for Satanism, Theosophy, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Judaism

8) Robots and DNA Science Advance (with Jeff Rense!)

9) The Shadow Government- Secret Intelligence Operations in America

10) Texe Marrs: Killing America