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Notes from Four Chemtrail DVDs

Directed Energy Weapons
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 8, 2024

Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP

February 25, 2014

Jerry Smith on HAARP

February 25, 2014

Bruce Gagnon, Researcher

February 25, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Researcher

February 25, 2014

Notes from Four Chemtrail DVDs

February 25, 2014

Organized Gang Stalking Quotes

February 23, 2014

Climate Engineers – Geoff Brady 2006.  Pacifica radio broadcast.  Notes from DVD.

Chemtrails– Clifford Carnicom (2005)

Weather Warfare– History Channel (2008)

Soviet Weather Engineering over North America- Tom Bearden- 1985

Climate Engineers- Geoff Brady 2006

Officially acknowledged fleet of 740 US air force tanker aircraft Boeing 707s modified to carry about 130,000 gallons of liquid.  KC -10 (DC-10 airliners modified to carry about twice that amount) (260,000 gallons.  Smallest plane can carry loads of 10,000 lbs of metal.  767s can loft ¼ million pounds.  Numerous 747s can haul a half million pounds of metals into the atmosphere.

Man-made clouds.   Loss of blue sky.  Classified operations.  Contrails don’t look that way.

Lawrence Livermore lab- weather warfare.  Allen Gross (NY), Rosalind Peterson- global dimming- impact on animals and crop production.  Dramatic spiking in heavy metals.  Water tests in California.  Unusual spiking of barium, aluminum, manganese.   Other harmful effects- introduction of ancient microbes and fungus that normally live miles above.  Bacteria, viruses living in upper atmosphere- now coming down.  What would happen if they are brought down to the surface by small chemtrail particulates.

Illnesses- persistent dry hacking cough, severe headach and nose bleeds, sudden asthma attacks from people who never suffered from asthma, inability to concentrate, short term memory loss,

Aerosol project works in association with directed energy beams that interact with conductive layer of sprayed particles of barium and aluminum floating in the ionosphere- Steven they mark areas to be made visible by satellite imaging.

Military is making a chess board grid- each one is a pixel capable of being moved independently.  This began in the 1980’s, became ubiquitous across the states in the 90s.  You see more and more plans active especially in front of a front.

HAARP- array of antennas.  360 towers, 72 feet high, direct high frequency rays into the ionosphere.  Energy can lift the ionosphere into space, creating vacuum that is filled in by surrounding atmosphere.  (Ionospheric heater).  Also can create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Moving storm fronts- Scientists can monitor by weather satellite where jet aircraft are marking aerosol trails along weather boundaries and can direct energy beams to nudge the  weather system- or jet stream.  Also, Doppler radar and HAARP are used together- Dopler actually affects the charges of clouds.  You can manipulate and massage a storm front.  HAARP is being used to pull arctic air down.  Dopler is being used to drive moist air up north.    This produces storm fronts.  The process can be reversed in the summer- to push cold air up north.

Hurricanes- evidence that artificial high pressure was created over north America during the 2006 hurricane season- hence, no hurricanes made landfall in US.  Probably it was set in place because it was an election year.

Worldwide- another 800 coal fired power plants to be built in the next decade.

Catastrophic Climate Change conference in Albany, New York.

Climate engineering schemes-

Giant mirrors floating in orbit,  aerosol programs

2 major schemes- put screen between earth and sun- dim the sunlight.   Put sulfur stratosphere.  Multi-national corporations game the system to maximize profit from what’s left of the world’s oil supply.

Ongoing weather modification projects are conducted unofficially in plane sight.

Bill 517- House Bill 2995.  Weather modification projects in.  In the US it is illegal to conduct scientific experimentation on people without their knowledge and consent.

John Holdren (Obama’s science advisor), Obama ad. Is considering radical projects to offset dire threat of global warming.  Including shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect sun’s rays.   Multi-tiered global effort that has been going on for over 10 years.

There are up to 60 weather control operations ongoing in the US.  New weather control legislation would protect private companies and government agencies from liability of past damage.

Nov. 2006- Prof. Gregory Binford- UC Irvine.   Need to make climate science an active science and do experiments and learn from them.   Experiment: Put diatomaceous earth (small bits of silicon dioxide) from remains of ancient sea creatures.   Do it every summer- you get measureable result.   Climate restoration.  (physicist).     Do it over 60 to 70 degrees latitude.   Avoid spraying or dumping reflective particles over land.

Most aerosols are put into military airspace over land and sea.   Unusual beautiful clouds- just plain weird.  Nick Begich, HAARP.  Persistent jet contrails create clouds (NASA).

Electromagnetic stuff- pulses-

Wayne:  Saw straight line chem. trails, criss-crosses, X’s, 30 or 40 in sky at once.- all over    Over Manhattan, north Jersey, Conneticut, NYC.  Instead of going to work, he drove 100s of miles towards Catskill mountains-  The trails went for hundreds of miles.  Some individual trails went over 100 miles- straight like a ruler.  So many, the whole sky was full of them.

New York Skywatchers.  California skywatchers.

Alan Buckman- wildlife biologist with dept. of fish and game – 38 years as a field biologist- trees are dying off.   Persistent jet clouds.

He was weather observer with US Air Force.  He studied microbes.  Products actually work- protect the plants from

Planes are not commercial jets- they are C-141 jets- unmarked, white, flying military airspace.  Largest tankers we have.    Insect pests have targeted the trees because it is weak.  It becomes an easy target.

Aerosolized nano-particles (smart dust)- micro-sensors are sprayed in swarms that embed in hard targets- receiving and transmitting information.  “Ground-based platforms” that rely heavily on ground-based mechanics and micro-technology- to shrink platforms to microscopic sizes- can be inserted through water or food supply or aerial seeding operations using UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles.   Micro-transmitters thinner than human hair can transmit data via UAV or satellite relay.

Are these operations being conducted over large population centers?    Jelly on cars.

Dynomat produces Dynogel- polymer put into cloud – it absorbs 2000 times its weight in water and keeps it from raining- weather modifier.  Forms gellatinous substance that rains down.

100,000s have  documented the chemtrails and realize that they are related to weather modification operations.    Weather control legislation pending in congress has no Environmental Impact statement or public oversight.

Dangerous system of trading pollution credits written into Climate Security Act.  climate credit corporation designed to buy and sell pollution credits.  A credit could be a forest for example.  It sequesters carbon, helps our watersheds and gives off oxygen.    Banks are written into climate security Act at tax payer expense.  In some states they are measuring the size of trees in the forests to determine how much of a credit they are.   So middle man will buy the credits and they will approach the land owners and offer to buy not the land but the credit it offers the environment.     Some land owners have refused to sell the credits so as not to allow the banks to make money on them.   The climate credit corporation would then sell it to a polluter- so now the polluter can pollute more.   So the system takes an asset and turns it into a pollution credit for someone else.

Banks can buy credits and sell them to an industry.

Environmental groups have not joined public effort to demand accountability for weather control projects.

Chemtrails:  A Global Covert Operation- from Carnicom’s DVD- Chemtrails- Dominion and Control- intelligence services,

Biological components found in aerosols, including fibers and molds,

Atmosphere has now been modified into a plasma state- i.e., an electrified gas.  Atmosphere is being used for EM applications.

ELF energy is connected to EM nature of humans and human health.  Artificial pulse energy- is part of our unseen environment.  Ionizing metallic salts are within our atmosphere.  We have altered EM environment.

Is this to protect us from cosmic rays or UV radiation?   It’s affecting everyone.  No longer the joy to go hiking.  People have more respiratory, sinus, and health problems.  Public will have to get very concerned soon.

Multiple operations are going on.  The New Mexican Puebloans call this “the death winds.”    Gwen Scott.   This is the biggest story in entire recorded history.  Thery are afraid, there is fear- they know who is doing it and they are afraid.  This is big.   It’s happening in almost every country in the world.

Gwen Scott, N.D., fungus is showing up in air supply- it compromises immune system by consuming using elements that immune system needs to rebuild itself, many more colds and flus, epidemic, more cancers and devastating diseases, fungal invasion – it eats nutrients that immune system uses to rebuild itself,

Garlic, Chinese mushrooms (Shitake), caprillic acid, colloidal silver is a major anti-fungal, we are getting lots of particulate heavy metals, including aluminum (which can cross blood-brain barrier- alzheimers, and short term memory loss), you need essential fatty acids in your system so that your body can push out aluminum out into your hair- these include flax seed oil, krill oil, Omega3 oils,

Barium is part of the mix- it is carcinogenic and knocks potassium out of your body, gives heart palpitations, to replace K-

Also titanium and magnesium, (why are we seeing so many blood clots?)  when you combine Al and Mg ions, they clot the blood.  Ginger root is great for blood thinning, ginko baloba also thins the blood.

To mitigate- wear a mask outdoors, diatomaceous clay attracts heavy metals, bentonite, food grade, colloidal silver nasal spray is good for sinus infections.

Death from respiratory problems has gone from #8 to almost #3 in last 5 years.   This is a cumulative poisoning.   It will demonstrate in many different ways.  This gives more and more people who don’t feel well.   Get vitamin and mineral supplement program going.

“They” know it is harming us.   It is not going to go away.

Drought inducement…. (2002- Carnicom).  Global Warming and Ice Ages, Teller, Global Warming and Aerosols, by Carnicom.

What’s going on simultaneously:

  1. environmental engineering, modification, and control
  2. electromagnetic operations
  3. military operations
  4. biological operations
  5. planetary and geophysical changes

#1- physical nature of atmosphere has been changed- hygroscopic, water-seeking salts have been added.   Operations frequently occur before an advancing storm front.  The salts reduce the amounts of moisture that reaches the ground.  Moisture levels of weather systems have been altered.  Drought is now commonplace and widespread.

Data does not support contention that spraying is benevolent attempt to mitigate effects of global warming.  Most operations actually increase heat levels of lower atmosphere.  Drought conditions are exacerbated by aerosols.

Conductive aerosols- modify electrical nature of atmosphere.  Storms and lightning, produces thermal or heat instabilities, fundamental agenda within aerosol operations.  2025 document.

Eggshell of life that surrounds planet.

2) Electromagnetic properties of atmosphere have been changed.  Charged electrical particles- ions- some elements are charged with energy from UV light and visible light.  Barium for example- to modify the atmosphere electrically and magnetically.  A small change can produce a major effect.  Less than 1% of upper atmosphere becomes ionized this changes the characteristics of the layer.  It can now carry electrical currents and reflect, deflect and scatter radio waves.  Small changes in upper or lower atmosphere will completely alter the way the atmosphere operates and can be used.

Plasma physics- plasma is an electrically conductive gas- neon or florescent lights for example – there is a source of ions and electrons within the gas.  Electrons can be used to carry current.  “electron density”  the basic electrical properties of our atmosphere have been changed.   Changes in heat and energy.

3) military operations.  Lack of openness under guise of national security.    Control the atmosphere and you control all life.  Physics of energized gas or atmosphere.  HAARP-

Patent 4686605 by Eastlund, 1987- A Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere.

Referenes Tesla.  Use of atmosphere as medium for sending energy from point A to point B.    Ionospheric heating- puts unprecedented amounts of power , maintained by pulsing of energy,  recommends using large clouds of barium so that ionization by sunlight will increase the electron density within the plasma environment.

Amount of power in HAARP- Eastland said it has same power as a heave type nuclear device- it can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself.   It has numerous military applications, interfere with or enhance communications, molecular change of atmosphere.  This includes forcing the descent of particles from atmosphere to ground with ELF radiation from HAARP.

4) Biological applications- 1977.  Senate had hearings on use of secret tests on unsuspecting Americans.   Biological components have been identified within samples- EPA refused to identify these materials- use of dessication, extremely advanced biotechnical methods are used,

  1. geophysical considerations- energy levels of altered plasma- including earth changes.  Dramatic earth changes are forseen.  Major climatic changes and magnetic field changes.  Theoretical – plasma shield around the earth can accumulate energy.  Can it be harnassed?

Weather Warfare- History Channel.  2008. Notes

Triggered lightning experiments- in New Mexico.  How does lighting get started.    Lightning occurs when liquid ice particles collide building up large electrical fields in clouds.    Once you know how to trigger lightning, weaponizing will be easy.  Can take out radar systems, can interfere with computer software.

Lightning has temps over 50,000 degrees F.   one strike can spread out over 5 miles.  How do you aim it.  How do you trigger it?  Technology has to be plausibly deniable.   Nevada lightning lab.   To make lightning- 2 tesla coils generate19 million volts of electricity- and  temps of 11,000 degrees F.

100 to 300 million volts need to build up to make a lightning strike.  A single strike would power the western US but only for a split second.

Tesla- founding father of directed energy weapons.  Laid foundations for all sorts of weather warfare and modification.  1891, Tesla invented transformer coils- he developed AC.  He put man on his quest to control weather.  His theory was use ELF waves- low level electrical currents emitted – if they can be beamed into ionosphere- this would create heat and push the ionosphere out into space.  This pushes up ionosphere- it acts as a giant dam that re-routes jet stream.  Jet flows 6 to 9 miles up in the atmosphere- speeds up to 300 mph.  Focused high velocity rope of air at 50,000 to 60,000 feet up – it moves billions of gallons of water around the world  like a giant river.  IT moves all the water around our world.  Life-blood of planet earth.

July 1976- blackouts in worldwide communications- unknown radio signals- woodpecker- tapping- 10 beats then it would stop.  From Soviet Union.  Russian woodpecker.  Russians had secretly constructed gigantic transmitter and were beaming ELFs- kept it up until 1989.  Large radar- pumping out millions of watts- each tick was a pulse that was sent out.  They were trying to detect if missiles were being sent.  Other possibilities were- was creating artificial ionization in upper atmosphere- could have been bending jet stream and altering weather patterns.  Put radio waves into atmosphere.    Was it a cold war weapon?

From 1987- 1992 – California had its most severe drought in history.  Some believe it was because of mysteriously stalled high pressure system 800 miles offshore.

Plausible deniability of weather warfare.    Covert wars-

Feb., 1992, US began building HAARP in Gakona Alaska.  Joint project of air force and Navy.  Largest radio broadcasting system.  Can inject the energy into the ionosphere.  360 attenaes, 72 feet high, all acting together to direct up to 3.6 million watts.  Largest legal AM radio station in US is 50,000 watts.

US says HAARP is being used to

Intense energy can heat atmosphere and cause weather changes.  It is being used for weather modification.

ELF- If you push the ionosphere out into space, the stratosphere has to move to fill that vacuum, and this can move the jet stream.

HAARP ionizes particles pushes them into space.  HAARP is one of many ELF transmitters-  the US operates 3, in Gakona Alaska, Fairbanks, AK, and in Arecibo, Puerto Rico,

Russia has 3, in Vasilsursk, EU has one near Tromso, Norway.   There are 5 known ionospheric heaters in the world and possibly 20 all over the world.

Working in tandem these transmitters can potentially alter weather anywhere in the world. Changing the jet stream’s course, triggering massive rainstorms, steering hurricanes, building up high pressure domes that deflect weather systems,

Massive floods, hurricanes and earthquakes,

HAARP went online in 1994- and construction continued until 2007.    No conclusive proof.

Earthquakes- Dec. 2001- in studying over 100 EQs with magnitude of 5 or greater- all are associated with excitation of ionosphere.

ELF waves used in earth penetrating tomography.    Spring 1987, Roseburg, OR- used ELFs to find gas- but they created 4 to 4.5 EQ.  Megathrust area of Pacific Northwest.   ELFs are like sub-woofer. You can feel the vibrations through your body.

ELF waves begin to emit.  Activation energy makes release happen.

Waves get reflected back down to earth and ocean.   What does it take to trigger an earthquake.

Iran, China, Afghanistan earthquakes may have been set.

Chemtrails….. also linked to HAARP.    Now familiar Xs.   Another agent of weather warfare.  They linger in sky for hours, even a day.  Form artificial cloud.  Sprayed by high flying US airforce tanker, dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere.

FAA representative- deepsky- spraying chemical trails in commanded airspace.  Commercial flights are routed around.  Chem trails spray metal oxides- then ELF waves heat the metal oxides- temp of sky goes above 100 degrees F, and prevents accumulation of water vapor that would produce rain.    They act as dessicant and induce drought.   Extended drought in enemy countries.  Forcing surrender.

Also, if you can make it rain and unleash floods, you can affect the battlefield.

August 15, 1952, small town, Linden,  in Enlgand- 35 died, 250 times more rain than normally falls in entire month.   90 million tons of water came into town.    British military was conducting cloud seeding at the time (Operation Cumulus).    Witnesses saw royal air force jets flying in the area.  Or were they dumping payloads of silver iodide into clouds.  This causes ice crystals to fuse together.    Documents relating to Operation Cumulus have disappeared.

Oct. 1966, Operation Popeye, goal was to seed clouds to flood the Ho Chi Minh trail, increase monsoon rain.  Over strip of Laos panhandle.   50 cloud seeding runs, 80% success.  Goal was to extend monsoon season.    Trail was muddy and washed out.  2600 missions 1966-72.  Extended monsoon season 30 to 45 days.  They turned it into a quagmire of mud.  But N. Vietnamese used bicycles.

Was Hurricane Katrina a case of weather warfare?  Aug. 23, 2005.  Winds up to 170 mph, cCategory 5.  One of deadliest disasters, killed over 1800 lives, 81 billion dollars in property damage.    Peculiar movements never before seen.  Also, this happened with other hurricanes in 2005.  Hurricane tracks were in straight lines.   Russian or Chinese weather control experiments?????

New high pressure dome was parked over SE US- this never happens- it happened 3 years in a row.   HAARP is now completed- (Azores High?).

Satellite based weapons systems could turn the weather upside down.  50 years from now, this could be the weapon of war.  Death technology.  Aim is catastrophic environmental destruction and horrific loss of life.

Soviet Weather Engineering over North America- Tom Bearden- 1985

First attempts to influence weather over US was in 1966-67.  In 1983, they really got going, activating Woodpecker in the mid-1970’s.

There are 3 kinds of electromagnetics. Only one being used in western world.

  1. classical electromagnetics- foundations go back before civil war.  But there are serious problems with this.  Everything is due to force fields, when this reduces to zero, nothing is going on.
  2. quantum mechanics.  Says primary things are force fields, when electric field and magnetic field reduce to zero, you still have potentials, when these interfere with each other, you have real effects.   Bohm-Arahoff Effect.   If we can make an effect in the macro-world, you can get action at a distance, even when there is no ordinary electromagnetics going on.  You can change mass and inertia of object, affect its rate of flow through time, affect the gravitational field, etc.
  3. Mechanism by which you do these things.  You reduce ordinary electromagnetics to 0, deliberately, by making a 0 system, you oppose the vectors so they sum to 0.  But they are still there.   A 0 vector is not nothing.  System is not detectable by ordinary instruments.  (Hooper patents do this).  We have a new kind of electromagnetics- “scalar electromagnetics”- you have a zero-vector envelope- you have an ordered substructure- you have reached into the virtual world- what happens before physical change occurs- and you can deliberately engineer it.    We can engineer Shoedinger equation.  Hidden variables are engineerable.  What was statistical before now becomes at least partly deterministic.

In 1921, Kaluza unified EM and gravity – he added another dimension- the 5 dimensional gravitation field.  It intersects our world in electromagnetic field and gravitational field- general relativity.  Electromagnetics are 5th dimension of that.    Klein explained that this extra dimension is roled up around every little point in our space.

Theory languished until mid 70’s- when it was more recognized.  Approach unified theory of all natura.  Modern theory- (Kaluza-Klein geometry) has 11 dimensions- 10 space and 1 time.  All but three ordinary dimensions are considered to be rolled up in little circles around every little point.  With this and supergravity you can make unified theory.  But they haven’t yet discovered that it is directly engineerable in a very simple manner.

Curvature of space-time-  you can convert electromagnetic energy into gravitational energy- this gives you anti-gravity.  Levitating 65 pounds of plywood.  We can use electromagnetics- we can warp engineer and twist space-time at will however we want to.  All that a particle of mass is is a trapped scalar resonance.  Normal resonance system- two waves- electromagnetic waves are 180 degrees opposite- you can make current of that kind of resonance.    You can pump the mass and intertia directly into an object- or you can pump it out of there- and make it dematerialize.

Scalar wave = wave with a zero resultant for electromagnetic field and gravitational field-   but composed of components that are waving and communicating.   This is universal wave in the universe.    It is totally undiscovered in western science.   You can easily convert a radar to be a scalar radar.   These waves go right to and are absorbed by the nucleus.  They go right through the Faraday cage.    They don’t affect electrons.   You can go right through the earth and ocean with mega-hertz signals using these techniques.   The soviets use this technology for their command and control communications systems- no one can hear them.   These are nuclear waves that communicate between nuclei.

These are nuclear waves- – communicate between nuclei- if you put in right substructure you can transmute elements- to make a proton into a neutron- you change one quark.  Biological systems can also transmute elements- Kervran Effect-.  Vacuum space time is made of scalar waves.

all the nuclei of universe are in constant communication  much of vacuum space time is made of these scalar waves- these are general relativity waves.  We are no longer confined to the speed of light- can go slower and faster.  Tesla, after 1900, reported speeds 50 times greater than speed of light.

We now can engineer the nucleus.  Transmutation is only one of the things that can be done.  Hyperspaces- at least 11 dimensions- physical reality looks very different.  Most of our ideas of the macroworld are given to us by ordinary photon interaction which is almost always based on interaction with electron shells.   This is different order of reality.  Physical reality- mass appears fluid and changeable,

The great cosmic engines of the universe dynamically exist inside vector zeroes.   This includes all the nuclei of the universe.  This kind of wave can be waved as a longitudinal wave.  When you interfere this wave- now you have an interference zone- what’s in the middle is an artificial potential- electrostatic wave- gravitational wave.  If you have two projectors, and these could be modified radar antenna (HAARP!), and you intersect them at a distance, you can produce energy at a distance.  And that energy arises in the spacetime of that intersection zone.  This is the secret of how to build Tesla’s “death ray.”   You can modify ordinary radars to this.

In modern physics, space time has a very high charge, a pseudo-potential.

If I lower the potential of my projectors below 0 (negative potential), what happens in the intersection zone, you get the disappearance of energy/matter.    If I bend space-time one way, the local region looks like a source, it looks like it’s producing energy.  If I bend it the other way, it looks like a sink, it looks like energy is disappearing.

Nature does this in fault zones, scalar potentials, earthquake lights,  there are 1200 locations where you can see glowing balls of energy.   Earth stress lights.  By using three dimensional interferometry, and fourier expansion, multiple frequencies, you can make control balls of   electromagnetic energy at a distance.  We’ve done this in the laboratory.

Humans and other creatures- brain waves- E field and D field.  Ion fields sum to 0.  This is the real structure of the human brain.  Two lobes make scalar interferometer.

This is physics by which body can bend steel.    All the mechanisms of parapsychology.

If you fire in high potential mode- you get electromagnetic explosion at a distance

If you fire in cold potential mode- you get a cold electromagnetic explosion at a distance- a sudden withdrawal of energy.

Yugoslavian EQ- 4/15/1979, 7.2, epicenter 33 km deep, more than 100 aftershocks,  Adriatic sea mushroomed up like atomic bomb explosions,  = a test of a Tesla Howitzer?

This is how you start an EQ.  Dump energy with powerful radiators onto both sides of a fault zone.   Extra energy- transform Piezoelectric effect into mechanical stress.  If I build up enough energy, plate slips and you make an earthquake.

With cold explosion where you suck the energy out, you switch projector into transmit mode, and dump the energy elsewhere.  exhaust 150 miles long seen on Soviet Island, explosive event.   (exhaust).

Much colder air, than surrounding air,   2 aircraft flew through for analysis- soviety plumes in Arctic (77 since 1974).  Found solid material, mostly ice, a little clay, much colder than surrounding air, no volcanic material, no radioactive material.

(World Trade Center?)

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