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Radio Frequency, Active Denial & Psych Weapons, By Ted Twietmeyer

Directed Energy Weapons
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In the news lately, there has been considerable material about 100 Ghz+ active denial weapons. It’s time to take the mystery out of these new toys.

What does the military exist for? Not security, and not take you to the store when your car won’t run. There are three reasons it exists: 1. Kill 2. Kill 3. Kill. Although we have called it the “Defense Dept.” for almost a century, our dictator should be renaming it. Based on his new policy of strike-first-and-don’t-ask-questions-later, it now should now be called the “Offense Dept.” Remember The fall of 2001? Now, not September 11 but the speech that came shortly after it:: “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists.” He never told who “us” is. With that in mind, we need to always remember that we have been declared the enemy. As we are now the enemy of the very government that uses our tax money to attack us (?) we need to know how to protect ourselves. And be protected from all their toys.

New toys invented by twisted minds paid by government defense contracts always, without a doubt, have more than one use. Take a screwdriver. It works as a tool, or as a knife. A power saw also can be used for purposes injurious to good human health. A laser can be used for plastic surgery, arterial surgery, destroying kidney stones or even eye surgery. It can also be used as a speed detection device or as a weapon.

It was once said, “the more sophisticated the technology the easier it is to defeat it. Microwave weapons are no different.


To take the mystery out of these new dangerous toys, we need to understand radio frequency (RF) energy. This also helps you to protect yourself from harassment by understanding what you’re up against. Radio waves are received and transmitted by antennas, and are often tuned by length. (We will skip and in-depth examination on 1/4 wavelength antenna theory here for purposes of simplicity.)

As an example, AM radio frequencies are so long that an antenna 100 feet long isn’t long enough for it’s wavelength. When you look at a television antenna on a roof top, you are seeing a much shorter antenna, simply because the frequencies range from 50MHz to about 800MHz, or just under the analog cell phone frequency.

In reality television channel 82 ends just below where the microwave band roughly begins. At microwave frequencies, it’s an entirely different world when it comes to antennas. In the 1960’s for example, radar on aircraft employed small dish antennas inside the nose cones of aircraft. Then a new phased array flat antenna was developed, that was about an inch thick. It performed like the dish antenna, yet in far less space. This also allowed the antenna more movement for wider scanning. These antennas are not used by Dish Network or other direct broadcast services, because of cost considerations for both the antenna technology and electronics which are required to support it.


In your microwave oven, there is no coax cable to connect the magnetron to the oven cavity. Instead, there is a rectangular box made of sheet metal. This is called a waveguide. It is roughly a U shaped, enclosed channel. The magnetron mounted is at one of the box (usually on the right side of the oven), and the other end of the box has what resembles a fan inside, called a “stirrer.” This object is mounted just above the plastic or fiber cover you see inside the oven. A motor turns the stirrer slowly from outside the box. As microwaves from the magnetron travel down the inside of the box, they reach the stirrer and reflect off it. This scatters the energy around the inside of the oven. If your microwave oven only cooks or warms one small area of food you put in it and the rest of the food stays cold, it’s likely the stirrer motor is no longer working. (It usually takes many years for this to happen.)

Microwaves are much like light. If you shine a flashlight (or “torch” for all of you European readers) at a mirror in your bedroom, light will bounce off it at exactly the same angle it strikes the mirror. What few people realize, is that microwaves do exactly the same thing with conductive surfaces.The better the conductor, the better these waves are reflected.

Stealth “paint” has a history tracing back to U boats of WW2. It was a resistive, rubbery-like paint. A resistive paint is a compound which has some resistance to electricity, which means it does not conduct electricity well like steel and aluminum do. (Resistance is measured in Ohms.) A resistive coating absorbs radar energy, instead of reflecting it. Stealth aircraft are hard to detect on radar, because of both their angled shapes and the coating on the aircraft.


A high altitude nuclear detonation generates a 1 nanosecond pulse. This pulse has such a short wavelength, that it will find tiny openings and pass through it into an aircraft or automobile. As these pulses are of very high, gigawatt energy level they inflict permanent damage in most any electrical system, unless it’s designed to be hardened against it. The US Navy quietly has vacuum tube radar and communications equipment as a back up. Why? Because the pulse doesn’t even hurt tube equipment, and it just keeps on operating. Of course, analog radio systems are no where near as secure as a spread-spectrum, encrypted frequency hopping radios are.

It has long been believed that before any nuclear attack, one or two such high altitude detonations will take place to knock out power lines and most of the infrastructure. The computer you are reading this on, will be reduced to completely worthless junk in less than 1 BILLIONTH of a second. There is a way to protect yourself against such a pulse. BURY UNDERGROUND in a sealed metal can, all radios and electronics you want to survive such a pulse. That is, if surviving is worth it in a completely destroyed country. But that’s a subject for another time…

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s look at what happens with any active denial device. Here are few facts that make microwaves different from ordinary radio waves:

* Radio waves at lower frequency (50MHz and lower) will bounce off the ionosphere and back to earth. Higher frequencies pass into space. (It is a myth that TV shows like “I Love Lucy” are reaching the nearest star. Radio energy falls of the square of the distance, and quickly become unusable. Background noise at the nearest star or solar system would be hundreds of magnitudes higher than any television signal, making it unintelligible.)

* 100 GHz. microwaves do not pass through steel or aluminum. Only radio frequencies at terahertz frequencies (1,000MHz and higher) may pass through metal. The human body emits these types of frequencies from the life force energy field around it. A person’s location in a room can be imaged through walls with the right equipment. These frequencies have not been generated with electronics.

* Inside the door on your microwave oven, is a perforated metal panel. Microwaves in your oven cannot pass through these holes, allowing you to watch food cook. These holes are intentionally far smaller than microwaves are, to only let light through. Exposure to microwave oven energy even for a few seconds, would result in severe burns and almost instant blindness as the lens in the eyes would be clouded over.

Never, ever attempt to defeat the door interlocks on an oven. DO NOT use them to turn the oven off to check cooked food. Would you trust your eyesight to a pair of cheap door switches, worth about $1.50? Use a button to stop cooking!


Now that you know some basic facts about radio frequency and microwaves. In war, every opportunity is used for the element of surprise. Wars that are started at 3AM are a good example. When the police go to arrest someone, police do their storm trooper act in the middle of the night. More and more we see that domestic operations are becoming para-military operations and are using their tactics.

An RF active denial weapon is basically a microwave oven at full power with the door open. Microwaves make organic materials (i.e., people) heat up by vibrating molecules together. They also generate something called “eddy currents” in anything that conducts. These are small, low voltage but high current electrical fields. This is why the iron in a transformer gets warm, and AC electric motor based alarm clock gets warm, and why the transformer up on a utility pole never has snow on it.

Microwave weapons do basically the same the thing, except they use super high radio frequencies instead. *Supposedly* these radio waves won’t penetrate the skin. How far do you need to penetrate the human eye before you are heating the vitreous fluid of eyeball? About .001 inch. Then there is the male scrotum – also with very thin skin. At the very least, vision loss in both sexes is a risk as well as possible permanent testicular damage in men.


Why do microwave weapons make coins and metallic items hot? Because eddy currents are created in metals. What do people wear that’s hazardous? The following items are some of those which could get hot enough to burn you. All of these will get hot from short-circuited eddy currents:

* Earrings
* Snaps and rivets on Blue Jeans
* Zippers
* Bracelets
* Rings
* Pierced hole jewelry
* Coins
* Watches (almost certain to be destroyed)
* Necklaces
* Ankle bracelets

Now imagine having any of these items on you, which would rapidly burn your skin in the presence of a high power RF weapon. Imagine the pain of tongue jewelry as it boils the water in your mouth…and the moisture in your tongue turns to steam. The same is true with earrings, too. Imagine having the word “Timex” or “Rolex” branded on your wrist for life. And as you use your other hand to remove the jewelry, it becomes burned as well.

So what does one do? Aluminum or steel can shield you. An aluminum window screen may not have a hole size small enough to block energy from the weapon. Solid sheet metal or sheet aluminum is best. The thickness isn’t important. Celotex building materials have a foil shield on both sides, which would be very effective. So would foil-faced building insulation. Doors and windows are the remaining openings (risk factors) for weapons used on you at home.

A protester would do well to carry a sheet of aluminum along with aluminized gloves to prevent burned fingers. With that, they could reflect the energy right back to the source. That old saying is indeed true – that the more sophisticated the technology, the easier it is to defeat it.

After all, doesn’t the Good Book say “It’s better to give than to receive?”

Unless you’re involved with public protest groups, most likely these weapons would be used on you at home. It would be in the middle of the night by storm-troopers, using it to drive you out the door. They will slam you to the ground, while another jack-booted thug grinds his boot’s “Made In China” imprint into the side of your face.


Many years ago, a method was perfected to induce sound in the human head from a distance up to a mile. This devious technology has the ability to make someone believe they are psychotic. Any person visiting a doctor who tells them that they hear voices, could easily end up hospitalized and medicated. And branded for life as mentally ill. When you consider that every possible sound effect has been created, even on a home PC, it would be VERY easy for this technology in the wrong hands to induce unsuspecting people to commit criminal acts.

MKULTRA has not died but just changed names. This work has greatly progressed in the past 50 years, far beyond anything on the internet about it. (The rule of thumb is that military technology advances 44 years for every one calendar year.) It is also possible to induce hallucinations in en-masse via satellite. Imagine the psychological damage this could do to an entire crowd, or a stadium packed with people. They might even be led to believe that Jesus Christ has returned, and the gullible will believe it.

It will only be a matter of time, before this heinous mind-control technology is integrated into so-called “active denial weapons.” People will be cooking AND hearing things they never heard before, all at once.

One can envision unsuspecting Iraqis dropping to their knees in fear, or running out into the streets screaming “ALLAH IS PUNISHING ME!” and giving up. Maybe.

The most important point about psychological warfare is this:

It is only effective on those who are unaware it is being done to them. Once someone knows, the effectiveness is forever lost.

Isn’t our “New Freedom” global freedom wonderful? It has been forced on everyone, everywhere around the world – not just here in America.

Don’t forget to send a thank-you note to the dictator, and his puppet masters.

Ted Twietmeyer

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