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Interview with Engineer Dave Case, Inventor of Anti-Tinnitus CD, on New York-New Jersey TI Support Group (April 7, 2021)

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Dave Case Interview on His Anti-Tinnitus – EMF Jammer CD

Interview with Dave Case on New York-New Jersey TI Support Group (April 7, 2021)

Generation of Ultrasound based on the frequency response characteristics of the ‘Koss Pro Headphone’ with R. David Case Sound wave files’ – A Case study (pdf)

1R. David Case and 2D. Chuckravanen

Generation of Ultrasound based on the frequency response characteristics of the ‘Koss Pro Headphone’ with R. David Case Sound wave files’ – A Case study

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Dave Case, Engineer, in Missouri, obtained degree in Electrical Engineering at age 20. He invented an electronic levitator, and a light-operated computer. When he tried to patent it in 1996, he was attacked with sonic weapon tinnitus. He was then tortured electronically for 3 years. So he asked God for help…. as electrical engineer/inventor, he wired two 555 oscillators together and put the sounds on headphones and found that it knocked out the sonic weapon tinnitus. In 2000, he has put this sound on CDs and given them to Tis. His “anti-tinnitus” jamming CD has helped over 1000 Tis overcome their targeting.

This CD jams V2K. A neuroscientist in the UK found that when used with Koss headphones, the CD puts out 2.8 MHz of ultrasonics. And that is what is interfering with V2K and targeting equipment. So it jams or interferes with equipment they are using. It knocks out a bio-relevant feedback loop. They use this to target and track TIs. The jammer CD interferes with that equipment.

The device picks up thermal energy…. Called Brownian …

Dave Case did not have V2K, but just the sonic weapon tinnitus…. A very loud shrieking, screeching sound. His CD stops the V2K voices as well as tinnitus. It also stops electronic attacks because it disrupts the bio-relevant feedback loop. This is required for the perps to keep using remote neural monitoring. This system reads and tracks your bio systems.

These are military technologies that are classified and almost impossible to prove. Military grade spectrum analyzers- hard to ID with standard equipment.

The equipment is extremely hard to trace and essentially leaves no evidence. It’s very hard to prove what is happening. Once the energy hits the skull, the moisture in the skin expands and contacts so fast it causes sounds. These sounds will capitate like hydraulic cavitation. And this can cause brain damage.

The CD not only jams their equipment it also increases neural plasticity…. Which is retraining your nervous system. There are several types of neural plasticity. The sounds on the CD are essentially telling nerves and neural networks to reboot. Older people will have neurons that kind of go to sleep. This CD helps these neurons neural networks to wake up.

The amount of time needed to use the CD varies depending on how long people have been targeted. The night time is when they tinker the most with your brain- during alpha wave state…. So it is important to use the CD at night to protect your brain.

Bone-conduction headphones don’t work as well as Koss KTX-Pro-1 headphones. These set up an ultra-high oscillation (2.8 MHz). Play it on low to medium. Use repeat all function to play it all night.

This is a healing frequency. This works best. The coils in the Koss headphones have titanium drivers. These cause the ultra high ultrasonics that interfere with the equipment. We’ve tested many headphones.

Neuro-plasticity is an emerging field in the medical profession. Sound is going to be the new medicine in the coming years.

Neurophone was invented by a 14-year old in 1959. It communicates directly to nerves without using the ears.

Navy SEALS can use these kinds of technologies to see behind their heads…. There are many ways to deliver these voices and systems.

There are certain things men should know. They should not know how to take over their brothers and sisters brains. Governments want power and the ability to take over the world.

We are involved in a psychotronic war. Morality is the last thing on their minds.

And yes, there are powerful people and families that have access to these technologies.

First IC chip came out in 1965, CIA came out of meeting and announced the transistors on the IC chip are not just switches- but part of subsystems- so CIA is in bed with all chip manufactures. So your DVD player is not just a DVD player…. Your cell phone, etc.

Cuban diplomats hit by RF in 2017- but actually, diplomats in American Embassy in Moscow were hit by EMFs since the 1950s- 70s- building was surrounded by antennas in other buildings- caused emotional distress. Had to tear down embassy. Our government found the equipment- told the employees they would get hazard pay to keep working. All navy ships and bases have 100 times EMFs that caused the diplomats to cry.

The CD is jamming the bio-relevant feedback loop. Once they do the RNM, they can do many things. Once their data is not being received the whole thing starts to shut down.

Silicon Valley is doing a lot with Brain-to-Brain interface. Uploading a person’s whole consciousness.

The device they are using for all of this is SQUIDD- Superconducting Quantum Interference Detection Device) which essentially is an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). I believe they have these in satellites. They have put a grid all over the earth and as you walk you are walking from one grid to the next. They are tracking everything by reading your bio-systems. They are doing long distance remote neural monitoring from satellites.

Is this technology now being tested or is it now being deployed?

Case: I believe they have the ability to read the bio systems and track every person on earth. The GPS satellite system surrounds the entire earth. I believe this was the main purpose for putting it up. This is a military weapon. The second purpose was to locate places on the earth (GoogleEarth).

Or is it possession by evil? People are pawns to this.

They can put any sound they want to the skull. These are all experiments to see how people react to electronic stimuli. Cell phones are one of the biggest mind control devices. They have actually learned how to reverse people’s decisions while they are making them by putting buzzing and beeping sounds on cell phones.

This process can be described as “cyberbullying in person” and it gives psychological thrills to some people.

Case: Governments can’t use electromagnetic weapons on their own people. That is treason.

A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun can and will knock these systems out at some point. So every country is preparing to go underground to protect themselves.

And the signals do come from satellites to your brain.

This is a trojan horse- sold on the idea that this technology will make your life better.

Surveillance state-

So get off smart phones immediately.

These technologies are advancing so quickly. Everything I learned two months ago is already outdated.

Many weapons systems were derived from the medical industry; it is double edge sword. Because if you know how to heal you also know how to destroy. People can be so evil. It’s hard to regulate evil.

This is all related to the New World Order. The security-surveillance state = more and more control; like the movie 1984.

From A 1973 government scientific document:

“Within the last two decades, a potential has emerged which was improbable but is now feasible. This potential is the technological ability is to influence directly the major portion of the approximately 6 billion brains of the human species without meditation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium in which all members of the species are immersed.”

Image From Journal of Health Psychology Report by Persinger, et al., 1973:


Psychophysiological Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: A Review

M. A. Persinger, H. W. Ludwig, K-P. Ossenkopp

First Published June 1, 1973 Research Article

Article has an altmetric score of 5 No Access


Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field-waves, defined in this paper as occupying the frequency band of .01 to 100 Hz, are associated with geomagnetic disturbances, weather perturbations, electrical appliance discharges, and possibly seismic movements. ELF electromagnetic phenomena have been recorded as sinusoidal-like wave forms or as ELF pulses of short duration from higher frequency (10 to 100 kHz) waves. Although natural ELF electrical component intensities range from less than 1 mV/m to slightly more than 1 V/m with magnetic components less than a μ gauss and calculated power densities of 10−8 watts/m3, these waves can propagate long distances without appreciable attenuation and penetrate housing structures. Theoretically, it has been calculated that energy available from ELF phenomena can contribute to neuroenergetic functioning and protein-lipid activity. Correlational and experimental data indicate that ELF fields can influence reaction time, timing behavior, ambulatory behavior, oxygen uptake, endocrine changes, cardiovascular functions, and precipitation-clotting times of colloids. Possible mechanisms of ELF-organismic interactions are discussed.

They are talking about taking over everybody’s brain on earth using the earth’s magnetic layers.

This is from Mindnetjournal.

“The most dangerous place in the world is under men’s hats.”

Goal of the targeting is to make target destroy their own lives. Satellites are involved. 80 to 90% of time, it is not the police or neighbor, it is long distance torture. They are tricking the perception of the TI. So don’t act out against anyone. They want you to act out.

Many gangstalkers are unwitting participants in this experiment- they are being used to disturb the TI. They are sent subliminal messages to do the street theater. Not everybody is participating willingly.

We need more engineers and scientists working for the people to counter these military weapons. We are paying for this equipment and these satellites. We are paying for our own torture.

It is extremely expensive to develop countermeasures. It cost him $8,000 to develop anti-tinnitus CD.

Using these classified technology keeps perpetrators secret and out of the limelight.

There is no oversight- there are no laws protecting people’s mental privacy.

In my opinion, the CIA IS the government. They run many things. The government fears the CIA.

We’re all in danger.

They tried to kill me with sonic tinnitus. Everybody thought I had gone insane. They couldn’t hear the shrieking and ringing.

You to really have to have a strong constitution to survive the targeting. You have to be want to fight to the end.

We need to get laws passed to make this illegal. It is legal to read brainwaves from a long distance.

We need a 4th amendment for the brain. Protection from searches and seizures.

They are using Coincidental Signals Intelligence.

Many scientists are freaks. Many government scientists are into mysticism and strange religious beliefs, seances, satanism.

Dr. Jose Delgado: Man does not have the right to develop his own brain…. One day whole armies and generals will be controlled by ESB.

In 1985, he went on TV and displayed a remote controlled bull he controlled electronically.

CD masks your bio-signature- everybody has bio-signature- brain frequency.

You have to listen to it every night all night for 3 weeks to break the RNM link.

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