Published on Feb 14, 2017

During this episode of Dr. Karlstrom´s ongoing series of lectures/interviews regarding gangstalking (aka asymmetric warfare (AW) or citizen extermination), he begins by explaining how technologies used in this ongoing program, particularly PsyOp and electronic warfare (EW), were also utilized in the Kennedy Assassination, 9-11, and the Phoenix Program. Thus, PsyOp and Electronic Warfare (EW) are two principle components, indeed fingerprints, of this global, covert “assymetric war” against humanity. Karlstrom then dives deeply into revealing the agencies involved and the especially the weaponry used, focusing in this interview mainly on PsyOp.

This is valuable information for someone who wants to understand the overall program (or on a personal level, what is happening to them). For more information go to and for the full series with Dr. Karlstrom (and other TI´s) go to Youtube´s pineconeutopia channel.