ETK Comment: This is brilliant research!!!! Dr. Judy Wood is a real heroine in my opinion! The World Trade Center buildings turned to dust due to a Directed Energy/Free Energy/Cold Fusion technology which, we may assume, has been developed and deployed by the government.

From first youtube at 2:15:44:

Dr. Judy Wood: “I’ve witnessed the effects that John Hutchison gets in his laboratory. John Hutchison gets the same (kinds of) effects/evidence (as at the WTC)… for example, transmutation. What he uses (to get these effects) is interference of two, at least two different kinds of energy.

He creates a static field using a Vandergraf generator (he used to use a Tesla coil but now he uses a Vandergraph generator) and creates a static field and within the static field interferes radio frequency signals, like microwave. And within that zone, these effects occur.

…. It’s what one energy field does to another one. It turns out the interference of these different energy fields, if done just right, is like a magic key that opens up this door where you get this free energy.

Questioner: I’m an engineer myself and if you look at 9/11, it’s a perfect theater. Do you think this technology has been used before 9/11?

Dr. Wood: Based on the photos, Oklahoma City looks just like the inside of Building 6. There are also some other events that have happened that are very questionable.