Epigraph Quote from “The Minds of Men” at 3:08:49

From Part IV: The Psycho-Civilized Society

“The complete joining of man and machine will be calculated according to a strict system, the so-called “biocracy.” It will be impossible to escape this system of adaptation because it will be articulated with so much scientific understanding of the human being.

The individual will have no more need of conscience and virtue; his moral and mental furnishings will be a matter of the biocrat’s decisions.”

Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society”

Webmaster Introduction: The link to this excellent youtube video, well worth watching several times, was sent to me by Illinois “TI” and non-consensual mind control experimentee, Miranda A, along with this, her introduction:

“Illinois Universities are researching violent and predictable violent behaviors as a link to brain dysfunction that causes violence and crimes. That’s the setup they used with the documents. The universities are doing research for brain research on violent behavior and predictions of violent behavior. They used me a a guinea pig with hopes of causing me to act out as the video (hour 2) on brain dysfunction and predictive potential violent behavior and repetitive violent behaviors. The bullying staff, armed guards (3), reports of me being a criminal threat, having a gun on the state of Illinois property, (and) forcing (me) off the job (were) part of the setup as well to force me to act out for the research for BRAIN DYSFUNCTION AND VIOLENCE.

Also in this video, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the National Labs (ARGONNE) are DOING BRAIN INITIATIVE RESEARCH; probably mapping (creating) criminogenic behaviors or potentials and (mapping) associated brain waves. These institutions, along with Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Universities in California, MIT, and various medical hospitals are all mentioned in the video and received grants from military industrial complex grants. I have the grants.

All these schools and the NSF are mentioned in this video as well: Carnegie, MIT, UCLA, U. of Illinois, U. of Chicago. Boston, NY, San Francisco, and National labs. (Get the picture)?”

ETK Observation: If there is one thing I have learned in my research it is this: Those who try to play God become devils.

At the conclusion of the video (3:33:33), narrator, Melisa Dykes, states:

“(Harvard professor and CIA neurologist) Dr. Jose Delgado, wrote that conquering the human mind is a national goal at parity with conquering poverty or landing a man on the moon. The main aim is to establish a scientific foundation for the creation of a future a “psycho-civilized society.”

But how many people knew that humanity’s new future course toward a “psycho-civilized society” could be traced back to a highly organized global program to unlock the black box of man’s mind- established during World War II, funded by elite foundations, government health and intelligence agencies and military research branches- run through Ivy League schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, and prisons. And involving a diffuse global network of intelligence agents, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, and cyberneticians all seemingly working under the same United Nations UNESCO goal for decades: How to create peace in the minds of men?”

Video clip of a woman speaking at the founding of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) on November 16, 1945:

“The governments of the states party to this constitution on behalf of their people declare that since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the offensive of peace must be constructed.“