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Alfred Webre, Lawyer / Researcher

Operation 9/11
Articles & Interviews

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February 27, 2018

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December 26, 2017

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February 25, 2014

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February 20, 2014

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February 17, 2014

Alfred Webre

Webre is a lawyer who served on the Kuala Limpur War Crimes Tribunal.

[title type=”h3″]The Interviews:[/title]

Abfred Webre – 3/2010 Interview:

Alfred Webre – 1/27/07 Interview:

Alfred Webre – 4/22/08 Interview:

Alfred Webre discusses The 9/11 Independent Prosecutors Act, the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, the 9/11 Strategic Deception Desk and black budget warfare. 80% of World Trade Center buildings were transformed into nanno-particles within seconds through directed energy weapons (HAARP; land- or air- or space-based), and/or possibly 4th generation nuclear weapons. No planes were used at any site. Original video broadcasts were edited to insert plane images. 9/11 truth movement is infiltrated by operatives as in the FBI Counter-Intelligence Programs (COINTELPRO) of the 60’s and 70’s. Mind-control techniques used to create “brown-shirt-like” groups to attack anything and anyone and create a “controlled opposition.” 9/11 movement is not gaining traction because controlled opposition movement is planting false facts and mind control techniques and (electronic) gang stalking are used to create a matrix of behavior and thought. Mass consciousness. Targeted Individuals (TI) are victims of covert governance. HAARP can be used for global mind control. David and Nelson Rockefeller, as agents of House of Rothschild and City of London, built North American Racketeering War Crimes Organization. Net worth of the House of Rothschild is $100 trillion. Long-term plan of IWCRO (International War Crimes Racketeering Organization) aka Anglo-American-Neo-Zionist block is de-population, a world society of slave-wage earners under a banking elite. War is an industrial activity. Rockefellers funded and founded the World Eugenics Movement (that Hitler used), creating population elimination camps. All wars are aimed at depopulation. Collapse of US dollar could trigger Martial Law. Bank Panic of 1907 privatized the US dollar. “Eschelon Countries” own the currency and therefore people are their private property. After the dollar collapses, the Amero will be proposed. All China has to do is sell their dollars- manufactured hyper-inflation. Middle class could become paupers. Goal of City of London is to destroy all democracies and establish a worldwide economic classs under the bloodline elites. Afghanistan was carpet bombed with DU (depleted uranium)- equivalent of low-level nuclear war. Same repeated in Iraq. Medical effects- increased diabetes, autism, mental illness, birth defects). There is a diabolical intent of “The Plan” is like a Doomsday Machine. AI (artificial intelligence) matrix bent on ecocide, genocide and omnicide. We have artificial Permanent War Economy with 192 member nations. We need to create alternative institutions for safety net. Exopolitics.

2nd Interview. (4/22/08). click on Alfred Webre 4/22/08.

At Kuala Limpur International War Crimes Tribunal, Webre identified three interlocking branches of the International War Crimes Racketeering Organization (IWCRO) as 1) Yale Skull and Bones, CFR and affiliated (US) networks, 2) UK/House of Windsor networks, and 3) International neo-Zionist networks (City of London banks/House of Rothschilds). War is an industrial activity and product of the artificial permanent war economy. This dominates world economy. Rockefeller syndicate (worth $10 trillion) and affiliated networks are principle North American contact of House of Rothschild, worth $100 trillion. Both are crime syndicates. AIDS was developed as a bio-weapon at Fort Detrick Maryland and brought to Southern Africa in a vaccine against small pox. The UK is capital of IWCRO. City of London- 677 acres in heart of London ruled by committee of 12 banks, mediated by House of Rothschild. Rothschilds responsible for Zionist policy, genocide against Palestinians, theocratic persecution, etc. Rothschilds own 80% of world’s uranium. Israel is front for City of London at the political level. Orders from City of London are come down through Israel. Candidate Jimmy Carter promised to open up files on extra-terrestrials. In 1977, the DOD terminated the project. The New World Order is about spiritual warfare- to keep the rest of us from reaching our full potential. Discussion of exopolitics- . ( and – the political science of outer space. There is an “E.T. Truth Embargo” managed by Kissinger/Rockefeller. Parallel universes and dimensions, string theory. The US has $1.5 trillion/year black budget. Zero point energy would transform our world to free energy world. Exo-politics could liberate our planet from the IWCRO and create a more positive human future

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