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Dr. Judy Wood, Physicist / Engineer

Operation 9/11
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Dr. Judy Wood

Former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Judy Wood is an expert at optical interferometry who has taught courses in experimental stress analysis and strength of materials testing. She has over 60 technical articles in refereed journals. She is probably the scientist/9/11 researcher who is best qualified to unravel what happened to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

[title type=”h3″]The Interview:[/title]

Dr. Judy Wood: 7/14/09 Interview:


Dr. Judy Wood, KHEN interview: 7/14/09

What Really Happened to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001:”
Or “Take Back Your Mind”


In her research, Dr. Wood has analyzed at least ten thousand photos of Ground Zero taken from a wide variety of sources since the morning of September 11, 2001. She has identified the source and date of each photo. These photos come from FEMA, the Library of Congress, many newspapers and internet websites, and many private individuals, including herself.

Her goal has been to analyze the photos in order to determine what happened. “The data tells you what happened. Once you know what happened, the rest falls into place.” Dr. Wood became involved in 9/11 research, in large part, because her background and expertise in experimental mechanics and optical interferometry was ideally suited to understanding what happened at the World Trade Center. Her expertise includes looking at physical phenomena with interferometry to determine material properties and understand why materials fall apart. She states that she hadn’t known that Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) existed, but the data told her that they did.

Wikipedia defines “interferometry” as “the technique of diagnosing the properties of two or more lasers or waves by studying the pattern of interference created by their superposition.”

The U.S. Army and Technology Master Plan of 1997 (ASTMP 1997) notes that Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)include laser, high power radio frequency (HPRF), and particle beam technologies. HPRF technology is frequently called high power microwave (HPM) or RF-Directed Energy.”

On September 11, 2001, Dr. Wood had just begun her third year as an Assistant Professor at Clemson University. On that morning, she noticed that something wasn’t right. She looked around at her colleagues and she wanted to say: “This is a joke, right, an Orson Welles-style “war of the worlds” fake attack?” She quickly noticed that no one wanted to talk about it. But she kept asking questions. For example, “why did the WTC buildings unravel like a sweater?” She called her mother who lived near the Pentagon. Her mother looked outside and saw no fighter jets in the skies over Washington DC. So from the very beginning, Dr. Wood and her mother figured that this must be some kind of hoax.

She didn’t want to take on 9/11 research at that time, and instead, focused on her career, hoping and expecting that others would do it. But after the 2004 national election had more “voting irregularities” than the 2000 election, when we were told they would fix these problems, she realized that “the grown ups weren’t going to fix it.” Immediately after the 2004 “selection,” Dr. Wood began her research in earnest into what actually happened at the WTC on Sept. 11, 2001. At the time, her mother warned her that if she spoke out she wouldn’t have a career. She answered that if she didn’t speak out, nobody would have a career and we won’t have a planet. The technology that was demonstrated on 9/11 has unbelievable power to perhaps destroy this planet. So at 1:32 am on election night (when “the numbers flipped”), Dr. Wood started researching 9/11 and speaking out.

By looking at the evidence first, Dr. Wood discovered many categories of “weird phenomena.” She continued categorizing these weird phenomena, taking careful note of each and every detail. One phenomenon that grabbed her attention was the way the molecules, that had been attracted to each other, suddenly repelled each other. While looking up information about the Casimir Effect, she happened on the website of John Hutchison, where she saw photographs that illustrated all of the phenomena she had cataloged from the WTC event. She then realized that every one of the phenomena illustrated in the “Hutchison effect” is duplicated at the World Trade Center. Hutchison has spent his career trying to replicate the work of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. Essentially, what we see at the WTC, then, is the same physics, the same mechanism, as the Hutchison Effect. So this is a “proof of concept” demonstration for this type of phenomenon.

The first anomalous phenomena she discovered was what she calls “toasted cars.” In fact, Dr. Wood has developed a whole new vocabulary- such as “toasted cars”- in order not to bias her perceptions and conclusions. She states, “If you don’t know what the mechanism is, don’t make an assumption about it.” Thus, she refers to “fumes” rather than “smoke” because “smoke” implies it was caused by fire.

There are other powerful pieces of evidence that also link 9/11 with the Hutchison Effect. One is what she calls “fuzzballs.” About a block north of the WTC complex, about fifteen minutes after the North Tower “went poof” (it didn’t collapse, she says, rather it just “went poof” and “went away”), she notes that you can see clear blue sky in the photo. So all the dust had to have settled out of the air in 15 minutes. However, in later pictures you see fine dust (“fuzz balls”) ascending into the atmosphere. This tells us that first coarse particles landed and then they continued breaking down to finer and finer dust (“fuzz balls”). In fact, the material at the WTC is still breaking down today.

Another weird example of this is that at the Bankers Trust Building on Liberty Street across from Tower 2, there was a semicircular arc cut out of the front, with a weird crinkled up-beam left dangling in the middle of this fifteen-story gash. Photos of Bankers Trust a year later showed they replaced the beams. Then a year or so after that, they began taking the building apart. Why would they repair a building only to demolish it later? Because of the toxicity and size of this building, they could not use a wrecking ball or explosives. They had to take it apart, piece by piece. When they got to the previously damaged area, the beams looked rusty, as if they had been at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years. All of them had a thick layer of deep orange color of what she calls “furry rust.” Perhaps this explains why they have only taken apart half of the building in the last eight years, and only one story in the past year. The material is still breaking down.

Even today, truckloads of dirt are being hauled in and out of the Ground Zero site area. The dirt is apparently supposed to smother the fumes (“fumes”) and absorb them, so they can be removed.

Another strange observation from the photos: Immediately after the WTC 1 and 2 “went away” there was no “rubble pile.” In fact, the “pile” was essentially at ground level. So there was not nearly enough material on the ground to account for the mass of buildings that “went away.” In fact, the photos show that the two 110-story buildings, each of which weighed about 500,000 tons, were “dustified” in mid-air and initially left no rubble pile. (Dr. Wood notes that the new process that occurred on 9/11 deserves a new word: “dustification.”) However, photos show that in the subsequent several months, the dirt and rubble kept growing as dirt was hauled onto the site.

Please refer to Dr. Wood’s website: Scroll down to the photo in Figure 4, which shows the view looking east from West Street across the remains of WTC 1. This photo was taken by FEMA, probably on the morning of 9/11. It shows an ambulance and a few steel columns. The ambulance is parked right in front of where the building once stood, and there’s no building. But there’s lots of paper. And you can look through the entire complex at ground level.


(Figure 4,

This photographic evidence, then, refutes the explanation of many in the 9/11 Truth Movement that the buildings “collapsed” via “controlled demolition” and “bombs in the building.” First, Dr. Wood doesn’t see (or say) that the buildings “came down” at all. There wasn’t enough time for that. Rather, they turned to dust and “went away.” The ground shook for 8 seconds when the North Tower “went away.” In a vacuum, it would take 9.22 seconds for the roof to hit the ground if the building came down at the speed of gravity. Why then did the ground shake for only 8 seconds? Well, as Dr. Wood notes, dust doesn’t make a thud when it hits. So if you can turn the whole building into dust, it will float away.

In a controlled demolition, you cut the building and slam it to the ground to break it up. So, if it was controlled demolition, you would have to have a much bigger seismic signal. With each of the WTC towers, you had 30 times more potential energy than the Seattle King Dome, which was brought down by controlled demolition and which made a 2.3 seismic impact. And yet the seismic impacts of WTC 1 and 2 were about the same or less than that of the King Dome.

Also, if WTC 1 and 2 slammed to the ground, what did they slam onto? The seven stories of basement beneath the buildings stayed mostly intact. The basement is below the water table and sea level. It is protected by a cement retaining wall to keep the water out. This retaining wall did not spring a leak on 9/11. In fact, the majority of the damage to “the bathtub” was done by earth moving equipment a day or two after 9/11. So, in fact, the mass of the two 110-story buildings never slammed to the ground. Rather, the Towers were “dustified”- as demonstrated by the several inches of powder that covered southern Manhattan.

What about the 47-story Building 7, which “came down” at 5:20 pm on 9/11? After analyzing the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report, Dr. Wood submitted material to NIST. In fact, NIST incriminated themselves in their last report. People were focused on a false choice between two main hypotheses: NIST’s “thermal expansion” hypothesis and the “bombs in the building”/controlled demolition hypothesis. To disprove the “bombs in the building” hypothesis, NIST maintained that WTC 7 came down in a whisper-quiet collapse. In their videos, they picked up low-level conversations from down the street, but no loud noises from the “collapse” of Building 7. However, Dr. Wood notes that this data also refutes NIST’s own “thermal expansion” hypothesis because if you had 47, football-field size floors crashing down at once, this should have sounded like thousands of raining dump trucks. Instead, the seismic impact (0.6 on the Richter scale) was about the same as that of a jack hammer- barely discernable from background noise. Yet the building had 6 times the potential energy of the King Dome, which made a 2.3 Richter scale impact.

Dr. Judy Wood has brought a legal case against the NIST contractors for fraud against the American people in a Qui Tam court case that is ongoing. The basis of her case is science fraud. Congress mandated NIST to study “why and how the WTC collapsed.” NIST hired private contractors to help with the study, using taxpayer money. The people in these companies were well qualified and in Dr. Wood’s opinion, knew better than to endorse the fraudulent science presented in the NIST report. Dr. Wood first filed a Request for Corrections with NIST, demonstrating to NIST that their conclusions violated the laws of physics. In response, NIST admitted to Dr. Wood that they did not analyze the “collapse,” so therefore their conclusion could not have violated the laws of physics for something they had not analyzed. That is, NIST admitted their report was fraudulent.

The report is entitled “NIST NCSTAR 1 – Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers”

p. xxxv (p. 37): “The specific objectives were: “Determine why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed following the initial impacts of the aircraft and why and how WTC 7 collapsed;”

She notes that Underwriters Lab made four mock-ups of a floor of one of the towers, put them on fire, and could not get any of them to fail. Yet they signed off on the report saying that fire did it. Normal office fires burn at around 500 degrees F. These tests were run at 1100 to 1300 degrees F. for two hours or longer and none of them failed to support load. The actual 1975 WTC fire did not fail to support load either. And there were no sprinklers in the building at that time. The people working with the contractors knew these things and yet signed off on a report that said fire caused the “collapse” of WTC 7.

Dr. Wood noted that some of the private contractors on the NIST report develop and manufacture Directed Energy Weapons. She explained to NIST that this was a conflict of interest. These companies include Applied Research Associates (ASA) and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Some 23 corporations are listed as culpable for the fraud in Dr. Wood’s lawsuit. Most of these corporations are members of the military-industrial complex and their employees include a high percentage of individuals with high levels of security clearance.

In addition to the “toasted cars,” other the anomalous evidence includes:

1) Weird fires burning spontaneously all over
2) Papers strewn everywhere on the streets, etc.
3) Eyewitnesses describing the dust cloud as being cooler than ambient temperature, and yet also saying the dust ate away at their skin. They couldn’t wash it off.
4) Cylindrical holes in the streets and buildings. Most are about 24 feet in diameter. (About 50% of the mass of Building 6 is completely missing and on the photos, it looks like someone took a big post-hole digger and took out cylindrical chunks down to ground level.) Similarly, there are cylindrical holes in Buildings 5 and 4. Most of Building 4 is completely missing. This is right under where the top of Tower 2 should have fallen.
5) Liberty Street had cylindrical holes that go down 60 feet.
6) Puddles of water at the bottom of the hole in Building 2.
7) Circular holes in windows.

Again, one can view these anomalies at (the “Aha Photos” webpage).

What she has come to understand is that all these effects can be created by interfering different kinds of energy. John Hutchison has experimented extensively with interfering different energy fields. These experiments have created holes in solid aluminum bars.

Windows with circular holes are seen in Section G of Dr. Wood’s “Aha Photos” webpage. This phenomenon is a hallmark sign of a longitudinal wave. This is like the longitudinal bunching up that a slinky makes, which is different than the sinusoidal wave that a jump rope makes. This could be accomplished by interfering microwaves with electromagnetic fields. Evidence for this includes the “toasted cars” (Section F) where half the car is in perfect shape and the other half is destroyed. See Figures 39 and 40b below and in

Fig-1.40b-toastedcar-medium-init- Fig-1.39Toastedcar-medium-init-
(Figures 39 and 40b,

Microwaves do different things to different materials. Whereas microwaves heat water, they do not heat or burn paper, for example. The most bizarre thing is we see paper emerging out of the dust cloud. It is not affected the same as everything else.

Different kinds of energy are getting interfered. It’s most important to see what the effects are. In all likelihood, you have two or more energy fields being interfered in the presence of a catalyst.

On the top of the cliff notes webpage, there is a video showing steel beams dissolving in mid-air. In Figures 32 and 33, we see video of a core column turning to dust.


Below these figures on this “Aha photos” page is a section on “Lather.” Figures 34, 36, and 37 show fumes pouring out of one face of WTC Building 7.


(Figures 34, 36, and 37,

There are white fumes and black fumes. Dr. Wood speculates that the photos show Building 7 coming apart- that molecular dissociation is occurring under some kind of energy field. Recall that Building 7 did not actually fall to the ground. “Lather” or fumes were coming out of Building 7 all afternoon. So perhaps this explains why there was so little sound associated with building’s demise.

Hurricane Erin! If we look at Figures 115 and 116 (taken at the end of October 2001), we see fumes rising from the buildings at Ground Zero.

(Figure 115,

If we go down on the page to the weather section, Figure 170 shows these “fumes” drifting high into the atmosphere.

(Figures 170 and 171,

As Dr. Wood examined these space images, she noticed a huge hurricane, Hurricane Erin, located just
off the coast of New York City on the morning of September 11 (Figure 171 above). Space imagery
shows some distinctive features of this particular hurricane: It has a pentagonal-shaped eye with what
looks like worm-tracks in the middle.

(Hurricane Erin, 9/11/01, Note strange shape of eye and “worm tracks” in eye)

These are probably markers that indicate weather control was involved. It is particularly notable that this
hurricane was not mentioned or shown on the morning news. And yet it was approximately the same
size as Hurricane Katrina.

This hurricane would have posed a large threat to the area in terms of potential storm surges. Wind speed and air pressure of the Hurricane were constant for about 24 hours surrounding the time when the buildings “went poof” (Figure 174). The hurricane slowed down and got bigger just prior to the morning of 9/11. This hurricane would have produced large energy fields that extended outward in all directions and thus, could explain many of the field effects seen on Dr. Wood’s photos. We have reports of thunder at JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia airports. We all remember TV reports that there was a very clear sky on the morning of 9/11.

Hurricanes are like super-sized Tesla coils. Tesla coils produce energy fields. You can turn electricity into magnetism and vise versa. You can develop a magnetic field or an electric field. Tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning all produce field effects. For example, we have reports of cars sitting on telephone poles. Probably, these have been gently set down after levitation. Also, we know straw can go through trees or window glasses. One characteristic of the Hutchison Effect is that dissimilar materials fuse into each other. Some people call this jelification. Huge steel beams are bent like a horseshoe. We see steel columns bent around a vertical axis (Figure 128). These effects are not from overload.

The Hutchison Effect, shown in Figures 148 and 149, has solid bars of aluminum that look like they exploded from the inside out.

Dr. Wood has featured a quote by Lenin on her website: Vladimir Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, is widely credited with the following quotation:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”


Theodor Herzl: “We will lead every revolution against us.”

Dr. Wood speculates that the cover-up of 9/11 is even better planned than the actual event. The only way out of this, she believes, is for each of us to come to our own understanding of what happened. We need to empower others to think for themselves rather than just being told what to think by others. The 9/11 Truth Movement, like many groups, imposes a certain form of group-think , . In this sense, it is like a cult. But we need to ask: Why is it so important for them to attack Dr. Wood’s work? There is extreme opposition to her research. For example, Dr. Wood was just recently dropped from the www.patriotsquestion911 website.

One explanation for this kind of regulation of thought involves economic control of what kinds of research get funded and what kinds of research don’t get funded. Dr. Wood’s “Whistleblower Information” webpages quotes Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address of January 17, 1961, in which he states:

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present- and is gravely to be regarded.”

It is human nature to be influenced by our peers, to succumb to group think. But we need to regain our independence of thought. Many experts will say, essentially, “just trust me.” And many very busy people are likely to believe the so-called experts. However, on her “WTC cliff-notes” webpage, Dr. Wood lists 41 different characteristics and phenomena that need to be explained in order to understand what happened at the WTC. Why are otherwise undamaged cars upside down? Why are there round holes in windows? Why didn’t the debris from the 47-story Building 7 even reach across the street? Why did the two main dust clouds of WTC 1 and 2 stop suddenly as if they hit a wall and then begin rising? Why, if thermite melts things rather than pulverizing them in mid-air, are so many 9/11 Truth Movement experts claiming thermite caused the destruction of the Twin Towers?

One clue is the behavior of water. Water, when heated, expands 1600 times in volume. Under the right conditions, it is essentially an explosive. What drove Dr. Wood to Hutchison’s stuff was looking at the tipping top of WTC Building 2, which looked like it was turned to building steam. It looked as if, all of a sudden, the particles were repelling each other. She started doing research on the Casimer force , which is described on John Hutchison’s site. The Casimer force is the attractive force between things on a very small, atomic scale. It seems like what happened is that the particles repelled each other and came apart via molecular dissociation.

On Dr. Wood’s home page (, you can also view various talks she has given, such as the talk she presented at a 9/11 conference in Madison, Wisconsin in 2007, entitled: “The New Hiroshima.”

The jumpers” are a touchy issue. Dr. Wood doesn’t believe that many if any of them chose to jump. For example, the 6’8” guy on the 105th floor had already taken off his shirt and was removing his pants even while holding onto the building with one hand and one foot. If it’s hot, your clothing would protect you from the fire. If there was a fire, you’d want to get the clothes wet. You also see many other people with their shirts off in the photos. Could there have been an energy field in there that affected water more than dry skin and dry clothing? At first, Dr. Wood was thinking of the military’s Active Denial system. If your clothing is wet, microwaves are even more painful. The military has developed microwaves that give you the sensation of burning. (ETK note: Near or deep infrared radiation can also accomplish this). It is much worse if the skin is wet.

We now have experience with what microwaves do to human beings. This would explain why someone would be dangling off the 105th floor with one hand and taking their pants off. They are very likely feeling intense heat at the surface of their skin. There is also testimony of people exploding before they get to the ground. There are some other weird things going on. Some testimony (on the “cliff notes” page) indicates Firefighters’ oxygen packs (Scott packs) exploded, perhaps due to dissolving from microwaves. Other pressurized tanks, including water tanks, toilet tanks, hair spray cans, etc. could also cause explosions. These phenomena then could have been mistaken for “bombs in the building.” If there were actual bombs in the building, adjacent buildings would be look pock-marked and sandblasted. They do not.

Dr. Wood uses the acronym, DEW, to describe this Energy, that is Directed, and is used as a Weapon. So, by definition, it cannot be “the Hutchison Effect,” as John Hutchison does not use this physics as a weapon.

How does this DEW processes qualify as free energy? It didn’t take a tremendous amount of energy to carry this out. There is another mechanism by which energy comes out of the material. If we have the ability to discover this other mechanism, think of all the peaceful uses that could be found for this. Tesla apparently wanted to beam free energy to the world. He wanted to benefit mankind- but realized the technologies would be used for destructive as well as for constructive purposes.

We need to find a different way to make and distribute energy. But as you know, he who controls the energy controls the people. Free energy could be the solution to the so-called energy crisis.

So who done 9/11? Dr. Wood, does not know who done it, saying that this is not her concern. However, she does emphasize that before you can identify WHO done “it,” you must first define WHAT was done. It is not a given. Speculating, she gave various scenarios other than the one that says the U.S. government did it. For example, if a handful of people wanted to take over the U.S., how would they outdo the U.S. military? That wouldn’t work. Instead, they could get access to the technology to poof the towers, then, getting behind the 9/11 Truth Movement, they could get the American people to destroy their own government. Then, they could just walk in. That’s what she doesn’t want to see happen.

Another scenario: What if the U.S. government does not have this technology? Are they going to want others to know that they don’t have it? Speculating, Dr. Wood suggests that most groups of gangsters know their competition. If you look into history, this kind of information is available in books.

So, if something like this is what took place, how would you expect the U.S. government to behave? Would they acknowledge it if they had such technology? Would they acknowledge it if they did not have such technology? This may be the most crucial issue in her legal case that no one is talking about. What would it say if the court accepted to hear her case, but made the hearing “classified”? Is it even possible for the courts to deal with such a case?

But the fact remains that Dr. Wood’s NIST lawsuit names 23 private contractors employed by the U.S. government. These contractors would have to be involved in the cover-up at least, and funded by U.S. taxpayers to do it.

In conclusion, the whole world has suffered from 9/11. Ignoring it does not help make it go away. Some of the explanations we’ve been given are laughable. So Dr. Wood encourages everybody to think for themselves. The future of this country, this planet, this species, and all others, depends on people thinking for themselves.

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