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Who Done It? (Links to Leading Suspects; )

Operation 9/11
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9/11 and NWO References

February 27, 2018

Israel Did 9/11

December 26, 2017

9/11 Timeline

February 25, 2014

Dr. Ed Ward, 9/11 Researchers

February 23, 2014

Leuren Moret, Researcher

February 22, 2014

9/11 as Jewish Lightning?

February 21, 2014

Sophia Smallstorm, Film-Maker

February 20, 2014

Notes on Missing Links DVD

February 20, 2014

Capt. Eric May

February 19, 2014

USMC Major William Fox

February 18, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Researcher

February 17, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Professor of Geography, CSUS

Alfred Webre The Science and Politics of 9/11: Notes from conference in Madison, WI, August, 2007  refers to the perpetrators as the “international war-crimes racketeering organization,” which he claims has interlocking branches in:

1) the United States through Skull and Bones (aka “Brotherhood of Death,” an elite Yale fraternity) and affiliated networks in the Rockefeller Groups, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and myriad corporations;

2) United Kingdom, through Satanic networks in government, military, intelligence, finance, media and House of Windsor (Queen of England), and

3) international neo-Zionist networks centered in the House of Rothschild and London banking entities of the City of London, such as the Bank of England. Similarly, researcher Peter Myers notes that the One-World Conspiracy has three factions: The British, the Zionist, and the International Socialist. (

Intelligence analyst, Dr. John Coleman, refers to the top level of conspirators as the “Committee of 300” (NWO: Diagrams, Flow Charts, and How U.S. Policy-Making is Controlled and Channeled). Over the past couple centuries, these coordinated, international interests have orchestrated countless crimes against humanity, including the French and Russian Revolutions, World Wars I and II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the assassination of JFK, etc. To identify the real 9/11 perpetrators, then, we need to understand the forces and the faces behind the One-World Government/New World Order. The following articles and links may give some idea of who is immediately responsible: But although the neo-cons comprise one essential level of the conspiracy perpetrators, they no doubt are acting on behalf of more powerful individuals. Author/researcher Joan Veon (www.womensgroup.orgUN / One World Government), who has reported on over 100 United Nations and other international meetings, concludes that the real power behind the drive toward one world government is an economic/financial alliance between the British Royal Family and the House of Rothschild.

The extraordinary extent of infiltration of “One-World Conspiracy” agentur into all sectors of U.S. society, including government, military, intelligence, judiciary, media, think tanks and foundations. (See Michael Collins Piper’s book, “The High Priests of War; The Secret History of How America’s “Neo-Conservative” Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the the First Step in their Drive for Global Empire.”

Names are named in “103 People Who are Likely or Suspected as 9-11 Criminal Co-Conspirators” ( ). According to this summary, 26% of the individuals identified as likely co-conspirators are Zionists and/or individuals with dual Israeli-American citizenship, whereas 33% are current or former corporate executives, 21% are currently or former members of the George W. Bush White House, and another 25% are current or former high-ranking members of the U.S. government or military.

The following articles provide additional insights:

1) “Dual Citizenship- Loyal to Whom” ( ), discusses th

2) “Following Zakheim and Pentagon Trillions to Israel and 9-11” )

3) “Biographical Information on the Sixteen Individuals Cited by the San Diego Citizens Grand Jury As Deserving Further Investigation For the Charge of “Conspiracy To Committ Mass Murder.” (Indictments: Rudolph Giuliani, Jerome Hauer, Presentments: George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Silverstein, Thomas Pickard, Michael Cherkasky, Marvin Bush, Wirt Walker III, Richard Myers, Ralph Eberhart, L. Paul Bremer, Peter G. Petertson, David Rockefeller, Maurice Greenberg).

4) “The Zionist-Anglo-American Empire; Claims that the One-World conspiracy is ‘British'”;

5) “The Imperialism of Jewish Capitalism” by Henry Makow, Ph.D.;

6) “The Committee of 300:” and

7) Secret Societies: “Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions: Introduction” begins to unravel the myriad interlocking secret and not-so secret societies that comprise the New World Order

8) “British Israel: The Hidden Hand behind the “Kingdom of God on Earth” Deception”


9) “Why do we believe Zionists are the masterminds of the September 11 attack?”

10) “Wars and Rumors of War”

11) Quotes on Zionism: The quotes assembled here suggest that an important aspect of the New World Order/One World Government is the “Universal Jewish Conspiracy.” These quotes come from such well-placed observers of history as Napoleon, Frederich Nietche, Fyodor Dostoievsky, Former British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Lloyd George and Benjamin Disraeli, the German Kaiser, President Harry Truman, Senators William Fulbright and Jack B. Tenny, Henry Ford, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and a host of prominent Jews, including Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress. People can draw their own conclusions. Also relevant perhaps is some background on Countries That Have Expelled the Jews. This is taken from Hitchcock’s The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination (2007). I offer these quotes and information not to perpetuate religious tensions or persecution, but to try to throw light on a complex and controversial topic. Our media continuously identify the “Moslem terrorists” as our principle enemy. Insights on these pages offer an important alterative view.

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