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9/11 Media Hoax (Dr. E. Karlstrom notes on September Clues and Octopus 2 videos, 2008)

Operation 9/11
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February 17, 2014


This page includes my notes from several extremely important videos that can be viewed on the internet. I recommend that people watch these excellent videos if possible. These videos include:

1) 9/11 TV Fakery – 911 Octopus

2) The Up and Up -911 Octopus B4F468617C2D48F091CBF7BAEBB54204/the-up-and-up-911-octopus.aspx


3) 911 OCTOPUS 8- Unmasking the Media Perps

4) 911 OCTOPUS – Full Spectrum Treason

5) 911 OCTOPUS- War Gaming and Conditioning 

6) The War of Terror (911 Octopus 3): A video about Media Complicity

7) Future Combat Systems (FCS)- 911 Octopus- AOL video future-combat-systems-fcs-911-octopus/3909233990

8) Total Information War of the Worlds- 911 Octopus

9) September Clues- Parts 1 through 8

Important acronyms:

DEW- Directed Energy Weapons

FCS- Future Combat Systems

NRO- National Reconnaissance Office, privatized extension of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

NGA- National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (privatized extension of CIA)

Psy-Op- Psychological Operation (see definition below)

TIGER- Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing

UAV- Unmanned aerial vehicle

911 Octopus 8- “Unmasking the Media Perps”

Definition: Psy-op (psychological operation):

Psychological Operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to originator’s objectives. Also called PSYOP, perception management.

U.S. Department of Defense

Does reality change depending on what channel you watch? On 9/11, three different channels gave three different realities.

1) One channel shows the NBC Chopper Live feed that showed no plane. You see the explosion happening in the South Tower but there is no plane. And you hear one of two female commentators.

2) On WB11, there is a Live Stationary Camera from the same vantage point. The female commentator says: “Oh my goodness, you’re looking at another live picture, this does not look like an accident at this point. Another plane has hit another plane.” The video image shows what looks like a chopper flying in from the right and crashing into south tower. You are looking toward the south. While the explosion is occurring, the other commentator says (also reading from a script?): “This does not look an accident at this point. You hate to use the words but what comes to mind is a terrorist attack. That is what it looks like at this point.”

The Up and Up (911 Octopus). FCS 9-11 The Objective Force

The video shows that the “media perps” made many mistakes, including:

1) They mistakenly broadcast the mask layer when creating the false image for WTC 2.

2) You can see that the (perp) specialist drags the NY skyline to left on the screen. Behind “this is ABC news with Dan Dahler reporting.”

3) Problems arose with their layer animation.

4) Some sky scrapers are missing from the images. For example, the Empire State Building and the building at 19 Rector Street are not there on the CNN footage.

5) There are also “impossible zooms” in the 911 videos.

6) Many of the fake videos used still panning of images over inaccurately rendered screen shots.

7) Spy satellite agencies had access to the most accurate imaging systems (this was before Google Earth). FCS (Future Combat Systems) prototypes were built using TIGER(Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) systems from the NRO (National Reconnaisance Organization) and NGA (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency). The technique used is called “greyboxing,” in which un-rendered buildings are replaced with grey boxes. The color and texture comes later. Some of the photos are taken from satellites. Because some of the satellite photos are geo-referenced, the technician (perp) can switch back and forth between grey boxes and photos. You can have a simulated camera panning over a still photo.

8) We can see that the buildings are in the wrong places because they used simulated camera angles.

9) And there are “greyboxing glitches.”

10) Shots from certain locations are used to simulate shots from any location. This creates problems.

The NGA creates highly accurate terrain visualizations. Digital maps can be synchronized with the images.

The NGA recreates highly accurate, ortho-certified software that can create images in real time. All the faked images can be produced at a computer work station on a computer screen monitor. This kind of terrain visualization has become a valuable tool for mission planning and rehearsals, war games, etc.


The most powerful weapon is the media, On 9/1,1 fake videos were shown to the world. These videos demonstrated the effectiveness of the Future Combat Systems or FCS.FCS uses UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which take pictures that are entered into a geo-referenced database. War fighters and military planners can use these for military planning, simulation and for Military Deception Operations. On 9/11, covert operators hijacked the airwaves. Real images from New York City were composited with geo-referenced images from the FCS. The result was they were able to create a 2-dimensional digital city, including a fake Manhattan skyline and simulated planes.

The public is unaware of the long history of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). They can and do photograph an entire city. (UAVs look a bit like small UFOs. Their small size makes them hard to see). UAV photos can be combined with other images to play a role in Military Deception. UAV satellites and Ground Crews converted New York City into a digital city. The NRO and NRA are major intelligence agencies. Their offices were evacuated on 9/11 for a scheduled fire drill of planes crashing into their buildings. With Manhattan converted to TIGER data, the 9/11 operators could generate any camera angle they pleased. The video images of the buildings were simply 20 cutouts on your TV screen. The FCS TIGER system allows a simulated camera view to be shown. These cut out images of buildings allow the 9/11 Media Hoax perpetrators to generate video images from any angle, using simulated camera angles. The cut outs allow the perpetrators to obscure key features. Damning evidence was thus concealed from the general public. The public was shown little more than cartoons of attacks. The dozens of helicopters and scenes of hundreds of jumpers (out of buildings) were hidden. Actors and professional spies were hired to play the part of “eyewitnesses”. With the result that the “plane crash” explanation was the only one that made sense.

How was it done? On 9/11, the regular media helicopters were ordered to fly away from Manhattan. Regular feeds from the media choppers to the TV stations were hijacked and replaced with feeds from the military. The plane crashes were simply simulated screen shots from the FCS system.

The actual attack was high-tech in nature, using exotic DEW (directed energy weapons). The buildings were destroyed, pulverized, but the paper was left unburned. Special exotic weapons were used to destroy the WTC complex without destroying all of lower Manhattan. The debris pile at the WTC was amazingly small because concrete and steel were turned into ultra-fine particles by DEW. The high incidence of cancers among the rescue workers and the decontamination efforts afterward at Ground Zero corroborate the use of exotic (DEW) weapons (see ).

The US Government and EPA lied to the American people. The strange nature of the damage confirms the fact that exotic (DEW) weapons were used.

The public was shown experimental video on 9/11. The video was not real; it concealed what happened. This is a PSY-OP (psychological operation) technique.

What do big fish fight with? Information Superiority is a company. To understand 9/11, you must understand the media hoax. Otherwise you are on the path to nowhere.

(Privatized military documents show) that “Military Deception” is a three-tiered cognitive process comprised of “See, Think, and Do.” See- The target detects the deceptive event. Think- The target perceives and concludes. Do- The target takes the Desired Action or Inaction. The “Bottom Line” is: The Target must act, not just think. This is all in their military documents.

The “Offensive Counter-information Team ” has this job:” Disrupt, Destroy, and Deceive. I.e.,

1) Disrupt your understanding of what happened on 9/11

2) Destroy your ability to reason about the events.

3) Deceive you as to the nature of the 9/11 attacks

The “Deception Execution Cycle” (also defined in their documents) mandates that the military must: “Constantly practice tight security at all stages of the deception execution.” To accomplish this, the perps must:

1) “Coordinate Initial Deception and Operations Execution Timing”

2) “Ensure (the) Deception Story Communications Method is Appropriate/Effective for Target Audience”

3) “Vertical and Horizontal Coordination Ensuring Up-to-Date Integration Between Real-World Ops and Deception Ops”

4) “Monitor Deception Operation via Intelligence and Compare to Current Rules of Engagement, Force Protection, etc.”

I(f we look into 9/11, we see) there is a conspiracy by big business against the American Democracy. To understand this conspiracy to deceive us, we have to understand what happened after WWI in 1919.

Lowdown on Geospatial Intelligence on 911. 

The media is controlled by the 9/11 attackers. On 911, fake videos were shown to the world.

There is a psy-op center, a private military contractor in London, where an entire large building employs technologies to fool entire nations. This large, though little known geospatial information agency, was spawned by the CIA, and its privatized spin-offs, the NRO, and NGA.

Fake videos were shown to the world on 9/11. They were created using geo-referenced TIGER data and systems from NRO and NGA, the spy satellite agencies that evacuated their employees for a scheduled “drill” of airplanes crashing into buildings” on Sept. 11, 2001.

This geo-referenced imagery was processed using the FCS prototypes essential to SECDEF (Donald Rumsfeld’s agenda of transformation and privatization of the military). Combined with fake news footage and scripted eyewitnesses, the 9/11 perpetrators broadcoast a hoax to “shock and awe” the world.

There are many ways you can tell the videos are fake. One way is to go to locations in Manhattan and try to recreate the camera shots. (It’s not possible). The special effects shots have glitches, you can see where the perpetrators moved buildings around on the screen, dragging and dropping them into place.

The video specialist drags an accidental transmission of the mask layer that showed where WTC 2 was supposed to be on screen. Fake planes were inserted into the images.

There is a large geospatial intelligence industry related to intelligence/CIA. The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) and NGA (National Geospatial intelligence Agency) agencies have provided mapping service and high tech imagery services to the US and developed the technologies we use on Google Earth software. They had this technology long before it was publicly available. So before Google Earth, the NRO and NGA had developed this digital technology.

Special effects shots required set-ups and some of that was broadcast when it shouldn’t have been.

They used 2-D plane overlay.

Futrure Combat System- SGS. Prototypes were built using TIGER systems from the NRO and NGA. TIGER = Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing.

How were fake 9/11 videos constructed? 

With space-based weaponry (DEW), you can now blow up any place in the world from any other place.

This technology was not perfected in 2001- in some places, buildings are not properly rendered. The technique is called “Greyboxing”. It extrapolates (or more accurately, interpolates) from the data it has. With aerial shots, for instance, the tops of buildings look different from when you have shots taken from the ground. The computer does its best to correct this, but it doesn’t do it perfectly. They probably used aerial shots (from UAVs) to produce the CNN ghost plane video. Then they simulated the camera location on the ground to make the fake broadcast. So some images don’t use the geo-referenced terrain information.

Shots from certain locations are used to simulate shots from any location. Vans drive along streets and take pictures in all directions. A GPS unit says exactly where each picture was taken, so there are millions of pictures in the computer data base. When you want to see what a particular location looks like, you bring. They use un-manned aerial vehicles, planes, and satellites,

Buildings are in the wrong place because they used simulated camera shot angles. The building at 19 Rector Street is not in the CNN video. It was built in 1931 and has been there ever since.

The mask layer for WABC 7 plane crash shot has the infamous “nose out” footage. This was a (technician’s computer) mistake and shouldn’t have been shown.

The fake videos are to generate support for a global empire. This is certainly not an American idea and goes against the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Mass media outlets are being used as a tool of the 9/11 attackers. The global empire needs to deceive you to achieve its aims.


This geo-referenced technology had limitations. It required extremely large data bases to map the entire city. Google street view changed camera angles by knitting together images and extrapolating from the data it had. This resulted in these tell-tale glitches. They simulate a camera location on the ground to get images from where the camera was supposed to be. You can’t find the location because they are using a geo-referenced data base.

The Psy-Op

The “Deception Execution Cycle” of 911 TV video Fakery, involved Trauma, Conditioning, Repetition, and Hypnosis. 

If we look at the video: zoominginonthe911hoax- by bsregistration, and compare the four different TV video shots of WTC- the top two were taken live and appear to be real. The two shots on the bottom have no known author (they were released anonymously on internet) and these have serious problems and appear to be fake. All are run at exactly same speed and are synched up so that frames match. All show the explosion of South Tower; that is real.

What we see on the WB11 channel looks like either a helicopter or a missile. The bottom shot under the Brooklyn bridge is supposed to be done by Al Qaeda. The commentator believes it is a chopper, stating: “ I believe that could be a police helicopter.” The black blob goes in front of some buildings, but it should be behind the building. The video image shows blue sky which was cut and pasted from another video. On bottom we see bird fly across screen-


911 Reality- Part 2/3

ABC with Don Dahler-

“Joe from El Paso” explains FCS on 911 Octopus

FCS is a huge project, probably larger than the Manhattan project, that has cost $100’s of billions so that robots and unmanned aerial vehicles can attack and kill people all over the world. This system can be used for war-gaming. It creates a digital world on a computer screen.

Why create a fake digital city? Military planning, etc., has made a huge effort to map every inch of the world so that military planners will know the lay of the land before they get involved in a battle. Camoflage and deception are ancient military tactics.

One of the key goals of a covert operation is deniability. So you want to keep the team size small. Thus, covert operations use the latest, greatest technology. Using UAVs allows for a dramatic reduction of team size. (This is useful because most soldiers don’t want to kill their fellow Americans).

They use fake camera angles. This is an advantage because it means they can hide behind a smokescreen of fake video. They (the technician/perps) were safe in their control room, sending out fake video to the media. They don’t need thousands in this kind of co-conspiracy. But they do need to bring down an informational cone of silence over the media. This is very important for covert ops.

With Manhattan converted to TIGER Data, the 911 operations could generate any camera angle they pleased. On the morning of September 11th, they took over the airwaves in order to hide what was actually going. Using fake camera angles, they don’t run the risk of getting caught.

The video images of buildings were simply 2-D cutouts on your TV screen. The plane crashes were simply simulated screen shots from the FCS system. The cutouts allow the operators to obscure key features and conceal key evidence.

911 was an opportunity to link US and Israeli foreign policies. Israel helped with the media blitz.

US military warfare techniques were used to deceive the American public and the world. It was “deception, information” warfare.

Their main secret weapon is the media itself- neither the left nor the right media will tell you the truth about 9/11. Please watch all the Septemberclues videos. And you can visit locations themselves to determine that videos are fake.

The London-based SCL.CC company helps you take over the media of an entire country for a military coup.

September Clues- Part 1 discusses the the puzzing 17 second-gap between the official impact time 9:03:11 and the scientific seismic data impact time.

In fact, the live broadcast was delayed by 17 seconds, enough time to discard or retain a shot but not enough to double-check it.

When criminals have unlimited access to instruments of mass persuasion, the evidence of the crimes can be destroyed, planted, etc.

On 9/11, we all saw a 2-D plane strike on WTC 2 on live televation. Five shots were shown on live TV

What we saw on CNN: A reporter fails to notice any plane and there is no noise of any impact.

There are some (bogus) claims of some people (planted witnesses) who claim to have heard the impact of the two (alleged) planes all the way from the suburb of Chelsea. The second one supposedly occurs while she’s on the phone from Chelsea. (However, Chelsea is a long way from Manhattan: To get to Manhattan from Chelsea you have to go through through three other “suburb towns”- Soho, Greenwich Village, and one more town). No planes mentioned but she didn’t see what hit the building.

On the NY GOODDAY “live feed,” the screen fades to black 0.28 seconds after you see an image of a plane go into the building. Then the image of the plane nose is seen coming out the other side of the building in the famous “nose out” shot more or less at precise moment of (alleged) plane impact. AFTER THE PLANE IMAGE GOES THROUGH THE SOUTH TOWER, YOU SEE THE NOSE COMING OUT THE OTHERS SIDE.. (NO PLANE CAN ACTUALLY CRASH THROUGH A STEEL BUILDING AND EMERGE ON THE OTHER SIDE WITH ITS NOSE INTACT because noses of even commercial jets are very fragile- made of plastic- and would be smashed beyond recognition if they crashed into a steel-reinforced building). Then in both CNN and Fox News coverage, we see the image immediately fade to black.

The Fox TV helicopter shot an audacious TV-illusion designed to dupe the world. First, they showed a lucky fast zoom-in just as the (alleged) plane (image) arrives. Then the image shows a plane that comes in from right and crashes into the South Tower. Then we see the nose comes through other side. The announcer states: “There it is, the plane went right through the other tower of the WTC.” Thus this “airplane” was not a real airplane. Rather, it was a graphic image of an airplane.

Analysis of dimensions of the pixel area of the nose in and nose out show the nose has identical dimensions before and after it goes through the South Tower. This is totally impossible.

Some cameraman in a helicopter shoots an image of missile coming in to hit the building. Then, in the short timespan given by the (17-second) delayed live feed to TV, a graphic computer operator inserts a graphic plane over the shot.

Unfortunately (for the perps), the helicopter drifts to the left and the background image moves accordingly to the right. Apparently, a supervisor sees the “nose out” fiasco and attempts a rapid fade to black of the “live” TV video. But this occurs 0.28 seconds too late, comprising an error within the realm of human reaction time. So the plan to simulate a plane attack has failed. Meanwhile, the on-site reporter’s microphone picks up no impact sound at all. This an audacious deception.

It is important to realize that the cameraman in helicopter shot video of a missile hitting the WTC.


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