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USMC Major William Fox

Operation 9/11
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William Fox

William Fox is a former marine officer with experience in intelligence work. He maintains the website (www.americafirst.books) and is actively working with Capt. Eric May’s Ghost Troop to try to prevent the next 9/11.

[title type=”h3″]The Interview: [/title]

USMC Major William Fox – 1/22/08 Interview:


William Fox- 1/22/08 

Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and the CIA orchestrated 9/11.  Fox greatly admires Captain Eric May’s Ghost Troop II and their work during Operation Noble Resolve, to identify other possible false flag synthetic operations by closely monitoring military exercises being carried out in the U.S., for example in Portland, Oregon (Operation Noble Resolve).  Capt. May’s Ghost Troop is named for the many hundreds of American soldiers and marines who were killed in the Battle of Bagdhad that occurred at the Bagdad airport at the beginning of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.  This event was covered up by the media using the phony story of Jessica Lynch.  The US exploded one neutron bomb in this conflict.  Subsequent cancer rates have been high.  A huge part of the Fort Stewart, GA unit was wiped out.  Officers take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. Capt. May realized that, like Manhattan on 9/11, Houston area could be a top target of synthetic (state-sponsored) terrorism.  He noticed parallelism of target names, for example, Texas City, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, New York, etc..  Jewish supremacists, Illuminatists, cabbalists, etc. are into numerical patterns.  Capt. May predicted in late March, 2004, that Texas City, Texas would get hit.  It did get hit with some kind of explosion, but not with nukes because the underground policemen in the area supported Capt. May, and his Internet campaigns may have also deterred a nuclear false flag event as well.  In July, 2005, a major gas explosion at a BP refinery pushed gasoline futures on the stock market to a historic high.  Cockroach theory.  Exposed cockroaches.  There is an internal turf battle amongst our incredibly criminal and treasonous ruling elite.  By coordinating drills or military exercises during a false flag event, the criminal elite can control the military, which in turn, can control situations.  There is currently an information war to condition and brainwash Americans.  The highest-level conspirators have influence in Hollywood and use “predictive programming” through movies and the media.  Al CIA-duh.  We must counter the predators with our own counter-predators.  The Jewish elite are like a CIA in search of a country.  They are an example of parasitism.  Amshel Mayer Rothschild and the Worldwide Revolutionary Movement, the Grand Plan.  Psychopathology has a genetic basis.  4 to 5% of white gene pool are psychopaths.  The power elite adopt the gorilla gangster social model, aka the (Leo) Straussian (or Machiavellian) model.  Elites use monopolistic tactics and use laws as a way to dominate people.  In contrast to the historic pattern of northern Europeans, where people typically rise up to kill despotic kings, the Jewish people better fit the model of Asiatic despotism, which thrives on subjugating people though an imperialistic welfare/warfare state.   Operation Topofff involved Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon.   Topoff:  In mid-October, the largest civil defense exercises, involved 15,000 people.  When Russian president Putin pledged support for Iran, this may have resulted in the cancellation of a joint U.S.-Israeli strke against Iran during Operation Topoff.  We need more people to get informed and get active.  We need to convince more “high net worth people” to get active and take political action.  Thomas Paine said in 1776: “When Republican virtue fails, slavery ensues.”

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