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Notes from 9/11 Conference in Madison, WI, 2007

Operation 9/11
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The Science and Politics of 9/11: Notes from conference in Madison, WI, August, 2007



In August, 2007, Dr. James Fetzer, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, hosted a three-day conference in Madison, Wisconsin, that brought together some top experts in the field of 9/11 research. In cooperation with Sophia of 9/11, Fetzer has released a 14-hour DVD of these talks, entitled: “Science and Politics of 9/11: What’s Controversial and What’s Not.” This excellent DVD may be purchased for $25 at



I. Dr. James Fetzer: Overview of science and politics of 9/11: What’s Controversial and What’s Not?

II. Dr. Morgan Reynolds: “What planes? What plane crashes? An inquiry into the suspension of Newtonian physics on 9/11”

III. Ace Baker: “Video fakery in the 9/11 hoax/”psy-op”

IV. Dr. Judy Wood, Parts 1 and 2, How the World Trade Center “went away”

V. Jerry Leaphard, J.D., lawyer for Drs. Wood and Reynolds in their Qui Tam lawsuits against NIST and the Bush admininstration

VI: Dr. Robert Fritrakis: Military applications of “star wars” and weather modification research


I. Dr. James Fetzer, emeritus professor, philosophy of science, University of Wisconsin, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth (





The construction on the World Trade Center began in 1966. Occupancy began in 1970. Construction was a novel tube-within-a-tube design that included 47 core columns, 240 exterior columns, 287 total columns, all of which would have to have had to HAVE simultaneously failed and collapsed for official story to be true.

Bush says he saw the plane hit the 1st tower on TV- (my first thought- this was a lie).

The melting point of steel is 2800 degrees F. The hottest you can possibly get from jet fuel fires is 1800 degrees. (Usually they burn much cooler, such as when they are oxygen-starved). NIST (National Inst. for Standards and Tech.) inspected 236 samples of steel and discovered only 3 that had been exposed to temps about 500 F (they were subject to temps up to 1200 degrees F only).

Frank De Martini – architect- said the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707. The intricate lattice structure of the buildings provided resilient and robust structural support. So if a plane hit the buildings it would be like a pencil sticking through a mosquito netting.

William Rodriguez was in the building and testified there was a massive explosion in sub-basement before planes hit the building. Seismic evidence shows explosions 14 seconds before the alleged plane hit the North Tower and 17 seconds before any alleged plane hit the South Tower. Seismic data is from Columbia University.

As the top 30 floors of the South Tower begins to break off, it turns to powder. Most material doesn’t hit the ground. The amount of “dustification”- is a stunning feature. Steel beams and girders are thrown outward hundreds of feet. According to the government story, the only sources of energy that caused these buildings to disintegrate are two plane crashes and the fires in building. And yet both buildings disappear in about 10 seconds each.

Dr. Judy Wood said that if it’s a pancake collapse, you should have stack of pancakes afterward that form a rubble pile about 12% of total mass. So we should see 15 to 17 floors worth of debris. But we don’t see even a debris pile one story high. So it’s not a pancake collapse.

Dustification processes. The buildings have been pulverized- and this includes everything, not only concrete, also steel, furniture, humans, etc.

NIST eventually withdrew its pancake collapse theory and advanced the idea that the horizontal trusses sagged and pulled apart. However, their own tests show that trusses would only sag a few inches at most based on the fires. Yet they say they sagged 42 inches.

Dr. Judy Wood has shown that if you dropped a billiard ball from the top of the Twin Towers, it would fall in 9 or 10 seconds in a vacuum.

The Underwriters Lab guaranteed steel for withstanding 2000 F for 3 to 4 hours with no ill effects. But the fires were much lower- 500 degrees- and only burned for less than an hour in the South Tower) and only about 1.5 hours in the North Tower.

Video evidence shows that the spire that was part of the core of the North Tower is being turned to dust.

Who you gonna believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes? Richard Prior

Consider the quantity of energy required to turn the buildings into millions of cubic yards of dust. Paul Craig Roberts: The problem with the official account is a Massive Energy Deficit.”

It is not well known that on 9/11 there was complete destruction of all the WTC buildings:

If we look at some of Dr. Judy Wood’s photos: Building 6 has a massive gouge in it. The gouge in the center of building is completely empty. Below is Building 5 which has all the funny cookie cutter cuts in it. If we look at Building 4, half is missing and half is present. (Judy Woods students have counted as many as 50 cylindrical holes in Building 3,

Also, there are as many as 1400 destroyed vehicles that show very strange effects. They are warped wilted, crunched up, rusted.

Some samples are preserved in the Kennedy Airport in Hanger 17. Some major support columns are completely bent. Some things look like meteorites or asteroids.

World Trade Center was built on a gigantic foundation- called the Bathtub. This concrete structure keeps the Hudson River from flooding. If it had been destroyed, for instance, by the weight of the crashing 500,000 ton buildings (WTC 1 and 2), this would flooded subways and all of lower Manhattan. This would have cost many billions to clean up. The Bathtub functioned as a dike and held back the water. If Buildings (500,000 tons) had come down on them they would have destroyed the bathtub. Incidentally, the subway was not full of water or molten metal.

Building 7 came down at 5:20 pm- about 7 hours after WTC 1 and 2. Based on live TV images, it looks like a classic controlled demolition. On live TV, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings compared the collapse of Building 7 with controlled demolitions they’d seen in Las Vegas. WTC 7 came down in 6.5 seconds and fell into it’s own footprint, with very little residual debris scattered outside its perimeter. It was an incredibly well-executed operation. An expert piece of work.

Government claims that the building came down from fires. But no steel buildings have ever come down from fires. We can run this historical experiment: On Feb. 5, 1975, a huge fire in North Tower of the WTC, 11th floor, burned at 2000 degrees F for 3-4 hours. It enveloped the core and destroyed about 60% of the floor, and yet none of the steel was damaged. None of the trusses had to be replaced. This clearly vindicated the Underwriters Lab certification of the durability of the steel.

Building 7 housed FBI, CIA, the Securities Exchange Commission- with all the documents from the Enron and Worldcom scandal investigations, and many other cases as well. All these documents and records are gone now.

At WTC 7, about seven stories of debris is left (this is about 12% of 47 stories as you would expcct). But you have no debris or rubble piles left from WTC 1 and 2.

Media complicity: The BBC announced the collapse of Building 7 (also called the Salomon Brotheres building because they occupied 30 floors) on live TV in Britain at 4:57 pm, 23 minutes BEFORE the building came down. As the announcer makes the announcement of the building collapsing, the building is shown still standing in the background!!!!!! This shows complete complicity of media and the perpetrators.

Securacom was in charge of security for the WTC, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines. Their Board of Directors includes Marvin Bush, brother of President Bush. And their Chief Executive Officer is Wert Walker III, a Bush cousin.

Thus, 9/11 = cooperative endeavor among a number of key players. = conspiracy. We here are not conspiracy theorists- we are conspiracy realists.

The Pentagon. 

Has 5 rings and is octagonal-shaped. The innermost ring has a perfect circular hole. Hole in C ring. And there is spray-painted the words “Punch Out” next to the hole. You can see on video. Clearly this is an artifact of human effort?

Also, at the Pentagon, the photos show an unbroken fence and unbroken windows. The hole is only about 10 feet high, 17 feet wide. We see a couple automobiles in the immediate foreground. And you don’t see any debris from a 100,000 pound Boeing 757, no wings, no fuselage, no engines, no bodies, or luggage or tail. Boeing 757’s have wings that are 125 feet wide and tails that stands 44 feet above ground

There was the explosion, and the upper floors collapsed about 20 minutes later.

Fire engines arrived almost immediately. Right after the (whateveri it was hit, the lawn is smooth, green, unblemished with no debris. Later, debris starts showing up. Men in suits were walking around participating in distribution of debris.

And enlisted men are seen carrying a very large box, covered with a blue tarp. Could this be a box full of debris they are bringing out to make the crash look more plausible?

Fetzer believes that an A3 Skywarrior and a missile hit the building.. The A3 Sky Warrior is also called the Whale- the largest plane ever designed to take off from an aircraft carrier.

Part of an engine was found-about the right size for Skywarrior.

The day before 9/11, Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost track of $2.3 trillion.

And it was the West wing was hit. This wing had been especially reinforced recently. And it was largely empty except for the Office of Naval Intelligence and the offices of the budget experts who were probably trying to figure out what happened to that $2.3 trillion. 2 to 3 dozen of these budget experts were killed. This is quite a motive.

The A3 Sky Warrior is about 75 feet long. (Vs. 155’ for a Boeing 757).

The Pentagon is only 77 feet high.

When planes fly- they can’t get closer to the ground than a certain distance because of turbulence. Experts say that at full throttle, a Boeing 757 could not get closer to the ground than 60 feet. And even at that height, wing turbulence would have done massive damage to the ground.

The “hit point” occurred on the ground floor of the Pentagon. People in Congress (the Capitol Building) saw billowing black clouds coming from a series of dumpsters. This was a part of the operation. All the smoke was coming from the dumpsters!!!! Clearly, this fire was planted.

French author, Terry Myseen, made a game on his website: “Hunt the Boeing” using photographic evidence. This caused the Pentagon to finally release 5 frames of video that kind of shows what struck the Pentagon. (All I see is a missile-ETK)

There is no evidence of a massive fire. Wooden stand with perfect oxford dictionary.

Some government officials say the fire was so intense that it completely vaporized the plane. Absurd.

The story from Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, who was in the White House Bunker with Cheney. Cheney supposedly ordered a young officer not to shoot an approaching plane down. The Pentagon is the most well-fortified building in the world. This testimony reveals Cheney’s knowledge of a plane approaching the Pentagon. Yet:

Condolesa Rice said no one had any idea that people would use planes as missiles. In fact, there had been many warnings, and there were simulations and drills about a year before at the Pentagon. There were multiple terror drills going on that very morning that Cheney was running the bunker. At least 15 such drills documented by Webster Tarpley.

Flight 77 went off the radar screen on border of Kentucky and Ohio. No transponder contact. Another plane was probably substituted. Pilots claim they have found the flight recorder of Flt. 77. They claim that the plane was at least 300 feet in the air. It was a 100 feet over Pentagon, it flew over the building about the same time that smaller plane shot missile. (Or the Pentagon itself shot a missile- ETK)

Witnesses claim to have seen a commercial airliner fly over the Pentagon. They said it swerved off.

Shanksville, PA. George Nelson, Air Force crash investigator, said it looked like someone took a bulldozer dug and ditch, filled it with trash and blew it up. Government officials on the scene wouldn’t allow photographers within a 1000 feet of the site.

We have at least one reasonable hypothesis of what happened: A hotshot international guard unit with 3 F-16’s, temporarily stationed in Langley from Fargo, North Dakota (the *Happy Hooligans). Major Rick Gibney of the 119th Fighter Wing (Happy Hooligans) got orders to go after this plane, spotted it at 9:57 am, taking it out in 9:58 am with 2 sidewinders. He was awarded a medal from the governor a year later and decorated by Congress. Plausible account.

Plane debris is scattered over 8 square miles. This is what you’d expect from a plane that was shot down. Alternatively, if it crashed, it should have been spread over about 1 block area. TV anchor stated on live TV: All you see is a large crater in the ground. 100’s of investigators have found nothing larger than a phone book at this site. All you see is a big gouge in the earth and some broken trees.

The hole about 10 feet by 20 feet. Flight 93 was also a 100,000 tons, with 125-foot wingspan. The latest defense of the govt. account was that it happened to crash into a mine shaft and disappeared underground.

There were at least 15 military drills going on on the morning of 9/11.

We need a theory of mixed causation for the WTC. Thermate can’t explain the explosiveness the amount of energy involved.




Pre-collapse of the outer wing of the Pentagon


Post-collapse: Note pristine conditio
n of lawn and presence of fire trucks right after “attack”

Fire engines arrived almost immediately. Right after the (whateveri it was hit, the lawn is smooth, green, unblemished with no debris. Later, debris starts showing up. Men in suits were walking around participating in distribution of debris.



Men in suits adding debris to the pristine Pentagon lawn after “attack”

And enlisted men are seen carrying a very large box, covered with a blue tarp. Could this be a box full of debris they are bringing out to make the crash look more plausible?

Fetzer believes that an A3 Skywarrior and a missile hit the building.. The A3 Sky Warrior is also called the Whale- the largest plane ever designed to take off from an aircraft carrier. Part of an engine was found-about the right size for Skywarrior. (However, this also could have been planted evidence).

The day before 9/11, Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost track of $2.3 trillion.

And it was the West wing was hit. This wing had been especially reinforced recently. And it was largely empty except for the Office of Naval Intelligence and the offices of the budget experts who were probably trying to figure out what happened to that $2.3 trillion. 2 to 3 dozen of these budget experts were killed. This is quite a motive.

The A3 Sky Warrior is about 75 feet long. (Vs. 155’ for a Boeing 757).

The Pentagon is only 77 feet high.

When planes fly- they can’t get closer to the ground than a certain distance because of turbulence. Experts say that at full throttle, a Boeing 757 could not get closer to the ground than 60 feet. And even at that height, wing turbulence would have done massive damage to the ground.

The “hit point” occurred on the ground floor of the Pentagon. People in Congress (the Capitol Building) saw billowing black clouds coming from a series of dumpsters. This was a part of the operation. All the smoke was coming from the dumpsters!!!! Clearly, this fire was planted.

French author, Terry Myseen, made a game on his website: “Hunt the Boeing” using photographic evidence. This caused the Pentagon to finally release 5 frames of video that kind of shows what struck the Pentagon. (All I see is a missile-ETK)



“Attack”? on Pentagon?

There is no evidence of a massive fire. Wooden stand with perfect oxford dictionary.

Some government officials say the fire was so intense that it completely vaporized the plane. Absurd.

The testimony from Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, who was in the White House Bunker with Cheney, is important. Cheney supposedly ordered a young officer not to shoot an approaching plane down. The Pentagon is the most well-fortified building in the world. This testimony reveals Cheney’s knowledge of a plane approaching the Pentagon. Yet:

Condolesa Rice said no one had any idea that people would use planes as missiles. In fact, there had been many warnings, and there were simulations and drills about a year before at the Pentagon. There were multiple terror drills going on that very morning that Cheney was running the bunker. At least 15 such drills documented by Webster Tarpley.

Flight 77 went off the radar screen on border of Kentucky and Ohio. No transponder contact. Another plane was probably substituted. Pilots claim they have found the flight recorder of Flt. 77. They claim that the plane was at least 300 feet in the air. It was a 100 feet over Pentagon, it flew over the building about the same time that smaller plane shot missile. (Or the Pentagon itself shot a missile- ETK)

Witnesses claim to have seen a commercial airliner fly over the Pentagon. They said it swerved off.

Shanksville, PA. George Nelson, Air Force crash investigator, said it looked like someone took a bulldozer dug and ditch, filled it with trash and blew it up. Government officials on the scene wouldn’t allow photographers within a 1000 feet of the site.

We have at least one reasonable hypothesis of what happened: A hotshot international guard unit with 3 F-16’s, temporarily stationed in Langley from Fargo, North Dakota (the *Happy Hooligans). Major Rick Gibney of the 119th Fighter Wing (Happy Hooligans) got orders to go after this plane, spotted it at 9:57 am, taking it out in 9:58 am with 2 sidewinders. He was awarded a medal from the governor a year later and decorated by Congress. Plausible account.

Plane debris is scattered over 8 square miles. This is what you’d expect from a plane that was shot down. Alternatively, if it crashed, it should have been spread over about 1 block area. TV anchor stated on live TV: All you see is a large crater in the ground. 100’s of investigators have found nothing larger than a phone book at this site. All you see is a big gouge in the earth and some broken trees.

The hole about 10 feet by 20 feet. Flight 93 was also a 100,000 tons, with 125-foot wingspan. The latest defense of the govt. account was that it happened to crash into a mine shaft and disappeared underground.

15 drills

We need a theory of mixed causation- for WTC. Thermate can’t explain the explosiveness.


II. Morgan Reynolds, former Chief Economist in the Department of Labor under George W. Bush.

“What Planes? What plane crashes? An Inquiry into the Suspension of Newtonian Physics on 9/11”

(If we study this), we see the horrific nature of this fraud. The perpetrators must be stopped. It is prospective. We need criminal convictions. This requires proof that the accused committed these crimes. Since there can be no double jeopardy, we have to get the story right the first time.

You cannot prove a lie, only a truth. It only takes one fact to refute the official plane story. We have dozens of such facts. The perpetrators need hi-jacked airliners to justify their “blood libel against the Muslim world.” The Media is the “enforcement arm of the powers that be.”

It took the FBI 17 years to find the unibomber. Yet within 45 seconds of second hit, Fox News anchor solved 9/11. So we heard about Osama Bin Laden all day long.

Problems with the official story:

1) There are no Arab names on the Passenger Manifests of the four allegedly hijacked aircraft.

2) There are NO Final Manifests, and many fake names.

3) Within 10 days, the media reported that 10 of the alleged “hijackers” are still alive.

4) There are no verified security videos available that show passengers boarding planes.

5) AA Flights 11 and 77 are not in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics data base, so this officially never happened.

6) Although tail numbers of crashed planes are supposed to be de-registered within 24 hours a crash, AA Flight 11 and 77 tail numbers were de-registered Jan14, 2002, whereas United Airlines tailnumbers were de-registered Sept. 28, 2005.

Most agree that no Boeing or indeed, any plane (some say an A3 Sky Warrior, but this can’t be true) flew into Pentagon. A Boeing 757 takes up the room of half of a football field.

The (10’x20’) hole in Pentagon is not plane shaped. It’s more like a “Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote-style crash image.

The physics are impossible.

Of the four alleged crashes, in Manhattan, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, there is no verified debris of any Boeing 757 parts. Boeing 757’s have 3 million parts. Where is the wreckage? These are certainly the four cleanest crash sites in aviation history.

The Pentagon crash went through 3 wings of the 5 ring Pentagon. Allegedly, the “Boeing” was flying at 500 mph some 10 to 12’ above the ground. This is impossible.

CNN’s Jamie McIntyre reports live on the morning of 9/11 that there are no plane parts at the Pentagon.

Certainly, no plane crashed at designated site in Pennsylvania. There’s a 20 by 10 by 6 feet deep hole in Pennsylvania with no plane parts. Witnesses reported a low-flying struggling jet liner. No grass is burned despite thousands of gallons of jet fuel, there’s no plane debris, and no bodies blood. There are faked phone calls (Todd Beamer- “let’s roll”), impossible phone calls. No cockpick data recorders are available to the public. The FBI destroyed the evidence and filled the hole right away and cut down a few trees in the woods nearby because they were supposedly singed.

NO planes crashed at the WTC. This is an almost taboo subject amongst many so-called 9/11 researchers who are actually 9/11 gatekeepers, operatives, ignoramuses, etc.- such as Jim Hoffman,

9/11 was a hoax. Countless people say: “I saw it on TV.” But what did they see? An aluminum airliner cannot disappear into a steel tower. By the laws of physics, the plane must smash to pieces and crumple at the wall, then fall to the ground, creating a pile of plane parts and debris.

The aluminum skin on an airplane is 1/13th of an inch thick. Therefore, aluminum plane has to shatter, crumple or go to pieces.

Every video is completely fake. In the “faked” images we saw, the massive ssteel walls, floors, and even core columnss seem to offer no resistance at all. The plane does not decelerate at all. This is an absurd violation of Newton’s 1st law of motion. There is NO plane debris below the supposed impact zones and no plane debris is visible in the gashes. Boeing 757s are 159 feet long. The width of each side of the towers is 208 feet. So a Boeing would be over ¾ of the length of a side of the tower.

The holes are undersized, plane shaped hole is contrary. Video fakery, if you run videos slow motion, you actually see that the buildings absorbs the planes intact and there is no crash at all. (Again, it’s like the cartoon image of Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote hurtling through a rock).

And in the (faked) images, the building heals itself up during penetration of the planes. One WTC2 image shows a plane banking 38 degrees. Yet somehow it appears to be a “flush” hit. In the real world of physics, the much more massive building would spin the plane counterclockwise and flip the tail section off and spin the plane to the NE.

It appears then that the plane is invincible when entering the building and yet it is fragile when inside the building.– The Website for Pilots for 9/11 Truth states that two experienced pilots in a simulator could not hit the Twin Towers at all in 6 attempts when they were going 500 mph.

NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) claims the the 767s were flying at 542 mph. Resistance increases with the square of speed. Can these planes go that fast?

Airplanes have no test ratings. They are fall-apart fragile. The overdesign factor of an airplane is 1 (i.e., they are not overdesigned). They are built to be light, carry payload, and the meet stresses of flying, taking off, landing. In fact, even birds can strike and penetrate airplanes, they are so fragile. In reality, a large building would chew the plane up.

Islamic, Hoffman, Jones, O’Riley physics.

The plane is like a bug hitting a windshield. Newton’s 3rd law of motion applies. For each action, there is an equal and opposite action applied. He uses the example of a bug hitting a windshield.

When an aluminum plane hits a building, the building also hits the plane, and with equal force. But what we see in the (faked) images is that the beams and belts in the building supposedly break up but the plane doesn’t. An aluminum plane has to crumple because it has lower mass, density and strength than the building. The impact did nothing, the airplane did not do much damage. Mass of plane is much lower. No more than 1% of the five floors allegedly hit.

The Towers (at 500,000 tons and 110-stories high each) are immensely harder, heavier, stronger than airplanes.

Some people draw the analogy of the “straw penetrating a tree.” This is what National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tries to do. It’s true that intense winds can bend a tree or other objects, creating cracks, but there was no wind on the morning of 9/11- and there were no cracks in the steel-framed buildings that morning..

Incidentally, there are no official crash reports on the four incidents.

Nov. 10, 2001- Bush, while speaking at the UN, stated: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of Sept. 11.” The conspiracy is outrageous. In terms of the methods. And they have controlled the 9/11 truth movement.

Why were no planes used in the operation? It’s the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Too many things could and would go wrong.

Using no planes eliminates problem of who has to issue “stand down” orders to fighter jets that would automatically scramble in cases in hijackings..

The “psy-op” goal of 9/11 makes special effects preferable to real crashes. The use of faked videos and special effects can make the buildings better appear to come down from gas burning. They needed to distract America from the real cause of the buildings’ “collapse” (or more realistically, explosion and disintegration). The many Media poodles are the perpetrators “ace in the hole.” The Perps can also count the lapdogs of the scientific/engineering establishment that bought and paid for by the US government.

Whatever plane debris found (such as at the Pentagon) is planted. A real plane would wreck and it would gash the building, but most of it would not get inside.

The walls of WTC 1 and 2 are 37% steel. Each exterior column is 14 inches square, the spandrel belts are each 1 inch of steel. Planes would not get into the WTC buildings.

At Shanksville, the quote “plane” “landed” at the site of an underground base. This google earth parking lot belongs to a “diamond company.”

Logical fallacy – if videos are fact.

Russ Girst-

Marvin Bush (brother of President Bush) and Bert Walker III (cousin of President Bush) ran the security on WTC 1 and 2. And the government was running permanent war games during at the time of 9/11.

Although it seems that everyone knows someone who “saw” the planes crash into the buildings, it’s impossible to find someone who actually saw the planes.

Going back to the straw through solid wood analogy: Wind pressure around a flexible object. A Plane is simulating pressure inside that is high, it can’t simulate sea level pressure because it will break the plane. (So at low altitudes, the air pressure is high inside the plane and it is not a flexible object).

The important questions are who done it, then why, then how.

The “chain evidence” for all videos is very limited and impeached. What’s possible and what do we know for sure? has millions of people took video of liver coverage, so here there is chain of evidence.


III. Ace Baker, musician, video expert ( 9/11 Was a fraud based on “video fakery”

Discussing his video- “Chopper 5 Composite”

Entertainment is story telling. If it’s a good story, it gives goose bumps and tears. The elements of a good story are good guys, bad guys, high stakes conflict, and universality of theme so everyone can relate to it. 9/11 is a good story.

Truth is not part of the equation of the good story.

The No Planes Theory- needs a bridge from subjective to technical aspects.

If we look at the video clips shown on 9/11 we realize that camera motion from the choppers supposedly taking the video would spoil the show. It affects the apparent position of things. To look real, the motion must affect the entire frame consistently.

This was on Dr. Morgan Reynold’s website.

For the perpetrators, no planes and faked video is safest way to go. Real planes leave real evidence.

If I’m the perpetrator, how am I going to do it? You can’t go hand held- that spoils the show. The have to use helicopters, so they can get just where they want to be. But helicopters can’t hold still, so the helicopter camera shots are going to be unstable and unacceptable. It would be impossible to get perfectly stable shots of an airplane from a helicopter. So how to anticipate motion of helicopter so that overlay shots of airplanes move accordingly.

The “Dr. Judy Wood doctrine” is that before we decide how, or who or why, e need to find out what happened.

If we look at videos, it seems like helicopters are drifting a little to the left. Both chopper 7 and chopper 5 have same characteristics.

None of the live plane videos show a plane hitting the tower. It is a psychological operation. You see the plane disappear behind the edge of the tower. Then you see an explosion. The mind fills in the missing the detail to make it make sense. No one saw plane hit a building.

Company Sport Vision make a computer program called First and Ten. This inserts virtual first down stripe onto a photographic image of a football field. The image of the stripe is superimposed, but it moves so that it looks like its not moving.

Baker thinks that helicopters actually took live shots.

You have to use helicopters but you don’t know what the camera motion is going to be.

From Chopper 5, plane UA 175 was about 4 miles away.

They shot video of a real airplane and put that on alpha channel- they can work with that- they can remove background and move frames around. Why didn’t they make the motion stable? You can’t get a perfect stable airplane shot from a helicopter.

Another theory is that the images are Future Combat Systems (FCS) animations. In this case, the images of all of lower Manhattan were modeled. Baker believes that just airplane was inserted.

The question is: Who protects us from the protector? Who watches the watcher? It is supposed to be the media. However, if the media are in on the deception and psy-op, who is left to watch?

9/11 was a psy-op. The most important battlefield is in your mind. The keys to unlock the prison are also in your mind. The whole stinkin’ mess is founded upon and is propped by and held together with a set of ideas. These can disappear and be replaced by a different set of ideas instantly. Ideas can evaporate faster than the twin towers.

Your government and media showed you cartoons on 9/11 and passed it off as lives news.

In his 1992 research on JFK, Dr. James Fetzer showed that autopsy records were fabricated to conceal a blowout to the back of JFK’s head. The famous Zapruder film had been re-created.

Take rumor and speculation out- put it on scientific basis. To find the truth we have to be dedicated to the principles of scientific reasoning.

Thus, there is a prima facia case for video fakery. This is an overwhelming probably. They did the whole thing through the media without planes.

We are down the “rabbit hole.” This whole thing a fraud.

We can prove that what government says is impossible.

“When you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be true.” Arthur Conan Doyle. – check out Philedelphia Platform

AIG insurance was repaid millions of dollars due to insider trading on 9/11!

Where did the insider knowledge come from? Silverstein says: Pull it.

Silverstein has more Skull and Bones occupants than any other managers.

Is it true that New York City turned down plans for demolition of the WTC? The Port Authority had told the City they had to handle asbestos problem in WTC buildings. The cost to clean up the buildings would have been over a billion dollars.

What proofs do we have?

1) Seismographs at Lamont –Doherty explosions went off 14 sec before the alleged planes hit WTC 1 building.

2) For WTC building 2, explosions occurred 17 seconds earlier than the supposed plane impacts.

3) 37 witnesses verify that with their personal stories.

4) At Pentagon, clocks all stopped 5 minutes before the missile hit. Light poles on the Pentagon lawn were not destroyed; grass on the lawn remained in perfect shape.

Physicists comment:

The U.S. Department of Defense does not want the public to know about the health affects of microwave electro-magnetic radiation. See John T. McGlaghlin’s work- 1967, 1962-

Reports on death at Ground Zero are attributed to exposure to microwave radiation. There was mild radiation poisoning from non-ionizing from microwave radiation. Ionizing radiation is more hazardous but non-ionizing radiation is also hazardous. It causes cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Dr. Judy Wood has proven that molecular dissociation happened at the WTC. The laws of physics apply to biological matter as well as anything else. Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is microwave radiation.

Molecular dissociation was probably due to a “maser,” which was invented before the laser. It is the same phenomenon as a laser but uses microwave frequencies. This weapon destroys or alters chemical bonds- and substances disintegrate. A coherent radiation beam with sharp edges (the vertical, cylindrical holes that Dr. Wood has pointed out in the photos) suggest this. This was a sophisticated maser/directed energy weapon.

There has also been a cover-up of health hazards of microwaves by Dept. of Defense.

The power of the truth wins in the end. ___________________________________________________________________________________

III. Dr. Judy Wood, Former professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University, where she was denied tenure for her controversial work on destruction of the WTC Twin Towers. She holds a Ph. in Materials Engineering Science and also taught civil engineering, and engineering mechanics


(Dr. Wood has done by far the most thorough job of analyzing the photographs taken during and immediately after the destruction of the Twin Towers- WTC 1 and 2. Her superb presentation included the showing of these excellent-quality photos taken mostly from FEMA and the Library of Congress and satellite. Some are shown here, many, many others can be viewed on her website.)


Figure 1. Dust from WTC 2 envelopes Manhattan

Part I. 9/11 has been referred to as the “New Pearl Harbor.” But I beg to differ. It’s the new Hiroshima. It just kind of wiped out everything. Molecular dissociation seems to have occurred to the buildings and their contents. We have to look at the data, the evidence, and we each have to think for ourselves.

The Twin Towers had steel columns on the outside with the floors strapped between them. The construction was very robust. If you cut hole in the side of a tree, would that affect the structure and strength of the tree? Where did the towers go?




WTC Towers explode into dust nearly instantaneously

We were told the steel was shipped off to China? Is that true?

Satellite images of Ground Zero a week later show a number of cylindrical cutouts about 24 feet in diameter in Building 6. They go all the way to the ground floor. And they remove about 50% of the buildings mass. Also, there’s a big hole in the middle of the street that goes down about 60 feet.




“Cylindrical cutouts” of WTC 4, 5, 6, and 9, which were also destroyed on 9/11

How fast did the buildings disappear? (I will not say collapse because there is evidence that not much of it hit the ground). About 10 seconds each.

If you dropped a billiard ball off top of towers it would take 9.22 seconds to hit the ground. But seismographs show the ground shook for only 8 seconds.

What about all the energy required to turn these mostly steel and concrete buildings into dust? There are different forms of energy. The amount of energy used here is about the same as a nuclear explosion or a volcano. All these produce lots of dust.

Look at the view (photos taken) from the 40-story Bankers Trust. From this level, during the explosion, about 2/3 of Tower 2 is in a giant snow ball. In this photo, we are missing two thirds of Tower 2.


The “snowball” produced by the explosion of WTC 1

What has happened here? Two 110-story buildings, 500,000 tons each, have exploded and disintegrated. They made very small seismographs. The fall of Building 7 coincided with a 0.6 Richter scale seismic reading. This is the same as that of a jack hammer. Seismic readings for WTC 1 and 2 (Twin Towers) were 2.3 and 2.1 for north and south towers. This is just over the equivalent of a quarry blast.

“The bathtub” is the huge foundation for the WTC Twin Towers and this part of Manhattan. To build this, they poured concrete on the bedrock.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Sam – there was no significant seismic impact that could cause damage to other structures. Bathtub was not hurt by the buildings coming down.

The earth cranes they brought in later caused more damage than the buildings falling. The foundation of the buildings not shattered. Rail lines did not get damaged, either. Even roadrunner survived a 500,000 ton building falling on him. These are stuffed toys in the mall in the basement of the WTC Twin Towers from a Warner Brothers store. In other words, the 1st sub-basement was not damaged. All that fell was dust.

Dust was everywhere.

Tower 2 was hit about the 92nd floor. Tower 1 on floor 78.

110-stories worth of outer columns did not fall. The demolition wave was ahead of the free fall of gravity. Where did the buildings go? Not much of them landed on the ground. There was fine powder everywhere. All the same size.

To me, this does not look like a collapse- it looks like a drinking fountain made out of dust.

And then there is the famous spire that turned to dust. (We have photos and video footage of this).


This spire is part of a core column. The columns are about 60 stories, standing all by themselves, pretty strong, stiff, and rigid. And they just turn to dust. And the dust rolls down the street. It rolls out, then it goes up.



After the towers “go away,” dust rolls down the streets, then the dust comes up and blocks out sunlight.

For the (Seatlle) King Dome (that was destroyed by controlled demolition), the highest the dust went was the height of the former King Dome. And it settled in 20 minutes. But the dust from the WTC goes up and up and up- into the upper atmosphere.

Building 3 was a 22-story building. Buildings 3 and 6 both have vertical, cylindrical cutouts. Where did the material go? Photos show that everything is reduced to ground level. Nothing is left of Building 3 a couple days level.

There was paper between building 3 and toasted cars, but nothing burned.

Right after event, at the Twin Towers (Buildings 1 and 2), there is virtually no rubble pile-,not even one story tall. Building 6, which was 8 stories high, produced a much higher than rubble pile than WTC 1 and 2. And the postal building never got a scratch on it all day long. From the photographic evidence, you could have driven a 4-wheeler over the rubble with no problem.

Also, all fire trucks seem to have lost their windows. Nothing fell on them, there’s paper on the ground.

Most of these photos are from FEMA and Library of Congress and most were taken right after the event. Some were taken within a few days later. You can see, there’s not much of anything at ground level.

BUT- you see “fumes” coming out of the rubble pile of Building 7, 1 and maybe 6.

We are missing a lot of material. Where are the outer columns? The cylindrical cutouts coalesce to form one large hole 24-feet in diameter. The mass is gone. It’s empty. This hole is 8 stories deep. The walls are sheer.

Building 5, has numerous vertical 24-foot diameter cylindrical holes.

Building 4 butted up against Tower 2. But we only have the northern wing left. It’s like it was surgically removed.


North Wing of WTC 4

You have cylindrical cutouts all through “Ground Zero.” Many holes are empty.

If we look at the basement of Tower 2, there’s no molten metal. Firemen go all the way to the bottom. It’s not hot. And there’s not material, it has disappeared.


Are these firemen working in hot steam or cool fumes?

If we look at Liberty Street-

There are about 1400 “toasted cars”- these cars and trucks and buses are toasted- history, beyond hope. They are not necessarily burned. There’s the “toasted car lot” where the cars burned up. But there is paper between toasted car lot and the buildings. Just paper and powder. The cars instantly rusted within a day to a bright orange color.

On toasted cars, door handles and engine blocks are destroyed first and preferentially.

What happened? The Towers “went poof” and after that you had “toasted cars” left. Some things are cooked others are not cooked. High tech things do different things to different materials.

In 1945, the microwave oven was invented. This process uses a beam.

There are lots of different kinds of energy waves. Cell phones are an example.

If you can get the molecules to dissociate you can get the thing to self-destruct.

Dr. Judy Wood- Part II. “This was not a new pearl harbor. It was a new Hiroshima.”



If we look at photos taken at the end of September, we see the ground is still fuming-

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This is the result of Directed Energy Weapons, not a collapse.

Let’s look at the dust itself in the photos. There is a two toned color scheme during the explosion. First there’s dark on top, light on bottom.

Since nothing like this has ever been seen before on this scale, we need a new vocabulary to describe what we see. Dr. Wood uses terms like “snow ball,” “fuzzy balls,” “drinking fountain,” to describe what she sees because these terms do not imply a particular causal explanation.

“Dustification”- Something turned a solid building into a bunch of dust, powder.

The material didn’t go down into the basement. The dust first settled, then rose up from the pavement as really fine dust. Coarse dusts settles and lands, then becomes fine dust.

The dust spreads out and goes as far north as the pedestrian bridge, then it starts going upward. Then outward. The dust cloud blew toward Brooklyn that day.

The dust samples that the USGS tested were elsewhere. On the photos, we see many fuming cars. They are not on fire, they’re just fuming near the intersection of Chruch and Veesi.

The West St./Vesi St. intersection is covered with paper.

The cloud from Tower 2 did not toast the cars.

Tower 1 dust went just one block north from that of Tower 2. And they are one block apart. In both cases, the dust abruptly stops.

Specifications of steel and marble. They are pulverized turned into clouds. If some of the hardest materials were vaporized, how come we have so much paper? The cloud stops right at pedestrian walkway.

West Broadway had all those toasted cars and it had lots of people, but it had no toasted people. In fact, people were not burned by the dust cloud.

The blue-ish haze keeps pouring upward the next day, on 9/12.

“Fuzzy blobs”- little fuzzy clouds are seen on the photos- maybe they attack steel.

In October, we still have “fuming” from Tower 1. Is it steam from molten metal? No. I appears more like a “nanno-haze.” It seems to break down into finer and finer material and then starts floating.

It produced a very funny smell, Eeryday and night until December, there was a painful smell- not like the smell of a burning building, more like a pain than a smell. A mile from Ground Zero, people had sinus reactions. Tracy Blevins, a resident of Manhattan, came up to the podium from the audience to try to describe the peculiar stench. (It’s hard to describe a smell- but she did her best.)

Back to the photos of the “toasted cars.” They don’t look right for a car fire. The engine blocks missing. And there is fuming behind Building 7.

The sky was clear blue. The fine fuzzy dust looks like “snowy fuzz balls”, kind a like a white cloudy thing around the feet. The dust is so fine it couldn’t have settled out. It soon rises like nanno-particles. Gravitational forces don’t operate on nannoparticles.

Fuming was also common at Hiroshima. The new Nagasaki was anthrax. This delivered the one, two punch.

On 9/11, officers started cleaning and scrubbing the streets immediately due to the fuming.

Then there is the myth of the molten metal. There was so much street cleaning immediately after 9/11 that the streets were clean enough to eat off of. This photo shows more street scrubbing.

So then they brought in lots of potting soil to cover the ground over (and keep the fumes down).

A couple days after 9/11 we see the Plaza level of WTC is covered by mountains of dirt. From 9/13th onward, some stuff looks like it came from a landfill.

On Sept. 14th – they had a big rain storm that day.

So in the days after 9/11, the rubble pile of Tower 1 started getting bigger and was packed with dirt.

People were pushing dirt around after 9/11. When did new dirt appear? It was there by the 13th.

In fact, 120 dump trucks moved out of the city on night of 9/11. Dump trunks were coming and going all night long. The cover story was that they were moving debris. But why would you move debris before you discovered all the bodies? They were actually trucking in the dirt. But the trucks were covered with tarps and were not loaded to the top. So what was in there?

They were trucking in (maybe wet) dirt.

If we look at World Financial Center 1 on Liberty and West street intersection,

all the windows blown. In the next picture, they removed debris. Next photo: they brought in new dirt. From Sept. 23rd, they scooped up that dirt and moved it out. Why do they bring in new dirt then scoop it up and haul it back out?

The dirt piles grew over the next three weeks.

In the basement of Tower 1 at the end of October. Water hoses are dumping water on the fumes. The ground is so saturated that water is leaching out into the puddle. Rusty core columns- where did the dirt come from? The dirt is nice rich looking potting soil.

Soil is one way of treating contaminating area. It was used to treat the radioactive site of the Chernobyl (nuclear power plant) explosion.

The photos show that in March, it’s still fuming. There are lots of dirt piles and workers are hosing things down.

The photos of equipment extracting “molten metal” are doctored. The photo of hydraulic equipment holding bright orange/yellow molten metal had to be doctored because this equipment could not extract something as hot as molten metal without its hydraulics failing.

So we need to look at the real nature of 9/11- the perception management- the psy-op.

How we are introduced to images counts. First impressions stick. On 9/11, we were given answers instantly.

We were tricked and conditioned. We were vulnerable to suggestions on 9/11. People tend to accept the first story they heard (the fraud), and people don’t want to go back and think about it again because it brings up painful memories.

Where are the bodies?

Evidence does not support the myth of molten metal. If we look at some of the news clips shown on 9/11 on mainstream media, we see that the psy-op starts with an honest statement. This gets us to believe them. We see an explanation on TV, such as Guiliani, etc. about molten metal fires to help explain the fumes.

Afterward, an entire world fell into the process of repeating the lies we heard first.

His boots are breaking down by molecular dissociation.

There were no lower fires in the towers- according to rescuers like William Rodriguez.

Office fires don’t melt steel or steel-toed boots.

When water hits something hot- it expands by 16 times- creating steam.

At the end of October, there was serious fuming going on.

What we see is “fuming rust” – instant rusting of steel- why does it look like iron? Next day (9/12), every bit of steel is rusted. There’s some kind of cloud- whenever it bumps into something, it rusts.

USGS identified ferrous and ferric dust. But the USGS did not collect dust samples from Ground Zero or where there are toasted cars.

If we look at Twin Towers just before they go down, we see “lathering up” process, (smoke coming out of buildings). This occurs on all three buildings before they go down (WTC 1, 2, and 7). The buildings seem to be filled with some kind of chemical or plasma. The beam hits it and then poof. Maybe the black stuff is a catalyst. Building 7 was lathering up before Tower 1 fell. Maybe some kind of beam triggers this material.

Could they have put something in the Freon tanks- something spitting out of mechanical floor? You could use the air handling system to deliver this stuff.

If some of hardest materials were vaporized, how do we account for the fact that there was so much paper left?

The spontaneous combustion of cars is seen on news clips.

Photos show that the building erupts into emulsion.

Speculation about “fuzzy blobs” – little pockets of fumes that seem to move around.

One anonymous blogger’s explanation for what happened to the Towers:

We stand at the beginning of a new age. Our government has in its hands a method of disrupting the molecular basis for matter, and its impulse was to weaponize it. Is this so hard to understand? Like splitting atoms to create destruction was so hard to understand in 1945? Of course this new invention came when the United States ruled supreme. A weapon system of vast new power comes on the line and we didn’t have an enemy worthy of it, so naturally we use it on ourselves, wag the dog.” 

Dr. Wood finishes by mentioning the strange collapse of a Minneapolis bridge (that happened right before this conference). It also produced lots of fuming. There was lots of secrecy. Every section failed at the exact same moment.


IV. Jerry Leaphart, J.D., lawyer for Drs. Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds in their Qui Tam lawsuits against NIST and the Bush administration

Jerry Leaphart, J.D., is a trial lawyer, and a bar member in New York, New Jersey and Conneticut with over 33 years of national and international law experience. Leaphart is lawyer for both Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds in their Qui Tam legal cases against the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST), which wrote the report purporting to explain the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2.

Previously, in 1980, Leaphart wrote a chapter called “An Introduction to Space Law” which attempted to limit the use of directed energy weapons from space. The U.N. has an important, major committee on the peaceful uses of outer space.

Leaphart states: “For most people, the norm is “to go along to get along.” When you start raising questions about 9/11, people in your family might tell you not to do that. They themselves might feel in danger, because the implications of 9/11 are quite clear. There is an instantaneous recognition that if you link the events of 9/11 to high tech weaponry, there are only two sources of these weapons; 1) the U.S. military of the which has a strict chain of command and 2) the military-industrial complex, that is, the corporations that manufacture weapons, which may not be under the control of the U.S. military chain of command.”

We are at the point in developing the legal case of naming names and inviting them, under compulsion, to come into court and answer questions.

It is my privilege to work with Dr. Judy Wood ( Dr. Wood has taken her information and put it into the form of two legal requests. Dr. Morgan Reynolds ( has also used this two-step legal process.

The first legal process we are pursuing is called the process of correcting information under the “Data Quality Act.” This act dates from 2000 and results from industry wanting a way to limit their exposure to government regulation. The act was thrown on as a rider in the general budget request of 2000. The act requires that any government agency that reports data must do so under a certain process that adheres to certain defined quality standards. Industry wanted this law in order for them to have a way to contest or question regulations.

The task of reporting on what caused destruction of the Twin Towers was given over to NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in the Department of Agriculture. It took NIST from 2002 to October, 2005 to draw up its report on what caused the destruction of the WTC 1 and 2. To this day, NIST has not yet issued a report on what caused the destruction of WTC 7. Their most recent pronouncement was that they might have a report by the end of 2007. They keep moving the date of completion. They are definitely playing for time.

NIST issued its report in October, 2005.

Our process of using the “Data Quality Act” is to request corrections on data that NIST presented. We have used Drs. Wood and Reynolds research to show that here are data that NIST did not consider in their report on the destruction of the Twin Towers. Wood and Reynolds have amassed a very considerable amount of data that NIST did not consider. In fact, the NIST report left out virtually every bit of evidence that Judy Wood presents ( They even don’t go near, let alone explain this data. Although it was NIST’s task to explain what caused the destruction of the World Trade Center, they didn’t do that. Although they said that was the objective of the report, they went through a process whereby they said that all we really have to do is explain what happened from the point of the alleged plane crashes to the point where it looked like the buildings would begin to come down. Everything that happened after that point, they stress, was inevitable (and thus did not require explanation).

Thus the report does not address or explain 1) the lathering process, 2) the speed of the destruction, 3) the absence of any appreciable debris pile , 4) the appearance of steel and concrete being turned to dust, 5) the appearance of cylindrical and perpendicular holes in the buildings, 6) the appearance of “toasted cars,” at incongruent distances from the site. None of this was explained or touched upon in the NIST report.

Thus, Dr. Judy Wood stated this and requested that NIST re-do the report without the services of the MIC. NIST like most governmental agencies relies upon contractors to do certain of its work. Who should be a prime contractor of the destruction of a building? Well, the government chose to use the companies that specialize in the development of “psy-ops” and “directed energy weapons.” These include:

1) SAIC, Science Applications International Corporation, based in San Diego, which develops “psychological operations.” SAIC has about 6000 employees and is the 9th largest DOD contractor, with $6 billion/year in government contracts. SAIC has more employees with top security clearance than any other company in the world. (Reverse the initials and you get CIA(S).

SAIC was given the contract to take over media in Iraq after invasion in order to make sure that media gave stories satisfactory to the powers that be but lost this contract. (9/11 is quintessentially a psychological operation and was carried out by exotic or high tech weaponry.) SAIC is also a weapons manufacturer.

2) ARA, Applied Research Associations, located in Albuquerque, NM, has principle ties to the Directed Energy Directorate. ARA almost certainly comes in second to SAIC in terms of numbers of employees with top security clearance. In one of their most recent newsletters, states that the mission of “the concept development group” is to develop advanced and unusual weapons concepts. They are working with major aerospace companies to develop such devices. And they actually develop and manufacture directed energy weapons. And they are also contractors/consultants to other directed energy manufacturers. And yet they are NIST report writers and contractors!

The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS), formed in 2000, was formed by a number of companies that thought there should be a professional society. Among the founders are Applied Research Associates, Inc (ARA). The DEPS put out a journal called “Wave Front,” and the first page states “Lasers here, lasers there, lasers everywhere.” Thus, it admits lasers are now being deployed from space stations and satellites, on high and low altitude platforms and on the ground and sea. The Directed Energy Professional Society, the Directed Energy Directorate, and their sponsors are the rosetta stones that tell us the key players involved in 9/11.

(SHIVA at Livermore is the laser manufacturer for HAARP. )

The request for data correction under the “Data Quality Act” paves the way for the next kind of law suit which stems from action based on the “False Claims Act.” Under this act, individuals can file lawsuits on behalf of the United States government. These are called Qui Tam cases. The Qui Tam process is most often used in connection with the health care field and Medicare fraud claims. A Qui Tam action says that the U.S. government as a customer has been defrauded by someone who did business with the government. If the person who brings the claim is successful, the contractor has to pay a stiff penalty.

Thus, if individuals have information that monies have been paid to contractors based on fraud and deceit, you can file a Qui Tam law suit. However, they will soon run into problems with “The Original Source Doctrine.” This means that you, the “realator,” have to be the original source of the claim/information. Since Wood is the original source of the information, this condition is satisfied. Wood and Reynolds are saying the NIST report is false and fraudulent. The NIST website lists the contractors involved in the report. Which companies had most people assigned to

Clay Johnson heads the security apparatus of the U.S. government. He is the third most powerful man is government. Johnson is a life-long friend of George W. Bush.

Leaphart and Wood wrote a letter to the Directed Energy Directorate asking them to explain what happened to the WTC buildings on 9/11.

If the apparatus of the U.S. government have been taken over by forces that are responsive to no one, then the ordinary people who in government agencies are probably no different from anyone else. They are as concerned as you are. They don’t know what to do any more than any of us does. But there is a good chance that almost all of them would be willing to be help remove the powers that have taken us over. The only difference is that it is their livelihood. The problem is too big for any one of us but it is not too big for all of us, working together.

On July 27, 2007, NIST replied to Wood and Leaphart’s request/letter with a letter that has a serious vein. In this letter, NIST denies Wood’s request for correction. But gives Wood/Leaphart the option of appealing their decision.

In their letter they note they are in response to Sec. 515 of P.I. 106-544 of “The Information Quality Act.” It reasserts that what they did was to explain “the sequence of events leading up to the collapse of the WTC towers.” Wood and Leaphart had noted that the testimony of the first respondents to the WTC included in the NIST report was heavily redacted- that is, blacked out. In one case, a long redacted phrase was followed by a sentence that stated essentially that “that was a military operation.” And before the redaction of this testimony, there was discussion of cars that were exploding for no reason. In between was a long section that was blacked out. So we (Wood and Leaphart) requested that NIST supply the full un-redacted statements of the first responders.

NIST states in their letter that they had proposed “a probable collapse sequence.” The NIST report had a couple of disclaimers- one was that 1) the report did not come under the stricter requirements of the Data Quality Act and 2) nothing in the report could not be used in any legal proceeding for any purpose.

The NIST letter also notes Wood’s complaint that ARA had a significant conflict of interest- but it denies any conflict of interest actually occurred.

The NIST letter states “this case is under seal”- meaning no one can talk about it.

Wood notes that the buildings’ falling disobeyed the Conservation of Energy and Conservation of Momentum Laws. But since NIST is only dealing with the “probable sequence of events leading up to the collapse”- it is still dealing with situations in which the laws of Conservation of Energy and Momentum are upheld.

Leaphart conclusion: I’m tempted to call the various factions within the 9/11 Truth Movement as “tribes”- such as the “thermite tribe,” the “pod tribe,” the “directed energy tribe,” the “no planes tribe,” the “Pentagon tribe.” And this is probably OK because at the end of the day we don’t know.


V. Dr. Bob Fitrakis, Ph.D., J.D., Professor of Political Science an award-winning investigative journalist, author of Star Wars, Weather Mods and Full Spectrum Dominance

63.6% of all election commissions in Ohio in 88 counties actually destroyed their ballots from the 2004 election. Making the ballot count impossible.

Dr. Zbignew Bzrezinski-in his book, Between Two Ages- America’s Role in the Technetronic Era stated: “Technologies will make available to the leaders of the major nations techniques for conducting secret warfare of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. Technology of weather modification could be used to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm….’ Uses of weather and other weapons for mind control….

New York Times Headlines. “Malasia to battle smog with cyclones.”

6/5/77- New York Times: China signed Environmental Modification Treaty. China after- 3:42 am- the sky lit up like daylight- was seen from 200 miles away. This was when the Teng Shan earthquake occurred. It was apparently engineered.

May 18, 1977- 1978- The Conventions on the Prohibition of Military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.

Test Technology Symposium of 1997 of Weather Modification.

Dr. Arnold Barnes outlined the entire history of weather modification programs.

HAARP- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program- is used for military purposes. Officiall, it has no military application as ionosphere agitations. However it uses Tesla’s patents. Degrading enemy forces and enhancing enemy forces. Artificially creating droughts and floods.

Look at the U.S. military’s documents: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025. Joint Vision for 2010. Joint Vision for 2020. 

Oct. 20, 2003 Headline: Laser Weapons In US sights. US scientists are on the verge of creating a laser weapon that could give American forces an awesome advantage on the battlefield. The lasers will not be visible streams of light- could be put on commercial jet liners. They use electricity. Can strike without detection possibly hundreds of miles away.

US DOE (Dept. of Energy). Tactical laser weapons, Research News, April 2002, they were tested in Dec. 2001. Use solid state laser. Small test laser burned a 1-cm diameter hole straight through a 2 cm thick stak of steel samples in 6 seconds. This is small version but can have much larger also.

Moblie Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL). Feb. 1996 tests show these lasers could take down short range rockets.

Army, Israel Defense Ministry and TRW have spent $250 million on laser project since 1996.

Oakalnd Tribune, October 19, 2003: Warfare at the speed of light: “After sinking 40 years and billions of dollars into beam weapons, defense scientists are on the cusp of what could be a military revolution- warfare at the speed of light.”

Lots and lots of articles on these weapons have come out after 9/11. Check Sourcewatch:

Chemical weapons and lasers were used during the 1989 US invasion of Panama (see the movie: Panama Deception). In Operation Just Cause- in Panama, “exotic weapons that melted human bodies and sliced metal car frames in two.”

Friendly Fascism: the new face of power in America. Military Industrial Complex, Security Industrial Complex, Prison Industrial Complex, all these have exploded since 1970’s.

Gen. Horner, 2005: asked the rather ridiculous question: “If there was a laser in space with military application, is it, per se, a space weapon?”

Conclusion: High tech, directed energy weapons are in use, they are well established in the public record, and the government is lying about them.

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Madison 911 Conference Part 2

The Science and Politics of 9/11: What’s

Controversial and What’s Not-

Aug. 3-5, 2007, Madison, WI


VI. Barbara Honneger: What Happened at the Pentagon?

VII. Major Doug Rokke: On modern war and modern war casualties

VIII. Dr. Kevin Barrett: A Literary Perspective

IX. Alfred Webre, J.D.: Who is responsible and possible solutions

X. Leuren Moret: The Purpose of 9/11


VI. BARBARA HONNEGER- graduate of Naval War College in National Affairs Decision Maker, author of “The Pentagon Attack Paper”, and author of October Surprise.

(To download “The Pentagon Attack Papers,” go to, then find Barbara Honneger under military professionals.) 

Inside-The-Building-Bombs are Proof of an Inside Job!

The 3rd imperative of the perpetrators (after executing the crime and the cover-up) is to control the opposition. 

Thus, for example, one “9/ll researcher,” Alex Jones, repeatedly states “You know, I don’t talk about the Pentagon.” Why is this?

In Europe, from 9/11 itself, we knew that the Pentagon was most important because it is the center of military power in the world.

Terrorism has a specific definition: the intentional use of violence against civilians for political ends. Thus, the attack on WTC is an act of terrorism. However, since the Pentagon is a military installation, by definition, the attack on Pentagon is an act of war.

Why is the Pentagon so important? Because a true terrorist attack is on innocent civilians. They intentionally increased the horror at the WTC. But they also needed the Pentagon attacks. The WTC attack by itself is just huge Oklahoma City. They had to have an attack upon a military installation.

The M.O. (modus operandi) at WTC and Pentagon were the same. Thus, the same perpetrators were behind both attacks. So the Pentagon is the “Achilles Heel” of the perpetrators’ plan.

Bullet points:

What if the real M.O. was ‘inside the building bombs followed by cover story of outside impact’?

William Rodrigues’ (last person to leave Twin Towers alive) testimony is that he was in Basement B-1 level when there were massive explosions beneath him. Hence, the explosions occurred in basement level B-2 or B-3 or further down. And the occurred some 7 to 9 seconds before the “plane hit.” This required inside the building bombs. Inside-the-building bombs means an inside job. They were perfectly symmetrically placed inside-the-building bombs.

The same thing happened at the Pentagon.

She uses official sources. What time does the official story say Flt. 77 hit building? 9:38 am. Original reported time was as late as 9:47 am. Then it came down. However, watches and clocks in Pentagon stopped and melted at 9:31 am, sometime between 9:30 and 9:32.


Wall clocks in Pentagon West Wing all stopped between 9:30 and 9:32 am.

April Gallup is the “Willie Rodriguez” of the Pentagon. She was in financial center of the West Wing. Her wristwatch stopped at just after 9:30.

There was a massive inside-the-building violent event (explosion) that happened between 9:30 and 9:32 am. April Gallup, who had top secret psy clearance, testified that her supervisor (it was her first day back at work after child leave) told her to hurry to the office because she needed to get right there. Security let her right through. The instant she pressed her computer button on in her office, the explosion happened. She immediately thought it was a bomb- it sounded and smelled like a bomb.

In fact, there were multiple testimonies of the smell of cordite (an explosive not similar to jet fuel). There were numerous reports of reinforced windows bowing out then bowing back in. Windows broke. This was the first violent event at Pentagon. This was at least 6 minutes before official impact.

The real impact was probably the A3 Skywarrior that hit the Pentagon, based on the work of Carl Schwartz and others.

This is the identical m.o. (modus operadi) of the WTC.

Officials in Pentagon expected an attack. Bomb-sniffing dog teams were seen by four witnesses as early at 7:15 am that morning. April Gallup saw these dog teams, she is one of the witnesses. Dogs were only seen that morning.

There is no better evidence for an inside job than in-the-building explosives.

OK. We know there were explosives. Was there a later impactor? Probably yes, there were 3 separate parts of an A3 Sky Warrior, a navy plane designed to fly off of an aircraft carrier found. Schwartz says that 2 Sky Warriors were radically changed in Fort Collins, Colorado a couple months before 9/11. They were turned into remote controlled drones with missiles.

The hole in the Pentagon wall was too small (10 to 20 feet) for their cover-story. That’s why they collapsed the side of the building soon thereafter. So they crashed something into the building. The Sky Warrior flew into it- shooting a missile first.

So at least 6 to 8 minutes after inside-the-building explosions was the impactor, a missile and A3 Sky Warrior aircraft.

The E-4 B – the “white plane” or “white jet”- this plane circled over the White House and Capitol then went over the Pentagon. This had a command and control piece of equipment on top, forming a hump. This is the plane that Dick Cheney refused to have shot down. This is the “backup Pentagon in the sky.”



So-called “white jet” seen by many witnesses at sites of both WTC and Pentagon “attacks”


The so-called “white jet” may have been this Saab jet, painted white

New information: Why wasn’t any one rescued from the WTC towers? There were lots of helicopters flying around. One insider said the NYC police had 2 Bell-4-12 helicopters equipped with hoist and rescuers in the air next to the WTC. One was the same helicopter and pilot.

On 9/11, no one could have landed on WTC 1 due to the smoke. But WTC 2 was landable. But the NYC fire department assumed jurisdiction and denied access to the roof. All the roof top doors were locked prior to 9/11 at the direction of the NYC Fire Dept. There were heliports on the top. Thus, people were intentionally trapped inside the building to be mass murdered.

There were no helicopter rescue attempts. When a Fleet of US military Secorski UH-60 60L Blackhawk helicopters arrived from Stratford base with medics and supplies, they were ordered to a local airport and directed to stay away. The same is true for other rescue efforts by civil, military and para-military helicopters.

At the WTC buildings. When were the explosives placed and who placed them? A couple weeks before 9/11, the bomb-sniffing dog teams that had been placed in the building ever since 1993 (an earlier bombing) were removed.

In A. Conan Doyle’s “Hound of the Baskervilles,” the big clue is when the dog didn’t bark.

In this case, it’s the dogs who weren’t there. Experts say it takes a couple weeks to place the explosives. That’s how long the dogs weren’t there in the WTC buildings.

At Irvine 9/11 conference, physicist Dr. Steven Jones discussed his recent assay of WTC dust that went into 4th floor apartment of a building near WTC. He claims this dust has the signature of thermate. There’s only one group who have this stuff, the Department of Defense explosive ordinance people. They are called the golden boys from Redstone Arsenal.


VII. Major (Dr.) Doug Rokke, Director US Army Depleted Uranium Project since 1996

Dr. Rokke states: War- it’s real simple: At the tactical level, the purpose of war is to kill and destroy with the least concern for environment and casualties. “Killings is the highest high you are gonna get.”

At the strategic level, you are out to control resources like oil, water, food, and terrain.

75-90 % of all casualties are “disease and non-battle injuries,” as opposed to wounded or killed in action. You don’t hear about these.

Veterans Administration reports that between April/May of 1990 through the end of May, 2007.

696,000 soldiers were deployed in the Desert Storm conflict- 76,000 in the U.S. military have died. 280,000 have applied for permanent disability. The Pentagon has awarded permanent care to 200,000. 40,000 have gotten nothing and been denied service connection. There are 4,000 cases pending,

Of the total number of soldiers deployed (1.13 million), only 963,000 are still alive. You don’t hear about that.

We (the U.S.) armed Iraq with chemical weapons in their war with Iran in the 1980’s and these were used on the Kurds. Cheney deliberately blew these up in Desert Storm (1991).

Regarding 9/11: Over 50% of police and firemen who went into the WTC, have gotten sick and/or died. WTC was deliberately blown up. Aircraft hit the buildings. No aircraft hit Pentagon. This is totally impossible, you couldn’t get it that close (alleged 10-12’) to the ground because of turbulence. Pentagon employees came out through the hole, if there were plane wreckage they couldn’t have done that. “The wings folded back through the aircraft and it all went through the hole?” Impossible.

Bush is irrelevant. We (the US govt.) started planning Operation Iraqi Freedom in 1995! D. Day was Nov. 2000. When Gore didn’t get elected the thing got put off.

From Feb. 12, 1998 (under Clinton), there was plan to invade Afghanistan and overthow the Taliban because they wouldn’t go along with Unocal pipeline deal. We had to get the oil out.

9/11 commission report, on page 313, shows “picture of pentagon after collapse. There is no fire. The walls are standing. You can’t fly an airplane between light poles. You can’t turn it that fast. You couldn’t get it down 10-12 feet. Turbulence would break it up.

Gen. Tommy Franks. P. 336. told us…

War is all about resource and territorial control. The military continues to deliberately contaminate the earth’s environment. They totally disregard all local environmental laws.

“We love burning things down and blowing things up.” When you blow up (like the WTC) you get particulates, or heavy clouds of fine stuff that is re-suspended and re-suspended forever until you clean it up.

DU was first used in 1973 and 1974 by Israel against Sinai, against Egyptians. They are incredible weapons.

Area 51 is just a weird airplane factory.

WTC: the visible explosion is a DU munitions strike, it’s the same color, same impact. All the flame on the inside- ignition, then boom.

The DU contamination in the Middle East has gone around the earth. Into NW England. Total confirmation. It gets in the dust and atmosphere kills and destroys everything. It has a radioactive half life of 4.5 billion years!

WTC buildings: All indications are they were hit by aircraft- it had 8000 gallons of jp4. (not Pentagon or Pennsylvania). Aircraft are chock full of uranium.

Karen Parker on war crimes. 2 weeks before Christine Whitman got fired from EPA, we had a conference in Cincinatti. Ohio. The EPA is still lying, still denying medical care to everyone. The WTC is a toxic wasteland and always will be, including DU.

Rokke has had problems with US Army because he wouldn’t lie for them. 175,000 Gulf War vets haven’t had care. Many are dying,

And the Army is not generous with benefits. 40% disability is $500 a month.

Again, the purpose of war is to kill and destroy to control resources and terrain. We’ll use any weapon to do this.

The Trilateral Commission, the CFR, The Committee of 10, Foreign Affairs lay all this out.

Military ignores its own environmental laws and manuals. Left, right, neo-con it doesn’t matter. The goals and means are the same.

Iraq and the Balkans, were no threat whatsoever. War in the Balkans took the lead mines out of Kosavo and put them back in NATO’s hands. Somalia was no threat. Our goal there was to control the area along Red Sea. Panama was no threat.

Middle East has always been about oil since 1917- with the Sipes Treaty. This put Britain and France into the oil business in Middle East. In the 1930’s, the US came in with ARAMCO.

Vietnam was no threat whatsoever to the US. That war was about controlling food and oil resources in the Mekong Delta. The so-called “Gulf of Tonkin incident” (that provided official justification for US invasion of Vietnam) did not occur. Korea was no threat. There, we wanted to control the peninsula because of oil in Soviet Union.

After WWI, the Middle Cast came out of Ottoman empire and into British, French, and American oil interests forever.

Remember the Maine. The Spanish-American war. Since that (trumped up) war, we have controlled Cuba and the Philipines.

In the 1840’s, the Mexican-American war. Mexico was no threat. We wanted the Southwest. So we set up the Alamo to take Texas.

How are you going to take responsibility and stop the non-sense?

Who planted the explosives in the WTC and Pentagon? To plant these specialized explosives would take only a handful of people. Could be done with a team of 15 people in one day.

DU (depleted uranium) missiles were used in both the Pentagon and WTC.


VIII. Dr. Kevin Barrett, formerly of University of Wisconsin,

Dr. Barrett is a literary person and thus, can look at language being used in the 9/11 issue.

Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil testified that the Bush administration had already setup the plans for the Iraq invasion and war in January, 2001. In July, 2001 the order for Afghanistan invasion was given. 9/11 was used as a justification for both wars. National guard mobilized here, and troops in the “Stans” were mobilized. They used 9/11 to get Patriot Act passed. It was also written before 9/11. They used 9/11 to violate law- order the NSA to illegally spy on Americans- this also started 4 or 5 months before 9/11. Although ther excuse was 9/11 – they were using 9/11 before it happened.

It was an inside job, a war-trigger event. The “Neo-Cons” (Straussian) believe in the big lie. It is the “science of enmity”- dividing people into groups that hate each other. Strauss was student of Carl Schmidt, the main Nazi philospher. Strauss came to University of Chicago and trained a generation of “neo-cons,” of which Paul Wolfowitz is the most famous.

Straussian philosophy says philosophers must lie and leaders must lie to the masses in order to manipulate them.

By contrast, Barrett would like to see and exemplify a “science of generosity and conviviality,” noting that the politics of human interaction is through dialogue.

A soviet: Batin – theory of dialogism- Power tries to create a monologue that can’t be answered. He was a champion of populist dialogue.

A recipe for 9/11 is found in the 1968 book; Coup D’Etat: A Practical Handbook by Edward Lutvek. Lutvek was dean of the neo-con military theorists and was at the University of Chicago with Wolfowitz, Strauss, and the crowd that has been planning 9/11 since the 1960’s. Leo Strauss was also a sworn deadly enemy of democracy in Germany and America. He taught his students to conceal themselves within the democratic apparatus and get ready to overthrow the government.

This book points out it that it works best if you do it in countries where people are soft and don’t know how to do direct political action. A Coup d’Etat is not a revolution, it is meant that a cabal seizes power and makes policies it wants, but they don’t fire people. It will be hidden. There may be some opposition- we will deal with this . They advocate avoiding bloodshed because this arouses resistance. They need to get people to acquiesce. They need to keep people divided from each other. How do you keep people apart?

1) Suppress all news coverage of any and all resistance. This was written back in 1968. They do this by their control of the media.

2) If any resisters persist, we will have to bombard them with “unlovely phrases” – such as “paranoid, conspiracy theorist, anti-American, anti-Semites,” etc.

We need to apply our knowledge. They have failed in this because of the internet. Now we are being hit by unlovely phrases. Series of attacks-

Ethic of dialogue and conviviality. Our strength is our solidarity in opposing this coup d’etat. To build a larger mass of people.

We need to think pre-emtively and strategically. What’s their next move? Another 9/11 at some point.


IX. Alfred Webre: Dr. of Jurisprudence, and M.A. Education, promotes ban of space weapons, co-authored Space Preservation Act. Member, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

9/11 was false-flag operation by an international war-crimes war-crimes racketeering organization to:

1) Provide a pretext to engage in genocidal and ecocidcal DU bombing of Central Asia (so far, Afghanistan and Iraq) in order to secure vast oil and uranium reserves.

2) Roll out terror-based national security system worldwide.

3) Implement final stages of world depopulation policy.

Engineered wars and war-crimes. Intentional depopulation policy is reduction of human population. This will result in total control of strategic resources; including water, food, energy resources, and total control of the world’s wealth. The New World Order is common epithet for the perpetrators.

Since at least 1954, this intentional depopulation policy has been put into effect by this international war-crimes racketeering organization with interlocking branches in:

1) North America- through the “Brotherhood of Death”- Skull and Bones- the elite secret society/fraternity at Yale University. Skull and Bonses was the intial American chapter of “the brotherhood of death” (Illuminati)- a German satanic organization. The founder of Skull and Bones went on to charter the first clipper ships that smuggled opium from India to China as part of original opium wars. This formed initial fusion of arms, drugs and oil industries as the highest ranking industries of the permanent war economy. Affiliated networks include Rockefeller groups, Trilateral Commission, CFR, and myriad corporations.

2) UK- Masonic, satanic networks in government, military, intelligence, finance, media, and the House of Windsor (Queen of England).

3) International neo-Zionist networks (House of Rothschilds and London banking entities that go back over 300 years). The City of London is a private sovereign state of 677 acres in central London ruled by a committee of 12 banks- headed by Bank of England. This is all an extension of the House of Rothschild.

Depopulation policy follows from City of London. The value of the US dollar is dictacted by the City of London and US foreign policy dictated by the City of London. The U.S. President is a puppet of the City of London. Both US and Canada are puppet governments of the City of London.

The technology of depopulation policy is to increase death rate and decrease birth rate of targeted countries. False flag operations and engineered wars are used to accomplish this. 9/11 is a classic false flag operation intended to trigger a war of terror, leading to possible WWIII conflagration. This is for the benefit of the permanent war economy, i.e., industrial activity created by controlling both sides of Hegelian dialectic of enemies. Indeed, war is their business. 9/11 is one in a series of major planned global false-flag ops.

The famous German rocket scientist, Verner Von Braun, was a whistle blower who tried to escape. He said there will be false-flag operations after 9/11. He foretold that with the collapse of communism, international terrorism would supplant that. Then he predicted: 1) 9/11, then 2) war against the asteroids then 3) war against the (phony) evil ETs.

Exopolitics. We will pretend to be ET’s and UFO’s and create mass terror.

Another technology for increasing the death rate is intentional nuclear radiation. DU- depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear testing. All these have demonstrated public health effects- including diabetes, cancer, mitochondrial diseases (chronic fatigue, LG Disease, heart and brain disorders, DNA damage in men’s sperm, autism, mental illness, low birth rates). This is how they are depopulating the planet now. Thus the people of the US have been subjected to tremendous low-level nuclear war. We have the highest index of mental index. We have 26% mental illness. Most plausibly this is due to atmospheric and underground nuclear testing. Also, engineered bioweapons, Avian flue, if fully activated could kill 2 billion. AIDS, was developed mainly for Africa and Southern India in order to gain mineral resources in these countries. US military people vaccinated Africans with AIDS.

Electronic weapons, including HAARP (High Altitude Active Auroral Research Program) and “Chem Trails” are also part of the global political control strategy. Doc. By Toward the Year 2017.

Al Gore’s book should be called “An Incomplete Truth” Actuallly global warming is going on throughout the solar system, on mars as well. Indeed, the US military has a strategy to melt polar icecaps and will use environmental warfare for US expansionism.

Don’t buy into the global warming hoax. This is being deliberately accelerated in order to flood coastal areas and to reduce the global population down from the present 6.5 billion to 4 or 2 billion, and eventually to 500,000 million. What they want is a planetary theme park populated by a second tier class headed up by an elite aristocracy.

Martial law depopulation matrix published in San Francisco Bay View.

The Martial law depopulation matrix is the matrix of martial law legislation and executive orders for abolition of constitutional democracy and illegal expropriation of Americans’ property.

Hurricane Katrina was test case in weather warfare. The government used HAARP to tele-guide hurricane here.

This (martial law) is to be triggered by 9/11 style false-flag op against US citizens. Using DE (directed energy) weapons. This is all in plain site. Next to come is a large (man-made) tectonic earthquake- Such as the Teng Shang earthquake in 1976.

Controlled demolition of Minneapolis Bridge by DE weapons and this conference

Sued Prime Minister of Canada- to stop NAFTA.

The Police State Roadmap. UK Researcher. Both US and UK may suspend parliamentary democracy after next (synthetic-i.e., government-sponsored) terror attacks.

They’ve been planning “Operation USA Freedom” for longer time that is. The goal is to cancel the Constitution. The phony “War on Terror” is expected to go on forever.

Indefininate Martial Law = military government. Webre was in Castro’s prisons. In order to live here, people will have to be willing forfeit right to life and property.

Depopulation is the deeper reason for military government. Terms like Martial law, New World Order,Security and Prosperity Partnership (and “Sustainable Development”) are code wodes for depopulation policy to reduce populations by between 2 and 4 billion persons.

There is no functional reason to cancel the Constitution except for depopulation.

1) USA Patriot Act. Signed Oct 26, 2001- undercuts Bill of Rights freedoms

2) North American Union, Security and Prospertiy Partnership, signed March 23, 2005, is the regulatory structure for implementing a legal matrix of martial law and for extending it to Canada and Mexico. The 3rd and final meeting is in August.

Why are so many citizens in permanent state of “narcosis” (i.e., clueless)? HAARP is also an Electromagnetic Magnetic weapons used to keep us, the cattle, anaesthetized.

The Military Commissions Act of Sept. 28, 2006 eliminates the right of Habeas Corpus and for first time since the Civil War designates US citizens as enemy combatants. We could be the next designated enemy.

The John Warner Defense Authorizaton Act undercuts the Posse Comitatus Act renames the Insurrection Act of 1807 as the Enforcemet of the Law to Restore the Public Order Act and lets the President deploy troops in the US. Triggers include natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency and terrorist acts; such conditions are not defined or limited. And the President can now direct all private activities, can block property of certain persons who threaten stabilization in Iraq. Peace marchers can be targeted under this.

9/11 was a war crime. Since 1945, war has been outlawed. US is the “bouncer” of the international war crimes syndicate that is centered in the City of London. You have to use false-flag ops attacks to sucker your people into to invading other countries.

False flag – The Rome Statute of the International Court. 9/11 is a crime of genocide, crime against humanity, genocide, crime of aggression.

9/11 was a crime against humanity through the use of an exotic (directed energy) weapon. This false-flag op was pretext for illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan. Use of The Tokyo International Warcrimes Tribunal found in 2004 that use of DU in Afghanistan constituted genocide, ecocide and omnicide. 9/11 the pretext is itself a warcrime.

There are at least 4 possible solutions. How do we get ourselves out of this mess?

1) A citizen’s war crimes justice movement.

2) Stop depopulation and genocide and stop HAARP and chemtrails.

3) Energy: Shift to new breakthrough energy technologies, moving beyond petroleum and nuclear (which are the principle tools of the warcrimes organization) to breakthrough non-polluting fuelless and zero-point energy technologies now sequestered by black budget National Security State, that has an annual $1.6 trillion budget. A new energy initiative- Event Zero– supports zero point energy in 2008. Time travel teleportation would establish Truth Amnesty program like in South Africa.

4) Transform the permanent warfare economy by banning permanent warfare weapons in space, the next arena. Develop a sustainable space-based society. 40,000 international agreements have been filed. Use the “Simon Bolivar strategy.” Other countries voted 178 to 1 in Dec. 2006 at the UN general assembly to ban weapons in space. Nurture the body the politic. Participate. Become personally involved in electoral process. Energize it. Develop an anti-depopulation matrix platform. Run for office. Work for a canditate.

The June 24, Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, in 2007, proposed 9/11 Citizen’s Warcrimes Tribunal. This was established under the jurisdiction of the Kuala Limpur Warcrimes Tribunal.

The world’s only permanent citizen’s warcrimes tribunal, the World Court, had ignored over 240 citizens’ complaints about war crimes in Iraq. Why? Because ICC (International Criminal Court) is controlled by agents of the International Warcrimes Racketeering Organization.

A witness links Donald Rumsfeld in 1971 to planning 911.

The jurisdiction for an international war crimes tribunal is Natural Law, the underlying force of all of our laws. = karma. Because over 104 nations are parties to the Rome Statue of International Court. Now their each of their national courts can enforce and prosecute warcrimes. Chile, Argentina, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, we can ask them to prosecute the 9/11 war criminals.

“Restorative justice” would take their wealth and apply it to reducing poverty, cleaning up the environment, etc.

Their goal is to relocate, incarcerate, depopulate, appropriate your property. We need to attack the legitimacy of all these Exececutive Orders. Presidential Directive 51 cancels the Legislative, Judicial branches of government, it was sneaked in.

Oct. 17 law, vague all property can be seized. But a major problem is many of us are paralyzed (anesthetized or mind-controlled) by HAARP.

Create community phone email trees to resist in event of false flag attack.

Project Shad was the deliberate use of chemical and biological weapons against US citizens. It started in 1950’s when salmonella was planted in peanut butter, and e-coli put in lettuce. Weird stuff.

The USA Patriot Act- Presidential Decision Directives 39 and 62– written by Clinton, Gore, and Janet Reno. Do not fall under Congressional control oversight. These trump all federal law.

All this is independent of Republican and Democrat- cuts across whole group.

Possibility of a Court Martial of the President for treason. Bob Bowman agrees. He was 9/11 truth candidate in Florida. It requires only a single active duty officer to bring a charge. Press conference in which as many officers and enlisted call for court martial of US President and Congress for lying us into the war in Iraq.

Barbara Honneger agrees with Webre completely. Go to


X. Leuren Moret, geoscientist, has worked in 46 countries and published on exotic and tectonic weapons. She worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab from 1989-1991 and was whistleblower there. Her story, is somewhat like Karen Silkwood in that she was harassed and threatened. 

The culture of nuclear weapons lab is a cult, a brotherhood of death. There is the deepest dishonesty and disrespect for the life force in all living things.

Ghandi- “as human beings, our greatness lies, not so much in being able to remake the world, that is the myth of the atomic age, as in being able to remake ourselves.”

By remaking ourselves, we can make a different. There is DU (depleted uranium) bill in Hawaii now in the state legislature. There has been a total cover-up of DU since 1991 by the US government, by Congress, and at the state level. But there have been 27 bills introduced on DU.

Hawaii- has highest rate of fallout from bombs. Have been using DU since 1940’s. Have you heard about 800 concentration camps all over the US? Senator Inuye was covering up for Oliver North building concentration camps during Iran-Contra hearings. 3 DU bills in legislature- all failed. Now Hawaiians are monitoring around the gunnery ranges with Geiger counters. Now it is illegal.

Leuren got Geiger counter and flew to big island where she got high readings.

1st international 9/11 conference in Tokyo. In October 2006. It’s easier to do events in other countries. People are crazy about 9/11 in Italy.

The US Army is firing radioactive DU at live fire gunnery ranges in Hawaii. Got readings up to 93 (5 to 20 is normal). All bombing and gunnery ranges in Hawaii are contaminated. All bombing and gunnery ranges are being sold to developers for $1. Native Hawaiians have no legal status. There are thousands living homeless on the beaches.

She was at the Vancouver 911 conference with Alfred Webre.

1957-63- all Americans were contaminated. All atomic or hydrogen bombs are loaded with DU. All during testing, the main pollutant was DU. Even Manhattan scientists didn’t know.

Hunter’s Point shipyard south of San Francisco is the most polluted area in the US. Background levels of radiation are 8-10 times higher than usual. DU is used as ballast in commercial planes.

They found radiation at Pentagon crash site on 9/11. Many players were involved with 9/11. They want to keep the 9/11 movement focused on the WTC. The Pentagon is “Achilles heel” on 9/11. Only the military is involved there. It is the most protected building in the world. Nothing can happen there without the complicity of the military.

Pentagon was hit by a 12-foot bullet hole- made by cruise missiles. There are DU warheads in cruise missiles.

What was purpose of 9/11? 

1) to establish a domestic police state (USA Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act) based on the Phoenix program in Vietnam. DIA set up Phoenix program, with torture chambers, concentration camps to destroy civilian resistance. Oliver North was doing the dry run in Vietnam for the police state in the US. North set up FEMA – then called the Federal Emergency Military Authority.

Sea-Tac has a FEMA fortress- US is negotiating railroad to Alaska. Concentration camps in Canada are built on Indian reservations.

2) to set up Northern Command- a domestic military- this violates Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which said government cannot use the US military to enforce laws against American citizens.

Why are we sending our state militias (National Guard) to Iraq?

After WWI, there was a 5% disability rate, after ‘WWII 10% disability. Since 1991 (Desert Storm in Iraq) and use of DU disability rate is over 55%. Today going to war is a death sentence. You get cancer within 2 to 6 months with exposure to DU- this is the most rapid rate. Ionizing radiation is 10 to 100 million times more damaging to embryos and fetuses than the strongest chemical.

Medical disability rates in 2003 Iraq. 87,000 muscular skeletal alone.

The US released equivalent with 40,000 Hiroshima bombs into atmosphere during nuclear testing. Since 1991, the US govt. has used equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs in Iraq and Yugoslovia in DU weapons.

There is increased diabetes by 136%. This is depopulation program. The Vietnam war was about depopulation.

April 24, 1974, NS Memo to NSC Dr. Henry Kissinger- “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy toward the third world.” Because National Security and because US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.

“Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies, and to the economic interests of the US.” Robert McNamara: “The population crisis is a greater threat to US national security interests than nuclear annihilation.” It’s of higher priority than our nuclear weapons program.

1975, Kissinger established Policy Planning Group in US State Office of Population Affairs: Dept. of Kissinger, Bzrezinski, Alexander Haig, Ed Muskie. Global 2000. Under President Carter, global pollution from DU was to fulfill the plan to eliminate 2 to 4 billion people on the earth. These are all Rockefeller contractors. Rockefellers brought depopulation or eugenics to US in 1920s. It originally came from Malthus in England in 1700’s.

A professor in the audience then questioned this claim about Kissinger’s Policy Planning Document, saying he and his students had looked in the document but never found this statement. (I write this because I was not able to find it either- ETK)

Global increases in diabetes.

At Doug Rokke:

DU used by military

Desert Storm – 375 tons released of solid uranium

Balkans- 94,95 30 tons Balkans 1999- another 30 to 40 tons used

Japan 1995 and 1996- unknown amount.

2000 tons in Iraq since 2003.

1000 tons in Afghanistan.

Northern Command has pulled in NSA, CIA, DIA, NIMA, FBI, Dept. of Justice, State and local Police, FEMA, = police state. And fascism. This is what 9/11 instigated. Under Patriot Act II- can arrest without a reason, imprison without charges, and detain indefinitely.

This is all about oil and resources. Richard Burda, Western Regional Inspector at Livermore Lab: “The nuclear weapons labs exist for the Pentagon and the Pentagon exists for the oil companies.”

Oil is much to important to be left in the hands of the ARabs.

Also, 9/11 was to establish military presence in central Asia.

Mining industry websites: Canada is largest producer of uranium in world (34%) almost all used in US in production of DU. Queen of England owns all uranium rights in Canada and Australian. Rothschilds own the nuclear industry through their contractors like the Rockefellers.

Khazakstan will outproduce Canada by 2012 in uranium. Also its in Afghanistan. It’s all about mineral resources. Want to depopulation 75% of depopulation is for 3rd world countries. It has contaminated all headwaters of Southeast Asia.

What Americans did Queen Elizabeth knight- Alan Greenspan, George H.W. Bush, Generals Schwartzkof, Colin Powell, Clark.

Kissinger: “Who controls the food supply, controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls money can control the world.”

The Northern Command will control the food supply. And you will be obedient or you won’t eat.

The big oil corps will control continents with energy supplies.

The Rothschilds, City of London, and Wall Street banking establishment will control the money supply.


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