Astonishing 9 11 Smoking Guns Reveal the Template for Project Blue Beam Yet to Come

Published on Jun 10, 2016

World Beyond Belief episode 190 with Dr Eric Karlstrom

If there were a justice system in the US or indeed the world substantial evidence could be presented for the trial and conviction of the September 11th, 2001 perpetrators. Dr. Karlstrom lays out the various “stand downs” and deceptions in place during that day that could have been directed by only one source. But he goes on to explain that this massive psy-op is likely only a warm up for the deception yet to come which is sometimes referred to as Project Blue Beam. Don’t miss this information if you want to know what the other side has done and is likely planning to do for the near future.

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In this interview, Drs. Karlstrom and Marko disucss the implications of the information presented in:

Inside job! (and yet much more): the 46 drills, operations, war games and exercises of 9/11 (tarpley interview) and

Summary of tarpley’s “the 46 drills, operations, war games, and activities of 9/11”