Sophia Smallstorm

Former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Judy Wood is an expert at optical interferometry who has taught courses in experimental stress analysis and strength of materials testing. She has over 60 technical articles in refereed journals. She is probably the scientist/9/11 researcher who is best qualified to unravel what happened to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The Interviews:

Sophia Smallstorm – 1/29/08 Interview:

Sophia Smallstorm – 11/11/08 Interview:


1/29/08 Interview:
Since making her movie, “9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions”, Sophia Smallstorm has set up a website business that sells books, movies about 9/11 and related topics. She has had the courage to go down “the rabbit hole,” and has put up links on her website that deal with topics such as Aerosol Spraying (Chem Trails), HAARP, the fraud of the Federal Reserve system (and how we can beat it by legally not paying taxes), etc. She states that the pursuit of truth should be an expanding reality if we are not mind-controlled. She notes that of the 40,000 people that came to help after the 9/11 attacks, 20,000 are already diagnosed with acute respiratory problems and many have died. Why are humans being sprayed with polymer filaments from the sky (chem. Trails- . She suggests these are airborne infertility (population reduction) measures. She refers to Nick Begich’s Holes in Heaven about the Air Force’s HAARP program (High Active Frequency Auroral Research Program). This can result in mind control and neurological damage. Our free will is under attack- perhaps by an alien intelligence?