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Appendix 217: CIA/DoD Brain Scientists Explain U.S. Govt’s Secret, No-Touch Torture Experimentation-Murder-Genocide Of Innocent, Nonconsenting American and World Citizens (Targeted Individuals)

Webmaster Introduction:  This post includes youtube lectures by US military-intelligence neuroscientists, Drs. James Giordano (DARPA, Georgetown University), Charles Morgan (CIA), James Canton (Global Futures, Inc.), and Dr. Robert Duncan (ex-CIA cybernetics researcher and author) along with my transcriptions of lecture…

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Appendix 220. (Nazi) Vril Maidens (2 articles)

Sabrina Wallace:  "Like Project Looking Glass, the Vril Maidens were radio frequency testing through the human body.   The Vril Maidens were the original testing for routing the internet of things through the human body!"  I. The Woman Behind Hitler’s…

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