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Appendix 235: The Gangstalking System Explained in 2 Psinergy Videos!

1) Police using mbans and gangsta aka signature reduction force 1/2 December 6, 2023 Providing a Sense of Touch through a Brain-Machine Interface DarpaTV (police brain implants for everyone by…

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Appendix 237: DARPA Brain Initiative & C40-SMART Cities (Military-Intelligence Techno-Enslavement Program)- 13 short videos w/ summary quotes, comments, & related links

I. DARPA B.R.A.I.N. ( Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies®) Initiative (videos 1-7) See: Juxtaposition1’s Odysee channel: Epigraph Quotes 1) from Juxtaposition1 in videos 7 and 6: “All this discussion of terrorism and hacking by the enemy is linguistics. It’s…

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Appendix 218: 87 Sabrina Wallace videos On Electronic & NetCentric Warfare, Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Body Area Network, Regenerative Medicine, Human Energy Harvesting, Transhumanism & Civilian Targeting Program (w/ references & comments)

Webmaster Introduction: There is much apparently ground-breaking information contained in these 87 podcasts by Sabrina Wallace and in the associated comments, figures, diagrams, abstracts. If the information is correct, as it seems to be, we finally have a thorough technological…

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